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After the Transmission: Working with your SGT

This section is based on research done by Richard Webster "Spirit Guides & Angel Guardians ,Contact Your Invisible Helpers, (1-56718-795-1, 368 pp.)

Most people expect to see or hear Jesus Christ or Spiritual Helpers using their eyes and ears. In fact, this is a rarity.  Spiritual helpers communicate with us through telepathy or spiritually. Therefore, we need to develop our spiritual vision to see it clearly. Often messages come through as a faint, feeling or intuition. Many times a message from Jesus Christ, the Angels or the Divine Spirit will seem exactly like a thought and only later you will realize it was from the Divine Spirit. If you are not open to receding messages from the Divine Spirit it will remain unheard.

Perceiving the Unseen

If the Divine Spirit can assist us in every endeavor, why can't we perceive it? Why can some people communicate with the Divine Spirit when others can't?

The answer to these questions are as varied as the individual who ask them. Some people have shut the door to the spiritual plane. Others may not recognize contact with the realm. Individuals often are unprepared to perceive spiritual beings. In the western world because the fundamental religious background, spiritual beings are often treated as being evil or dangerous.

Our society is very rationalistic. Anything that is not immediately verified is either ignored at or scoffed at. This includes the perception of other realms and dimensions of life.

Many times there is contact with the Divine Spirit but we don't recognize it for what it is. The Divine Spirit can come to us through any of our sensory organs. We may physically see it as actual beings, colors, images or even symbols. It can be seen physically or intuitively. This will vary according to the development level of your psychic ability.

Many individuals experience the spirit through a sense of smell. If the Divine Spirit is manifesting as the Archangel Michael, the individual will smell rosemary, frangipani, and wisteria.

Finding the Divine Spirit through Tools

The Pendulum

Pendulums have been used for thousands of years-at least since Roman times, when they were used to forecast battles. A pendulum is a small solid object suspended from a chain or cord. Many people use wedding rings suspended from a length of cotton. The cord is held between the thumb and first finger of the hand. If you are right handed, use your right hand. If your left handed use your left.

Start by holding the weight to stop the pendulum from swinging. Ask it which movement indicates "yes". Let go of the weight and see what the pendulum does. It will move in one of four ways. It may go from side to side, or towards or away from you. It may also move in a circular direction, either clockwise or counterclockwise.

Once you have the moment for "yes" you can ask which directions indicates "no". This still leaves two directions. You can use one for "I don't know" and the other for " I don't want to answer"

For work with the Divine Spirit, start out by asking if the divine spirit is there. If the answer is positive, you can start asking questions. I prefer to ask the questions out loud, as it forces me to frame my request in the form of a question.

The major disadvantage of the pendulum is that, if your emotionally involved in the outcome, it will give you the answers you want. In these cases, you will get more accurate results by asking someone who has no emotional involvement in the outcome to hold the Pendulum and ask the question .

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is a means of communication using a pen and paper. The pen moves over the page directed by a power other than the conscious mind of the person holding it. You must relax and sit in a comfortable chair with your writing arm creating a ninety-degree angle at the elbow. The hand holding the pen or pencil should be comfortably resting on the paper. It is worth mentioning that some people have better responses using the hand that they normally do not write with. Say a prayer to ask the Divine spirit to be with you.

Write down a question you want answered.

After a while, the hand holding the pen will start to move. Resist the temptation to look at what is happening. Automatic writing is unconscious writing and any conscious interest will destroy the flow.

You may be fortunate and find that you start writing in sentences and words. Most people start by drawing circles and ellipses. It makes no difference what your hand draws. As long as it creates something. However, you will on occasion, produce nothing, even after you have been doing it successfully for several months. Do not worry about this. Simply stop and try again at another time.

Practice regularly and your ability will increase. You will quickly find that your hand is moved by an outside power. You will be able to in this way for hours. Some people can do automatic writing while watching TV. If you practice this long enough you will find that the answers come into your head before the pen writes. Soon you will not need the pen. This is a good training for direct contact with the spirit.

