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Temple of the Blue Flame: 6th D City of Lights
Temple of the Blue Flame: 6th D City of Lights

The Texas and Mexico Stargates are energetically connected to a huge etheric 6th Dimensional City of Light located above South Texas Coastline called the Temple of the Blue Flame.  This is the ethereal portion of the ancient Atlantean City of Seline and is home to the Sirian Council of Light and White Lodge.  The Sirian Council of Light is involved in the forward evolution of humanity, and awakening the genetic cellular memories linked to the energy of Sirius, and your Higher Self . The Sirian Council oversees the mystery school teachings and brings in knowledge for the New Earth. It works closely with the Great White Lodge to bring in the teachings of Light that come through from the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood. 

The Temple serves as an outposts for many higher-dimensional Light Beings from other Star Systems. It is part of a huge re-awakened Atlantis Community that is forming a network of inter- dimensional outposts for the Ascended Masters, Light Beings and our Star Ancestors to communicate with us and assist in our spiritual evolution. This Temple specializes in Violet Flame healing and Transmutation.

The Temple is the Headquarters for K-17 Cosmic Secret Service of the Great White Brotherhood, Sirian Archangelic League of Light, and  Archangel Michael's Legion of Blue Lightening Angels. These organizations act as mediators between Earth and the Galaxy. They monitor the violations of Spiritual Law and Manipulations of Spiritual Power by galactic level beings that affect the 7th Planetary Gateway operations. Galactic Councils meet here to debate and often times battle over galactic territorial rights and governance issues. You can travel to the Temple to attend Galactic Council meetings, where new ways are pioneered to induce peaceful negotiations between planets, universes and galaxies.  

The Temple has many buildings made entirely of Crystals with gemstone streets. In the center of the Temple is a 50 foot Crystal Healing Pyramid made entirely of Sapphire gemstones that is energetically connected to the Arcturian Mothership, Athena.  The Temple Buildings include higher dimensional learning centers, library, meeting centers, and healing centers. There is also a courtyard with a large fountain centrally located in this courtyard. If you step into it you will drop through a portal into the courtyard area of the 5th Dimensional Inner Earth Temple of the Green Flame.

At a City of Light you may decree to visit an Ascension Seat. Ascension seat have been created to help us to raise our consciousness and our vibrations to the level of fifth dimension awareness and beyond. This is a process which is accomplished through many visits to the Ascension Seats. Each time we visit an ascension seat we will incorporate wisdom and the vibrational essence which is unique to that ascension seat. There are many ascension seats, each calibrated to provide us with a different aspect of conscious awareness and growth on our Cosmic journey. Each ascension seat is overlighted by an Ascended Master, or by a great being of Light who will assist us in specific areas of our growth.

Ascension seats are calibrated to certain vibrations which will help us to integrate light packets of wisdom which are downloaded to us as we sit in the ascension seat. There are ascension seats available to us upon our planet, at Solar level, Galactic level, Universal and Multiuniversal level. There are Cosmic ascension seats also available to us. It is necessary to begin first to visit the ascension seat upon our planet and raise our vibration and our consciousness then to other ascension seats.
There are ascension seats given to us as a great gift by the The Arcturians, The Ashtar Command, The Sirians and the Pleiadians. We may also visit the ascension seat on Venus. These ascension seats are etheric, and we can visit an ascension seat by simply asking our guides and angels to take us to the particular ascension seat which we would like to visit. 



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