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  Three Rings of Blue Fire Protection

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In this Protection Transmission you will create a cosmic sphere of protection. The true cosmic sphere exist in your mind, not on the floor of your meditation room. The purpose is not to exclude the hordes of hell, but to activate the subconscious mind to connect with the power of the Divine Spirit. We use the Divine Names of God associated with the Tree of Life to draw in power to your subconscious mind.  The exercise has a powerful effect on your subconscious mind, because you are using a language which it understands: Angel Language and Hebrew Fire Letters. Your subconscious mind protects you against negative magnetism and its effects on you. It draws in the power to cleanses the environment as well as your aura. It builds a protective field of positive energy around you that :

  • gets rid of negative thought
  • protects against psychic attack
  • protects against lower astral entities
  • seals the doors to other dimensions
  • helps protect and shield family and personal property
  • filters harmful and unwanted influences such as astral parasites, stray and extraneous foreign energies or other people's negative energy . 

This Attunement should be done daily and before doing any meditation or healing. During the  Attunement you will create a protective shield of three Rings of Fire for physical, emotional or spiritual danger. The Rings of Fire consist of seven blue fire balls: one within you and six surrounding you that form the 3 Rings of Fire pattern.The Rings of Fire pattern protects your Aura and can be re-designed to keep your home psychically clear and safe. The more you use this technique, the more protective it becomes.  It sets up a shield around your environment that dissolves curses, hexes or spells before they can reach you or after you have been touched by them.

You may think that you can not possible to see three rings in your mind all at one time. Of course it is  difficult to imagine several different things all at the same time. But you don't really have to do this. It's all based on memory. For instance  imagine you are standing in a room in front of a window. You see the window very clearly. Now if you turn around and face a wall in the room, you are clearly see the wall. However, you would still know the window existed,because you had just seen it. You can recall this in your mind's eye because the image is stored in your memory. You would know what the window looked like  without actually seeing it physically. This is the same with the three rings of the Sphere and inner vision. You build one ring and it goes into memory, you don't need to hold it in your mind. Just go to the next ring, your free to concentrate on the next ring because the first ring is already in memory.

What do the Three Rings Mean ?
The three rings are projections of your subconscious mind. You create the Rings of Blue Fire from a starting point inside of you  This point represents your inner power,your Higher Self,  the Christ within you. Your higher self directs your subconscious mind  to create the blue four arms or blue fire pathways. From the center point you direct the power to open the gateways to the life four of the elements.

Although you will create three blue fire rings, the illustration below show each rings as a different color: red, blue and green. This is done so you can easily see the flow pattern. However when you create the actual rings they will all be blue.  The next section discusses the energy flow pattern and meaning of each ring.

Green Ring Base and Top:

Top of Green Ring: This point represent God power within the Unity Grid surrounding the Earth. This is the power of Spirit to protect you unconditionally. You are dealing with the Divine Spirit directly.  Open your mind to the Universal energy and it protects you. 
Bottom of Green Ring  Your connection to Crystalline Grid at the core of Mother Earth. This Ring tells your subconscious to that you are grounded into Mother Earth so your energy is not scattered and you have the power to co-create with the elements.

Now you are going to connect to the four elements of nature and each element has a distinct way of giving you fohat(life force)  energy. Each element is a doorway through which a specific type of energy flows.

Blue Ring, East and West
East (in front of you): This is the Element of the Air. Do not confuse this with the physical air. You are connecting to your conscious mind to the Universal mind.  It contains all the history of the Human race and all your past lifes. and your ability to project yourself. It brings in the energy to protect your mind against negative thoughforms.

West (behind you) : This is the element of Water. This give you the power to receive life force energy and let it flow freely through your body like water flowing down a stream. It controls your emotions so they do not become blocked or turbulent. It brings in the Protection of Love.

Red Ring, North and South:
Sout(Right Side) :
This the element of Fire. Fire gives you the fohat energy to achieve through action. When you are run down, you become ill and depleted, you lack the fire of life because your energy levels or low. Fire gives you the has the natural healing energy or restoration energy.

North(Left Side) : This is the element of the Earth. Brings in the power to implement  the Divine Plan and stay in alignment with Divine Will. This gives you the protection of the True Path, you are always guided to where you need to be, at the right time, with the right people, for the right reason.


