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Blue Flame Sword & Blue Flame Wings

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sword= gifts of the holy spirit cover yourself with the blood of jesus in the name of jesus
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The Transmission works directly with the gifts of the holy spirit and the blood of jesus and  Blue Flame Sword of Archangel Michael, and the Blue Flame Wings of the Blue Lightening Angels.  These two gifts help you achieve protection and inner strength on all levels: physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional. They give you the power and protection of the Angelic Host.

What is the Blue Flame Sword ?

Step one

 C0NNECT to the spiritual CUNMUNCATION NETWORK step one is like dialing the area code TO THE SPIRITUAL ommunication networkPLANE  recite YOD, ZAIN hey , 


nowIN YOUR MIND’S EYE connect TO THE NeTWORK see a netting or grid   oulled across the sky , to form a grid directly above your head this grid  goes around the entire earth laying on top of the  grid netting see a bright ball of blue fire the ball is located on the grid that is directly above your head focus on the blue fire ball see it getting brighter and brighter, larger and larger until the ball it explodes sending  out a electric clue fire ray  this ray may look like a bolt of blue lighting  see this ray streaming down from  the grid

the ray lands onyour head  and connects into the top of your head  the ray connects into your crown chakra…  feel a tingling and you sense a slight  apressure on the top of your head  in the area of the connection. Recite I decree in the name of Jesus I am  now connected to the spiritual  communication network yod zain hey this ray of blue fire holds my personal blue flame sword programmed with the activation key that allows me to grow my blue flame angel wings in the name of Jesus tod hey shin vau hey  decree my sword carries the power oftheblue lightening angels and the the legion of light this sword has been activated by the blue fire of archangel Michael  and is coated with blood of jesus it has the power of the  blood convent made between the Father son. holy spirit and mankind

STEP THREE recite I decree that I am am calling in archangel micheal on the network say Michael’s mantra  recite ALPH NUN NUN 3X

cin the name of jesus YOD HEY SHIN VAV HEY release and ACTVATE MY BLUE FLAME SWORD that is waiting for me  in the blue fire ray connected to the top of my head ALPH nun nun3X Archangel Michael you are wanted and needed here by a  child of the GOD OF jesus I need your help to release my  BLUE FLAME SWORD withTHE POWER TO BANISH EVIL FROM MYSELF AND OTHERS

GIVE MY sword THE POWER OF GOD’S NAME YOD YOD LAMED MEM mem NUN LET MY SWORD HAVE THE POWER OF GOD’S PILLAR OF FIRE THAT PARTED THE RED sea  GIVE IT THE POWER TO remove people enents athings  that hinder my completing my life mission. Let the sword  empower me with wisdom, courage and supernatural faith  let it lead me safely ACROSS MY PERSONAL OCEAN OF TROUBLES and sorrows  IN THE NAME OF JESUS YOD HEY SHIN VAU HEY

step FOUR  

archangel Michael  ALPH NUN NUN CHARGE MY SWORD yod yod lamedwith the frequency of your blue flame sword and turn on the activation key to create   my bLUE FLAME ANGEL wings that increases the power of my sword 3 x3 and gives me the protection of the legion of light God’s army I ask this in the name of Jesus  in YOD HEY SHIN VAU HEY  

ARCHANGEL MICHEAL ALPH NUN NUN in the name of Jesus I  decree that MY blue flame SWORD IS now Floating IN THE BLUE RAY OF FIRE that is now CONNECT TO THE TOP OF MY HEAD this ray  CONNECTS ME toTHE  spiritual communication netorkwork  see the 4 foot silver blade with blue and violt flames coming out of the right and left side of the blade the blade

 up. Grab the black handle of the sword  with a blue shapphire crystal enbedded at the bpttom of the sword's handle  and reach into the ray pull the sword idown towards your so that the  handlewith the blue gem  rest on the top of your head directly inline with your spinal cord. Let the handle and blade sword slide down thourgh your head past your  alta major chakra located  Where your sull is attached to the spinal cord. the swords blade is centered over your spinal cord let  the sword and handle move  down your spinal cord until the handle  is located in the base chakra  the point of the sword  at your third eye  . the tip of the sword is always positioned directly across  to the third eye chakra while the the sword's blade  is positioned directly over your spine cord going through all your chakra energy centers  the handle rest in the saced and base chakra. The handle of the sword has a  sapphire crystal embedded at the bottom. of hathe handle. i tthe blade is centered over your spinal cord beginning at the alta major chaka and covers your spinal cord,so you can see blue and violet flames shoooting out of the left and right edgesof the sides of blade and extendsout form the sides of your spinal cord

these blue and violet flames will be used to  form your left and right blue flame angle wings  

the  blade of the sword lies directly on top of your spinal cord with flames of blue and violet  shooting out of the left and right and edge of the sword . Each of the flames will be transmuted into blue violet angel viwing feather tipped with a blue violet flame. These feathers will come together to form your left and right wings the feathers  are are attaching  to your spinal cord. When you wish to use the sword the wings detach and jou merely ulift the sword up  from by the handle the wings stay connected.

 Blue violet Flame fire feathers sketch and are growing across your back stating at your spinal cord  the left and right sides of your back 

 to grow your wings recite in the name of jesus yod hey shin vau hey  by the authority of archangel Michel alph nun nun I decree the blue and violet flames are transmuting into blue and violet feathers.alph nu nun turn on my blue flame wings

to use with the sword turn some of the feathers back in  blue and violet flames and pull the flames back  inyo the sword .by the auyhority of archangel Michael  prepre me for battle charge me up yod yod lamed chage the bthroat chskra  heart the upper head chakrs located at the back of your head the causal chakra  and the alta major chakra located at the pint where the skull  THE SWORD’S BLADE LAYS OVER YOUR SPINE see blue violet flames still shooting out of thsword to ouline the left and right sides of your spine THE LDE  IS LOCATED GDIECTLY DOPOOSITE OF ALL YOUR ENERGY CENERTS CHAKRAS  WITH THE PIONT OF THE BLADE LOCATED DIRECTLY OPPOSITE OF UOURTHIRD EYE AND THE HADLE OPPOSTE OF THE SACRED BASE CHAKRA AND BASE CHAKRS AT THE BASE OF YOUR SPINETHROGH YOR THIRD YEYE CHKRA IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR FORHEAD,  heart solar

in the name of jesus i I am charge up with the blue flame frequency  yod yod lamed alph nun nun  so I can non begin to use the blue flame sword and my blue flae wings

yod yod lamed  i

draw down micheal to do battle for me and to charge me up with the power of thr blue flame to do battle for me yod yod  lamed I ask this in the name ofjesus

The Blue Flame Sword is a special gift from Archangel Michael. The Sword brings in "Faithful Intelligence" with the spiritual virtues of Wisdom and Understanding to bring about Action in the physical plane by using Imagination on the astral plane. The Sword gives the user mastery of the Vibration of Temperance.  Temperance allows you to temper or modify the extreme, fluctuating motion of negative vibrations and eliminates the Dark Brotherhood vibrations that do not belong here.  The Temperance Vibration allows you to adjust or equalize Reality to bring about an equilibrium between normal positive and negative vibrations, that fosters the perfect union of the Divine Will. 

