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Winged Sandals of True Path

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The Winged Sandals are a gift from the Christ to keep you on the True Path for completing your Life Mission. The Sandals have the magnetic power to attract the people, resources, and events that keep you moving forward. They give you the strength of perseverance, of patience, to find and walk the True Path of the Christ that lead's to  enlightenment. Below is the Fire Letters Mantra you will be intoning and visualizing to receive the Winged Sandals:

Fire Letter Mantra:← Hey Aleph Resh ←
Meaning: Wisdom - to find & not lose sight of direction of your True Path

Receive the Sandals

Recite Decree:

By the Authority and Power of  Resh Aleph Hey,
In the name of the Christ within Me, Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey

I decree that I have Christ's gift of the Winged Sandals.  The Sandals are empowered with the Light of the Christ that is clearing all obstacles from my path and bring in all the money, resources, people, knowledge, wisdom and help I need for abundance, happiness and the time to enjoy the wealth of the Harvest. My Winged Sandals are directly interfaced with Crystalline Grid . This connection allows me to draw up the Wisdom to find & not lose sight of my true Life Path every second of every day.  I now have all the opportunities I need and want to fulfil my Divine and Human Mission. As the 30 days pass, so does the resources and help flow freely to me.

Energy Flow Pattern

  • Visualize a column of golden light forming directly in front of you.  From this column of golden light there steps a figure that is radiating powerful rays of love and light. You recognize this radiant being as all powerful with the  primeval light of the Divine Spirit.  You intuitively know that this is the Christ and he is here to help you manifest the Divine Spirit's will on Earth. The Christ works with the light of all teachings. This magnificent being nods to you and in your mind you hear it say:

    "I am the Christ and I have come to give you the gift of the Winged Sandals, to keep you on the true path to enlightenment. "
  • Visualize the golden light from the Christ surrounding both of your feet.  You feel a tingling sensation on each foot.
  • Each foot begins to glow and vibrate. You intuitively know they are being activated and attuned to receive the gift of the Winged Sandals.
  • In your mind's eye,  you see the Sandals appear on each of your feet.  Imagine each of your Golden Sandals has two little Wings sprouting out of the back of its sole on each side.  
  • The Sandals tie with two Laces. One Sandal Lace is blue for Divine Wisdom and one Lace is pink for Divine Understanding. 
  •  Grab the two Laces on each Sandal and intertwine them up your legs while intoning the Fire Letter Mantra :
    "Resh Aleph Hey I active my Inner map of my True Path".
  • Focus on the soles of your Winged Sandals.  See rays of light coming out of the soles of your Sandals. The light rays  are traveling down under the surface of the Earth to connect your Sandals into the Crystalline Grid  of the Inner Earth.
  • Inhale, like your sucking through a straw, to draw up the energy from the Grid... up through the Earth's crust into the soles of each Sandal. 
  • Focus on the Wings located on each of your Sandals. Once again inhale, pulling the energy from the soles into the Wings on the side of each Sandal.
  • Kept intoning the Fire Letter Mantra "Resh Aleph Hey" as you visualize the energy flowing up from the Crystalline Grid into the bottom of each Sandal and then into the Wings on each of your Sandal.  
  • In your mind's eye see the Wings begin to flutter and glow. When your Sandal's Wings stop fluttering your communication circuitry for the Crystalline Grid is fully Activated.

Recite Decree:

I decree I have knowledge and power of my Inner Map for the True Path and can now create the Divine Blueprint for and my Soul Purpose

Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth (Holy, Holy, Holy is the  Lord God of Host)

Test to see what path to take

Most of the time the Sandals work on automatic pilot, as long as you put them on and ask them for help by reciting a Decree. However, sometimes you have to make a decision on whether you should follow one path or another. Below are the instructions for testing a path to see if it is the right one to follow.   

  • In your mind's eye put on your Sandals. Ask the Christ within you to help, by intoning , "Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey," and reciting a Decree to help you see if this is the right Path to take at this time for your highest good and in line with the Divine Plan.
  • Visualize yourself standing with your Sandals on in a scene that represents the Path you want to test. For example, if it’s taking a new job, see yourself in the Job doing the work. If it’s buying a new house, see yourself living in the house.  If it’s moving to a new state, see yourself walking around the Landmarks of the State such as parks, tourist attractions, or natural wonders. If its marrying a person, see yourself married and living with this person doing daily activities that married couples do, (i.e. shopping, going to movie, out to eat, playing with kids or dog)
  • Ask your Sandal's if this is the wrong or right Path for you. These things can indicate a wrong or right path:
    *If its the Right path the wings on Sandals will flutter very fast
    *If its the Wrong path the wings on Sandals won't move
    *If its the Wrong path, you will intuitively know it’s not right or emotionally you will get a sinking feeling or a very bad feel like something bad is going to happen.
    *If its the Right path, you will emotionally feel very good and will somehow know you should proceed on this Path.

If you are not getting a clear indication of which way to go, tell your Sandals to use a "Stop Light" picture. If the path is right for you ask the Sandals to turn on the "Green Light”. If the path is wrong for you tell the Sandals to turn on the "Red Light”. If the Sandals can't answer the question, tell them to turn on the "Yellow Light"

I usually check all of these indicators before I make a Path Decision:

  • the Wing flutter on Sandals,
  • my emotional reaction,
  • my intuitive voice, and
  • the Stop Light.

I feel good if I get two of these indicators to match. My best match for the Right Path is the Wings fluttering very fast and the Stop Light turning “Green”.

I now decree a full radiance of Christ energy into my Winged Sandals located on my feet.

The Christ energy  flows up from the Crystalline Grid and being absorbed into the soles of your samdals


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