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Pillar of Light

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The Pillar of Silver Fire, Wall of Blue Fire and your Higher Self  creates a powerful circle of safety and protection. Benefits:

  • Harmonizes the aura and supports spiritual alignment
  • Enhances inner strength
  • Provides protection from unwanted influences
  • Cleanse rooms and creates sacred space
  • Contains and transforms your own destructive projections.
  • Call in Pillar of Light with Fire Letter Mantra shown below:

Fire Letter Mantra:Yod Resh Ayin
Meaning: Absolute certainty in the lightforce of God

Recite Decree:
By the Power and Authority of Ayin Resh Yod

in the name of the Christ within me Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey

I hereby decree that I have the Absolute certainty in the lightforce of God to protect me in an all-powerful Pillar of Silver Fire. This Pillar serves as an invincible shield of protection throughout this meditation and my life in general. I ask that this Pillar of Silver Fire be absolutely invulnerable and invincible to all that is not of Christ's light.

Beloved I Am Presence Bright

Seal me in your Pillar of Light.

Energy Pattern:  Cosmic Energy Coming Down:

  • See yourself standing on the Earth
  • Bring in the Pillar of Silver Fire spiraling in a clockwise direction flowing down from the Unity Grid surrounding the Earth.
  • The Pillar of Fire is coming down through your Spiritual Source in the Heavens. See a Pillar of Silver Fire moving slowly down through the ninth dimension, passing through the 8th dimension, the 7th, the 6th, the 5th, the fourth, the 3rd, the second, right down to the first dimension to connect to the Crystalline Grid at the Earth's Core.
  • Visualize rays or streams of silver fire flowing in a clockwise spiral pattern into you and through you and around you extending 20 feet from your body.
  • Breath in the Silver Fire and let it flow down through your body.
  • Let it flow through your crown chakra down through your third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sexual center and base chakra.
  • Visualize each chakra as being empty,  then each one filling up with the healing, loving energy of silver fire
  •  As you do this the center of the Chakra spins and becomes warm and eventually hot.
  • On a inhale, breath silver fire into your pineal gland.  See your pineal gland activate and begin to glow.  On the exhale expand the fire in pineal gland outwards horizontally. Do this a few times and visualize the abilities and awareness of your higher self expanding out to the edge of the Universe.
  • On an inhale, breathe silver fire  into your heart on and see your heart activating and blossoming open more and more. On each exhale expand the silver fire outwards from your heart , 360 degrees out into the world.  Feel your personal/emotional heart open to take in cosmic fire of Divine Love.  Do this a few times and visualize the Fire in your heart encompass the entire Multiverse.

Energy Pattern: Earth Energy Coming Up:

  • Next visualize a counter clockwise spiral of silver fire moving up from the Crystalline Grid to your I AM Presence
  • You are now connected to a Pillar of Sacred Fire that extends from the Divine Spirit, down through all nine dimensions, through you into the Crystalline Grid at the center of the Earth.
  • Now create a body shield of silver fire. With your intention and breath draw in the silver fire from the Pillar until it wraps around your entire body from head to toe. See your body flaming with silver fire. Feel how this bright flaming armor is protecting you.

Energy Pattern: Wall of Blue Flames

Fire Letter Mantra← Aleph Nun Nun ←
Meaning:Power of Archangel Michael

Recite Decree:
I decree Archangel Michael, Nun Nun Aleph  and his Legion of Blue Lightening Angels has surrounded my Pillar of Silver Fire with a coating of Blue Flames to lend their protection.

  • In your Mind's eye,  see Archangel Michael standing before you dressed in golden armor with his blue flame  sword upraised. This great Archangel purges the World of negativity. This being nods to you and then lowers his sword and points it directly at you.
  • See his sword shooting out a blue flame that completely surrounds your pillar of Silver Fire with an invincible wall of Blue Flames.
  • Think or recite outloud:
    Blue Fire blaze forth with the power of one  
    Let the blue fire blaze in me like the Sun
    Michael’s fire  Above me,
    Michael’s fire Below me,
    Michael’s fire  to my right,
    Michael fire to my left,
    Archangel Michael create the wall of blue protecting fire wherever I go

Energy Pattern: Bring in Angelic Guardians

See four Blue Lightening Angels dressed in blue armor carrying blue flame swords take their places around your Pillar of Silver Fire and Blue Flames. These Angels are from Michael's Legion of Light. One angel is protecting the East in front of you, one is protecting the West behind you, another is protecting the North on your left and the last is protecting the South on your right.

Energy Pattern: I Am Presence (Higher Self)

7Fire Letter Mantra:Aleph(yellow)  Kaf(purple)  Aleph(yellow) ←
Meaning: Bring order into your life by connecting to your Higher Self /I Am Presence

  • Now focus on your I Am Presence floating above you. See a golden beam of light attaching from the heart of your I Am presence to your heart. Feel an energy flow heart into your heart.
  • Now see the shining simmering body of your I Am Presence begin to slowly descend along this golden shaft of light down, down,  down.
  • And as it descends above you,  feel your vibration getting lighter, and lighter faster and faster.
  • Feel it hovering over your head and now it slips over you like a shining body of amour covering you from head to toe.
  • Feel your body enveloped in a dazzling white light radiating light and love. Let your heart merged with your complete Higher Self.  See a blazing golden sun in the center of your heart. Radiating power and light.
  • 3 times. Intone
    "Aleph Kaf  Aleph"
  • Envision Fire Letters while you intone:
  • Recite:
    There is a power in me now. My Higher Self is now awaken. I am a Child of Light, I love the Light, I serve the Light,  I live in the Light,  I am protected, illuminated, supplied and maintained by the Light , I bless the Light and I am a partner with the Light and my Higher Self to create Abundance

After this Transmission

  • You are now surround by a Pillar of Silver Fire that extends into the Heavens and down into the Earth.
  • Around the Silver Pillar of Fire is a wall of blue flames with the power of four blue lightening angels to  protect you from harm at all times.
  • This symbolizes is the strongest protection force in the entire universe. This is the Fire of Divine Love.
  • You are now protected from all invasions of outside influences and forms a protective wall of Divine Fire around you. It is your armor,
  • Now visualize your loved ones, see then in your mind's eye. Surround all those you love and wish to protect with the same Pillar of Silver Fire and Wall of Blue flames that surrounds you and give the same decree for them.  You are protecting them for all harm


Pull the silver fire into an area of your body that is in need of healing. Feel the silver fire removing the pain and discomfort. Imagine it as a laser that is burning through all of your diseases. Surrender your pain to the silver fire. 

If you have an emotional problem or your heart has been hurt, allow the silver fire to surround it with the Divine Spirit's unconditional love and light

If your confused and it is difficult to make a decision, allow the silver fire to surround your forehead and feel it clearing your mind and moving the confusion.

And if you feel alone, allow the silver fire to fill you, like water in a glass. Let it fill you with comfort and know you that the Divine Spirit is always with you, your best friend.


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Note: Hebrew letters are read Left to Right;

← Zayin Yod Yod ←