The Blue Flame Sword comes down in front of your third eye chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, stomach chakra. sacred chakra  and root chakra creating a power source that:

  • gives you and others protection from all that does not serve the highest good
  • allows you to clear dark and unbalanced energies from your self and others
  •  grounds and neutralizes negative or low level frequencies from yourself and others
  • doubles your power by merging with the Blue Flame Wings.

The Sword is of steel, a metal attributed to Mars. This is an indication that all action destroys as well as builds. The Sword eliminates useless, outworn forms However it requires you to take action. Merely hearing the Fire Letters to create the Sword  or Reading it, does not bring in the full power of the Sword. Action on the physical plane is required.  You must illustrate the Wisdom to discriminate between Illusion and Reality, Negative and Positive Energy, Self Sustaining and Self Destructive Thoughtforms, every day and take action when action is necessary.   

What are the Blue Flame Wings?
The Blue Flame Wings are a gift from Archangel Michael and his Blue Lightening Angels. Once activated the Blue Flame Wings work together with the Blue Flame Sword as one energetic transmutation device.  The Blue Flame Wings intensify the power of the Sword for clearing out massive negative energies from communities, cities, states and the Earth as a whole. The Wings allow you to address problems of a Global Nature.  Plus the Sword and Wings can jump you into new timelines, when you cannot find a solution in the here and now.  For example, sometimes you work on one problem for months and nothing changes. You feel like you have hit a brick're going nowhere. The Wings and Sword can help you to move into a new Timeline where the problems are nonexistent.  Basically this method will effortlessly "unjam" you.   There is NO linear progression to a Solution.

Working with Energy Centers of the Tree of Life

In this Transmission you will learn to work with the energy centers of the Tree of Life:

  • Gevurah- Power of the Spiritual Warrior and Healer
    Divine Name: Elohim Gibor (El-oh-heem Ge-boor)
    Meaning: God of Battles
    Energy Center : Throat & Left Shoulder el mercy
  • Hod- Power of the Spiritual Alchemist
    Divine Name: Elohim Tzabaoth (El-oh-heem tzah-bah-oth), 
    Meaning: God of Host
    Energy Center: Solar Plexus & Left Hip
  • Yesod- Power to Manifest  -
    Divine Name: Shaddai El Chai (Shah-dye El-Ki)
    Meaning: Almighty Living God
    Energy Center: Sacred Chakra
Recieve the Blue Flame Sword

Step 6
How to Use the Sword

1. Removing Negative Energy

The Blue Flame Sword can be used to remove energy you have unconsciously taken in from another person that is draining you. For example, you may have congestion in your heart chakra and believe this is due to another person's negative energy that you have taken on.  You can release this negative energy by simply visualizing a picture of the person with the appropriate Fire Letter Mantra written on top of the picture,  give the Decree and use the Sword to burn up the picture. You will be intoning and envisioning the Fire Letter Mantra below:

Fire Letter Mantra: ← Tav Hey Kaf  ←
Meaning: Remove negative energy - from yourself or others

Recite Decree: 

By the Power and Authority of Kaph Hey Tav
in the name of the Christ within me, Yod-Hey-Shin-Vau-Hey

I decree that all the negative energy that I have taken in from _______________ or any other person is remove by the Blue Flame Sword.


See the picture of the person with the Fire Letter Mantra shown below written over it

and intone:
Kaph Hey Tav

Point your Sword at the picture, inhale and exhale sending a line of blue fire into the picture. See it burst into a bonfire of Blue Flames that burns up all of the other person's energy.  When the picture of the person has disappeared completely in the flames, the negative energy  has been neutralized.

2. Remove Cords

The Blue Flame Sword can be used to remove energy cords with other people that can control you by guilt, fear, intimidation and many other control devices. These Cords are formed because you have bonded or exchanged energy with another person.  Negative Cording can come from sexual relationships, friends or loved ones that create co-dependence and over merging. Below is the Fire Letter Mantra to use with the Sword to break these  cords.

Fire Letter Mantra:  ← Hey  Aleph Shin ←
Meaning: Remove Cords & Breaking Judgment

Recite Decree:
By the Authority of Shin Aleph Hey,

in the name of the Christ within me, Yod-Hey-Shin-Vau-Hey

If it's for my highest good and in line with the Divine Plan, I decree that all ties and/or cords from ---------------- (name of person) are now permanently severed by the Power of the Blue Flame Sword.

To identify a cord's location, use your intuition or a pendulum to dowse each chakra to see if it is corded bring your Sword to the place in your body where the cord connects. Say the person's name out loud with whom you think you have corded to.Now cut cord with the Blue Flame Sword, intone the Fire Letter Mantra   "Shin Aleph Hey" and visualize the three Fire Letters over the place on your body where you cut the cord:

Take the Sword and place it in the hole left from the cord removal and see the Sword filling and sealing the hole with the Golden Light of the Christ. Then let the fire of the Sword create a sign outside your aura with the persons face on it that saying:

Shin Aleph Hey

No Trespassing

Replace this sign daily until you no longer feel a need for it.

3. Clearing Contracts (Psychic Agreement)

You can use the Sword to cancel and nullify all vows, agreements and contracts that you have made with any persons or entities in this or any other lifetime that are keeping you from accessing the Light of Universal Truth. These could be conscious or unconscious agreements you have made with other people such as a lover ...
" I'll wait for your forever"  or
"I won't ever allow myself to be in another relationship because you hurt me"

In a family the contract may be:
" I need to take care of my younger brothers and sisters and put my needs on hold' or 
 "My Mother can emotionally drain me anytime she wants because she gave brith to me".

These thought forms create hooks in your subconscious. They lock you into a particular behavior pattern in life and do not let you change your mind or move on.

