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Alignment: Grounding Cords

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Grounding yourself means that you bring up energy that allows you to pull it together, calm down, feel a sense of stability, stay centered and feel safe during a life crisis.  When we are ungrounded we are often spacey, forgetful and accident-prone. When we walk into a room and don’t remember what we came to get, we are ungrounded. When we lose our keys three times in one hour, or leave our coat at the coffee shop, we are ungrounded.

The process of grounding is essential to all spiritual and energetic healing or meditation practices. Simply, you place a grounding cord that is connected to your energy system into the Crystalline Grid located deep within the Earth. This anchors you to the Earth's Magnetic Core, and allows you to receive Sacred Fire Earth Energy. Connecting directly into the Earth, aids the practice of healing and manifestation. Studies have shown that the frequency measured around healers' hands during times of healing matches the very same frequency at the center of the Earth. This is a clear indication that we are able to directly contact and use the powerful Earth energy as an aid to our healing and magical work.

What are Grounding Cords?

Grounding cords are energetic tubes that connect us to the center of the Earth. These are our energetic feeding and nourishing tubes that brings in an "Energy Vitamin Package" from Mother Earth. We have three grounding cords.    One cord extends from our first chakra at the base of the spine and falls like a plum line down to the center of the Earth. Think of this cord as an extended tail. Frequently, people refer to the grounding cords in the metaphor of a Tree. If you are a Tree than the base chakra grounding cord is your Tap Root. At the arch of each foot are your feet chakras. Each foot also has a cord to the center of the Earth. When visualizing the grounding cords at your feet, think of yourself once again as a Tree and these cords make up your roots system. Your roots travel down through layers of the Earth to brings up nourishment or life force energy.  Below is the decree for creating your grounding cords.

Fire Letter Mantra: Cheth(amber)  Resh(red) Hey(violet)

Meaning: Divine umbilical cord to remove spiritual darkness

Recite Decree:
By the Power Authority of Hey Resh Cheth,

in the name of  the Christ within me,Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey,  

I decree that my Spiritual Guidance Team is releasing the power for my crystalline body matrix to manifest grounding cords that connect into Mother Earth's Crystalline Grid. These umbilical cords connect me to the Divine Mother's Vibrational Seed Pattern to help me when I feel confused, lonely, scattered, angry, sad, moody, pessimistic and depressed. 

Tarot Key for Meditation
Tarot Key: Star Card (Hey)

Tarot Key: Sun ( Resh)

Tarot Key: Chariot (Cheth)


  • Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight, legs uncrossed, feet flat on the floor. Palms of hands should be resting on thighs, facing up.
  • Use your breathe to pull in as much as your energy as you can into the center of your head. Let go of your everyday thoughts or anything that could be hindering the process. Wait until you feel centered and relaxed.
  •  Now feel your feet on the floor. Use your breath and intention to bring more energy into the soles of your feet.
  • Now bring your awareness to your frist chakra to the base of your tailbone. Visualize a tube or spiraling ray  about four to six inches in diameter attaching to the base chakra.
  • Sometimes it helps to visualize your three grounding cords like the root system of a Tree. Now imagine that you are a Tree.  The soles of your feet are your root system. You also have a tap root coming out of the base Chakra of your spine.
  • Now visualize these roots coming out of the base of your spine ….and the soles of your feet.
  • Follow these grounding cords visually and see them moving through all the layers of the Earth until they get to the Earth's Core, the magnetic core and connect.
  • Take a minute and note any changes happening in your body or consciousness. Sometimes students feel an aching or throbbing in parts of their body. Sometimes buried emotions surface.
  • After you feel comfortable with your grounding cords, start to change the color and texture of your cords. Each of the colors of your grounding cord brings up a corresponding color of Earth energy. 

Click here to read more about the different colors of energy that can be brought up from the Earth with your cords

  • Grounding cords can be any color, visualize the color of the grounding cord changing. Start with Navy blue. Let blue energy flow up your cords and into your body. How does it feel?  
  • Now change the cord's color from navy blue to baby blue and let this baby blue energy flow into the soles of your feet and base chakra through your baby blue cords.
  • Experiment with a full spectrum of colors and textures. Try purple, red, orange, brown, white, black, metallic and use varying shades for each color. You will find that some colors are smoothing and some are energizing. Some make you feel stronger and more confident...some more loving. Work with each color of grounding cord until you can feel its effect on you.
  • It may help to make a list of the colors and how they make you feel. Each day determine the color you want to use. If you want to change your grounding cords during the day just pull them down and let them drop into the Earth. Now give yourself a new grounding cord with a new color.
  • When you feel tried or angry, use a color for the cords that make you feel energized and happy. A certain situation may call for a special color cord.  For a week try changing your grounding cord throughout the day. If you wake up in the morning feeling tired and grumpy, you can you can use the grounding cord color that brings in the energy to make you feel happier and energized. For about a week, begin each morning by removing old cords and putting on new ones. During the day think about your special needs for certain situations and change out your cords for ones that are a beneficial match in these situations.
  • When you change grounding cords activate them by reciting the affirmation, Fire Letter Mantra and visualize the Color of the Cord moving up from the Earth's core:

Hey Resh Cheth

I am corded to _________ (name of color) Fire
This Fire feeds all my desires
Charge, Charge, Charge, Activate, Activate , Activate (3x)

  • You can also increase the flow of Earth energy through your cord  if you need an extra boost to deal with intense life situations. Recite the following mantra and visualize the fire energy moving faster and brighter through your grounding cords from the core of the Earth. Recite the affirmation and Fire Letter Mantra:

Hey Resh Cheth

I increase __________(color) Fire deep and old
all the fire power my body can hold

Charge, Charge, Charge, Activate, Activate, Activate (3x)

  • The more thought energy you put into creating and visualizing the flow of Earth energy up your grounding cords into your physical body, the more real and long lasting it will become.


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