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Esoteric Christianity refers to the study of the  mystic esoteric knowledge related to the inner teachings of Christianity. The term is generally associated with the Essenes and later the Rosicrucians. In esoteric Christianity, the religion of the Christ is taught as a mystery religion. Esoteric Christianity views “salvation” as a stepping stone to greater truths. The Christian should not be satisfied with just being “saved” but with being “enlightened” and reaching “spiritual liberation.” Esoteric Christianity promotes introspection with the goal of attaining the knowledge of Self. Repentance, to an Esoteric Christian, is the “turning in” of one’s thoughts toward oneself and away from the world. Esoteric Christianity also embraces  astral projection and reincarnation. Promoters of Esoteric Christianity contrast themselves with those they call “Exoteric Christians”; the difference is that esotericists focus on inner religion and exotericists focus on outer religion.


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