Sometimes discarnate entities form contracts with loved ones because they wish to remain earthbound. They attach themselves to these people and will try to influence that person's behavior or thinking patterns . 

Other contracts are from a past life.  If you where burned at the stake for unlawful spiritual knowledge, you may have vowed never to attain or use your psychic power again. If you were a member of a religious order you may have taken a vow of poverty. This vow remains intact in this life time.  You may never be able to hold on to or accumulate wealth.

You may have made an unconscious contract with an astral entities that feeds off the lower frequency of the addictive behavior of drugs, food or drink. This agreement allows the entity to enter you and feed off you when you are using addictive substances.  These entities get their fix and then take control of the mind and body of the person they possess. Basically you need to disconnect to any and all negative entities that may be attempting to control or use your energy. To void the Contract you use the the Fire Letter Mantra "Shin Aleph Hey"

Visualize a legal document with "CONTRACT' written at the top. At the bottom of the contract, on one side, see your own name_____________.

Think about all the destructive behavioral and thinking patterns that you intuitively believe are tied to this contract and this life, past lives or negative entities. On the opposite side see the persons or the entities name that you believe are involved with the contract. If you do not know the name just see:

 "All the Negative Energy or Entities on the Earth or anywhere else in all timelines and dimensions that are under the rule of the Dark Brotherhood or are being influenced by dark forces. "
Write "VOID" across the top of the Contract in your own handwriting .

Recite Decree:
By the Authority of Shin Aleph Hey,

I decree all obstacles are removed to voiding this Contract here and now

If it's for my highest good and in line with the Divine Plan, I decree this contract with_____________

(If you don't know say this; "All the Negative Energy or Entities on the Earth or anywhere else in all timelines and dimensions that are under the rule of the Dark Brotherhood or are being influenced by dark forces. is now permanently null and void, and any negative effects on me or the world around me are burnt in the fire of the Blue Flame Sword. Shin Aleph Hey, )

See the three Fire Letters below imprinted on the Contract.

Now point your Blue Flame Sword at the Contract and send a Ray of Blue Flame to the Contract. The Contract burns completely with Blue Fire. There is nothing left but the Blue Flames that finally fade out.

Chant Protection Mantra:
Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth
(Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of Hosts)  3 times

Click here to listen to chant

4. Change a Bad Attitude, Emotional Pattern or Habit

The basic procedure for getting rid of a habit or attitude is:

  1. Identify fear, habit or thinking pattern to remove
    Think of a bad habit you want to work on such as smoking. Or think of an attitude or emotional pattern such as lack of self confidence, always feeling like a victim, or fear of spiders. Lets look at smoking.
  2. Make Symbol to represent habit and bring symbol into Solar Plexus Chakra
    Now see yourself coughing, hacking, the smell of your clothes and furniture, the negative reaction of your friends. Imagine a Symbol for the Smoking issue. Maybe a Skull and Cross Bones. Look at the Symbol while running pictures in your mind of all the negative effects of smoking. Visualize the symbol in your Solar Plexus.
  3. Make Decree with the Fire Letter Mantra and the Fire Letters shown below:

    Fire Letter Mantra ← Lamed Hey Peh←
    Meaning: Strengthen Spirituality for Victory over Addictions

  4. Recite Decree:
    By the Power and Authority of Peh-Hey-Lamed

    in the name of Christ within Me, Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey,

    I decree that the Blue Flame Sword strengthens my Spirituality that gives me Victory over my Smoking Addiction.

  5. Empower symbol by intoning and visualizing the three fire letters written across symbol in your Solar Plexus. Visualize the three Fire Letters shown below on top of the symbol and intone: Peh-Hey-Lamed
  6. Burn the symbol in chakra with the blue fire from the Sword.
    In your mind's eye, see the Symbol with the three Fire Letters located in your Solar Plexus Chakra . Visualize yourself pointing your Sword at your Solar Plexus Chakra and energizing the three Fire Letters with blue flames. See the flames from the Letters burn up the symbol. 
  7. When the symbol has disappeared completely, the cords to the habit have been neutralized. Now see yourself completely healed of this old habit. See yourself standing on the ashes of this old thinking or behavior pattern. Feel all powerful, balanced , confident, fearless and more

5. Protection

The Sword can also be used to protect you against lower frequencies entities. For example,  if during your sleep you are awakened by a negative entity trying to harm you, in your mind's eye, you can pull forth the Sword,  point it at the invader, recite the Decree below :

By the Power and Authority of Yod Yod Lamed
in the name of the Christ within me, Yod-Hey-Shin- Vau-Hey,

I decree that you be gone. Due to the Authority of Universal Law of Free Will,  you must obey.

Furthermore, if you circle the Sword around and through your aura and command that any malevolent energies leave once again they would have to depart .

6. Making Decisions

If you need help in making a decision, point the Sword upward, and then decree what you are going to do and recite the following Decree:

By the Power and Authority of Yod Yod Lamed

in the name of the Christ within me, Yod-Hey-Shin- Vau-Hey,

If it's for my highest good and in line with the Divine Plan,
I decree my eyes are now wide open to the true nature of this (name person or situation) friend or foe to my future success.

Intone  "Yod Yod Lamed " continuously. The Sword will intensity if it is for your highest good and dull if it is not.
If you want to know if a person can be trusted, picture the person in front of you and point the Sword at them and then intone "Yod Yod Lamed " . The Sword's glow will intensify if they are a honest person,  dull if they can not be trusted.

However if you are not available to know the truth it is not advisable to use the Sword. If your more invested in a certain answer you may sway your interpretation of the Sword's answer to what you want it to say.

Create the Blue Flame Wings

The Blue Flame Wings work together with the Blue Flame Sword as one powerful energetic transmutation device. The power of the Wings merge with the power of Sword to give you 3 x 3 more power to remove difficult frozen blocks of energy in a person  or removing a massive level of negative energy overlighting a Community, City, or Nation. The Wings are grown out of the fire of the Blue Flame Sword aligned with your Spine. You will be visualizing the Wings as an extension of your Sword 

Activate the Violet Fire of Daath

First you will activate Daath Energy Center located between your Throat and Higher Heart Center.  Intone the Daath Fire Letter Mantra, " Dalet Ayin Tav" and tap the center of Daath with your finger tips. This energy center carries the Violet Flame   located just below the Throat Chakra. Daath is a gateway to forgotten and secret knowledge from the Garden of Eden. It is known as the Invisible Sephira, the Sphere without a number on the Tree of Life. 

