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My Greatest Guru - Sabra



I never thought of animals as being equal in consciousness to humans.. until I became friends with Sabra and joined the wolf pack. It is threw the eyes and heart of a wolf that I came to understand what unconditional love is. If unconditional love is God, than the wolf knows God and walks with God everyday of their lives.


 By living, sleeping, playing and working with the wolf pack I realized how inadequate my concept of love, friendship and community really was. Sabra loved me in a way I always dreamed my soul mate would love me. It was matter how grumpy I was or what horrible thing I had done that day she was there for me. Everyday she greeted me with those amber eyes that said I was the most wonderful person she knew. Her compassion and love touched me at the core of my being. 


Sabra was the Alpha female, Queen of the pack. All the other wolfs would pay homage to her. They would crawl on their bellies until they were right in front of her. Then they would give her loving kisses of respect and honor. In return, she would kiss then back.  Wolfs have this mouthing custom; they greet each other by licking inside the mouth. It is like they are French kissing each other. It is amazing to watch. The genuine care, love and respect for each other is apparent.


It has not always been easy living with the wolf pack. Daily they exhibited the critical thinking skills of at least a 7 year old. They can open doors, plot revenge, throw temper tantrums, engage in gang warfare, steal your tools and put them away for safe keeping .to mention a few.  For example, one day Robyn and I arrived home to notice the back door open. I thought to myself who would dare be brave or crazy enough to break in with 19 Wolfs in the Yard. As I entered the house I notice empty food cartons scattered everywhere and there they were... The whole pack having a grand old party...

Taking all the food out of refrigerator and also the freezer...


I could not help myself but laugh at the site of this Grand Wolf Pack Party they where having...

I could not even bring myself to be angry.....For when they saw us, they brought us food .to share with them....together we had a Grand Feast ...I will remember this for ever....especially the smiles and all the happiness we were having with the occasion.



Recently my beloved Sabra past to the other side.  She died of cancer. One day...I notice a lump on Sabra breast...I took her to the Vet...he took x-rays and blood samples....and told me the sad news, that Sabra had cancer. It had spread thru out her body. The Vet said that since her immune system was strong we should consider doing Chemo.  I had talked to several people...who had pets with cancer. The pet owners, who had done Chemo and Surgery, reported they would not go that path again.


They would let their pet go peacefully into the night. Robyn and I did not want Sabra to suffer. We did not believe in the current approach to cancer. In the future...Doctors may look back at Chemo as being as primitive a treatment as using leeches was in the dark ages...


I told the Vet that I needed to look at other alternatives and brought Sabra home. I remember, she was so happy to leave the Vet's office and to get back in the car. Sabra loved to sit in the front seat...look at all the cars speeding around her.All you had to say to her is ... "Lets Go Bye Bye"...she would get so excited...that she would almost knock you down


In the end we did what we could to make her last days more comfortable. We put her on special food to strengthen her immune system and make her body more alkaline, we did Reiki Healing daily, sent Christ consciousness healing energy to her, and feed her glucose tablets when she stopped eating. But God's plan for her was set in motion....the divine spirit was calling her home. I could not bring myself to put her to sleep. No matter how bad she was feeling on that day, she always had a smile and a kiss for me. For days she would not eat....then I would buy either roasted chicken from HEB or smoked turkey from Rudy's and she would be up running again. But the cancer kept eating away at her...she was getting thinner and her last day...she began to have mild seizures.


I know Sabra was a reincarnated spiritual master on the road to ascension. During the last days, she would lay at our 7 feet Temple Statue of Shiva. Day in and day out, she would be at Shiva feet as if she was preparing for the cross over.


On the day of her death,  she kissed my hand as if to say "Good Bye" and  she looked at me...I felt as she was telling ‘s OK...I Am going Home...I will be their for you ...protecting you ... when it is your time to take the Great Journey back to GOD. She proceeded to walk to our temple Statue of Buddha, took a few deep breaths and died at Buddha's feet. This was very appropriate since Buddha message was that all creatures are created equal and have the right to life, liberty and the purist of happiness.


I realized that Sabra was not just a dog, she was my friend, who shared my spiritual path and taught me one of the most important spiritual secrets.she taught me about unconditional love. If God is unconditional love, then Sabra was his/her finest Guru. No human could have taught me this secret; I had to learn it from an animal. Thank you Sabra for bring me closer to God.


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