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Dancing Bear Labyrinth & Drumming Circle

Anytime is an opportune time of the month for purge ceremonies. The light of the Sun gives light to those things that are  interfering with your material or spiritual advancement. Once we become aware of the things that are blocking us, we can let them go. This ceremony is for releasing or purging the things in our lives that no longer serve us such as addictions to food,drugs, sex, letting go of the suffering from hurtful relationships, releasing physical and emotional pains etc.

Format of Our Drumming Circle

Step 1: Shamanic Cleaning & Opening
Cleanse the sacred area with opening four directions, copal smudging. Invite your guides,angels, masters or teachers to be at your side throughout the ceremony.

Sitting in a circle a protection meditation is done. We visualize a circle or pillar of white light- This is spiritual protection coming down from the heavens encircling this "Circle". It is forming a protective Pillar of Light. See the Pillar of Light - glowing and radiant. Feel the Pillar of Light you are safe and secure. Breathe in the Pillar of Light...  You are filled with the light . We invoke the Pillar of Light. Guide us. Shield us and protect us. See and feel everything around you safe and protected.

We ask for the blessing of this circle for the spiritual evolution of our physical body, minds, spirit and soul.  We intend that everything that needs to be known is known here today, and that we are all guided, guarded and protected at all times.

We intend that all messages we receive and we send are clear, precise, uplifting, and helpful.  We intend that any signs, visions or intuitive hunches received today are made easy for us to recognize and are given to us in such a way that they are unmistakable to us.

We ask that you help in bringing our intentions and visions into manifestation in great measure but only if this will serve the highest and best good of the Universe, our higher self and everyone... everywhere

Step 2: Intention 
Write Down Gratitude's : Intention work best when they are combined with feelings of the heart. We need to get into our heart center when we send out our intentions. Write down one or two things that the Universe has given to you that you are grateful for.  Since it is important that you FEEL gratitude or love. In this light, write down something you can remember the feeling of love or caring about.  For example, you might be grateful for your wife or mother.  Alternatively, you may focus on a feeling of appreciation for someone or something positive in your life. Try to write down something that you have strong feelings about, what is important in this step is that you can write down something that you can experience the feeling. This isn't just mental visualization-picturing something in our minds. For instance you may picture your last vacation in Hawaii to trigger a positive feeling, But the question is What did it feel like , not (or not just), What did  it look like. This step is intended to evoke the feeling memory.


Write down on separate slips of paper the things you want to release or change in your life. A "talking stick" around the circle, giving each person an opportunity if they desire to speak about what their Intentions.  If one does not feel moved to share they may pass on this as well.The intention process is just about as simple at it can be. All you have to do is say "I intend and then follow it up with whatever it is that you desire. It could be anything. Remember to always include "if it serves the highest and best good of the universe, me and everyone everywhere".  Therefore we have invoked the "Highest Good" and we "So be it and so it is".

The sending of the intentions involves everyone in the circle. At the end of the intention the speaker asks the group if they agree. Everyone says "yes" if they agree with the intention. The Speaker says "So be it". The group says "It is done"

  • Are you in agreement? (The Speaker)
  • Yes (The Group) 
  • So be it (Speaker)
  • It is Done (The Group)

Step 3. Labyrinth Walking with Intentions

1.Entering Purgation (Release).
As one enters the labyrinth reflect on what you to release to God and all the gratitude you wrote down. Get into your heart . Pray for release of your fears, blockages, and resistances. This is the emptying phase. Pray for release as you journey in toward the center. "I let go and let God.". Focus on  our breathing, and open your heart to God. Pace yourself in prayer. Walk, skip, run, dance or crawl as the Holy Spirit is with you.

2. Illumination: Center (Connect)
When one reaches the center, this is a time for listening and receiving any messages, answers, comfort, prayers, and inspiration. Pray for illumination in the center of the labyrinth.  Later, in the nights and days to come, you may come to know consciously God's messages for you that you received in the center of the labyrinth. Stay as long as you are called to be in the center praying for illumination. "Breathe on me breath of God; fill me with life anew."

3. Integrating on the Walk Back : (See it as happening NOW)
On the return path know that God has healed you...See yourself perfect...healed.. thanking God. See yourself living your dream.  If one has had a thought or an answer or inspiration...this is the time, on the walk back out, to integrate the experience and relate it to one's life.

 Upon completion of the walk, many people like to write or draw or journal their thoughts. Bringing paper and pen is a good idea. At any stage of the walk one can "receive" or "integrate" or "release". Remember, there are no rules on how to walk a labyrinth. It is a personal experience for everyone.

Click here to find out more about the Labyrinth

Step 4.  Fire Ritual 
One by One,  read out the words you have written on each slip of paper. Set your intention to release the item/addiction/attitude from your life.. Just toss the slips of paper into the fire one by one. If things are too personal to read out loud, read them silently to yourself. Just remember our words have power. So you should say "Be Gone" audibly and loudly.

5. Start Drumming and Chanting
Drumming Circle consists of chants, toning, crystal and brass singing bowls, rattles and chimes.  We will sing some of the chants from CD's, and learn new ones. Bring a chant to share if you desire. Bring your drum or rattles and other instruments. We will have extra to share. You are welcome even if you don't think you can sing or haven't ever been to a drum circle. Come share your energy and be part of this healing event.


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