When Daath is activated we can access a massive dose of high frequency Violet Fire required for energizing the Blue Flame Wings.

Energy Flow Pattern

  • Focus on Daath and tap the chakra with your fingers. Visualize a ball of Violet Fire in the center expanding and getting brighter and brighter as you intone Dalet Ayin Tav"  and tap.  Stop tapping when you intuitively feel Daath is fully energized.
  • Send the energy from Daath into your Sword located over your upper spinal column.  Let the Daath energy flow up and down your the Sword's Blade. Visualize your Sword  lighting up with powerful Violet Fire .(Note: The violet fire will be stored in your Sword to be used later when you empower a Vortex with it.

Creating the Decree for the Wings
After you have activated the Violet Flame you recite your Decree.  In your Decree you must state who has given you the Authority to create your Wings. The Blue Flame Wings are a gift from the Blue Lightening Angels, overlighted by Archangel Michael. Therefore Michael has the higher Authority to give you the Wings. Therefore, we use Michael's Fire Letter Mantra in our Decree shown below:

Fire Letter Mantra: Nun Nun Aleph


Recite Decree to create Wings:

By the Power of the Authority of the Archangel Michael , Nun Nun Aleph

in the name of the Christ within me, Yod-Hey-Shin- Vau-Hey,

If it's for my highest good and in line with the Divine Plan, I decree the Archangel Michael and the Blue Lightening Angels, assists me in creating my Wings from the fire of my Blue Flame Sword that is over my spine.   The Wings work together with the Sword to create a powerful energetic transmutation device. This gives me  3 x 3 more power to remove difficult frozen blocks of energy in myself, another person or a massive level of negative energy overlighting a Community, City, or a Nation.  If this is for my highest good and in line with the Divine Plan, so mote it be. csi bdn eotk eitjr nl

Note: Archangel Michael, also known as St. Michael thaai e Archangel, commands the Legion of Light that includes legions of light beings, guardian angels, all serving on the first ray of protection, faith and the will of God. The Legion is dedicated to serving the greater mission of Archangel Michael and ALL Beings of Light in protecting and raising spiritual consciousness. The Legion of LIght await our prayers and calls to bring them into action in our world. Archangel Michael is the Prince of the Archangels and of the Angelic Hosts, the Defender of the Faith, the Angel of Deliverance.

Creating your Wings

  • See and sense the Blue Flame Sword laying directly over your Spine. The center of the Blade lays over each of your vertebra and chakras. The left edge of the Blade is at the left edge of your Spine. The right edge of the Blade is at the right edge of the Spine.
  • Focus on the blue flames that are shooting out of the Left and Right edges of the Blade.  Every blue flame of the Sword is condensing into a solid tiny blue feathers tipped with blue flames.  These blue feathers contain the same power as the Blue Flame Sword because they were created by it's fire.
  • Starting at the Top of your Spine, (the upper middle of the blade) see and feel the top pair of flames on the left and right side of the blade as blue flame feathers. Work your way down the blade, down your spine... every vertebra by vertebra,  feeling each pair of feathers spouting like from a plant seed from the blue flames. Solidifying, Glowing,  Growing.
  • Visualize all of these Blue Flame Feathers growing longer and stronger along the blade. …the Feathers are growing horizontally away from the Sword and your Spine, getting longer and longer. Now they are as wide as your back and the Feathers are still growing. They’re forming Wings
  • In your mind's eye, see the tip of the Feathers as brilliant cobalt blue fire. This blue fire represents the power of the Blue Lightening Angels of the Legion of Light.
  • In your imagination… extend your Feathers out …until they are about five and half feet across, forming perfect Angelic Wings .
  • Flap your Feathers, move your Wings, wiggle them, point them up to the ceiling and down to the floor.
  • Play with your Wings. Flutter them. Raise your left Wing toward the ceiling and lower your right Wing toward the floor. Point them all the way back behind you. Bring them all the way in front of you, Wing Tip to Wing Tip.
  • Everyday keep playing with your new Blue Flame Wings. Flap them around when your doing your grocery shopping, spread them out when your pumping gas. The more you can envision them in your daily life, the more powerful and the more real they will be. Energy follows thought.
How to Use the Wings

How do your Wings work to transmute negative energy? Your Wings create a Blue Violet Fire Vortex that transforms your body into energy transfer device.

What is the Blue Violet Fire?
Why do we work with Blue Violet Fire ? The mixture of Blue Fire from the Sword and theelmocjs nlutViolet Fire from the Daath energy center is a very powerful energy forxmochalBlue Fire burns up the power that negative astral beings or the power other people have over us.  The Violet Flame  has the power to transmute or transform all forms of "negative" or "lower" energies into positive energy, and this includes the power to transform our personal karma. Some Qualities of the Violet Flame are listed below:

Life Problems: Clears emotional and financial troubles
Poor Decisions: Dissolves our negative karma due to past mistakes and gives us a clean slate to start again.
Relationships: Brings harmony into relationships by burning away negative feelings that we feel about ourselves or other people.
Habits: Burns away negative habits and unwanted desires.
Healing: Burns way our blocks to healing by clearing the negative energy that we carry around our disease. It fosters the healing of the body, mind and spirit
Places: Used to help buildings, geographic locations, city or community, friends and family.

The  Blue Violet Fire energy can be sent to any person, place, situation, object or whatever aspect of life you are working with. The energy charge will flow in and interact very quickly to transmute and dissolve the negative energy. The charge has the ability to change slow lower frequency (negative)  energy to a higher frequency vibration(positive). It can also move between timelines or create new timelines.

