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Planetary Gateway to the New Jerusalem 
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South Texas is located in one of the 12 Planetary Apostles or Mega Vortices  that are bring in New Jerusalem energy.  The New Jerusalem is a pattern of light frequencies that are grounding into the energetic blueprint of Mother Earth. The 12 Planetary Gateways act as receiving and transmitting stations to bring in the new keys and codes for the New Earth. Each of these 12 Planetary Gateways have a unique quality, or virtue, which contributes to the Earth and mankind's enlightenment.  If there is discord (war, famine, poverty)  in any of these regions around a Gateway the overall health of the planet becomes restricted. When the areas around the Gateways are healthy and balanced . . .  Mother Earth can ascend to the next level.  The combined energy from these 12 Planetary Gateways when activated will create a Planetary Messiah and create the New Jerusalem.

This Planetary Messiah will assist the ascension of Mother Earth and Mankind, giving birth to a new way of life and civilization. There are only two Planetary Gateways bring in the new Jerusalem energy into the U.S.:
Gateway 1: Mount Shasta, Calif. and
Gateway 8: South Texas

The frequencies are brought into her consciousness, by 12 Mega Vortices called Planetary Gateways or the 12 Apostles.  These Mega Vortices are equal spaced around the world with at least one on every continent. Listed below are the 12 Planetary Gateways and their locations.  

1. Glastonbury-Shaftesbury, England: Earth Heart Chakra with geometric center at God's Hill just south of Castle Cary. Hadspen House also near this center.

2. Uluru-Kata Tjuta, Australia: Earth Solar Plexus Center.

3. Lake Titicaca, South America: Earth Sexual Chakra; Island of the Sun.

4. Bali:  Earth Chakra for Purification; Gunung Agung, Batur, Batukau, and Bukit Petjatu. Center at midpoint of these four, near Tirta Empul, the sacred spring.

5. Mount Kailas, Tibet:  Earth Crown Chakra in Tibet.

6. Mount Shasta, North America: Earth Base Chakra

7.  Mexico & South Texas: Earth Chakra  for Inner Balance and Androgyny

8. Mount Fuji, Japan: Earth Chakra Planetary Immortality and Beauty Center. Summit is focus.

9. Haleakala Crater, Hawaii: Earth Chakra of Fire- Liberty .

10. Lake Taupo-Tongariro, New Zealand: Earth Chakra of Water-love . Lakes and several sacred mountains on North Island of New Zealand. Lake Rotopounamu is center.

11. Great Pyramid-Mount Sinai-Mount of Olives: Earth Throat Chakra, 

12 Table Mountain: Earth Chakra of Planetary Earth-Light. Near Capetown, South Africa

The 13th Chakra: When the 12 chakras are opened so that the Heart-Highest Purpose Blessing of Gaia is freely flowing outward, then the 13th Chakra is activated in Russia

The Gateways are fed by one of two powerful energy leylines called Dragon lines encompassing the Earth. One Dragon is yin, or feminine – the Rainbow Serpent. The Rainbow Serpent path energize these locations:  Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Bali, Mt. Kailas, Sergiev Posad, Glastonbury and Shaftesbury, and Lake Titicaca.

The second Dragon circle is yang, or masculine, and is called the Plumed, Feathered  or Quetzalcoatl  Serpent. The Feathered Serpent path  includes: - El Tule Tree, South Texas , Mt. Shasta, Mt. Fuji, Bali, and Lake Titcaca. Note that these two circles cross each other at Chakra Two, Lake Titicaca and at the World Purification Centre, Bali. As an average, each of the 12 Planetary Gateways  have a full radius of 777 miles.

Who Created the Planetary Gateways ?

One theory is that the Gateways were created by the Elohim or the Devic Kingdom. The Elohim are the builders of form. They carry the divine blueprint of what makes a pea plant different from a carrot plant. Elohim are the highest evolution of the Devic Kingdom. The term “Elohim” means “all that God is”. Elohim were referred to in the Old Testament over two thousand five hundred times as the “name of God.” In the Kabbalah, the Jewish book of mysticism, Elohim are referred to as the Divine Mother. Rudolph Steiner, the great German mystic, calls the Elohim the “spirits of form.” The Elohim and Archangels might be thought of as the left and right hands of God.

This theory states that the Gateway's encoding were brought to Earth by the Elohim to create a paradise for all beings.  Each Gateway carried a vibrational seed of what was to be locally and globally created through the Grid. The Elohim connected human consciousness to the Gateways and the Crystalline Grid. This was the model for enlightenment and paradise. The Elohim departed and left the Gateway and Grid system under the responsibility of the humans and elementals. 

