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  Labyrinth Walking Transmissions

You  tap into the powerful vibrational Seed Pattern of Feathered Serpent Consciousness when you walk our 7 Circuit Crystal Labyrinth or 5 circuit Dragon Spiral while intoning the Fire Letters during Transmissions .  To connect with the Divine Energy you have to be able to closely match the high vibrational frequency. Thus, the more you increase your frequency, the clearer your connection will be. It is very similar to tuning your radio dial. You have to match your frequency with the desired radio station frequency or you will only hear static until the frequencies comes within range. Labyrinth Walking while intoning the  Fire Letter Mantra is one way to raise your vibration during a Fire Letter Attunement.  

Special Christ Consciousness Energy
Our labyrinths have been intuned with the Christ Conscious Vibrational Seed Pattern unique to the 7th Planetary Gateway and the Head of the Dove.  called Feathered Serpent Consciousness  . This means that when Labyrinth Walking you have a DSL Line to a Sirius and can easlily download information, key or codes assisting you on your spiritual path. Sirius is the home of Ascended Masters White Lodge, Sirian Archangelic League of Light , Sacred geometry, Melchizedek Conscious and the Avatar Golden Dolphins.  They are members of the Galactic Federation of Light. The Galactic Federation of Light was founded over 4.5 million years ago to prevent inter-dimensional dark forces from dominating and exploiting this galaxy.

A huge Cypress Tree has been incorporated into the Labyrinth design that is energically linked into the El Tulle Tree in Mexico.  The Tulle Tree, or El Árbol del Tule, is a Montezuma cypress tree on the grounds of a church in Santa María del Tule in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. It measures more than 119 feet around but is only 116 feet high. It's believed that the Tree is about 2000 years old. Local legend holds that the Tree was planted 1,400 years ago by a Aztec priest connected to Atlantis and underneath the Tree is buried the heart of the Ancient God Feathered Serpent.  In 1987, the heart awakened and the Tree now radiates Cosmic Feathered Serpent Christ Consciousness vibrations out through its astral leaves and sends it around the planet.   Our Cypress Tree Guardian is an active communication channel for the Christ Consciousness energy of the Southern Hemisphere that is vibrating from the El Tulle Tree in Mexico .

What is the History
Labyrinths may date back 4,000 years, though their origins are shrouded in mystery. During the middle ages, labyrinths were built in a number of large European churches so worshippers could make a symbolic "pilgrimage" to the Holy Land. The labyrinth on the floor of the famous Chartres cathedral in France was built in the year 1220.

Many religious traditions incorporate labyrinths. In Judaism, the Tree of Life, called the Kabbalah, takes the form of an elongated labyrinth. The Hopi medicine wheel is another example of a labyrinth. Labyrinths are being rediscovered and can now be found not only in places of worship, but also in retreat centers, hospitals, prisons, parks, airports and community centers. There are around 2,000 permanent labyrinths in the United States alone. Temporary and semi-permanent labyrinths may be laid out with stone, tape, fabric, sticks, chalk, plants, and many other materials.

One of the most commonly reproduced labyrinth designs is the 11-circuit labyrinth, which is named for the 11 circles that must be walked to reach the center. This is the design of the Medieval Labyrinth at Chartres cathedral. Other design types include Classical, Roman, and Contemporary.

Labyrinth Construction
These labyrinths were constructed on power spots that were located by using Dowsing rods to identify powerful ley lines or energy streams. Leylines  are currents of positive and negative energy that flows in a grid pattern around the planet . Any structure or being that this energy passes through will be affected such as humans, animals, plants underground streams and minerals. If we stand in one of these areas of high energy, we will be affected both physically and psychically. All Ley Lines meet at intersecting points, forming a matrix or grid across the body of the planet. These grid points, are the strongest “power spots” on Earth.  The Ancients were aware of this and so constructed Pyramids, Temples, Standing Stones, Stone Circles to align this energy with the Stars and Inner Earth. This alignment created dimensional gateways for beings to travel from other worlds.

Mapping the energy lines of our property made it possible to know where to go to access a burst of power.  We found that sitting on or within these areas was a great aid to meditation or contacting with Christ Consciousness or the Divine Feminine.  The radiating energy current amplifies a person's ability to make contact with other dimensions.

The labyrinths are  enhanced by a variety of crystals and gemstones that are located on the walking paths. Here you feel the energy of the crystals. Natural crystals and gemstones have been used throughout history for their healing properties. Warriors used crystals and gemstones on their armor. Healers made elixirs from natural crystals and gemstones. The same energy is found in Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Shamans, Native American Ceremonies, Churches, and Prayers. This unseen energy forms a halo around all matter, forms the matrix of all cells and tissues. This energy heals by tapping into the crystalline grid of the earth.

What does a Labyrinth Walk Involve?  
Labyrinth walking is generally used as a form of meditation. In fact, it is described by many as walking meditation. People walk through labyrinths to reach any number of goals, such as inner peace, heightened spirituality, personal insight, prayer, relaxation, stress relief, or just "letting go”. The labyrinth journey may represent pilgrimage, the seeking of inner wisdom, and other mysteries. Labyrinth walkers follow the labyrinth path from a specified beginning to a well-defined central area and back through the same path to the exit. They might pray, reflect on life, consider a particular problem, and let the mind wander, or seek spiritual guidance and unity as they move along the curving trail. Their aim is not to reach the finish, but to become immersed in all aspects of the walk, and potentially to experience some degree of personal transformation.

Metaphorically, labyrinths reflect the path of illness and recovery. Despite the many uncertainties and changes of directions, if we are diligent and stay the course, we will arrive at our goal. This is one of the most common insights reported by labyrinth walkers. For 30 years, Herbert Benson at Harvard University has championed the physiological benefits of meditation, which he calls the "relaxation response." He clearly shows that meditation slows breathing, heart, and metabolic rates, and lowers elevated blood pressure more effectively than drugs. As a form of walking meditation, the labyrinth produces the same verifiable results.

What is the evidence?

A recent article about the labyrinth at Mid-Columbia Medical Center in Oregon quotes CEO Mark Scott as stating that the labyrinth complements the use of chemotherapy and radiation in cancer treatment. In verification, a cancer patient agreed that walking the labyrinth gave her a sense of confidence and control over her treatment. Attitude towards one's treatment process (inner healing) has been shown to be a significant factor in the efficacy of that treatment (outer healing).

Three Rivers Community Hospital, also in Oregon, invites the local community to use their labyrinth. Programs have included a women's cancer support group, hospice butterfly release, survivors' labyrinth walk, holistic nurse’s retreat, candlelight memorial service, Spears Cancer Center walk, Day of Renewal walk, domestic violence awareness walk, Rotary Club walk, volunteer chaplaincy program, and more.

The labyrinth at California Pacific Medical Center is just outside the waiting room. Inside, there is a sign and brochures describing how to walk the labyrinth. Surgeons sometimes walk the labyrinth before performing an operation, to calm themselves. Nurses send anxious patients and family members to walk the labyrinth, reporting that they return more relaxed and focused.

Labyrinths can be used by both individuals and groups, either without guidance or as part of a specific program, such as dealing with AIDS, supporting the cancer journey, relieving grief or loss, or examining one's priorities. There is a portable canvas labyrinth in use at St. Luke's Hospital, St. Louis, MO.


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