Create the Blue Violet Vortex

  • Bring your Wings around in front of you, touching the Wing Tip of the other Wing Tip.
  • See the Blue Violet Flames from each of the Wing Tips merging to form a small clockwise spinning Blue Violet Vortex or whirlwind.
  • Now you will energize the Vortex with the Blue Violet fire of the Sword.   Focus on the Sword .  As you inhale,  draw the Blue Violet Fire up your Blade and down each of your shoulders. Then let the Blue Violet fire flow down into your Wing Tips and fingers.
  • From your Wing Tips send the Blue Violet flames into the spinning Blue Violet Fire Vortex. As the Vortex spins let the Blue Violet Fire merge with the Vortex to intensify the color of the fire in the Vortex.
  •  Inhale and lightly grasp the Blue Violet Vortex with your Wing Tips and pull it into your Heart Chakra. Visualize the Blue Violet Vortex spinning in your Heart Chakra.
  • Physically fold your arms in front of you and cross your hands over your heart, with palms facing towards your body, laying one on top of the other, over your Heart Center.
  • Now you are going to build up an energy charge in your Heart Chakra. Focus on the Blue Violet Vortex rotating clockwise in your heart center. Start to intone the God Name:  
    Shaddai El Chai (Shah-dye El-Ki) Shaddai El Chai (Shah-dye El-Ki)
    Charge, Charge, Charge 


    Note: Shaddai El Chai (The Almighty Living God)
    Spiritual Gift: Increase intuition and psychic abilities, dreamwork, astral projection, healing ability, strengthens emotional health, self awareness, draws in Kundalini energy, 
    Spiritual Guide: Archangel Gabriel
  • As you chant see and feel the Vortex spinning clockwise, faster and faster. The Blue Violet flames of the  Vortex are growing large and larger, glowing brighter and brighter. Let this fire sparkle and shimmer, like a star.
  • Begin to move your body slowly with the spinning Vortex in your heart.  It is as if your body is tracing the spiral shape of the Vortex and helping to set the charge in your heart.  You need to allow time for this energy charge to fully build up so just keep chanting and moving.  You are building up an energy charge that will spontaneously dissolve or transmute negative energies and thought forms when the energy is projected. It can also be used for self healing as the energy charge is the frequency of unconditional love.
  • As the Vortex increases in speed and power, you will feel a build up of heat energy in your Heart Chakra which is now reflecting into your hands as they rest over the heart. When you first begin to do this Transmission it may take as long as 5 minutes to build an energy charge, but with practice you should be abel to charge up in 5 to 6 seconds.
  • Now physically open your Arms and Wings. Stand with your arms pulled slightly away from your sides, forming a Triangle between your third eye and your two hands. You will now create a Blue Violet Fire Triangle with the Apex in your Third Eye Chakra and the Triangle corners in the Palms of your hands. The spinning Vortex in your Heart will energize this Triangle.
  • Send rays of Blue Violet Fire out of the Vortex in your Heart Chakra, up to your Third Eye Chakra.
  • From your Third Eye Chakra shoot a line of Blue Violet Fire into your Left Palm forming one side of the Triangle.
  • Next, from your Left Palm shoot a line of Blue Violet Fire across your body to connect to your Right Palm forming the base of the Triangle.
  • Lastly,  shoot a line of Blue Violet Fire from your Right Palm back to Third Eye, forming the last side of the Triangle. The Blue Violet Fire is linking your Third Eye and both your Palms to form a Triangular circuit.
  • Visualize a Triangular energy circuit going around and around the Triangle. The Triangle lights up brighter and brighter with Blue Violet Fire each time the circuit passes through the three body areas (Third Eye, Left Palm, Right Palm).
  • Maintain a continuous energy flow through the Triangle until you feel the Triangle is fully charged
  • You can project this Triangle of Blue Violet Fire around and into whatever target: person, place, situation, object, city, community, nation or whatever aspect of your energy work you are focusing on.

To use the energy of the Blue Violet Fire Triangle you follow these steps

  1. Visualize what you want to achieve and give a Decree.
  2. Create the Blue Violet Fire Triangle
  3. Line up the Target and intone the Fire Letter Mantra:
    "Yod Yod Lamed, Drawing up the power to do battle for me"
  4. See the Fire Letters written over the Target
  5. You project the energy by whacking the Blue Violet Fire Triangle around the "Target" with short thrust lasting 5  to 10 seconds.
  6. Visualize the Triangle encasing the Target.  Lasers of Blue Violet Fire energy is shooting from the Triangle's Sides, Apex and Base, hitting and flowing into the Target .
  7. You don't need to hold the Triangle energy on the Target very long 15 sec to 20 sec.  The energy charge will flow in and interact very quickly to transmute and dissolve the negative energy. The charge has the ability to change slow lower frequency (negative)  energy to a higher frequency vibration(positive) . Always project the energy charge in a triangular formation with the point upwards.
  8. If you are working with a cancer, see the Triangle forming around the cancer cells . Blue Violet electrical charges are shooting into the cancer and the cells are getting smaller and smaller, until they disappear. This visualization should be down every day for at least two month.

Practive Using Blue Violet Fire Triangle

Other People
Visualize the Blue Violet Triangle descending over the person. Allow the Blue Violet Fire to pass through their whole being, raising their vibration and removing any lower vibrational energy, including any viruses and harmful bacteria.

Create the Triangle and whack it around a group that you are working with. Place the Triangle over the entrance doors to your home or work place; so every one entering passes through the Triangle has their vibration raised and bodies cleansed.

Energize your Food

Use this method on your food to raise the vibration before you eat it.  Focus on the meal you are about to eat and think about the benefits the food will give to you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Intone Yod Yod Lamed and envision fire letters written on top of the food:
Inhale and exhale whacking the Triangle,  so the food is now inside of a Blue Violet Fire Triangle. Pull the flames into the food.  Imagine your food glowing with a soft Blue Violet  Fire .  When the flames disappear your ready to eat the food. As you eat the food, you will feel the difference.

You can also cleanse objects or a room of negative charged energy. Practice targeting an object or an entire room by intoning Yod Yod Lamed, projecting the Fire Letters Whack your Triangular fire energy to enclose the room.  The Blue Violet Fire works like laser beams shooting around and through the room and all the objects.  Hold the energy  until you sense the room's  energy has change.

The Triangle has the power to clear out negative energy from Communities, Cities, States and the Earth as a whole. Intend that the whole Earth is to be cleansed. Whacking and visualizing a large Triangle of Blue Violet Fire around the whole Earth. Visualize laser beams from the Triangle shooting into the each of the subtle bodies of the Earth. 

Global Conflict
The Triangle also has the power to dissolve energies of powerful Multi-dimensional beings that create chaos in certain geographic locations. Create the Triangle over the area and intone the Mantra for Achieving a Peaceful Solution to Avert Conflict" : Mem Beth Hey

Envision the three Fire Letters shown below written over the geographic area:

Healing Yourself

You can ask use the Triangle for extra healing to any part or organ in your body that needs an extra dose of healing energy. 

  • In your mind's eye, look at each part of your body. Do you have inflammation or pain in any area or illness.  If you know of any area that needs healing send the Triangle to enclose the area.
  • See the three Fire Letters written covering the problem area.
  • Envision the Triangle sending lasers into the problem area.
  • Then say aloud:
    By the Power and Authority of Mem Hey Shin
    In the name of the Christ within me, yod hey shin vau hey,

    I decree the HEALING of my _____________

  • See the area that needs to be healed lighting up with the Triangle's fire
  • See the illness as dark energy disappearing in the Triangle's electrified energy.   When all the dark energy is gone, you should see the area as clear and clean ...completely restored to normal. You should do this exercise more than one time... over a period of 40 days.

