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Stargate Labyrinth Walking

The labyrinth is an ancient form of walking while meditating and praying, and examples throughout history have been found in cathedrals, community buildings and gardens in its earliest form. One of the most familiar labyrinths in the world still exists on the floor of Chartres Cathedral, in Chartres, France, believed by many to have been created to symbolize a spiritual journey or pilgrimage.

There are many ways and reasons to walk a labyrinth - for prayer, centering, problem-solving, walking meditation, reflection, inspiration etc.  Everytime you walk, you should have a clear intention. Each walk should have a issue you would like to focus on such as releasing anger, mental clarity, manifestation, chakra balancing and upgrading, healing or anything else that would benefit you or the group you are walking with. Listed below are some of the themes for our Stargate Labyrinth Walks :

  • Transforming  your own destructive projections
  • Enhance inner strength and resolve
  • Establish balance when your feel off center
  • Expand consciousness and shifts to multi-dimensional awareness
  • Raise frequency to connect with spiritual guides 
  • Reduce fatigue by stimulating energy
  • Send positive energy to a specific person or persons in need.
  • Focus on a challenging short term or long term goal that you wish to accomplish.
  • Release negative emotions and visualize positive thoughts pushing them away.
  • Give yourself an energy boost by visualizing and calling in an Vortex Energy into your body
  • Focus on your chakra system for balancing and upgrading to the 5th Dimension Chakra System

We have constructed a labyrinth in a crop circle design on our 3.5 acres property as part of our Stargate Activation Program. This design joins together two sacred geometry designs with a energy pathway.  The three parts of the labyrinths make up a sacred geometry design similar to a crop circle that feeds into one another and energizes one another. Each design is connected to a different vibrational seed pattern. You may chose to walk one or all three parts of the Labyrinth during your Walk:

  • a Three Ring Dragon Spiral connected the Star Sirius, Christ center ET's, Ascended Masters, and 6th Dimensional Cities of Light
  • a 7 Circuit Pattern connected to the Crystalline Grid, the Unity Grid and 5thDimensional Inner Earth Cities of Light
  • the El Tulle Tree Energy Pathway connected to the Tree Spirit of the El Tulle Tree in Mexico

Multi-dimensional Portals for each labyrinths were identified by dowsing. Copper dowsing rods were used to identify the Grid Power Spots that run through our property and all of lower Cameron County land adjacent to a Valley Stargate.   The three Labyrinths were constructed by connecting the grid  power spots and then incorporating them into the design.

What are Grid Power Spots?
The Stargate Labyrinth power spots are formed on the point of intersection of the "Head of the Dove Leyline"  with the major Dragon Leyline called Feathered (Plumed) Serpent  (see Richard Coon's map)  below that runs through the Palenque and El Tulle Planetary Gateway. These two leylines connect and energize  many ancient sacred temple sites with Crystalline Grid Energy.

These grid points, are the strongest “power spots” on Earth. All the Grid Ley Lines meet at intersecting points, forming a matrix or grid across the body of the planet. Where these Leylines cross are major portals, vortexes and Stargates (dimensional doorways)  that connect to Inner Earth and other dimensional worlds, Stars and Planets in the Galaxy, Solar System and beyond. The Grid Power Spots on the Labyrinth let us open Stargates to work with multi-dimensional energy while walking the Labyrinth.

How do Grid Power Spots effect you?
When you walk the Stargate Labyrinth you can draw in all kinds of multi-dimensional energy including energy that is unique to the Head of the Dove Leyline that runs through Lower Cameron County. This leyline is a channel for Multi-dimensional Atlantean and Lemurian energy created by the "Head of the Dove Power Shift" in 2015.

What is the Head of the Dove Power Shift? During the Final Blood Moon on September 27, 2015 South Texas, Mexico and Central American newly awakened Atlantean and Lemurian Temples within the "Head of the Dove" were connected vertically and horizontally. This is called the "Head of the Dove Power Shift".  This event formed one South Texas-Mexico-Central America energetic leyline called the "Head of the Dove Leyline" (HODL). This leyline runs through and brings in energy from many important Lemurian and Atlantean Temple sites including:

  • the ancient pre-Incan city of Tiwanaku near the shores of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia that opens to Inner Earth.
  • Hitching Post of the Sun located in Machu Picchu, Peru,
  • the Temple of the Sun in Palenque located in the Yucatan region in Mexico,
  • the El Tulle Tree located in the church grounds in the town center of Santa María del Tule in the Mexican state of Oaxaca,
  • the Atlantean City of Seline under the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Bay
  • Tri Pyramid Complex at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas.

This ancient energy has the power to:

  • transmute negative energy and thoughtforms created by past emotional and physical trauma in this life or past lifes,
  • bring in a higher level of consciousness by awakening Star Codes that activates latent DNA.
  • upgrade your 3rd dimensional chakra system to a 4th and 5th dimensional system

The Stargate Labyrinth Process
The Stargate Labyrinth Process

Preparing for the Walk

Instruction Sheet:
Before the walk you will be given an "Instruction sheet"  with all the Fire Letter Mantras, Chakra Colors or any other visualization or vocalization you will be doing.   You will be carrying this sheet of paper during the Walk so you do not have to remember anything. Plus a Stargate Transmitter will be with you on the Walk leading you through each Stage.

