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Progressive Relaxation & More

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We need to be calm and relaxed to connect with your Spiritual Guidance Team and absorb fohat from the Fire Letters.  If you are worried or preoccupied with something, you need to resolve the situation or put it out of your mind before starting.  We need a relaxed, calm and peaceful environment to work-in. Start by finding a time and place where you will be undisturbed. Ensure that the room is warm or cover yourself with a blanket.   Turn off you cell phone. Once your comfortable you will allow your muscles to relax. This is normally done with a Progressive Relaxation Technique. You might find it helpful to tape the following script so you can simply close your eyes and listen.   Here is the relaxation script that I use: 

  • Start by taking several deep breaths to get into a relaxed state of be-ing. Let go of the concerns of the day. Well up feelings of love and gratitude. 
  • Sit in a comfortable chair with your palms up laying on your thighs, feet flat on the ground and legs uncrossed.
  • Quiet your mind, gently pushing out any extraneous thoughts.
  • Begin to do slow rhythmic breathing and focus on your third eye and pineal gland .
  • Think of this as a computer software program for the evolution of your soul. You are about to utilize  powerful codes to access very specific energies for soul correction and transformation.
  • Hold the crystal that is associated with Name God  to bring in greater power.

I want you to take three deep breaths. That’s right.  Three very deep breaths. (Pause and give yourself time to take three deep breaths)  Good. Now I want you to stretch. Yes stretch every muscle. (Pause, giving yourself time to stretch).

Now, close your eyes. That’s right, let your eyelids drift down gently, and relax those muscles around the eyes. Feel your forehead relaxing. Feel yourself beginning to relax…yes…you are letting yourself relax. Relax those muscles around the eyes. Let yourself feel loose and limp. Safe and secure.

I would like you to envision a large and beautiful white snowflake at the top of your head. See it hanging there, this beautiful snowflake.  It gently sparkles in the air, filled with the white light of the Universe. It is a big snowflake, turning slowly, revolving easily, very big, yet light as a feather. This is beautiful snowflake stands for cosmic wholeness.   See the snowflake; watch it glisten in the light.  Good.

Now this snowflake is going to travel down through your body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. As it travels down through your body, it is going to relax you more and more. It will bring cosmic love and light into your body. It will relax every muscle in your body. It will enable you to touch the oneness of the universal spirit.

So, just begin to relax as this snowflake  enters the top of your head. Feel it’s light travel down past your forehead… your eyes and ears… relaxing all the muscles around your eyes… down past your nose and your mouth… surrounding your teeth.

Loose and limp… safe and secure… feel the relaxation filter down through your body. Just relax, and begin to notice how very comfortable you feel. You are supported, so you can just let go and relax. Inhale and exhale. Feel the lovely snowflake  travel down your neck… down into your upper arms and your lower arms…  your wrists and your fingers.  Feel your muscles relax.

You can be aware of normal sounds around you. These sounds are unimportant, discard them; whatever you hear from now on will only help to relax you.

As you exhale, release any tension, any stress from any part of your body, mind and spirit; just let that stress go. Feel this beautiful snowflake  travel down your back… down your chest and stomach. Loose and limp. Safe and secure. Just feel any stressful thoughts rushing through your mind, feel them begin to wind down… wind down… wind down, and relax.

As you relax, you are becoming more and more aware of the presence of universal love, and you are aware that the Divine Spirit has sent guardians to protect and comfort you. Feel the light and healing of your celestial guardians as they touch you as the white light of the snowflake travels into your upper legs, into your knees and calves. Relax and let go. Let go and feel the universal healing all around you. Just feel your body drifting… floating… down deeper… down deeper… down deeper into total relaxation.

Let your muscles go, relaxing more and more. Down…down… down… the snowflake now moves down into your ankles, your heels, your arches and your toes. Safe and secure… loose and limp. And now the light moves out of the bottom of your feet.

Visualize the snowflake  once again in front of you. I want you to take hold of the snowflake, like you would a balloon. It is surprisingly sturdy. This snowflake ball  is going to allow you to drift down, deeper and deeper ….into deeper levels of your mind.  So take hold of it now, yes that’s right.

