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The South Texas Dolphin Connection

The new era in alchemy, the Age of the Golden Dolphins, was launched September 2010. This is a time to merge with your I Am presence and let the inner self become the outer and the outer self-become the inner. The Golden Dolphins help you to heal and open your hearts to love.  They are constantly working with you 24 hours a day ...while you are watching TV, going to the grocery store or taking a walk..they are with you.

Golden Dolphins Special Mission
The Golden Dolphins are special dolphins in other dimensions. They work on different levels, with higher vibrational energies- crystal light, and golden light. Golden Dolphins are the transmitters of the new vibrational seed pattern of peace, love, synchronicity, and unity consciousness.  Some psychics report that the Golden Dolphins are the keepers of the lost chord. The lost chord is a vibration that rearranges the molecular structure of the physical body. The golden dolphins work within a wave field of unconditional love and can help activate the Christ consciousness program within every cell of our being. This wave field was involved in the recoding of the Sun Discs and the Crystalline Grid. The recoding was done by Pods of Dolphins swimming over the Sun Disc and Grid area, transmitting their wave field to recode the planet.  Currently they maintain the Sun Disc satellite located in the Gulf of Mexico. 

In addition,they are teaching people how to use crystals to connect to the Crystalline Grid. This crystal connection is part of the final stage of planetary ascension. This connection helps you to sustain the higher frequencies to aid in your 12-strand DNA coding. The Golden Dolphins belong to several intergalactic organizations including the Sirian-Pleiadian Alliance.  Gabriel is the head of the Golden Dolphin unit assigned to the City of Light South Texas.

Dolphins and Sirius

Image result for sirius dog star

Sirius is a blue white star and the brightest star in the night sky.  What the naked eye perceives as a single star is actually a binary star system, consisting of a main white star termed: Sirius A:  inhabited by Humanoid Life (Starseed), as well as the Sacred Lion People and Canidae and a faint white dwarf companion called Sirius B, whose inhabitants are primarily aquatic: the Golden  Dolphins, Blue Dolphins, Crystalline Dolphins, Mer people and Avatar Whales. However, these beings have the ability to manifest in a physical form so that can equally habituate within both water and land .

There are Lemurian myths about Mer people and Dolphins living their lives in Lemuria .  Some of these Golden Dolphins came to Earth to instruct early Lemurians on how to love themselves as they love another.   These Golden Dolphins  became the spiritual leaders of Lemuria's humans.  Some Golden Dolphins incarnated as human beings.  Some believe that all of Earth's human avatars originally came to Earth as Golden  Dolphin's from Sirius B including St. Germaine,  Shiva, Jesus, Mother Mary  and Sai Baba. The Galactic Federations reports that Golden Dolphins are to play an important role in Earth’s evolution.  Right now they are the guardians to maintain the ionosphere of earth. Siruis is the home of Christ conscious, Sacred Geometry, and Melchizedek Conscious .

Lord Djwhal Khul channeled by Alice Bailey states that "the entire work of the Great White Lodge is controlled from Sirius." The spiritual evolution of humanity and Earth is controlled from Sirius. It is Sirian energy, Djwhal Khul indicates, which flows into the consciousness of the Ascended Masters and flows through to their disciples and aspirants of lesser degrees.
“First and foremost is the energy or force emanating from the sun Sirius. If it might be so expressed, the energy of thought, or mind force, in its totality, reaches the solar system from a distant cosmic centre via Sirius. Sirius acts as the transmitter, or the focalising centre, whence emanate those influences which produce self-consciousness in man.”

According to  Joan Ocean in her book "Dolphin Connection " pg.38  she received the following messages  from her dolphin guides. This message describes the Sirius connection within the Gulf of Mexico and all water ways.

"The star system Sirius radiates a high frequency of Light and is a stabling force in the Galaxy. Because of its intensity and constancy it is a useful vibration to interact with dark planets or those which are very dense. Therefore, it was decided that the Sirius energies could assist the Earth in its evolutionary growth by interacting with the Earth patterns and  elevating the vibrations or adding more light. To do this Sirius entities were incarnated on Earth and in that way brought their radiant energies to assist the Earth's evolvement.

The properties and frequencies of the ocean were more conducive to assimilating the Sirius frequencies than any other area of the planet.  The Sirian beings were able to travel to and from their planet through certain diagrams within the oceans. These are the entities you have experienced within the ocean. The dolphins are at one with these energies and although the present dolphins are not pure Sirian energies, they retain the knowledge and memories of the ancient inhabitants of the Earth who were ocean beings."

The Dolphins also interact with vibrational patterns that access the Space Sister/Brotherhood and other high frequency Beings to your planet. By remaining in contact with these planetary vortex centers and by retaining their awareness of themselves as beings of light, the dolphins do carry the vibration of Sirius and other Celestial Radiations, and do thereby serve as catalyst for these light waves which continue to be very healing and nourishing for your planet. As humans increase their ability to perceive and receive light, they also begin  to experience these ancient vibrations carried by the dolphin and still present in specific pockets, so to speak in the planet. "

Note:  The Coastline of Rio Grande Valley is an inter- dimensional gateway to the star system of Sirius.