Atlantis was the headquarters for the Gateway and Grid maintenance.  After the collapse of Atlantis, the Druids maintained the Grid and Gateways and kept mankind and the Earth in balance. The Druids and the Atlanteans understood the reciprocal agreement. Mother Earth maintains mankind’s Spiritual development and health through the Grid and Gateways. Mankind maintains Mother Earth’s health through Grid and Gateway maintenance. 

South Texas Planetary Gateway
South Texas is located in the  Planetary Gateway for World Inner Balance and Androgyny (see map above marked Gate 8 Palenque & El Tule). This Mega Vortex is located around a 777 mile radius to cover  El Tule Tree near Oaxaca, Palenque and Horsetail Falls near Monterrey Mexico.  The Gateway extends from Mexico into the United States to include the southernmost tip of Texas called the Rio Grande Valley. As an average, each of the 12 Planetary Gateways have a full radius of 777 miles.

The Planetary Gateway (Marked as Gateway 8 on Map above)  performs a unique role. The Gateway's vortex in South Texas has a unique synchronicity with Mount Shasta Vortex in Washington, and the Lake Titicaca Vortex in South America, spinning in the same direction. South Texas is clockwise, Mt. Shasta is Clockwise, Titicaca is clockwise. This effect creates a direct communication channel , that indigenous Elders from the Mayan and Hopi have referred to as the 'Gateway of the Condor & Eagle'.

The South Texas Planetary Gateway carries both a feminine  and masculine energy. It is an energic marriage of both. It is this female/male balanced energy that Mother Earth ultimately seeks to project, not a predominantly male or female field. Each Planetary Gateway is linked to a different star system. For example:
Gateway 1: Mount Shasta Gateway is connected to the Pleidians
Gateway 5: Great Pyramid in Giza Gateway is connected to Orion
Gateway 8: South Texas & Mexico Gateway is connected to  Sirius

The South Texas Planetary Gateway forms a DSL Line to Sirius and when you are within this Gateway you are able to download information, key or codes for assisting you on your spiritual path. Sirius is the home of Christ conscious, sacred geometry, Melchizedek Conscious and the Avatar Golden Dolphins.  They are members of the Galactic Federation of Light. The Galactic Federation of Light was founded over 4.5 million years ago to prevent inter-dimensional dark forces from dominating and exploiting this galaxy.

Throughout the ages Sirius has been surrounded with a special status. Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, the two main figures associated with Theosophy, have both considered Sirius to be a source esoteric power. Blavatsky stated that the star Sirius exerts a mystic and direct influence over the entire living heaven and is linked with every great religion of antiquity. Alice Bailey sees the Dog Star as the true “Great White Lodge” and believes it to be the home of the “Spiritual Hierarchy”. For this reason she considers Sirius as the “star of initiation”.

South Texas and  Planetary Gateway Activation
On the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, all the 12 of Planetary Gateways were activated and linked together to form one powerful energy network. This sent a boost of energy across the Grid.  The increase in Planetary Gateway energy has allowed the spiritual and physical dimensions to move closer together. The dimensional veil that separates mankind from other dimensions has become weaker . In the North America this event has allowed all communities within Planetary Gateways of South Texas and  Mt Shasta to have a stronger connection with other dimensions.  Multi-Dimensional Doorways or Stargates have opened establishing clear communication channels with Pleiadians Emaissaries of Light, Ashtar Command, Sirian Archangelic League of Light,   Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of Light, Arcturian  Emissaries  of Light, Ascended Masters, the Angelic Hierarchy, and the Devic Kingdom (Elohims, Devas, Nature Spirits, Elementals).  South Texas and Mt. Shasta are becoming two of the most powerful transformation areas on the planet with Stargates openning up within these areas.

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Futhermore, The South Texas Planetary Gateway has become an important geographic location for the rising of New Atlantis.  Click here to find out more

Activation of the South Texas  Gateway
In 1976 Robert Coon made special preparations to activate the 7th Planetary Gateway. During a trip to Mexico he prepared the El Tule Tree in Mexico for 8th Planetary Gateway Activation by planting a device, consisting of rubies and emeralds beneath its roots. This ritual device was designed to activate the instant of Sunrise on August 17, 1987 for the Harmonic Convergence. The 7thGateway is located directly on the Dragon Leyline called Feather Serpent . At Sunrise on August 17 1987 at the El Tule Tree... the Feathered Serpent Leyline was re-activated. In the process of the Feathered Serpent Leyline... the 7th Planetary Gateway went online. During this event the Earth released the Feathered Serpent Frequency and Consciousness through the roots of the El Tule Tree. Previously, the Female Rainbow Serpent Leyline was activated on April 22, 1984 from Australia.  These two events linked all the Planetary Gateways into an integrated, fully operating system of  Earth Energy.

