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Stargate Activation Water

General Information

Planetary  Activation Water (PAW) impacts the energy field,sensory system and the central nervous system and corrects imbalances on the physical, emotional, mental and soul levels. By working with the enclosed Activation program, you are more able to release blockages, heal your body, mind and spirit.  .

PAW Program re-structures your body at the sub-atomic level. Your body's vibrations is brought into resonance with the universal healing current by using sacred geometry, divine sound, and divine intention. PAW transmutes negative vibrations into positive ones, and enhances the radiance of your aura (the living electro-magnetic field within and around your body).  Slow frequency negative vibrations are transmuted (dissolved) to a higher, safer frequency. This process is called "stepping up".

Also PAW helps you to receive divine energy.  High frequency Cosmic energies are "stepped down" to a comfortable personal vibration, so you can absorb the divine healing energy more easily.  As the divine energy flows through your body, you feel connected with your higher self and in tune with the universe.

In general this program supports the removal of all things that are no longer needed and/or of service to the individual.  It helps to open us up, so the Divine Energy can cut away what is outdated and hindering one's health, well being and growth. This powerful program works on all levels of consciousness. When used as instructed it can clear, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and put your energy bodies in a state of alignment.  The regular use of PAW can clear the physical form of ailments and disease.   This program increases clarity, peace and sense of lightness and joy.  As old negative energy is cut away, the result is freedom.

What is PAW Water?
The Planetary Activation Water consists of

Distilled Water + Intentions+ Sound Frequencies + Sacred Geometry+ Meditation. 

First and Second Days are design to amplify healing energies of the Earth. Thses procedure allows the water to absorb energy of the Planetary Gateway 7 World Inner Balance and Androgeny Vortex.

First Day

  • The Holy Water is energized by Fire Letter Transmitters attached to outside of water bottle to bring in specific frequencies of Light, Love and Healing . (Based on research of Dr. Masura Emoto "Messages in Water"). Bottle of Water is attuned with Earth Planetary Tuning Fork.
  • The Water is a placed on a Sacred Geometry Energy Enhancer  under the Russian Style Crystal Light Pyramid for 24 hours. Stargate is opened and Pyramid is connected to Angelic Host and Star Being Communication Network. Call Spiritual Guiance Team to help energize water including the Christ, Archangel Michael, and the Holy Spirit Fohat.

Second Day:

  • Water is attuned with Earth Planetary Tuning Fork and placed in the Center piont of the 7 circuit  labyrinths for 24 Hrs. Stargate is opened and Labrinth is connected to Inner Earth Communication Network. Call in Spiritual Guidance Team of including Elhimn, Devas, Elements, Nature Spirits and Fairies.

Third Day

The Water is a placed under the Giza Style Crystal Light Pyramid for 24 hours. Stargate is opened and Pyrmid is and connect to Angelic Host and Star Being Network.  Spriritual Guidance team called including Diriran Archangelic Leaqu


Spray the PAW Elixir around your body and aura.  Follow the instructions in the  PAW Meditation Booklet. This booklet  outlines techniques developed by Avatar Bruno Groening to open you to the Divine Energy frequencies. This meditation amplifies and clears your energy as it flows through your body circuits.  Every time you do this meditation, your connection to the divine current will become stronger, your emotions will become more stable and your awareness of the divine or spiritual side of life increases.  

You can read more on Bruno Groening on

Overview of  Activation Process

During this activation process you may wish to ask Bruno Groening to help you to maintain a strong connection to the Divine Force. Just as a telephone operator keeps the line open for a long distance call, Bruno can help you to maintain a open line to download the Divine Healing Power.

Planetary  Activation Water Program (Based on the Teachings of Bruno Groening)

  • State your intention to heal yourself or another physical, mentally, emotionally, spiritually financially or any other problem that needs to be resolves.
  • Call in Jesus Christ, Bruno Groening and Father/Mother God or any other spiritual guides or masters that you feel represent Divine love, power and healing.
  • Wait a minute now as you feel or sense your connection to these spiritual beings. You may experience a slight buzzing sensation in your ears to let you know the connection is firm, or you may feel a slight tingling sensation at the top of your head or at the back of your neck as the healing is being activated. Or you may feel a warm, light feeling These are your experiences and they will be different and unique to each of you.
  • Please take a bottle of the PAW  and spray about 1/4 to 1/3 cup from the bottle as it corresponds to this process. As you spray the water, understand that you are being transformed through water, sound and divine love. Think about your connection to the water element. Send loving energy to the water, think or say:   " I love you water for helping me heal and giving me help" ,"I Thank you water for your healing and help","When we become one, I will take care of you water" I thank God and the Angels for this water and ask them to bless it as I drink.
  • Now bring your focus to your breathing.  The tuning in process is similar to entering a meditative state.
  • You first relax your body and then try to clear your mind of all distracting thoughts. Bring your attention into your body and connect with it there. Do not focus on any one particular part of the body, but instead focus on its entirety
  • Bruno felt that the position of your body was also important. If possible, he recommended people sit up with their back as straight as possible.
  • Your hands should rest in your lap palms up.
  • The most important part is to make sure that neither your arms nor your legs are crossed in any way. He likened the human body to a battery. If the arms are crossed it can cause an electrical short in the upper body and if the legs are crossed it can cause a short in the lower body. If you are not able to sit up, you can lay down. Just make sure your palms are up and no limbs are crossed. And most importantly relax. Check in with your breathing once in a while and make sure that you are taking nice cleansing deep breaths. Don't try to hold your breath or unnaturally slow it down
  • You should download the holy stream for at least 15 minutes or more.

PAW is great for plants and animals.  Please keep the water away from microwaves, televisions, computers and cell phones. All of these energy sources harm the structure of the water as shown in Dr. Masura Emoto's photographs.


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