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Who was Jesus Christ?

Who do you say I am?" (Luke 9:20, NIV)jesus is totally man and totally god,  the last adam, the son of the living god God and jesusand god are one  are on, god in the flesh e in the flesh our lord and savior.Christ asked this question to Peter nineteen centuries ago. Today we have taken this question and addressed it in terms of an esoteric/mystical definition. This new definition looks at the unity of writings scriptures of Buddha, Krishna, and other "holy men." This Christ has a universal message that is broad-minded and nonjudgmental. He is seen as  "the Master Teacher " among "Teachers ," who - with the others - saints, angels, and ascended master are guiding mankind into a New Age of enlightenment and harmony.
Some of Our Beliefs about Christ :

  • We recognize the difference between Jesus (a human body) and the Christ (god Consciousness Spiritual ). 
  • Jesus volunteered his body for use by the Christ. Man saves himself through following the example set by Christ in thought, words, and actions. Because of this process, every human being - regardless of race or religion - is a potential "Christ."
  • God sent a special manifestation of himself or an incarnate emissary of the Divine Christ Consciousness or son to redeem the faithful and reestablish a model or path to our original immortal God self. 
  • Christ is the Supreme World Teacher , the bestower of divine wisdom, who entered the body of a disciple in order to assist and guide the spiritual evolution of all sentient beings and Mother Earth.
  • To be saved you must not just believe in Christ but you must know him, through the direct connection with the holy spirit that is brought in with the life force energy (Fohat) when we download God conscious through prayer, meditations, attunements, spiritual reading, and contemplation.
  • The message of Christ links the East (the path of developing Enhanced Spiritual Perception-E.S.P.) and the West (Enhanced Emotional Perception-Unconditional Love) .This is linking the Spiritual Mind with the Spiritual Heart. 
  • All Sentient beings who attain a life that is in tune with the "Christ Consciousness" become "Masters." This group of Masters include Beings from other dimensions and worlds, Saints and historical persons who have finished their earthly missions and have volunteered to help lesser-evolved human beings to reach their level. This group is called the Great White Brotherhood or Sisterhood. 
  • The Second Coming of Christ, takes place in a devotees own consciousness . As each individual becomes Christlike by purifying and expanding their individual consciousness they receive the Second Coming of the Christ Consciousness, as was manifested in Jesus
  • The Second Coming of Christ can be attained by real inner communion with the Holy Spirit by daily meditation
  • We enter a new consciousness by divine healing based on the law of reciprocity
  • God is not a theological concept, but a living, thinking entity and you need to have a actual personal experience and relationship with it. That happens  through the downloading of Christ consciousness which comes in with the electrical current of the Holy Spirit or Fohat Sacred Fire.
  • Like Dr. Rudolf Steiner's Christology we belive in  the "Akashic Records."  We believe that the physical earth is surrounded by an immense spiritual field known as "Akasha" in which is impressed - like a celestial tape recording - every impulse of human thought, will, and emotion. It therefore constitutes a complete record of human history.  We are able to "read" the Akashic Records, thus enabling us to investigate human history without use of written records
  • The descent of the Christ on the human Jesus was the absolutely central event of human evolution because man's consciousness had progressively become too focused on the material realm and had completely lost touch with the spiritual nature . The danger was that this situation could become permanent.
  • The Christ's initial goal was to "incarnate" into a human being (Jesus) so he could accomplish his greater goal of "incarnating" from Jesus into the "etheric earth" that exists behind the physical earth. The etheric earth is composed of an energy substance called Fohat  that forms a matrix for every form that is manifested in the physical plane. Every material object on the physical plane has an etheric counterpart. All material forms in the physical universe stem from the source energy called Fohatholy spirit  in the etheric realm. The Christ desired to enter this etheric earth so he could bring about spiritual changes among people living on the physical earth. But in order to transfer from his spiritual realm to the etheric realm, he needed a human instrument through which to work. This instrument was found in Jesus.
  • The Christ god  "incarnated" into Jesus, and three years later was crucified. At the crucifixion, the Christ left Jesus' body and "incarnated" into the Etheric Earth. The blood that flowed from the wounds of Jesus Christ was unique. it was the blood of the father love and light When Christ blood flowed into the Earth a new DNA  blueprint was imparted to our Earth. This new blueprint was encoded with the etheric body of Christ  . .since the Mystery of Golgotha, the etherized blood of Christ Jesus has lived in the etheric plane of the Earth. The etheric body of the Earth is permeated by the new DNA Coded in the blood that flowed on Golgotha. Because of this, "ever since the Mystery of Golgotha" man lives in a spiritual environment, an environment that has been Christianize because it has absorbed the Christ impulse.
  • Having mystically entered the etheric earth via his "etherized" blood, the Christ now seeks to "mass incarnate" into all sentient beings through a new DNA Blueprint embedded in the Fohat Sacred Fire of the Holy Spirit born again . The Fohat brings in the "Christ impulse" that will penetrate humanity, animals, minerals, nature spirits, deva  and Mother Nature. Christ energy belongs to the whole earth and can enter all souls, regardless of nation and religion.  This, says Steiner, is the true "second coming."
  • Christ is a cosmic spirit who utilized Jesus' body to make the transfer from His own realm (the spiritual realm) to Jesus' realm (the realm of matter). Christ is a spiritual presence whose quality infuses and appears in various ways in all the religions and philosophies that uplift humanity and seek unity with spirit.
  • The main mission of the Christ is to show the true path and that leads man to his or her inner divinity . He is the Universal Educator  that awakens our Christ Self.  
  •  Christ entered the etheric earth at the crucifixion. By so doing, the Christ was able to reverse man's "downward trend" toward a physical-oriented consciousness. The Christ is thus an "mystical savior."
  •  The Christ is now incarnating into humanity from the etheric realm. This is not unlike what occurred in Jesus 2,000 years ago, for Jesus was the prototype or the expression of the reality of the Christ consciousness which is inherent in us all.
  • The "Christ" or I Am presence  represents the divinity within all men: "God dwells in every man and not alone in His son Jesus the Christ. God's Presence in Man  has become hopelessly distorted due to negative energies from within and without. These negative energies impede spiritual progress, but are effectively combated by the "Fohat Violet Consuming Flame" which is poured out on the world . This Flame changes negative energy into positive energy. It is therefore an antidote to sin.
  • The Christ is considered not only as a cosmic individual but also an impersonal Divine Nature or Principle. Jesus was believed to have embodied the cosmic personality and appropriated the Christ-principle as no human had before. He had fully realized his Christ-nature.
  • Salvation is attained by "at-one-ment" with God - a reuniting of human consciousness with God-consciousness. Jesus attained this; all men can: "The difference between Jesus and us is not one of inherent spiritual capacity, but in difference of demonstration of it. Jesus was potentially perfect, and He expressed that perfection; we are potentially perfect, [but] we have not yet expressed it.
  • The Holy Spirit is manifested as Fohat Sacred Fire: The conscious use of the Fohat Sacred Fire can free an individual from human discord and imperfection. The Flame  burns away undesirable conditions in one's life.
  • The concept of "overshadowing" is a one way that the Christ to gives us a part of its consciousness, so that we may possess the quality of the Ascended Master Consciousness such as Comprehension, Memory, Patience, Devotion, Self control, Management, Insight, Foresight, Inspiration, Discrimination, Discretion, Diplomacy, Peace, Poise and Praise. Overshadowing lasts until we can consistently maintain these qualities.   Overshadowing is like training wheels on a bicycle.


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