Total Clearing of Body System

Fire Letter MantraHey Hey Hey
Meaning: Wellness & Spiritual Wholeness

Recite Decree:
(Picture the three Fire Letters  written in your Heart in the color blue violet )

By the Power and Authority of Hey-Hey- Hey, in the name of the Christ within me Yod-Hey-Shin-Vau-Hey

I decree that the Blue Violet Fire cuts and dissolves all my psychic and karmic ties from this lifetime or any lifetime which no longer serves me, releasing them in love, forgiveness, and gratitude.

I decree that the Blue Violet Flame transmutes all negative or lower karma or energies within and around me, dissolve all fear, needless burdens, negative thoughts and blockages that may be keeping me from experiencing power, joy, abundance, and perfect health in so far as is serves my highest good and the good of the Universe.

I decree that this 
Blue Violet Fire  be multiplied and used to assist all souls on this planet who are in need. I thank you and accept it done according to the will of Hey Hey Hey. So mote it be.

  • In your mind's eye, see yourself enclosed in the Triangle. Each side of the Triangle is sending out cool flames of Blue Violet Fire fire that surrounds your 4 body system.
  • Within the Triangle see yourself inside a large bonfire, about nine feet high and six feet wide. Color it Blue Violet in your imagination, and see the flames pulsating and undulating in endless shades of Blue Violet with gradations of Blue Violet Fire. Intone "Hey Hey Hey" and within the flames see thousands of the three letter combinations
  •  See your body as transparent, with the flames encoded with the fire letters curling up from beneath your feet, passing through and around your body, and up over your head.
  • Even a few minutes of blue violet flames will produce results, but persistence is needed to dissolve age-old habits . You can start out with just a few minutes of blue violet flames in the morning to help you through the day, and you can add the violet flame to whatever prayers or meditations you currently practice.

Re-Charging Yourself

If you start running low on energy while your projecting, you can recharge yourself. Just close your Wings, your physical arms and hands crossed over your heart and picture the Blue Violet Fire Vortex in your heart. Recite:
Yod Yod Lamed  I draw up the power of the Light Force in my heart to re-charge me
Shaddai El Chai (Shah-dye El-Ki) Shaddai El Chai (Shah-dye El-Ki)

Charge Charge Charge

NOTE: Although this Transmission refers to the triangular pathway of energy as Blue Violet Fire you can change the color of the Triangle depending on the what you are working on.
Click here to see different colors

Jump Timelines to get over the Wall
Jump Timelines to get over the Wall

Sometimes you work on one problem for months and nothing changes. You feel like you have hit a brick're going nowhere. You have done everything that you can think but you're just spinning your wheels.   You could ask your Spiritual Guidance Team during Stage 9 of the Conference Call  to give you insight into what to do to move through or around the Wall. Another way is to work with Archangel Michael and the Blue Lightening Angels to jump into a new Timeline.  Jumping into a new timeline removes the emotional and mental processes that are blocking you from moving forward because they do not exist. Basically this method will effortlessly "unjam" you.   There is NO linear progression to a Solution.

Changing the Past -  "Jumping Timelines"
Jumping Timelines with your Blue Flame Wings is a faster method for overcoming traumatic experiences in your life.    You can always move faster with the help of gift from the Divine Spirit.  So how can the present change the past? Isn’t the past fixed in time? The answer, is NO. You CAN go back and change your past. Psychologists call this “reframing” and the popular catch phrase is “You can have that happy childhood you always wanted.” Good Advertising?".  No, this is a Reality. Let me explain.

When you go back and imagine a different past, if you do so with intent and focus, you do not change that timeline directly. Instead, you move into a new timeline and paint a new picture on a new part of the canvas.  Although the original past experience still exists on its own timeline, YOU have moved onto a new timeline that does not contain that same past. Not only has your past changed, but the cells of your physical body, as well as your emotional and mental bodies, record the change. To your lower bodies, it is as if the old timeline never happened and you are now the product of a new past. Pretty Great,  isn’t it! Your cellular memories now remember the happy childhood that didn’t exist before the reframing. Therefore, your behavior, your outlook on life, your experience of life has changed completely. You are literally and figuratively not the same person.

Timelines can also change for entire planets. Lets go back to 1982, California was supposed to fall into the sea. It didn’t happen – at least it didn’t in the Timeline you are currently experiencing collectively. But it actually DID happen in an alternate Timeline. So why didn’t you experience it? Because collectively you changed your consciousness sufficiently that you jumped into a new timeline – you, your neighbor, the country next door, and the entire planet shifted. In this case, you changed the future by changing the present, which is a lot easier to understand than changing the past by changing the future. But the principle remains the same. You jumped into a new timeline, with a new future.

The New Earth Timeline
Right now, we are existing in two places at the same time, even if you are not aware of it . We exist in the 3D “old” Earth on a daily basis, but we also exist in the 5th Dimensional New Earth. Every day you are consciously raising your frequency to move into the New Earth.  If you are on this website, this means YOU. These two versions of Earth exist simultaneously in the same space, but in different dimensions. 

Quantum Dimensional Theory tells us that it is possible for objects to exist in the same space but in different dimensions.  You can only be aware of these two “levels” if you are able to “tune in” to these separate frequencies.  You can choose what Earth you wish to be in !  You can identify a new timeline and shift simply by using creative imagination and making choices.  You are no longer “stuck” in any reality.  Everything is fluid! The next section walks you through the process of creating a new timeline to address traumatic experiences that have caused blockages in your life path. Below is a Transmission that walks you through this process.

Step 1
Create New Timeline

To create the thought form of the new timeline, you must have first decided on what you want to leave behind. See yourself in a time period when the problem you want to leave behind first appeared. How would you change the events that created the problem? How would you create a different outcome? For example:

  • You never met the person who broke your heart.
  • You never walked down the street where you were raped. You fought off the rapist and was unharmed.
  • You were a success in all the situations that in the past you failed at. You had confidence to tackle the most challenging problems and were able to solve all of them.
  • You never started smoking at age 14. You never took that first cigarette from your friend John.

