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What is A Mystery School?
A Mystery School is a group of individuals who have dedicated themselves to protecting and passing on the mystery teachings that were the keys to living an enlightened and empowered life. History has recorded that throughout the ages the Mystery Schools have built beautiful temples across the planet. Their teachings were available to both to the public and those with special spiritual abilities. These individuals had many names: the Guardians, the Protectors, the Light bearers, the Teachers, the Healers, the Record Keepers, the Magicians, the Watchers, among many other names.

This was a time were mankind lived with a common understanding of the Divine Law and was in alignment with the greater good of all.  However, that was centuries ago. There came a time when these teaching became a threat to the individuals and governments that desired to control the people. These forces launched an attack on the schools trying to eliminate or distort this knowledge in order to again control over mankind.  These attacks of the ancient’s school were not always about what the history books may tell us (i.e. Templar Knights, Inquisition) the mystery school teachings went underground in order to survive and pass on the knowledge.

During this time, only those who were invited could study at a school. This invitation was based on the student ability to show that they were ready and truly dedicated. Today many mystery schools day still operate in this way. However, “ready and truly dedicated” is now based on if you can pay a yearly monetary fee. Sacred knowledge is now only for those that have pieces of Gold.  STAR is considered an “open” and “free” mystery school. Spiritual knowledge is not a Commodity owned by man, but a gift given by the Divine Spirit.

We believe that this is the wave of the future as there is a massive shifts of energy occurring across the planet. People are waking up to their true divine nature and searching for answers that were lost in the pages of history. Society is moving into the Golden Age of Empowerment. STAR is helping individuals take the next step forward in our evolution.  Through the power and the metaphysical wisdom of the lineage of the Christ, STAR provides the tools, teachings, healings, services, classes and programs that enable you to transform yourself with a deeper understanding of your divine nature and purpose here on earth


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Kabbala Transmission Aids

Need help on learning and using  the Fire Letters...Great website for all your needs.

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