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How to Visit a City of Light?

During a Conference Call you may decree to visit a 6th Dimensional City of Light or Inner Earth City . Anyone can connect with a City of Light or Inner Earth City for healing through visualization, intention and decree. Many people are now reporting they are seeing, experiencing and receiving a great deal  of information on the Cities of Light and their supporting crystal portal communities.
Click here to see actual a City of Light  manifesting in the Sky

All Inner Earth Cities and Cities of Light serve as outposts for many higher-dimensional Light Beings from other Star Systems. They are part of a huge re-awakened Atlantis Community that is forming a network of Ascended Masters, Light Beings and  Star Ancestors.   The blueprints for the New Earth structure are detailed in all the Cities of Light with each City of Light having a special power and function in the birthing process. When all the Cities of Lights are linked they begin to operate as "One" to create a powerful crystalline field of higher consciousness.

During a Transmission using Creative Visualization, you can experience a Multi-Dimensional Healing Sessions in the Language of Light to gain healing, guidance and insight into everyday problems. Light language in short is a carrier of codes and vibrational frequencies of the 5th dimension and higher! The difference between a Transmission and visit to a City of Light is how you receive the overshadowing. In the Transmission  you send and receive messages with inner hearing, sensation and emotion. During a visit to a City of Light you hear, sense and see your Spiritual Guidance Team. Before a visit to the City of Light you have to be able to create the "Thoughtform"  of City.

How do you create the Thought form of the Conference Place or SGT?

Thought Forms are a mental image, created by the mind of a physical place or spiritual being that exists in another dimension. The thoughtform becomes a vessel to hold the consciousness of a Spiritual Guide or the structural imprint of a place that lets you interact with it in a 3rd dimensional reality. To visit the City you must first create the Thought Form of the City of Light. This is the vessel to hold the Life Force of Fohat of the City of Light.  You simply imagine  what you want to create in great detail. Then as the Fohat flows out from your mind,  it takes the shape of an invisible, three-dimensional “thought-form” that becomes a real place or living being in another dimension. The City of Light and your Spiritual Guides can be both seen and heard. It is like watching a movie in your head. You use this process when you Daydream. Some call this process "Imagick". 

How to Create the Conference Space Thoughtform

To create the City of Light space thought form you will visualize all your physical senses being present in the City of Light     The more physical senses you use to create the City the stronger your connection will be with your SGT.  You can use this process to visit any other dimensional place.  It can be a Acturian Mothership, Inner Earth, or the Ashtar Command Meeting Room in a Temple.    After doing the Relaxation Exercise, here is the visualization that I use for creating my  Conference Room Thoughtform  :

"My physical body is now pleasantly relaxed and in deep meditation.  I no longer feel my physical body... I image my non-physical body getting up whilst my  physical body remains seated, unmoving. I  take steps forwards and observe this non-physical body. It is my astral body which I need for all such journeys.

Now see yourself sitting on a soft sandy beach … just before sunset …you are basking in the light rays of the sun, and as you gaze at the magical and wonderful pink orange hues across the sky… the colors appear to merge and dance in the sun.

Bring your attention to the glistening sparkling ocean waves that are gently lapping against the shore line.  Off in the distance you can hear the sounds of sea gulls and you can feel the ocean breeze as it blows across your face.

Breathe in the salty crisp ocean air.

You hear the sound of golden dolphins… these are the Sirian Archangelic Legion of the Light, who want to help you to connect with your SGT

Hear them laughing and calling to you… they speak to your mind … singing your name in sweet angelic voices.

You feel a breeze next to you and as you look down you see a path forming next to you. You follow the path and you are so peaceful, so serene. Down the beach you stroll.  You float down the sandy path, sunlight plays along the path. It is so peaceful here.  

As you float down along the sandy beach path, you hear the ocean waves lapping and getting fainter and fainter.  The path is leading you back into the sand dunes.  As you pass a large dune, you see  a glorious crystalline pyramid materializing out of thin air…out of the 5th dimension. You know this is location of your SGT conference room. As you approach the crystalline  pyramid, you notice a golden triangle entrance door.  Engraved into this door is  your name and a symbol.  You stand before the door and with your hand you reach out and trace the engraved symbol. As you do, the door begins to vibrate softly. It is like a gentle hum. You take a step back, unsure of what is to come.

The triangle door of the pyramid begins to open inward.  As it does it spills a ray of light that is bright and crystalline. This radiant light streams over you, passes through you and then surrounds you. It invites you across the threshold into the Multi-dimensional realm beyond the door.

You step across the threshold and the door closes behind you.  You are surrounded by a sea of colors... varying in shades, tones and depth. They are swirl and blending together and as move you hear a soft sound. It is as if the colors themselves are singing to you in greeting. Suddenly your senses are coming back online. 

Going through the door you feel a strange vibration it lighter and moving faster you are definitely another world. ... Your visualization becomes ever clearer.

You walk into a great hall.  The floor is black marble… so smooth that you can see your own reflection.  On the walls and ceilings are the ancient codes and power glyphs from every civilization and religion around the world. There are a number of huge engraved wooden chairs set up in a semi-circle. You intuitively know these chairs are for your SGT.

 At the end of the hall is a huge pink crystal that reaches to the ceiling. This crystal is linked into the energy of the Crystalline Grid located deep below the earth crust.   Carved on the floor around the huge pink crystal are the holy names of the Divine Spirit, written in some ancient language that seems familiar. You move closer to the huge pink crystal. You place both hands on it and soak up the crystalline energy from Inner Earth. It sends shivers of delight through your body. Every cell begins to sing with new life and possibilities. This is the frequency of your Spiritual Guidance Team. This energy gives you a special gift.

You now have the ability to communicate between Dimensions and see into the higher realms.

You now have the ability to communicate with other life forms including your guardian angels, nature spirits, star family and all of the Divine Spirit's messengers.

You are now adjusting your physical body to the higher frequencies to make this communication possible. Your body relaxes and you sink into one of the chairs set up for the conference.

Now as you sit comfortably in your chair you see the huge pink crystal light up ….radiating rose pink energy throughout the pyramid. This energy begins to condense in front of you to form a huge Pink Cloud. You understand that this Cloud is the portal for your SGT. Softly, hesitantly, you intone the name of your SGT. The cloud in front of your chair begins to shimmer and from it steps the first magnificent member of your SGT ".

After you have a clear Thoughtform  of your meeting place you will create the Thought form for each member of your SGT. Visualize each member of your SGT.  As you look at each member of your SGT pay attention to what you see. See them in vivid detail. Look closely at their faces and notice the emotion they are generating. Look at their hair, eyes and clothes. Notice the color surrounding each of the members.  See everything in full color.Are they carrying anything in their hands such as a book, staff, sword? Do you feel a touch or a  tingling in any part of your body?

Don't worry that you might be imagining it all and that it may all be a part of  your mind and not a reality. Energy follows thought. If you keep picturing your guides, over time this image will change to become the real representation of your Spiritual Guide. 

Not everyone can visualize clearly,so you may find it takes several sessions to to get a clear picture. You may find your mind drifting off  on all sorts off  tangents.  When this happens just simply bring it back .


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