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Note: Due the special role the Planetary Gateway will play in the activation of our new DNA  South Texas it has come  under attack by the Dark Brotherhood which wishes to de-rail the evolutionary process . For this reason the South Texas Planetary Gateway is under the special protection of  Christ, Archangel Michael and his Legion of Blue Lightening Angels operating from a 6D  Crytalline City of Light hoovering over Cameron County Texas.

Note: The Planetary New Jerusalem is a Vision of Planetary Evolution that was received by a mystic, Robert Coon of Glastonbury, England.  Glastonbury is located in the Heart Chakra of Mother Earth. This vision reflects a planetary wave field of Universal Love, Universal  Balance, Universal Light, and one with the Crystalline Grid of the Mother Earth. The full details of the vision were published by Glastonbury Circle in a book written by Robert, entitled Spheres of Destiny, in 1993.

For more information go to Robert Coons website: © (Robert Coon (Robert Coon)

  Effects of Gateway

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How will the New Jerusalem Cycle Begin? 
The New Jerusalem cycle will begin when Mother Earth sends out a new vibrational seed pattern which has been programmed into all 12 Planetary Gateways . The 12 Gateways will generate a new solar harmonic vibrating at a faster rate and Mother Earth will begin to vibrate at a fast rate. The Planetary Gateways are the Cosmic Alarm Clocks waiting to strike midnight.  This vibration indicates that this Earth’s Evolution is complete and is ready for the next major solar/spiritual initiation . The Earth and our Sun will inaugurate a new electromagnetic spectrum, which will be experienced by us as a quantum leap away from materialized consciousness into the free-floating fifth dimension.

Is it Happening Today ?
There is concrete evidence to suggest that Mother Earth is beginning to vibrate faster since the 1987 Harmonic Convergence. Mother Earth's base frequency, or "heartbeat," (called Schumann Resonance, or SR) is rising dramatically. The Schumann Resonance are electromagnetic waves that exist in the Earth's cavity. If the properties of Earth's electromagnetic cavity remains about the same, these frequencies remain the same. Over the decades the overall measurement for the Earth's cavity was 7.8 cycles per second. This was once thought to be a constant; global military communications developed on this frequency.

Since 1987 it has risen to 16.5.  Time is speeding up!  This demonstrates that the Earth itself is changing…she is literally speeding up! The following excerpt from channel and healer Malcolm Bell’s book ‘Rider in the Mist’ reinforces the idea of the intrinsic connection between human beings and Planet Earth:-

The human being is comprised of five bodies: the physical, the mental, the emotional, the spiritual, and the higher self. Any change in the earth’s energy field affects all five bodies, so all five have to be realigned – adjusted in increments according to the varying and ongoing energy fluctuations – and brought back into balance and harmony. In short, the symptoms that people were experiencing were the body’s response to the changing vibration.

The body was struggling to adjust to the previously unknown, and never before encountered, elevated and newly patterned energy levels. Unknown to us at times such as this, the body searches through its ancient tribal and genetic memory bank imprints, in an attempt to find a pre-existing pattern to align with. Finding none, it now has to embark upon a critical program of developing and implementing a precise and compatible alternative energy-pattern match. In the process of doing so, all five bodies endure considerable discomfort and confusion.”

Many symptoms that people have been experiencing over the past few years is a result of their bodies trying to align with new Planetary  Energy. The symptoms have become so widespread that they have called ‘Ascension Symptoms’. Some of these symptoms include

* Migraine headaches, tiredness
* Electrical sensations in the limbs and spinal column
* Cramps in the muscular networks
* Flu like symptoms
* Intense dreams.
* Feeling Time is speeding up

Mother Earth is the cosmic 100th Monkey. When she enters the new consciousness...a domino effect will begin across other Worlds, Universes and distant Galaxies. The new consciousness will spread rapidly by unexplained means from one World to all related Worlds.  This is why all the attention is focused today on the Earth and on Her Grid. This is why the Space Brothers are frequently being seen entering into our third dimension, why so much channelling from Ascended Masters and Angels is happening today. Everyone is waiting for us.


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