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Stage 6: Alignment

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This Transmission are the underpinning of the Stargate Activation Process. Before opening a Stargate you should be able to quickly and easily use these Grounding, Centering and Aligning techniques. The Transmissions may be familiar to some of you. Compare the Transmissions to existing ones in Energy Meditation field and you will find they are similar in some ways .

Alignment  helps your body connect with the multi-dimensional energy. The vital energy known as "Fohat"  is increased when your body, mind and spirit are aligned with the Planetary, Angelic and Star Family Frequencies. Alignment Transmissions raise your frequencies to closely match the vibrational seed pattern of Multi-dimensional energy allowing this energy to be easily absorbed into our four body system (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) . It allows energy to freely circulate through the acupuncture meridians of the body and can help with health, increasing your vitality and balancing emotions as well as opening you up more spiritually and creatively. When you are Grounded and Centered , you feel balanced, safe and connected.  If you are not grounded and centered the Multi-Dimensional energy can make you feel dizzy, a little 'spaced out', an 'unreal' feeling, off balance, or generally out of sorts.

The process of grounding is essential to all spiritual and energetic healing or meditation practices. Simply, you place a grounding cord that is connected to your energy system into the Crystalline Grid located deep within the Earth. This anchors you to the Earth's Magnetic Core, and allows you to receive Sacred Fire Earth Energy. Connecting directly into the Earth, aids the practice of healing and manifestation. Studies have shown that the frequency measured around healers' hands during times of healing matches the very same frequency at the center of the Earth. This is a clear indication that we are able to directly contact and use the powerful Earth energy as an aid to our healing and magical work.

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Below are links to different Alignment Transmissions on this web page for you to practice with. Note: Hematite, Jet, Red Jasper, Apache tear, Blue Agate, Black Onyx, are good stones for grounding.


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Kabbala Transmission Aids

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