Finding the Divine Spirit Through Intuition- *Sensing the Spirit

Find a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. Disconnect the phone. Ask your family not to disturb you. Sit or lie down . You may want to cover yourself with a blanket, because many people's body temperature goes down during this process.

Close your eyes and take yourself through a progressive relaxation. It does not matter how you do this as long as you relax. One method is to take deep breaths and imagine yourself sitting on a sand dune above the ocean. There are ten steps leading down to the ocean. Double your relaxation with breath each breath and step you take down to the water.

Next spend a few minutes releasing any negative thoughts or feelings. Then spend some time to feel the warmth of the sand on your feet and legs. Feel the gentle breeze as it caresses your body. Listen to the sea gulls and the sound of waves breaking on the beach. Smell the clean, salty air. Sense God's unconditional love all around you.

Experiencing the SPIRIT

Some experience the Divine Spirit through the sense of touch. When we contact with the Divine Spirit, it may tough us with its energy. We might feel a tingle on the arm. We may feel the warmth or coolness encircle us. Our head may feel like a fly is walking across it. We may feel the urge to scratch an area of the body repeatedly. You can even direct the spirit to touch you in specific place and manner that you will always be able to identify that it is with you.

After a few minutes , some people experience a tingling sensation in the small of their back. It rises up the spine into the neck. This is an indication the divine spirit is present.

You may experience something completely different. You might have a sudden sense of knowing that the spirit is present or perhaps a tingling sensation in your toes or fingers. You may suddenly feel a sense of warmth or security, , similar to the feeling you had when you were a child with your mother. You may feel a gentle touch on your shoulder or some other part of your body. The response may be an emotional one, with great feeling welling up inside of you. You may have the urge to laugh or cry , or do both. You may feel a sensation of wonderful love pervading every cell in your body.

It makes no difference what feelings or emotions you experience. You will suddenly become aware that the spirit is there with you. Approximately 35% of the people I have worked with sense the spirit on the first attempt. The others had to practice this exercise several times. There are a number of reasons why spirit can not be felt immediately. You may be tired, or stressed, or overly anxious. You might feel skeptical about the whole experience. You might have your mind on other things.

Hearing the Spirit

We may hear the spirit as well. This can be internal, as well as external. Often those who are beginning to hear the Divine Spirit will hear soft buzzing, whispers, ringing, pops and cracks that cannot be explained through physical problems or the house settling etc. Eventually the sounds become distinct voices.

It is not unusual for individuals who are developing their channels to the Divine Spirit to awaken at night thinking they heard someone in the room or in the home.


You may experience the divine sprit in your dreams. This is very common. Place a notebook beside your bed so you can write down everything you remember as soon as you wake up.

While your lying in bed waiting for sleep, think about different questions you want to ask the divine spirit. Formulate one question. Then picture a Divine light from Heavens enfolding you and ask the Divine Spirit to protect you during the night and give you a answer to your questions. Once you have done this relax and go to sleep confident that your question will be answered. Usually the answer will pop into your mind as soon as you wake up. However it may occur later in the day. Do not be concerned if it takes longer than this. If you do not get a answer, ask the question again using the same method. It is important you really believe you will receive a answer. IF YOU DOUBT IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.

Sometimes the Divine spirit will express it self telepathically.

Sometimes a message will simply appear in your mind.

Using complementation is another way to connect to the Divine spirit. This is similar to mediation, but in this case you are trying to still your mind completely to allow any messages from the Divine Spirit to flow into your consciousness. In mediation we focus on a specific mantra or phrase. In this technique we focus on nothing at all. To practice this technique use some deep breathing and relaxation techniques. Tell your mind to be still. The first few times you try this your mind may wander and thoughts pop in and out. However with practice you should be able to hear an inner voice that you can have a conservation with.

Some people communicate with the Divine spirit through physical things. A friend of mine can receive messages through a personal effects (rings, watch, bracelet) This is an example of psychometry.

Coincidences and Synchroneity

Some time ago I was working on a metaphysical paper and was having a problem understanding a certain concept. I had a feeling to turn on the television and a program came on with one discussing the very subject I was having problems with. Likewise, I was looking for a certain proverb, and had gone through all of my books and couldn't find it. The next day a friend came over and gave me a book she felt I should read and the proverb was in the book. Once you start looking for instances like this you will find that many apparent coincidences are the results of the Divine spirit.


