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Soul Star Chakra – The Center of Enlightenment

Color: White
Location: Hand width above the head
Key Sound: Musical Note B flat
Ruling Planet: Quaoar
Soul Star Crystals: Danburite, Herkimer Diamond, Moldavite, Yellow or Golden Labradorite, Selenite

Key Phrase: I Transcend

Key Functions: Connection to all, Soul realization/purpose, Infinite energy

Spiritual Lessons: Transcending Karma, Instant Manifestation, Accessing Akashic Records, Awakening!

Linked Chakra: Higher Heart

Functions: Known as the Seat of the Soul, the Soul Star is your connection to the Higher Self and where spiritual abilities are stored.  It is the center for ascension and spiritual enlightenment.  It is the gateway to the other transcendental chakras in line with your crown and is the portal to pure Divine energy.

It slows down higher frequencies from the Divine to a frequency that can be withstood by the body.  The higher your vibration, the less the Soul Star must slow down Divine frequencies.

It is through this chakra that communications with light beings that exist outside of any of the physical worlds occur and is where a soul enters a physical body during incarnation.  It is also the white light tunnel reported by near death experiences that the soul uses to exit at physical death.

When attuned and activated, the Soul Star allows access to the Akashic records, the soul’s intent in this particular incarnation, stores the soul’s highest purpose above and beyond all individual incarnations.   This chakra expands outside of the body into the Universal energy.  It is the last chakra to hold any humanistic qualities.

Where the Earthstar holds karmic ties that need to be released, it is the Soul Star that stores karmic lessons that need to be integrated in the current incarnation.  It is through the Soul Star that you are attached to the reincarnation cycle.  If you can clear this chakra by integrating karmic lessons you will begin the separation of ego and spirit.  It is mastery of this that will transcend karma.  Once you evolve past karma, you will have access to Beings and concepts on higher planes of existence that were once unattainable and any future reincarnations are by choice with memory of your purpose.

The Soul Star is developed in all beings before incarnation but is not always opened and functional in physical existence.  This chakra is open in Rainbow children who have transcended karma and all its lessons.  Because it is open, it allows Rainbow kids to have a natural affinity for magic and instant manifestation.  Through the Soul Star chakra, Rainbows can instantly teleport from one place to another.  Similar to teleportation, this is the chakra that allows and controls astral projection or out of body experiences.

Through the Soul Star, you ground your God Essence into your physical being.  You are the Divine made manifest in physical form to experience itself in all possible ways.  Knowledge and acceptance of that Truth is stored in the Soul Star.

Once the Soul Star is opened and functioning instant manifestation as a true Creator will begin.  Balancing this chakra will facilitate soul progression, the clearing of emotional clutter within you.  This will enable you to move forward lighter with an increased vibration. As your vibration increases, you will appear younger in the physical.

Signs of Imbalance

Underactive: headaches, knowing you have a purpose but don’t know what it is, illusion of the ego, 3D centered.

Note: All Soul Star healing should be done in conjunction with Foot and Earth Star for balance.

Overactive: Too much Divine energy entering the body can cause confusion, feeling spaced out, fear sets in as the ego rejects deep spiritual truths. 

Earth Star Chakra: Grounding and Survival

The Earth Star is the first of the Subpersonal Chakras.
The Earth Star is the principal grounding chakra - the chakra through which we maintain our connection with the Earth, our connection with Mother Nature. Without this grounding force we are left floating around, spaced out, feeling like we're not living in the present, in the now. Without grounding we are like a live electricity cable zapping about, dangling in mid-air! We are affected by every little thing that comes our way, we are knocked off balance, easily upset, we hold on to negative energy, unable to find a release.

So grounding brings  calm - emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually! We can learn to release all of our tensions, upset and negativity into the ground. Once we have formed this connection with the earth through this  chakra we can then also take in the Earth energy, that brings peace, contentedness, security, satisfaction and a new practical perspective on life. We are no longer caught up in the destructive emotions of fear (for our safety, our health, our wealth, our loved ones), anger, jealousy, etc., but we are at ease, we can enjoy life and the time we have on earth.

The Earth Star is located six inches below and six inches in front of the feet.

Colour healing
All Earth colours are connected to the Earth Star chakra: black, brown, earthy green and red. Sometimes indigo and gold/yellow are selected for this chakra too. I have the feeling when working with this chakra that sometimes a number of rays of light must be drawn down from the universe, through the body and to connect with the Earth Star. This is not always the case, as sometimes just a piece of hematite or magnetite is required. As usual, follow your intuition and feel what is right for you.

Crystal healing
Crystals for the Earth Star Chakra include:
* Hematite
* Magnetite / Lodestone
* Tiger's eye (Golden or red, for example)
* Red Jasper
* Zincite (The ultimate FireBean!)
* Smokey fluorite
* Smokey quartz
* Obsidian
* Emerald
* Green Jasper
* Green Jade
* Bloodstone

And sometimes:
* Lapis Lazuli
* Blue Goldstone
* Amethyst
* Citrine


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