 Now it begins to float downward, and so do you. I’m going to count backwards from 10 to 1, as you imagine yourself floating down to your sacred space, one level at a time. Just drift down and relax even deeper. Ten…relax even deeper. Nine…down, down, down, deeper, deeper, and deeper. Eight…down, down, down. Seven. Deeper, deeper. Six…down, down, down.  Five…deeper, deeper, and deeper. Four ... down, down. Three …deeper, deeper. Two… One…deeper. Deeper, Just let go and relax.

And now imagine you are in a peaceful and special place; a place that is just for you. You can come here anytime you like, whether you are tired, or if you just want to relax, if you feel ill, or if you want to improve yourself. This is your special place. The place that is made just for you. You can feel this special place. Allow the peace of the Universe  to flow through you. Positive feelings grow within you; a sense of well-being surrounds you. In your mind’s eye, I’d like you to look up to the sky now. That’s right …look up and see the beautiful baby blue sky. The sky has a few clouds in it, they are puffy and white. These puffy white clouds now move together to form your name. See your name in the sky now, see your name, and (pause)

 Good. Now a bit of wind comes and blows away your name. It is all gone. ..All gone, let it go…all gone, that’s right.

Deepening Suggestions

In your mind’s eyes see a path.   Along the path you walk will be primal ice and fire. On your right …will be fire, but it will not burn you… nor will you feel heat. On your left will be ice… but you will not feel cold. You will walk down the path of manifestation, the unity of fire and ice.

As you walk down the path, you will feel your body relax, more and more… feel yourself just drift down… down with each number, and relax even deeper…drifting down now at the number ten.

 Relax even deeper, past number nine.  Deeper, deeper down, down…

Eight. Deeper and deeper…seven… deeper and deeper.

 Six…down, down, down, just let go;

Five …down, down, down;

Four… deeper and deeper;

 Three…down, down;

 Two…deeper and deeper; down, down;

 One... deeper, deeper… relaxed.

You are now totally relaxed to attune with your Fire Letter Mantra.

Now in your mind's eye, imagine the most beautiful staircase in the world. You may be fortunate enough to have seen this staircase somewhere in the past. If so Picture it clearly in your mind. If you don't have an actual staircase in mind, simply imagine the most beautiful staircase you can.

Imagine what the bannister looks like as you rest your hand on it. Feel the texture of the carpet or cool marble beneath your feet. Imagine if the staircase goes straight down or has a graceful curve. Picture in your mind the beautiful room that it leads down to. You are about to go down that staircase now and a wave of excitement passes through you as you realize that you are about to see the Divine spirit.

Take the first step down the staircase now, and double your relaxation as you do so.

Double your relaxation again as you take another step. Keep doing this as you slowly descend the staircase.

Visualize yourself on the staircase as you head down to your meeting with your SGT

Feel yourself reach the floor. Pause and look around. The room is the most magnificent you have ever seen . You might want to walk around and familiarize yourself with this fabulous room. Try sitting down in a comfortable chair and notice how you sink into the cushions. Feel the richness of the materials, the brocade and notice the gorgeous rich colors.

You feel so comfortable in this room . At the end is a large door. It is the most magnificent door you have ever seen. There is a name carved on the door- the name of your contact with your SGT. You decide to go over and knock on this door, but as you do the door slowly opens and out comes members of your SGT

You greet each member in  a manner appropriate to you. You find the members of your SGT team riendly, warm and loving. You enjoy a pleasant conversation and now ask your questions.

See yourself asking them and now see yourself hearing the replies.

And now the SGT is ready to leave. See yourself giving thanks and watching as the door slowly closes again. You are now alone once more in this beautiful room.

Sit down comfortably in one of the chairs and just allow your self to drift even deeper for a moment or two. (Pause)

And now it is time to return to your everyday life. On the count of five you will open your eyes feeling completely energized and revitalized. You will remember absolutely everything that happened and you will be ready to face the world again with increased confidence.

One gaining energy and feeling wonderful

Two. Feeling at peace with yourself and the world

Three Totally revitalized and full of energy.

Four. Aware of your special talents and abilities

And Five. Opening your eyes and feeling fantastic

You should write down your insights immediately after each session. After a while you will be able to speed things up by starting the relaxation from the top of the stairs. Later you will be able to just close your eyes, count from five and instantly be in the room. Later you will be inside the room within seconds.


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