Here’s a really creepy story sent in from Donna, TX

“First of all, the region where I live consists of predominately Hispanic and Mexican culture and with it comes a vast, embedded root of paranormal and unexplained phenomena. For decades people around here have reported all kinds of abnormal and supernatural occurrences ranging from UFO’s to ghost to cryptids. Today, I am going to tell you about a story my uncle told me that still creeps the hell out of me every time I think about it.

I was at my grandmother’s funeral when I finally got a detailed explanation of the horror my uncle witnessed that hot afternoon in Donna, Texas. This happened around 2005.

My Uncle came home from work for lunch. He and my cousin sat outside of his house eating their food and talking, when suddenly my uncle saw something that he cannot account for to this day, and still haunts him every time he recalls what he swears is true.

Floating above their heads about five feet on top of the picnic table where they ate was what he can only describe as a decrepit man with dark blistered skin wearing dark dusty pants, a dark trench coat, a dark sombrero, black gloves, and beat up black boots. He had long black hair and had a long slithering tongue with sharp teeth. This man, creature, demon, or whatever you want to call it was just casually floating above their heads.

Trying to keep his cool, my uncle did his best to ignore it. He asked my cousin if he saw it too, since the creature was still hovering above them. My cousin calmly confirmed, yet did not want to draw more attention or alarm this creature as well.

My uncle then decided that he wanted to surprise “it” by jumping up and grabbing its leg and dragging it down, but he noticed that slithering tongue and wisely declined for fear that the creature would take him. He said the thing was gazing down on him with a set of black eyes. Again, although he was terrified, he did not want to run or make any sudden moves.

My uncle said that the best way to describe this being was by comparing it to the creature from the movie, Jeepers Creepers. Soon after, the creature simply began to float higher and higher until it eventually disappeared into the clouds and was never seen again..

Coincidentally, I later learned that the lady across the street from where he lived practiced witch craft. Has anyone out there ever seen or heard of any flying humanoids such as what my uncle saw?