Creating the Divine Spirit

1. Take the phone off the hook and close the blinds or curtains.

2. You may wish to burn incense and/or light four white candles. If you use candles, place one in each of the four directions and sit in the middle. If it makes you more comfortable play some meditation music. It is not a good idea to play recognizable songs or an album of one of your favorite singers, because these are likely to be distracting.

3. Wear loose fitting clothing

4. Sit or lie in a comfortable chair. A recliner is perfect. A bed is usually not a good idea, as you do not want to fall asleep .

5. Once your comfortable, close your eyes. Allow your muscles to become as relaxed as possible.

One method is to tense all the muscles in one arm, then let go and allow them to relax. Continue with each arm and each of the legs and then tell your body, neck and head to relax.

Another method is to extend your arms in front of you , take a deep breath and count backwards five to one as you exhale. When you reach "one" let your arms drop loosely into your lap and say to yourself , "relax.

6. Become aware of the stillness and quietness around you. Go through your entire body mentally to see if you are completely relaxed. If any part is not relaxed, focus your energies on it and tell it to relax.

7. Once you are relaxed, picture the back of your right hand in your imagination. If you are left handed, picture your left hand. Mentally turn the hand over so you can see the palm vividly in your mind's eye. Picture the main lines and tiny ridge pattern.

Turn the hand over, focus on your thumb nail. Allow the thumbnail to fill the Picture in your mind completely. This nail will be the screen on which you project your thoughts.

8. Picture in your mind the Divine Spirit. We all have different pictures of the Divine Spirit: White light, Energy, Jesus, Mary, Angels, or Archangels (Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Urial) Use your imagination and let the inner mind conjure up a picture for you.

This may not be easy to do at first, and you are likely to find your mind wandering off. When you find this happening, simply visualize your thumb nail again and then picture your concept of the Divine Spirit. It is important that you stay relaxed. Our minds are inclined to wander so don't get upset when this happens. Simply go back and visualize your thumb nail again.

9. Once you have an impression of the divine spirit. It is time to turn this picture into a thought form. Let the picture of the divine Spirit disappear and be replaced by an image of your thumbnail. Once you can clearly see your thumbnail , switch back, as quickly as you can, to the image of the divine spirit. Do this several times. You will find that it will become faster and easier each time you do it.

10. At this stage you start to invest the image of the divine spirit with emotion. Think of a particular happy time in your life, when you felt yourself surrounded by security and love. If you have never experienced these feelings in your own life, simply imagine what it must be like. Allow these feelings to surround you completely , so your entire being is enveloped with the energy of pure love.

With these strong emotions pervading your being, visualize the divine spirit again. Because of the practice you had switching at the previous stage, this should be easy to do.

Again, do this several times. . Allow the picture of the divine spirit to fade and replace with the feelings of perfect love. When they completely surround you , switch back to a picture of the divine spirit. What we are doing here is imprinting the strong emotion of perfect love into our image of the divine spirit.

11. At this stage, simply observe your Divine spirit. You may find the picture becoming clearer in your mind. You might feel the Divine spirit reflecting love back to you. Your Divine spirit may start to take on life of its own.

12. In this final stage you set the divine spirit free to come and go as required. Your divine spirit has been constructed in a sense by your imagination and visualization, but you have added consciousness and love.

Become aware of your thumbnail again and gradually widen the view until you can see your hand clearly. Turn it over in your mind so that the palm is facing upward. Visualize the divine spirit standing or resting in the palm of your hand. Large or small the divine spirit can still fit in the palm of your hand.

In your mind, thank the divine spirit for being there. Surround the spirit with love and watch the love being absorbed. Finally , again in your mind, slowly bring your open palm up to your lips and blow gently. Watch the divine spirit lift off the palm of your hand and fly upwards.

13. Spend a few moments in quiet contemplation before returning to the everyday worlds. Come back slowly by counting one to five. When you reach five, open your eyes, stretch and when you feel ready get up

You may not be able to complete this exercise the first time. It makes no difference how long it takes; you will get further into the exercise every time you do it.

