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The Galactic Federation

This articale is from The Greater Picture Website

The Stargate Transmissions opens a communication channel that will allow you to communicate with the Galactic Federation. The Galactic Federation, also called Galactic Federation of Light, the Confederation (of Planets), Interstellar Alliance, Sphere Being Alliance or the Galactic Federation of Worlds, is a cooperation of space traveling civilizations in our Milky Way Galaxy. The Federation consists of hundreds of thousands of members and was founded millions of years ago, after a series of wars in the Lyra constellation. The destruction that happened on that occasion led to the survivors trying from then on to solve galactic conflicts in a peaceful way.
Every inhabited galaxy in our universe has a federation, but ours is one of the eldest.

The Galactic Federation has an enormous fleet of space ships at its disposal that mediate, or if needed, intervene in any place where conflicts impend. The interdimensional technologies that they can use are of such a high level that we can hardly imagine them. Their control of energy is almost perfect, so things like dematerializing, becoming invisible or the creation of small orbs of energy that can be released with an assignment (for example to create crop circles) is no problem at all.

Their ships are often created of living material. Some are as large as planets and are totally self-sufficient with woods, fields and rivers. The Federation's fleet consists of ships of the participating nations and several singly operating fleets. Some of these fleets are headed by commanders who have become somewhat renown on Earth and are sometimes channeled, like Ashtar and Hatonn. These channelings started some 50 years ago and lately more and more self-declared mediums claim to be doing so, but most of them don't seem to be very pure.

The bigger ships of the Galactic Federation are self-contained worlds

The bigger ships of the Galactic Federation are self-contained worlds (the picture is an impression)

The Galactic Federation is controlled by a large council, made up of smaller councils, that themselves consist of even smaller councils, each of which has representation from all of the separate members. This way this enormous organization stays manageable. The hierarchy between members is usually determined by their spiritual development. The most highly evolved members are beautiful light beings who voice the Will of God.

At this moment a considerable part of the Galactic Federation is present around the Earth to bring the tumultuous end of our cycle of duality to a happy conclusion. Although our whole universe ascends the Ascension of the Earth is a different story. The millions of ships that are currently hovering around the Earth are roughly split into three layers, of which the outer layer contains the biggest ships . This is no static unity but a continuous arrival and departure of all kinds of ships that use the hyperspace and stargates like the sun  to travel to their home planets or other places in the universe.


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