Open Stargate
The Stargate Labtrinth Walks are your time to connect with the healing methods of Sirius Christed Center ET's. Every Stargate is connected to a special Star and Star family. For example Stargates located in Mt. Shasta, Calif. are connected to the Pleiadian Star Family.  If you are using one of Mt. Shasta Stargates you can easily connect to different healing modules of the Pleiadians.  Stargates located in Northern Mexico and Southern Texas are connected to the Sirius . Sirius is a blue white star in the heavens, home of Christ Consciousness,  Melchizedek Consciousness, and the "White Lodge" including Ascended Masters, Angelic Host,  Archangel Michael and the Blue Lightening Angels from the Legion of Light. The Sirius Star family includes crystalline and golden etheric dolphins of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light.

Before the Walk you will experience a Sirius Stargate Guided Visualization Stage 7 and Stage 8 to:

  • "Open the Sirius Stargate,
  • Connect to the Angelic and Star Family Communication Networks
  • Open 9 Dimensional Communication Portals
  • Connect directly with your Spirit Family (Angelic, Nature Spirit, Ascended Master Star Family and other beings). 

This visualization may be done in and around the Crystal Light Pyramid at the Center. This process allows you to receive messages and healing from your Spiritual Guidance Team during and after the Walk is over.  

Winged Sandals

Before a walk you may ask for the Winged Sandals. The Sandals are a gift from the Christ within you to help you take in and integrate the energy after the walk is over.  These Sandals keep you on the —spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical path that balances your personal karma and helps you to carry an increment of world karma, as Jesus did. The Winged Sandals bring in opportunities to unite with the Divine Spirit and your Higher Self. The Sandals have the magnetic power to attract the people, resources, and events that keep you moving forward on your life path. They give you the strength of perseverance, of patience, to find and walk the True Path to enlightenment. 

Fire Letter Mantra

Before the walk you will practice the   Fire Letter Mantra   with the Stargate Transmitter that will be leading the Walk. To connect with the other dimensional beings you have to be able to closely match their high vibrational frequency. Thus, the more you increase your frequency, the clearer your connection will be. Intoning a Fire Letter Mantra during a Labyrinth walk does this. The effect of the Mantra is very similar to tuning your radio dial. You have to match your frequency with the desired radio station frequency or you will only hear static until the frequencies comes within range.  The Mantra attunes you so can work on what you may call the Inner Planes. These planes are for transmuting negative energy, manifesting your desires and channeling information for guidance and enlightenment.

7 Circuit Pattern Labyrinth

The Chakra Labyrinth Walk brings in the energy to upgrade your chakra system to a 5th Dimensional Vibrational Seed Pattern.  Fifth dimensional chakras are an evolution of the better-known third dimensional chakras, which relate to your physical body. Many believe humanity is experiencing a shift in consciousness from the third dimension into the fourth and fifth dimensions of spiritual awareness.”

The 5 D System is also known as the Ascension Chakra System. The fifth dimension is the dimension of unity, called Feathered Serpent Consciousness. These chakras can connect you to energies from extremely high dimensions of reality. From the activation of these chakras you will eventually develop extremely powerful psychic powers, telepathy, and visions that  allows you to see into other cosmic dimensions and universes. All paradoxes are resolved at this level. All dualalites are understood. "me" versus "you" consciousness shifts into "we" consciousness, and issues of balance between male/female, light/dark, good/evil, and material/immaterial are all transcended. We base our actions entirely on Love, never fear.

The subtle energy centers used in the Stargate Labyrinth Walk is the same as the major chakras from the Hindu system and Energy Medicine. Each chakra center has a specific function, and the energy in each has a unique 'feel.' Each of the circuits in our 7 circuit labyrinth is related to one of the 7 major chakras in your body.  Below is a picture the rings you will be walking. You will be visualizing the 5th dimensional color associated with each chakra as you walk each labyrinth ring.

  •  1: Red Base Chakra
  • 2: Orange Sacred Chakra
  • 3: Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra
  • 4: Green Heart Chakra
  • 5: Blue Throat Chakra
  • 6: Indigo Third Eye Chakra
  • 7: Purple Crown Chakra
  • 8: White Soul Star

Energy Pattern

  • During the Labyrinth Walk you will be continually intoning Fire Letter Mantras to raise your vibration so you can easily assimulate the higher dimensional energy.
  • Clearing Negative Energy: As you walk each Ring into the center you clear each chakra center with violet fire.  You draw down Violet Fire from the 6th Dimensional City of Light, the Temple of Blue Flame. This part of the newly awaken ancient Atlantean City of Seline
  • You will let the Violet Fire flow through your crown chakra and descend down into each chakra corresponding to the Ring you are walk.
  • You will be visualizing a counter clockwise ball of violet fire in the center of each Chakra. This ball of violet fire is purging and clearing out negative energy as you walk. 
  • At the Center of the Labyrinth you will take a few moments to bathe your entire 4 body system with a pillar of violet fire .  
  • Bring in 5th  Dimensional Energy: As you walk out of the Labyrinth you will be balancing, aligning and upgrading your chakra system with 5th dimensional energy from the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light.
  • As you walk each Ring you will draw up a corresponding 5th Dimensional chakra colored ball of fire encoded with activation  keys and codes from the Inner Earth Crystalline City of Light called the Temple of Green Fire.   You will bring these 5th dimensional colored balls of fire through the soles of your feet and into each chakra. Visualize the balls of fire spinning in a clockwise direction in the Center of your chakra drawing in keys and codes to upgrade the chakra.

