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Chakra Colors and Fire Letter Mantra

The 7 Circuit Labyrinth Walk is constructed with a design that helps you to bring the Inner Earth energy from the Temple of Green Fire  into your major chakras.  The design combines the subtle energies of the Hindu Chakra System with the Christian Tree of Life Energy Centers.  Each of the Circuits or Rings is related to one of the major energy centers of your body. Each Ring has a specific function, and the energy in each has a unique 'feel.'   Below is a picture of the 7 Circuit Labyrinth you will be walking. You will be visualizing the color associated with each chakra and intoning the Fire Letter Mantra as you walk each labyrinth ring.

  •  1: Red Base Chakra
  • 2: Orange Sacred Chakra
  • 3: Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra
  • 4: Green Heart Chakra
  • 5: Blue Throat Chakra
  • 6: Indigo Third Eye Chakra
  • 7: Purple Crown Chakra
  • 8: White Soul Star

Below is a listing of each chakra, with chakra color for visualization and Fire Letter Mantra for intoning while you walk around the Ring. The list includes the spiritual gifts and physical healing energy you can receive from each Labyrinth Ring as you walk. Because we are including the Tree of Life Energy Centers, some Chakras have three body locations: 

Third Eye Chakra: Middle of Forehead, Left Temple, Right Temple
Throat Chakra: Adams Apple, Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder
Sacred Chakra: 3 inches below Navel, Left Hip, Right Hip

 List of Chakras and Fire Letter Mantras:

  • First Chakra: Root Chakra
    3rd D Color: Red
    5th D Color: Blue Green Aqua
    Intone Fire Letter Mantra: Hey Resh Chet ( Divine umbilical cord to remove spiritual darkness)
    Body Location: Base of spine
    General Gifts: In the fifth dimension, your red base chakra shimmers with Blue Green Aqua  and connects with the joy and wisdom of dolphin energy. Your material needs are automatically met. You get clarity and confidence to your future. The identification of the Master I AM presence here on Earth.  Incredibly powerful. Helps you with money, career, home, foundation, grounding, physical health, focus and concentration, depression by liberating  negative energy turning grief into joy, liberating guilt and fear.
    Spiritual Gifts: Intercede of the  Holy Spirit over physical and material concerns, ability to discriminate, insight into all problems, greater self discovery, contact with elemental beings of nature, physical energy
    Spiritual Guide: Archangel Sandalphon
    Physical Healing:  Overall physical  health and metabolism,feet, elimination system, protects against pollution and toxic environmental factors.

Divine umbilical cord to remove spiritual darkness

← Chet Resh Hey ←

  • Second Chakra: Sacral Chakra
    3rd D Color: Orange
    5th D Color: Bright Pink
    Intone First Fire Letter Mantra: Kaf Vau Kuf (Connect to spirituality ignites sexual energy)
    Body Location: Lower abdomen- 3 inches below navel,
    General Gifts: The orange Sacred Chakra is now bright pink. At fifth dimensional level,  this chakra helps you express love through sexuality. When the frequency of this chakra is raised, you will choose romantic partners wisely.Those aware and using this chakra consciously, will now be fully aware of the complete interconnection between oneself, and all other forms of life on this planet. This Ring helps with issues of sexuality (past abuse, impotence, frigidity, orientation), deep emotional blockages (especially for men), addictions, female problems (cysts, menstrual pain, fertility).

    The frequency of the Ring produces energy to bring about change. I hear people say, "I need to make a change." "I know I need to get another job." "I know I need to move to a different place." But people don't seem to have the energy to make changes. It is possible, with this chakra  to use our energy to change what we need to change in our lives. It can put you in in touch with an inexhaustible source of energy that allows us to be able to make our dreams come true!
    Spiritual Gift: Increase intuition and psychic abilities,dreamwork,astral projection, work with omens, strengthens emotional health, overcome idleness, independence,spontaneity,self awareness, ties to Kundalini,  
    Spiritual Guide: Archangel Michael
    Physical Healing: Functions: Sexual organs, breast, stomach, lower extremities,  body rhythms, pregnancy, lymphatic, menstruation and body secretions, digestive system,

    Second Location : Left Hip
    Spiritual Gifts: Vision of truth, brings patience, protects against psychic dangers including curses, hexes and spells, increases communication skills, knowledge of healing, enhances educational and scientific work, greater prosperity through knowledge
    Physical Healing: Nervous system, respiratory system, lungs, hands, vocal cords(speech) memory, hearing and sight, pancreas, left hemisphere of brain.

    Third Location: Right Hip
    Spiritual Gifts: Assist in art and creative activity, proper expression of emotion, contact with nature spirits, fairies and elves, awakens love and unity consciousness understanding we are all one. Archangel Haniel. 
    Physical Healing:  Physical Appearance including hair and skin,female sex organs,reproduction,mammary gland,menstruation, throat, kidneys, left hip of body, acid-alkaline balance, thyroid, emotion states that are curses physical illness. 