Crystal Skulls & Dolphins
The Golden Dolphins (Avatar Dolphins)  are among the Sirians, Pleiadian and Arcuation who encourage you to use Crystals and Crystal skulls to connect to the Solar & Crystalline Grid. Crystals allow you sustain higher frequencies inorder to aid in your 12-strand DNA coding. This new frequency is being transmitted by crystals & crystal skulls and you can only receive it  through telepathic attunement. The Galactic Maya knew that what we call the telepathic function of the human brain is actually activated by frequencies from crystal & crystal skulls.

  • The skulls are ancient computers filled with knowledge and wisdom which can save and heal our earth.
  • There is an ancient legend that describes the existence of 13 crystal skulls all the size of human skulls which are said to talk and sing.
  • Within them they hold important information about the origins, purpose, and destiny of mankind and the sacred mysteries of the universe.
  • These skulls are highly evolved computers made out of quartz crystal.
  • During Golden Atlantis it is said there were 13 skulls made, one for each of the 12 tribes. Each holding the specific information about its own tribe and a thirteenth master skull made of amethyst which held the combined knowledge and wisdom of all 12 skulls. This skull remains in the charge of the sphinx- the keeper of the earth.
  • The Atlantean skulls had movable jaws which allowed them to sing and speak; they would vibrate at a very high level, which insured only the most spiritual evolved could assess their energy and information.
  • The crystal skulls were programmed in conjunction with the Inter-Galactic Council and the high priests and priestess who were responsible for their safe keeping.
  • At the fall of Atlantis the priests and priestess removed the skulls and they are said to be hidden in sacred locations around the world.
  • It is foretold that the skulls will return or be found when humanity reaches a high enough level of consciousness.
  • At this divine time 12 skulls will be found and reunited with 8 specific quartz wands and then the sphinx will release the thirteen amethyst skull for the greatest good of humanity.
  • To date there are some discrepancies as to how many of the Atlantean skulls have been discovered. However the most famous discovery of all was in 1924 by Dr Mitchell-Hedges and his daughter Anna at Lubaantum in British Honduras, better known today as Belize. When Anna passed away at the age of 100 in April 2007 she chose Bill Homan to be the guardian of this skull and here it remains for safe keeping.
  • Other crystal skulls have been found: some made in the likeness of the original Atlantean skulls by the Egyptians, Mayans and Aztecs. They are sacred too and are protected by those who understand their importance. However they do not carry the energy of pure Atlantis.

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Crystal skulls are computers holding tremendous information that can help humanity in many ways. They can be utilized as tools for healing and  helping people to see their true nature.  They act as a mini-energy vortex propelling a person to release physical, mental, emotional, and pastlife blockages very quickly. Some believe that the older crystal skulls were gifts from the Gods or the ETs with knowledge and information to  assistance the ascension process.

There exists an ETHERIC ENERGY NETWORK that links all the Crystal Skulls and Golden Dolphins together. This can be compared to our modern internet which links computers all over the world together. One also needs to remember that computers are made from quartz crystals. Once a new Skull becomes activated, the Skull begins working towards fulfilling its mission with the Golden Dolphins in the world. At this stage it can link into this etheric energy network and receive knowledge, information and energy from any other crystal skull or golden dolphin that is also linked to this network. Golden Dolphins carry the new vibrational seed vibration that is needed for Planetary Ascension.

South Texas and Dolphins
There are thousands of power nodes, portals and vortex under the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. These power spots are maintained and amplified by the Dolphins. Dolphin energy is of valuable assistance in helping you to align with new frequencies that are being generated from the Re-awakened Atlantean complexes in South Texas and Mexico.  Metaphysical healers have gathered in what has been  a "Calling of the Dolphins and Whales" to help us raise our consciousness. They have accepted the role of  midwives in the Planetary Ascension process. They have no self-serving motivations and are here to help us to rediscover our natural connection to Gaia and to God. They help us to remember that we are Godlings …a part of God and this planet is sacred living being …a Godling too. 

Dolphins may well be carrying information as well as functions critical to the regeneration of life upon our planet.”
—Buckminster Fuller

What Makes Dolphins so Special?

The Dolphins are marine mammals with many similarities to humans. And in fact, they may have more in common with us than we think.

