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Helping to Heal the World Around Us

Event: World Link Meditation
Date/Time: Third Saturday of the Month, 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Place: St. Michael's Grove, Bayview
Pot Luck Supper
This meditation group is an opportunity for you to send your love, light, and healing wishes to an area in the world/group of people/person/plight/global issue/crisis in nature/your own self even, or anything you wish to direct healing positive energy to in your life at this time. The World Link Meditation is based on a form of Spiritual activism. We are the Spiritual Red Cross, our World Link Team comes together in meditation and energy transference to create healing of global and individual problems. When you join a World Link Meditation  you will: 

  • Multiply your Power
  • Create a better life for yourself
  • Become a better manifester
  • Free yourself from people and forces that are no longer serving you
  • Learn how to vision more efficiently
  • Truly make a difference in your world
  • Raise your level of consciousness
  • Feel more uplifted!
  • Help others
  • Have a lot of fun!
Potluck Supper, Please call to let us know what you are bring so we do not duplicate (956) 233-1629

The Power of the Grid
During group meditations individuals higher selves are literally linked together to form a powerful connection into the super consciousness which allows them to tap into the Power of the Grid.

The Grid can be activated and used to increase the flow of energy for healing and manifestation. It can be activated through the act of intention, will and visualization. These lines of energy can be made stronger through prayer, meditation and ceremony.   Through intention and visualization you can merge your energy with the Grid to create a unified force field of love and light .For example, the South Texas Border area has constantly been a place experiencing lower vibrating frequencies of violence, poverty or fear. A protective shield can be created around both individuals and localities by connecting to the Grid using sacred geometry, sound, color and guided meditation.

The Grid network not only reflects our thoughts and feeling but amplifies them creating  a communication network between individuals, animals, plants, minerals and the Universal Mind. For example, each species of animals has its own Grid.  This allows easy communication between animals. It is this Grid or Earth DSL Line that sends out the message to tell the salmon to travel upriver to spawn,  to the monarch butterflies to fly to Mexico and is why the geese fly in perfect formation. In the Asian Tsunami very few animals died because they were informed through their grid that danger was coming.

We realize that We are NOT powerless to make the needed changes when as a group we set our minds and hearts upon goals that support a shared vision.

Power of the Group
We use the power of the Grid to send our intentions across the Globe. The energy from the Grid can be increase by combining the power of the “group”. Individually you can manifest with Grid Energy. However when you meditate in a group and connect to the grid you funnel in three x three the amount of energy. The advantage of the group is that more energy can be funnelled through a group than through separate individuals.  The Grid receives thoughts of the group more readily than if a mere individual were to send out an intention.   The Grid amplifies this group energy, thereby giving the healing energy an extra boost. This makes the group energy work more effective. 

 A synergistic group can raise a greater amount of energy than an individual and affect change on a larger geographic area … such as a city  … or on a serious health issue such as a  tumor. Dowsers and meditation groups often find that their influence is expanded by working together. Likewise, those who practice Reiki or Energy Medicine may have greater results when working as a team or as part of a healing circle. This why we started the monthly Worldlink Meditation Group.

The effect of group meditations has been Proven by numerous studies.
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This effect, which has also been called the “Maharishi Effect,” has had over 600 scientific studies conducted in 33 countries and in over 250 independent research institutions. The evidence overwhelmingly correlates synchronized group prayer and meditation having extremely positive social, political and economic benefits to the world.  Positive correlations for numerous health benefits to the individual were also observed and confirmed

Why not do Global Healings over the Internet?
There are many groups doing collective energy work on the grid by distance over the internet, this work is necessary. However, our focus will be on another form of work that is also very important, which is doing grid work by being physically present in the powerful vibrational wave field called the "Head of the Dove" and  vortex called the 7th  Planetary Gateway. By doing energy meditations within this wave field you open yourself to receiving several useful gifts after the meditation is over.  Your own perspective and life situation will gradually change including spiritual messages reoccurring to you in visions, dreams, and random images throughout the day.  It's your responsibility now to interpret that message as it relates to your personal experience. 

This Community is open to anyone who is interested in stepping up to their role as creators of the world around them. The World link Meditation is Free: There are no dues to pay, no memberships to join and no leadership positions to occupy. We do accept Love Donations to cover our monthly expenses.

For more information call Dr. Robyn Dahl. (956)233-1629

World link Meditation for Texas Flood

From the children of the Sun Foundation
You can either meditate with this Divine Decree
or say it out loud with the full feeling of your Presence of Light.
(5 minutes in length)

In the name of the Divine Presence and the Great Spirit of all life, we call forth and invoke divine intervention from the realms of light to assist in stabilizing the catastrophic floods in Houston, Texas and its surrounding region.

By and through universal law, we call into immediate dynamic action…

* The Will of Absolute Prime Source
* The spirit of the Earth

* The powers of nature and the forces of the elements
* The many streams of sacred fire and the higher intelligences that direct them.

* The legions of angels assisting Earth’s evolution… and the Unified Field

Please come and amplify our efforts one thousand fold in accordance with the highest good of all.


Beloved Creator, send the transforming universal light into the weather system affecting Texas, Louisiana and surrounding regions. Neutralize and calm the destructive effects. May this catastrophe be immediately contained with an impenetrable bubble of pure spiritual energy.


Penetrate the eye of the storm with a mighty fusion of the untrenching light of Divine Will and the consuming violet fire. Through the transforming action of the universal light, immediately break and dispel the looping pattern that is keeping this storm in devastating outplay.


Assisting angels, dissolve all of the elemental fury that rages at the core of this storm system. Bring forth calmer weather that supports balance and homeostasis in the realms of nature.


Please protect all of the brave men and women seeking to mitigate the damage of the floods with an invincible shield of cosmic power. Bless them with unlimited energy and every possible means of support. Expand this field of protection to all people, wildlife and nature in the affected areas.

Assisting angels and elemental family, please strengthen and fortify the dams and levees that are protecting the city of Houston from even greater damage. Guard the health and safety of all residents along with their homes that may stand in the floods path. Stand vigil at their sides until all flooding has ceased.

We now call forth a total holistic recalibration in all of the regions affected. May the people, the animals, the land, the water, the air and every aspect of the elemental life be saturated with a profound flow of beneficial universal light.

Clear the clouds of fearful emotional patterning from the collective consciousness, catalyzing the deepest levels of purification, harmony, illumination and unity that this geographical area has ever experienced.

May all efforts to rebuild be met with an unprecedented wave of humanitarian support, inspiring people everywhere to rise in love to assist in alleviating the needless suffering of our family.

Great Divine Presence, may this intervention and its containing matrix be made imperishable, eternally sustained, all powerfully active and ever expanding until the evolutionary plan is fulfilled for this affected region of the USA.. and the entire world.

We seal this activity in universal peace.



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