Connect to spirituality ignites sexual energy

← Kuf Vav Kaf ←

  • Third Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra
    3rd D Color: Yellow
    5th D Color: Bright Gold
    Intone Fire Letter Mantra: Aleph Kaf Aleph - Bring order into your life by connecting to your Christ Self soul
    Body Location: Upper Abdomen
    General Gift: Your yellow Solar Plexus is now bright gold. The fifth dimensional solar plexus is the ‘feelers’ within the body. Accessing all forms of surrounding vibrations, and analysing them for the Masters perceptions. This chakra, absorbs lower emotions, strengthening confidence and bringing wisdom.  It radiates at a higher frequency, bring in a deep bright gold with rainbow flashes. To draw down personal power to achieve Christ Self, protection, helps with fear, emotional blockages, setting boundaries with people, learning how to say no, feeling confident about yourself in the world.
    Spiritual Gifts: Clairsentient-the ability to sense the feeling and emotions of others, sense when something is going to happen, center of general psychic impressions, opens awareness of the spiritual talents of others. Attunes you with the elements of nature
    Spiritual Guide: Archangel Uriel
    Physical Healing: Digestive system, ulcers, adrenals, gall bladder, assimilation of nutrients into body, psychosomatic diseases.

Bring order into yuor life by connecting to your Christ Self

← Aleph Kaf Aleph ←

  • Fourth Chakra: Heart Chakra
    3rd D Color: Green
    5th D Color: Bright White
    Intone Fire Letter Mantra: Yod Zayin Lamed (Personal transformation to achieve inner messiah)
    Body Location: Heart- heart region. 
    General Gifts: Your Green Heart turns ..bright white…The most powerful energy centre where pure love is accessed, and created. The 5th Dimension opens your heart to its deepest levels. All archangels link into the heart centre, which radiates pure white when it transitions into the fifth dimension, helping you to see the best in everyone, everything and act with love in all you do.

    Ability to merge with your Christ Self. This Ring helps with healing heart wounds, opening up to new love, attracting a soul mate, being unconditionally loving. The frequency of the Ring holds electromagnetic frequencies for relationships. This energy helps to bring our relationships can be into harmony. Relationships with our mates, spiritual family, co-workers, service providers, and neighbours.

  • Spiritual Gifts: All healing energies, Christ consciousness, harmony with things of the heart, victory over adversity, compassion, devotion, miracles, idealism. TheRing brings transformation and miracles concerning our needs, desires, hopes, dreams, and life purpose.
    Spiritual Guide: Archangel Raphael
    Physical Healing:  Vitality, functions of the heart, circulatory system, immune system, thymus gland, metabolism, spinal cord, physical growth,


Personal transformation to achieve inner messiah

← Lamed Zayin Yud ←

  • Fifth Chakra: Throat Chakra Daath Energy Center
    3rd D Color: Sky Blue
    5th D Color: Cobalt Royal Blue
    Intone Fire Letter Mantra: Yod Yod Zayin ( Power of correct words to transform reality)
    Body Location: Throat- adam's apple area.
    General Gifts: At the fifth dimensional frequency turns the sky blue throat chakra (Daath)to a  bright dark blue. The 5th D chakra is very powerful, taking the vibration of thought patterns into spoken manifestation. At this frequency you can safely say what you really feel, think and believe, as people will trust you. You will also be able to take mastery of your life and know who you are. The 5th D Throat Chakra holds the energy of Daath. Daath is the Sephira of Creation. It is here that the forces of positive and negative come together to be used to manifest into physical form. Brings in a special knowledge  called Gnosis. This is a kind of special knowledge that is unique to the Consciousness. It is not related to the intellect. It is not related to belief. It is not in the form of thoughts, words, ideas, concepts, theories, dogmas, books, etc. Rather, it is a kind of conscious knowledge related to the soul, that has to be put into practice so that this special, internal knowledge can grow and build upon itself, and elaborate the creation of the soul.

    It is also our voice, both literally and figuratively. This Ring helps with creativity, writing, singing, the arts, speaking up for oneself, receiving and channeling divine information. The frequency of the Ring leads us into the power of true self-expression, solving problems, expressions, solutions and helps to balance ancestral DNA.
    Spiritual Gift: Creative functions of the mind, Clairaudience-the power to hear spiritual guides, power to manifesting abundance, insight into the Universal Laws and natural phenomena 
    Spiritual Guide: Archangel Gabriel
    Physical Healing: Throat, esophagus, mouth, teeth, thyroid, and parathyroid glans, respiratory system, bronchia and entire vocal apparatus

    Second Location: Left Shoulder
    Spiritual Gifts:  Spiritual Warrior Energy, Protects the weak, overcomes cruelty, increases strength and courage, helps to tear down old and manifest new, gives insight into situations and people upsetting our lifes and how to stop them
    Spiritual Guide: Archangel Kamael 
    Physical Healing: Activity for production red corpuscles and helps anemia, infections in the blood stream, strengthen muscle, male sex organs, prostrate gland, colon, inflammatory disease, after surgery stimulates greater strength and recuperative powers

    Third Location: Right Shoulder
    Spiritual Gift: Increases patience, endurance, devotion, abundance and prosperity, hearing and recognizing spiritual calling, spiritual healer, protects healers and teachers,
    Spiritual Guide: Archangel Tzadkiel
    Physical Healing : Weight problems, anorexia, detox Blood,Liver, cell nutrition, hips, thighs, buttocks, cerebral hemisphere, intestines.  