  • You will now create 6 Blue Balls of Fire.  Focus on your heart and see it as a blue ball of fire. See it glowing and getting brighter. This is the Christ within in.
    Christ Consciousness Chant: Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey (3x)
  • Now imagine a ray of blue fire coming from your heart traveling to some convenient point in front of you and ending in a ball of blue fire. It should be noted that the magical East (Air) is always in front to you. Extend your hand out in front with your palm facing outward toward the first ball of Blue Fire.
    See the Fire Letter God Name written in the Ball of Blue Fire

← Dalet (green)  Lamed(yellow)  Aleph(yellow) ←
Protection from evil eye & bad dreams

Give Decree:
By the Authority of Aleph Lamed Dalet 
Elohim Gibor (A-lo-hem-gih-boor, God of Battles)

I banish all negativity in the region of the East, with the power of the Air Exarp (Ex-ar-pay, Elemental of Air )

  • Now imagine a similar ray of blue fire travels out of your heart to your right, at about the same distance, ending in a second ball of fire. This ends at magical South (Fire). Extend your arm to right with palm facing outward, touching the blue ball of fire and Recite:

By the Authority of Aleph Lamed Dalet 
Elohim Tzabaoth (eh-lo-hem-tzah-bah-oth, Lord of Host)
I  banish all negativity in the region to the South,  with the power of Fire, Bitcom (Be-eye-tay-oh-em, Angels of Fire)

  • A similar ray shoots out from behind your heart forming a third ball of fire. This is the magical West (Water).  With arm extended behind you with palm facing outward, touching the blue ball of fire. Recite:

By the Authority of Aleph Lamed Dalet  ,
Jehovah Elohim (yah-ho-vah-a-lo-kem, Understanding God)
I banish all negativity in the region to the West, with the power of the Water Hcoma (Ha-cay-oh-em-ah, Angels of Water) 

  • The next ray of shoots out toward your left, forming a fourth ball of fire, this is the magical North (Earth). Extend your arm with palm facing outward, touching the ball of blue fire. Recite:

By the Authority of Aleph Lamed Dalet 
Adonai ha Artez (Ah-doh-en-aye Ha-ah-retz, Lord of Earth)
I banish all negativity in the region to the North, by the power of the Earth, Nanta (Na-en-ta, Angels of the Earth)

  • Visualize a Ray of Blue Fire  traveling upward to a equal distance above my head, forming a fifth ball of Blue fire. Extend your arm above your head with palm facing upward (Unity Grid), touching the blue ball of fire and recite:

By the Authority Aleph Lamed Dalet 
Jehovah Eloah va Daath (Yah-hO-vah El-oh-ah-Vah- Da-th, Lord of Knowledge )
I banish all the negativity in the region of the Unity Grid above the Earth, by the power of Oro Ibah Aozpi (Oh-roh, Ee-bah-hay, Ah-oh-zode-pee, Angels of the Earth Grid System )

  • Lastly, see your heart shoot a ray of blue fire downward, again at the same distance forming a sixth ball of Fire. Extend your arm downward with palm facing down towards the Earth, touching the blue ball of fire and recite:

By the Authority Aleph Lamed Dalet 
Shaddi El Chai (Shah-dye-El-Ki, Almighty Living God)
I banish all the negativity in the region of the Crystalline Grid below the Earth's surface. 
By the Power of Mor-Dial-Hktga (moh-ar-dee--al-heh-keh-teh-gah, Angels of Inner Earth and the Crystalline Cities of Light)

  • You now have six balls of blue fire circling several feet around you: one ball is behind you, one in front, one to your right, one on your left, one is above you and one is below you. They will now be connected by a 3 Rings of Blue Fire.
  • First Ring: Visualize the first blue fire ring circling around the middle of your body.  Connect the ball in front of you, on your left, in back and on your right (See blue ring in the picture below)  See blue fire flowing freely around this first Ring . 


  • Second Ring: Visualize another Ring of Blue Fire flowing from the ball of fire in front of you, through the ball over your head, through the ball behind you and then flowing under your feet to connect with the ball below you and than reconnects to the ball in front of you. Keep the fire moving around this second Ring of Fire.
    (See Red Ring in picture above)
  • Third Ring; Connect the balls to create a third Ring of Blue Fire. Imagine the Ring of Fire starting from the ball on your right, through the ball that is over the top of your head, through the ball on your left, under your feet and back to the ball on the right. (See Green Ring in picture above)
  • Maintain a continuous blue fire energy flow in the three circuits that go around your body 
  • Spin the 3 Rings of Fire to create a gyroscopic field that repels and/or filters all approaching energies while envisioning and chanting the protection mantra into your Heart Chakra.
  • Recite these affirmations:
    By the Authority of Aleph Lamed Dalet
    in the name of the Christ within me, Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey  

    I cancel, nullify and dissolve all vows or agreements  that I have made in this or any other timeline with any and all entities that keep me from accessing the light of the Divine Spirit.

     I release any and all entities that are attempting to keep me from accessing the light of the Divine Spirit.

    I dissolve any bonds or connections that I have made to any entities that are attempting to keep me from accessing the Light of the Divine Spirit. I de-curse myself, de-hex myself,I de-haunt myself

    I decree that any and all entities that are attempting to control me or use my energy in a negative way to leave me now and do not return. I ask that the Christ guide these entities to the region of pure love and that they manipulate no sentient being ever again.
  • I Am Universal Light
  • I Am Universal Love
  • I Am Universal Harmony
  • I Am Universal Balance
  • I Am One with the infinite Powers of Divine Creation

Intone: Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth QUM  (que-m) TRAM (teh-rah-meh)  3 x  


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