  • Thirteen of 22 dolphin chromosomes are identical to human chromosomes, according to researchers at Texas A&M University. The nine remaining chromosomes are rearrangement of their human counterparts.
  • The dolphin’s bones of the hands and feet are almost identical.  The only difference in structure is that their bones are housed in their fins.
  • Dolphins experience the same range of emotions that humans do. They feel love, joy, sadness, sympathy, pain and more. .
  • Therapies working with abuse and altruistic children have discovered that dolphins have healing abilities and are able to connect with humans unlike any other animal.
  • Many legends say that dolphins originated in Atlantis. When Atlantis was destroy by the great flood, some of the Atlantean healers may have reincarnated as dolphins during the Great Flood.
  • Modern artwork of dolphins, constantly show them in scenes related to Atlantis. This sign of connectedness may be embedded in the artist subconscious mind and is resurfacing through their art.  
  • Researchers have measured the brain waves of humans after interaction and close contact with dolphins. Their research indicates that after a Dolphin Connection is made an induction of the alpha brain state occurs. The alpha brain state has been correlated with  strengthening the immune system, specifically the T-cell count.
  • The dolphin’s sonar system is very similar to ultrasonic technology used to diagnose and treat illness and disease.  This would unable Dolphins to examine our soft tissues and then receive the information back to the their  brain for analysis. In other words, the dolphin may have the ability to see  inside our bodies and determine if there is any abnormal tissue, such as a tumor.
  • There are numerous stories of dolphins helping to heal humans and making them aware of their illness.  One example is of a young man  who formed a close relationship with a wild dolphin by swimming everyday with the Dolphin. One day, the dolphin started tapping the man’s shoulder with its tail. The man ignores the gesture. Everyday  during their swim time  the Dolphins  would continue to tap and each day the taps got stronger and stronger. The Dolphins taps become so strong that they broke the man’s collarbone. He  immediate went to the hospital for  an X-ray. The x-ray revealed that he had a lung tumor . If the Dolphin had not assisted the man would have never had discovered he tumor.
  • Joy Dietrich is a holistic health practitioner who has been able to capture this sacred dolphin energy at The Joy of Health Naturopath Clinic in Kleinburg, Ontario. Janine Bowring, who is a naturopath doctor from The Joy of Health, has developed a unique healing modality that uses dolphin energy to remove energetic and emotional blockages in a patient’s body and helps them on their spiritual journey. Patients from the clinic who have experienced this dolphin energy healing report extensive feelings of connectedness and say they are able to release negative emotional patterns.
  • Dolphins energy represents unconditional love and is a very powerful tool in opening our heart chakras.

We need to recognize that we use only 7-10% of our brains. In contrast the Dolphins use upwards to 80-99% of theirs. They are nonlinear thinkers and foster multidimensional awareness.  Just by visiting the Ocean, you can increases your vibrational level by “ in tuning”  with the Dolphins on a cellular level.  When your around a "Dolphin Domain" your body  picks up on their sonic vibrations  and you respond on an unconscious level. This process helps us to raise our normal level of conscious awareness. Just living in South Texas affords us the rare opportunity of constantly basking in these  higher vibrations. That alone is worth the price of admission on a Dolphin Watch Boat ride off the coast of South Padre Island !

Man's real best friend? Stories of dolphins rescuing humans

There are many legends and, in more recent times, news reports of dolphins coming to the aid of humans in peril. Victims of shark attacks tell of dolphins rushing to the scene and repelling sharks with high-speed blows, and drowning swimmers have testified that dolphins lifted them to the surface to breathe.

A dolphin's sonar penetrates a human body, making our skeletons, lungs and heart visible (dolphins are even able to hear an embryo's heartbeat, and are especially fascinated by pregnant women). As fellow mammals, it is possible that dolphins recognise similarities in humans, and understand that we are vulnerable to drowning and attacks from predators.

According to Dr Diana Reiss, one of the world's foremost dolphin experts, what we can say is that rescue behaviour in dolphins is not automatic or purely instinctual. "Dolphins make conscious decisions about when they intervene – they weigh up the situation and are selective about who and in which circumstances they help," she says.

Hardy Jones, a wildlife filmmaker and longtime campaigner against the Japanese dolphin slaughters, is one human who has benefited from dolphins' ability to detect our distress. In 2003, Hardy was filming a group of dolphins when he noticed a large shark approaching him in attack mode. Four dolphins swept in to protect him. Hardy was able to capture the rescue on camera (you can view his footage above).

Dolphins sometimes repeatedly ram sharks to kill them or drive them away, but are rarely aggressive towards humans, even when provoked. In fact, dolphins are known to form protective rings around swimmers and surfers to guard them from sharks.

In 2004, the Guardian reported that four people were saved in New Zealand from a great white shark by a pod of dolphins which swam circles around them for forty minutes until the shark lost interest and swam away.

"They started to herd us up, they pushed all four of us together by doing tight circles around us," Rob Howes, who had taken his daughter and her two friends for a swim, told the New Zealand Press Association.

At first, Howes thought the dolphins were merely being playful, and he tried to swim away from the group. But two of the larger dolphins rushed to him and ushered him back into their protective circle. It was at this moment that Howes noticed what the dolphins seemed to be concerned about – a 3 metre great white shark heading toward the group.

"I just recoiled," he said. "It was only about two metres away from me, the water was crystal clear and it was as clear as the nose on my face. They had corralled us up to protect us".

You can check out a reenactment of the rescue created for the BBC documentary "Saved by Dolphins" below.


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