Imagine a life where the problem never existed.  Envision how your life would be if you had chosen a different path.  In your mind create this new life. Change the events that lead up to the problem and created the problem. Play out the events of your new life as a movie. See it in every detail. In this new timeline what events could you change before the problem occurred and how would this change the events that followed.

The New Timelime

  • How would you be feeling with these new events ?
  • What new opportunities would be coming your way from this different life path?
  • How would your life be better?

Really get into all the benefits you would receive if the problem never existed. Get into the positive emotions that this new life is creating... really feel it. Send gratitude to the Divine Spirit for all these new benefits. Feel as if these benefits have already happened.  NO DOUBT..this will block it.

The new Timeline and events leading to a new outcome must be believable: it must be consistent with who you are. If you envision a timeline that is unbelievable you will sabotage yourself. The timeline must really be able to exist. You many want to visualize the new YOU and the new timeline a couple of times before doing this Transmission so it is clearly in your mind. Now create an outline of the events that represent the new timeline.

Step 2
Create Thought Form

In Step 2 you must take this new Timeline and turn them into a Thoughtform. You create the new timeline thoughtform by connecting the events to the violet blue Vortex in your heart. This technique uses  the Blue Flame Wing exercises you learned in the previous sections. Just like before use your Wings to create the violet blue fire Vortex in your heart.

Now you want to program the violet blue Vortex in your heart chakra with the events of the New Timeline. Re-play the events that represent the new timeline. Spend some time with this new timeline in your heart center.  Feel it. Be it. Visualize each event of the new timeline with an emotional response. Get into all the emotions that this new timeline would be creating.  When you see yourself living in this new timeline, it must excite you, thrill you and satisfy you.

While you are "FEELING " the new timeline start to build up an energy charge in your heart. This will set the emotional frequency of the Timeline into the Vortex. Focus on the violet blue Vortex rotating in your heart center. You will be using the Fire Letter Mantra Vau Hey Vau and visualizing the Fire Letters shown below:

1Fire Letter Mantra: ← Vav Hey Vav ←
Meaning: Return to creation - time travel "back to the future"

  • Start to intoning the Fire Letter Mantra: Vau Hey Vau. Visualize the violet blue swirls of the Vortex ...spinning clockwise in your heart,  faster and faster, glowing brighter and brighter.
  • Begin to move your body slowly with the spinning Vortex.  It is as if your body is tracing the spiral shape of the Vortex and helping to set the charge in your heart. Keep feeling the emotion of the new timeline, happy, satisfied, content and stay in whatever emotion this timeline creates for you.
  • As the violet blue Vortex increases in speed and power, you can see sparks of violet blue electricity spinning out of the Vortex. You will feel a build up of heat energy in your heart which is now reflecting into your hands as they rest over the heart. Now give the Decree below.

By the Power and Authority of Vau Hey Vau 

in the name of the Christ within me, Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey

I decree that Archangel Michael and the Blue Lightening Angels are helping me to change the events in time when the problem________________ (State Problem)was first created. I will now create a new, other Dimensional Timeline where the cause, core, effect, record and memory of every thought, feeling, word or action that I have ever expressed in any time frame or dimension related to this problem or issue does not exist. Guide my Creative Imagination to create and connect me into this other timeline and direct my subconscious mind to accept the new reality. 

I decree that the Vortex within my Heart is drawing in all cosmic energy alike and similar to my Christ Self  to remove and dissolve the cause, memory, record and events of anything that is hindering me from moving into my new timeline. The violet blue fire Vortex is generating the vibrational seed pattern within my 4 body system that allows me to swiftly and effortlessly move between dimensions and enter into this more perfect timeline.  

Step 3
New Timeline Thought Form

  • Now physically open your arms and Blue Flame Wings. Stand with your arms pulled slightly away from your sides, forming a Triangle between your third eye and your two hands.
  • Now focus on your heart and the Vortex in the center. Send out a ray of violet blue fire from the Vortex and let it flow into and link your third eye and both your palms to form a triangular energy pathway between the three areas of your body.
  • See the Triangular energy circuit lighting up brighter and brighter each time the circuit passes through the three body areas.
  • Maintain a continuous energy flow through the Triangle until you feel the triangle is fully charged.

 Creating Timeline Thoughtform in Triangle

  • Focus on your the Apex of the Triangle at your Third Eye. Envision your new timeline in detail in your third eye. Who would you be today if this was your timeline? Now spend some time, so you have a clear picture of this person's thinking patterns, emotional and behavioral responses. What would you be doing? Who would you be with? What would you be accomplishing?
  •  Re-play the events that represent the new timeline. Spend some time with this new timeline in your third eye. Let the violet blue swirl around the people in the new timeline.  Visualize each new opportunity with the violet blue fire swirling in the air around it.  See yourself in this new timeline with the violet blue fire swirling around you in a clockwise direction.
  • Let these images combine with your emotions . This will give you the power to pull you into the other timeline.  The power to create the new timeline is based on our emotion, concentration, focus and creative visualization. he Triangle. Send a ray of violet blue fire around the triangle while still thinking of the image and feeling the emotion. Until you feel the Triangle is charged up with both.
  • Now whack your Triangle up into the heavens to connect to the Unity Grid surrounding the Earth. The Triangle merges with the Unity Grid and disappears. You are directly now interfaced with the Angelic  Communication Network. This athotivyconnection allows your Christ Self to re-program the Grid with the New Timeline and to assist you in re-programming your Subconscious mind to accept the new reality. Recite Decree:

I decree in the name of  Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey, by the AUYHORITY OFTthe Christ within me I fraw the BLOODJRDUDDBLOOpower of THE BLOOD O esFECREE THE BLOOD MERGES  THR HRANS WHERE HFROM vloog toerge wih 'dto merge with rveryH blue TG THE TO CUT DEMONIC CRD gme in my ssord or eins i decree zi zm z pIYNER SI

has retrieved the information from my new Timeline from the Unity Grid....and now my Christ Self has the  'know-how' to best facilitate the re-calibration of my system in this new timeline. In this timeline all of my stumbling blocks are non-existed.

I decree that I have moved into a new Timeline that does not contain that same past. In this new Timeline the cause, core, effect, record and memory of every thought, feeling, word or action that I have ever expressed in any time frame or dimension related to this problem or issue does not exist. Not only has my past changed, but the cells of my physical body.  I now activate and accept the program of the New Timeline within every cell of my being. My emotional and mental bodies, have also recorded the change. To my lower bodies, it is as if the old Timeline never happened and I am now the product of a new past.  So mote it be

Say Thank you to Vau Hey Vau, your Christ Self, Archangel Michael and the Blue Lightening Angels for helping you to manifest your new timeline. Send part of the energy within you down to the soles of your feet. Let the energy descends into the the Crystalline Earth to ground and center yourself.