Before you exit
Before you exit you will recite out loud the following decree:

Recite Decree:
I now raise my vibrational frequencies within my physical, astral, mental, etheric and spiritual bodies to the 5th dimensional frequencies. I call forth the complete stabilization of my new fifth dimensional chakra system within my entire being. I now decree that the Archangel Michael, the Christ,, the Sirian Archangelic League of Light,  and the Great White Medical Assistance Team to send a vibrational seed pattern to each of my chakras that will perfectly balance and attune them to 5th dimensional frequencies. This process will remove any cords or unwanted energy that is not for my highest good. Take 15 seconds for each chakra to be balanced. 

 Now exit the Three Ring Dragon Spiral

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The Cosmic Christ Consciousness Connection

Above is a picture of  El Tulle Tree in Mexico

Our second Labyrinth is called The El Tree Energy Pathway. This is a short straight walking path leading to a large Montezuma Cypress.  The Tree is energetically connected to a Montezuma Cypress called El Tulle or El Árbol del Tule located on the grounds of a church in Santa María del Tule in the Mexican state of Oaxaca.  This energy link with the El Tulle Tree allows the Labyrinth Tree to receive and transmit activation codes for awakening a unique form of Cosmic Christ Consciousness. The El Tulle Tree in Oaxaca radiates a special form of White Gold Fire called Mahatma  out through its astral leaves and sends it around the planet.  The White Gold Fire brings in a new Cosmic Christ Consciousness that accelerates the ascension of Mother Earth and all sentient beings on Earth. You can take in this powerful Gold White Fire  by "Tree Hugging"  during a your Energy Walk.

Hugging the El Tulle Tree

During "Tree Hugging"  you will warp your arms around the Tree and have your third eye chakra and heart chakra laying flat on the tree truck. The chakras should be in direct contact with the tree truck so you can take in the tree's energy. You will activate the Spirit of Christ within the Tree and than bring the Spirit of Christ from the Tree into your physical body through your third eye chakra and heart chakras.  Once the “Christ Merging Process"  is completed you will stop "Tree Hugging" as you now have the Spirit of Christ within your physical body.

Next, you will carry on a two way conversation with the Christ by the Overshadowing  process.   If you need information regarding your personal life, healing or a problem issue that you feel needs extra attention now is the time to ask the Christ. You can receive information about an issue or on your life mission, spiritual development, karmic or past life information.

After your conversation is over the Christ within your heart, will send energy to your thrid eye to create the Light Warrior Helmet around your head. The Helmet assists you in developing the "Mind of Christ" that protects you against negative thought forms and entities trying to influence and control your energy  It helps you to do the right thing, at the right time, with the right people, in the right place, for the right reason.

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The ET Connection
The ET Connection

Intuition and psychic development are not gifts but abilities which are latent within us all. They can be developed through spiritual practices. During your Three Ring Dragon Spiral Walk you will awaken these abilities by working with the Etheric Dolphins of the Sirian Archangelic League of Light. The Etheric Dolphins will connect you to the 50 foot Emerald Crystalline Pyramid of the   Inner Earth Temple of Green Fire.   The Temple's Crystalline Emerald Pyramid of Light will surround you in a Green Fire Healing and Cellular Clearing Cocoon to re-align your 4 body system as much as possible with your original DNA Template and throw off all and any distortions and alterations in your DNA Genetic Key patterns. The Cocoon brings in DNA Activation Keys from the are part of Temple's "DNA Data Base'" located in the Emerald Crystalline Pyramid.

Bring Your Crystal

The labyrinth is enhanced by a variety of petrified wood, crystals and gemstones that are located on the walking paths. Here you feel the energy of the crystals. Natural crystals and gemstones have been used throughout history for their healing properties. Warriors used crystals and gemstones on their armor. Healers made elixirs from natural crystals and gemstones. The same energy is found in Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Shamans, Native American Ceremonies, Churches, and Prayers. This unseen energy forms a halo around all matter, forms the matrix of all cells and tissues. This energy heals by tapping into the crystalline grid of the earth.

While you walk the Labyrinth you may wish to carry your crystal.  Quartz crystals can create altered states of consciousness and serve as vehicle for both reaching and utilizing the talents and abilities of the mind. The quartz crystal can produce a force field of healing negative ions while clearing the surrounding atmosphere of positive ions. The natural tendency of quartz is for harmony. Traditionally the natural quartz crystal was said to both harmonize and align human energies: thoughts, consciousness, and emotions- with the energies of the universe. The quartz crystal can be used to facilitate both speaking with and receiving information from your spiritual guidance team during the walk.


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