    Power of correct words to transform reality

    ← Zayin Yud Yud ←

  • Sixth Chakra: Third Eye (Middle of Forehead, Left Temple, Right Temple) .
    3rd D Color: Indigo
    5th D Color: Emerald Green
    Intone Fire Letter Mantra: Yod Resh Tav (Become partner with light to create abundance)
    Body Location: Middle of Forehead
    General Gifts: Your Indigo Third Eye..turn emerald green. This is your manifestation point. It is also the receptivity centre that puts information we receive into tangible reality. The 5th D Chakra works to remove the veils of illusion, just like a crystal ball, enabling you to see the world from a higher perspective.
    Spiritual Gifts: Center of intuition and psychic ability. Improves intuition and psychic abilities, seeing clearly (being able to perceive and accept what's going on in our lives), spiritual insight. The Ring awakens intuition, returning to spiritual order and is linked to our ability to see through the illusions of our lives such as hidden agendas of people, places and things.
    Spiritual Guide: Archangel Zadkiel

    Second Location: Left Temple
    Spiritual Gift: Answer prayers, intercede with holy spirit, understanding of sacrifices, Gives us understanding of life, Helps in getting past an emptional trauma, Mother Mary
    Physical Healing: Shortens length of time for recovery from illness, helps with colds,chills, rheumatism, congestion in the body,ossification of the bodes, ease arthritis,

    Third Location: Right Temple
    Spiritual Gift: Awakens assist  in visions of spiritual forces, realization of hidden abilities, pure souce of life giving energy, vision of God, helps you to see the big picture and put things into action.
    Physical Healing: Pineal gland, nervous system, mental illness. lymph glands, ease allergic conditions assist in addictive behaviors including drugs and alcohol, directly linked to mental health 


Become partner with light to create abundance

← Tav Resh Yud ←

Seventh Chakra: Crown Chakra
3 rd D Color: Violet
5th D Color: Bright Gold
Intone Fire Mantra: Eheieh Asher Eheieh ( I Am that I Am)
Pronunciation: A-huh-yAh Asher A-huh-yAH
Body Location: (top of head) 
General Gifts: Your purple crown chakra turns bright gold.  This liquid gold chakra now receives information processed by the Higher Self, and is fed by the upper three transcendent charras.  At the fifth dimension it opens you up to the wisdom of the universe, like a blossoming flower. Our connection to the divine. This Ring helps with your connection to spirit guides and angels, connection with God, life purpose, universal love, Christ consciousness.
Spiritual Gift: Reveals what must be done to complete life's missions, creative and artistic expression, links divine and humans, reveals, light and fire in humans and nature, helps to make changes in your life,
Spiritual Guide: Archangel  Metatron (Meh-Tuh-Tron)
Physical Healing: Reproduction system, body oxygenation, ankles,most syndromes, electrical impulses in the cells, nervous system. spinal core, special aspect of vision.


Absolute certainty in the lightforce of God

← Yud Resh Ayin ←

Other Important 5th D Chakras:


The Alta Major Achira located in the back of the neck is an important sacred vortex of Aqua Fire.  It is a highly sensitive portal of energy with an antenna alerting you to negative energies, untruths and toxic influences (think hairs on the back of your neck). It’s also considered an entry point for psychic attacks. The Blue Lightening Angels and Archangel Michael works with this chakra.


The Soul Star, six inches above the top of the head. It is magenta in colour, and contains the active blueprint for all of our spiritual gifts. The information stored in this nexus of energy will go back through every lifetime that you have existed in.This is where your soul energy is stored, including your ancestral and family karma. This magenta chakra to enable you to understand your soul more deeply.


Fire Letter Mantras to connect to Crystalline Cities of Light

During the Labyrinth Walk you may connect with two Crystalline Cities of Light directly connected to the Sirius Stargate: 

These two Crystalline Cities of Light serve as an outpost for many higher-dimensional Light Beings from other Star Systems. They are part of a huge re-awakened Atlantis Community that is forming a inter- dimensional communication network  for the Ascended Masters, Light Beings and our Star Ancestors to communicate with us and assist in our spiritual evolution.

The Temple of Blue Fire specializes in Violet Flame healing and Transmutation. You will connect to the 6th Dimensional Temple  to bring in the Violet Flame with a visualization and by intoning the Fire Letter Mantra:
Yod Yod Lamed (Drawing down the light to do battle for ...)

The Inner Earth Temple of Green Fire specializes in a unique form of Life Force Energy that brings in keys and codes to align you with your original DNA Template.  You can connect with the Temple to bring in Green Fire with a visualization and by the Fire Letter Mantra:
Kaph Lamed Yod (Build your vessel & spiritual DNA)


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← Zayin Yod Yod ←