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Protection: Great Invocation

The Great invocation is a useful way to raise your vibrational pattern. This prayer was develop to release energies to change our world and make it possible for the return of Christ consciousness. Recite a phrase and then visualize.

From the point of light within the mind of God.
 Let Light stream forth into the minds of all life forms.
 Let Light descend on Earth.

Become partner with light to create abundance

← Tav Resh Yod ←


  • Visualize the Divine Spirit… the I AM Presence as the physical sun, and see it radiating white fire. 
  • See this white fire entering and saturating the Earth.
  • See the Earth glowing with the fire of enlightenment and divine wisdom. 
  • Visualize this energy force entering into every human and animal through the top of their head. 
  • See every tree and plant taking in this divine wisdom through their leaves.
  • See the rocks and minerals being bathed in this Fire of Divine Wisdom.
  • See this Fire entering the minds of all life forms and these life forms glowing ...on fire with enlightenment. 
  • See this Fire entering your crown chakra and filling your head with white illuminating Fire of the I AM Presence. 

From the point of Love within the heart of God.
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of all life forms.
May Christ Consciousness return to the Earth.

Create appreciation, humility, and gratitude

← Vav Nun Ayin ←


  • The Cosmic Christ floating in the sky with arms raised in a blessing. See white flaming fire streaming out of his heart center.
  • Now visualize this energy of white  fire of Love and light entering your heart chakra
    See your heart containing a white ball of fire and in the center is a spark of rainbow flames. 
  • Let this spark turn into three colored flames spiraling together.
  • On the left of your heart chakra is a blue flame representing the Wisdom of the Father,
  • On the Right of your heart chakra is a pink flame representing the Compassion  & Love of the Mother God and
  • In the center of your heart chakra is a Yellow Gold flame, which represents the Power of the son or daughter of God-the Christ.
  • The three fold flame is the holy trinity now burning in your heart.
  • Visualize this white fire with the three fold flame entering the hearts of men, women and animals everywhere. 
  • See the plants taking in this light of Divine Love through their leaves and the three fold flame is within them. 
  • See the rocks, crystals and elements absorbing this energy of Divine Love , let the three fold flame burn within them. 

From the center where the will of God is known.
Let purpose guide the will of all life forms-
The purpose which the Ascended Master know and serve

Eliminate "idol worship" of anger, ego, money

← Yod Vav Pey ←


  • An Ancient Atlantean Kingdom,a Crystalline City of Light, located in Inner Earth the core of Mother Earth
  • In the center of the City of Light is a 50 foot crystal pyramid made of 9 layers of quartz crystals (Red, Emerald Green, Orange, Violet, Yellow, Pink, White, Platinum, Blue).
  • The streets are made of gemstones 
  • Visualize a Council of Ascended Masters standing in the center of the city. The council include Christ, Buddha, Mary, St. Michael or any other holy person or saint you feel close to.
  • Visualize beams of rainbow fire .... sacred Fire...Fohat ...the Fire of the Phoenix ...streaming from the top of the Crystal pyramid and out from the crown chakras of  each of the Ascended Masters member of crown chakra
  • The Rainbow Fire of the Phoenix  is traveling up from the city..... traveling through the Earth crust...the soil ...entering at the feet of every man, woman, child and animal.
  • See the Fire of the Phoenix Christ Conscientious force entering every plant from its roots instilling it with the Divine Will of God.
  • See it being absorbed by all the rocks, minerals and elements, so they are intune with the Divine Plan
  • The Fire of the Phoenix is moving every life form into spiritual action.
  • Now feel this consciousness entering at the soles of your feet
  • Shooting up through your body. Suturing every cell.
  • Think: I am open to the Divine Guidance of my I am Presence

From the center which we call the Race of Godlings.
Let the Plan of Love, Light and Ascension work out.
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Banishing the remnants of evil and inflated ego

← Vav Aleph Lamed ←


  • Now see this rainbow fire turn into a stream of violet flame.... see swirling violet fire flowing directly up from the center of the Earth...from the Ascended Master... streaming into your feet.
  • The violet flame is rising, pulsating in endless shades of purple-pink with violet hues and electric blue.  See you enveloped in the violet flame from the tip of your head to the bottom of your feet.
  • See the violet flame passing up through your physical body, healing and sealing any areas were evil dwells
  • Transmuting the causes of disease and restoring your health
  • See it manifesting in your brain and sealing your facilities of memory and intelligence, against negative thought forms
  • See it flushing out al hurtful memories, healing the scars of old hurts and painful memories that replay through the mind and emotions until they are transmuted and gone.
  • Now visualize the globe of the world with violet flames surrounding it just as you have visualized the violet flame pulsating up through your four lower bodies
  • Fix your attention on the continents, the nations, the capitals, the cities, the great mountain ranges, the seas. See the violet flame pulsating from beneath, starting at the South Pole then sweeping up, engulfing the earth and reaching the North Pole.
  • Now see it penetrating deeper and deeper into the earth’s surface. Down, down, down
  • Visualize a blazing violet flame Sun in the center of the earth, its flames leaping out in all directions to saturate the inner planes of the earth...sealing it from all forms of negativity
  • Then see the flames meeting the inner flames, making the entire planet a violet flame sphere before your eyes.
  • Releasing, Clearing, Purifying, all negativity and dark entities.
  • See this dark force dissolving in the violet flames
  • Visualize a figure eight, yourself at one end and the Earth at the other.
  • See the violet flame tracing this figure eight, transmuting as it travels in, through around yourself and the planet with the speed of light.
  • Visualize the Lord Jesus Christ as the World Savior at the center or nexus of the figure eight,
  • See the violet flame passing through his sacred heart ....going through the planet…then back to the sacred heart…going to your heart and then return to the sacred heart.
  • Let the energy flow in this new figure eight ….healing yourself and the planet.
  • Now think of physical places where you have been that may need healing. Visualize yourself standing in those places with your hands extended, releasing violet cosmic flames through your hands and chakras. Think I Am the Violet Flame...and see a ray of violet flame shooting out the palms of your hands and third eye into these places surrounding them with Violet fire. Cleansing them and purifying them. See all the dark entities and energies burning up in the violet sacred flames.
  • Visualize a new earth, clean, pure and healthy. See all the animal, plants and people living in harmony and love. See the rocks and mineral sparkling. See all life forms glowing in the light of divine love.
  • Now focus on the children of the your town or city. Visualize all the City's children in a huge stadium. The children of the City are sitting in bleachers that extend for miles. Above each child's head is their I Am Presence and above the entire stadium is the figure of Jesus Christ with arms outstretch and golden pink light from the 12th Ray of God streaming from his heart.
  • See the light of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the I Am Presence of each child dropping over their physical body
  • Now add another image...Visualize the tube of light  with the violet flame in the center around every single child in the stadium. Purifying them, cleansing them and awakening them to their Christ Self..
  • See yourself and your City surrounded by the white protective tube of light and know you are guided, guarded and protected at all times. Know that you are invisible, invincible and invulnerable to everything but you’re I AM God presence and the Divine will
  • See  Archangel Michael with his blue flame sword and shield standing in front of you. Michael’s sword is shooting out a blue flame that completely surrounds you and your City with an invincible wall of blue flame as added protection.
  • Four Blue Lightening Angels from St. Michael's Legion of Light take their places around the Blue flames.One is protecting the West, another east, the third the north and the fourth the south.
  • You and your City are encased in a protective tube of Light, surround by a circle of Michael's blue flames with four Blue lightening angel guarding each of the four directions


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