Aftercare Program for the New Timeline

During the days after the Transmission, play all the events of the new Timeline over and over in your mind, so that they became your new reality. Really believe these things happened to you.  It may take some time for this new thoughtform to totally take over your subconscious mind. For awhile you will move between timelines.  Every time a thought comes into your mind from the old timeline you need to deny it. For example, when a strong negative emotion from the old timeline comes into your mind  telling you to react a certain way, you should have a "re-framing" conversation between your subconscious mind and conscious mind. You would say out loud to yourself:

I have no idea why I am feeling this way. I have had nothing but positive experiences from ....(You should re-play the events of my new timeline).

I do not understand why I am feeling this way. There is no logically reason for these feeling, so I am letting them go. I am just imagining these feelings. These feeling must be coming from an implant from a dark force that is trying to block my true path. These feeling are not based in my reality.

Do not let the connection between your negative feelings and the old core memories manifest. The events that created these negative feelings never existed, so these feelings are irrational and not based on facts.   Every emotion and attitude connected to the problem is denied. If you do not reinforce the connection to the past events, the emotions and thinking patterns will gradually disappear.

Fire Letter Mantra

Practice writing the combination of the three Fire Letters with pens or markers. Say and think them over and over, until you can visualize the three Fire Letters in your head easily. Place the written Fire Letters and events of the new timeline some place where you can see and read it everyday. Tape it to the Refrigerator or Bath Room mirror. As you look at it, chant and envision the Fire Letters:
Vau Hey Vau

I am clear channel of Divine Fire
living in a timeline that fills my desires

Do this at least once a day for 21 days. Try to keep the fire letters and new timeline events in your mind, while pumping gas, waiting in the grocery store line, or making dinner. See the fire letters smoldering with violet blue fire. You might want to think about the Violet Blue Fire of the Letters flowing through your body.

You may need to redo the complete Transmission once a week for a month, or until you feel you have it set in your body, mind and spirit.

You can cut the recovery time in half and the after effect of moving between old and new timelines can be significantly reduced with the Vau Hey Vau Transmission water. Write the three fire letters in color on a gallon of water. Also write some positive thoughts and emotions from the new timeline on the gallon. Let the gallon of water stand for at least 24 hour. Drink  1/4 a cup while you re-play the events of the new Timeline.  

Plus the Crystal Light Pyramid allows your subconscious to accept the new timeline faster. You should spend at least 30 minutes twice a month under the Crystal Light Pyramid reframing your old timeline events. After one month of Pyramid Time, you should really believe the new Timeline existed. It should be a believable reality to your subconscious mind. Furthermore, you should be having fewer re-framing conversations between your conscious and subconscious mind.

Become a Partner with the Light Force

to rnergize my sword with power of the blood of jesusEvery morning you should ask ESUS AND Archangel Michael to become your partner in the Light. You are asking him: 

  • to assist you in creating a Higher Consciousness to give you the Personal Power to maximize the Light Force of Wings and Sword.
  • to protect you when your in over your head and
  • to guide you back to the right path when you have gone astray

Ask him to send his light force to create an energy field that surrounds your body called a Golden Bubble of Light.  This deepens your feelings of connectedness with the Divine Spirit and energizes your Sword and Wings.

The Ideal Golden Bubble of Light is two to three feet around your Aura in an egg-shape.  Michael's Light Force is equally distributed below you, above you, in front of you, to your right and to your left.  You become partners with his light force with the Fire Letter Mantra
Fire Letter Mantra: Yod(Lime Green) Resh(Red)  Tav(Purple)

Meaning: Become partner with light to create abundance

Energy Pattern:

  • Close your eyes and feel the area that surrounds your body.
  • With your intention adjust your Aura to two to three feet around you.
  • Picture your aura's surface surrounded with a one to two inch thick layer of Golden Light Force energy from Archangel Michael's Shield.  This Golden Bubble of Protection should surround your Aura about three feet in all directions.This helps to bring in healing energy and strengthens your Aura. The gold fills the gaps or holes in your Aura.
  • Ask Michael for a shower of the Blue Fire from his Blue Flame Sword.   Now see a blue rain shower pouring down over your Golden Bubble of Light. Let it rain for at least two to three minutes. Notice how this feels.
  • Next visualize a large violet colored fire surrounding your golden bubble of light. The violet flame transmutes negative frequencies into positive ones. During the day if you are working with someone that releases pent up anger, the violet light transmutes the anger and prevents it from entering your energy field.

Recite Decree:
By the Authority of Yod Resh Tav in the name of the Christ within me, Yod Hey Shin Vau Heytoenerize my sword qingswuth the blood of jrsusf jrsusjEsus so I MAY WIN AMERICA BACK TO gOD

I decree that Archangel Michael has blesses me with his Light Force energy that provides a Golden Bubble of Protection.  I now see the golden light permanently surrounding my Aura throughout the day and throughout my Life. I let this Golden Light Force transmute all negative energy into positive energy. 

I am now a partner with the Light Force of Archangel Michael and his light is giving me the confidence to go out into the World to complete my Life Mission. His Light Force is within me now. It is all knowing, all caring, all loving, all powerful. It is part of my personal power.   It is who I am. It is what I am. It is the Light Warrior that resides within me now.

All the power that ever was or will be is here now. And I am a clear and present channel for it.

I am the center of the Light Force of the Blue Flame Sword and Blue Flame Wings which eternally protects and sustains the universe. The Light Force's  unfailing wisdom forms all my word and deeds. Today I express this Light Force in all thoughts and actions. I am aware that everything I do is a divine act, I express God  Consciousness in all my actions and thoughts.

Today I am a purified vessel for Love and Light  flowing into the earth …I feel the Light in my physical body, I acknowledge it. I allow it, I reclaim it, I have enthusiasm for life and filled with the universal life force….I create heaven on earth …I see the truth and manifest it….I see the path and I create it…I see the abyss and dissolve it.

Say Thank you to  Archangel Michael . Send part of the energy within you down to the soles of your feet. Let the energy descends into the the Crystalline Earth to ground and center yourself.

Quote of the Day

Just for today, I will let go of anger. Just for today, I will let go of worry,

Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings. Just for today, I will work honestly.

Just for today I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing. –Reiki  Healing Motto



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