Working with the Divine Spirit

We can summon the Divine Spirit in many different ways. The first method uses a progressive relaxation technique. You may find it helpful to tape the following script so that you can simply close your eyes and listen.

"Take a nice deep breath in and gently close your eyes as you exhale. Allow a sense of relaxation to flow through every part of your body. Nothing needs to distract or bother you now as you drift into this pleasant world of total rest and relaxation.

Each breath you take makes you more and more relaxed. You feel the stress and tension fading away until you feel like a loose, limp rag doll.

Take another deep breath now,and as you exhale, feel the tension leaving every part of your head and face. It's a wonderful feeling to relax in this way.

Take another deep breath and as you exhale, feel the stress and tension leaving your neck. Its so comfortable and feels so good.

Take another deep breath, and this time, as you exhale, feel all the tension leaving your shoulders. Allow the tension to leave your arms, your hands, your fingers.

Each breath you take from now on will allow the stress and tension and strain to leave every part of your body. Feel it leaving your chest and stomach now. It feels so comfortable that you have no desire to move. You just want to enjoy the feeling of this wonderful relaxation as it spreads throughout your body, revitalizing every cell of your being.

Fell your legs relaxing now. The muscles in your thighs and calves are letting go now. Your feet and even your toes are relaxing more and more.

You feel totally relaxed, but you can go even deeper now. Feel a beam of energy go right through your body, starting at the top of your head and drifting down. Everywhere it finds tension or stress or strain or tightness it will focus on it and allow it to relax. Feel this beam of energy as it steadily examines and relaxes every part of your body.

Now you are relaxed, and every breath you take makes you more relaxed making you feel loose, limp and totally receptive to the words you are going to hear now.

To begin , in your mind's eye, imagine the most beautiful staircase in the world. You may be fortunate enough to have seen this staircase somewhere in the past. If so Picture it clearly in your mind. If you don't have an actual staircase in mind, simply imagine the most beautiful staircase you can.

Imagine what the bannister looks like as you rest your hand on it. Feel the texture of the carpet or cool marble beneath your feet. Imagine if the staircase goes straight down or has a graceful curve. Picture in your mind the beautiful room that it leads down to. You are about to go down that staircase now and a wave of excitement passes through you as you realize that you are about to see the Divine spirit.

Take the first step down the staircase now, and double your relaxation as you do so.

Double your relaxation again as you take another step. Keep doing this as you slowly descend the staircase.

Visualize yourself on the staircase as you head down to your meeting with the divine spirit.

Feel yourself reach the floor. Pause and look around. The room is the most magnificent you have ever seen . You might want to walk around and familiarize yourself with this fabulous room. Try sitting down in a comfortable chair and notice how you sink into the cushions. Feel the richness of the materials, the brocade and notice the gorgeous rich colors.

You feel so comfortable in this room . At the end is a large door. It is the most magnificent door you have ever seen. There is a name carved on the door- the name of your contact with the Divine spirit. You decide to go over and knock on this door, but as you do the door slowly opens and out comes the Divine spirit.

You greet the divine spirit in a manner appropriate to you. You find the spirit friendly, warm and loving. You enjoy a pleasant conversation and now ask your questions.

See yourself asking them and now see yourself hearing the replies.

And now the divine spirit is ready to leave. See yourself giving thanks and watching as the door slowly closes again. You are now alone once more in this beautiful room.

Sit down comfortably in one of the chairs and just allow your self to drift even deeper for a moment or two. (Pause)

And now it is time to return to your everyday life. On the count of five you will open your eyes feeling completely energized and revitalized. You will remember absolutely everything that happened and you will be ready to face the world again with increased confidence.

One gaining energy and feeling wonderful

Two. Feeling at peace with yourself and the world

Three Totally revitalized and full of energy.

Four. Aware of your special talents and abilities

And Five. Opening your eyes and feeling fantastic

You should write down your insights immediately after each session. After a while you will be able to speed things up by starting the relaxation from the top of the stairs. Later you will be able to just close your eyes, count from five and instantly be in the room. Later you will be inside the room within seconds.

Method Two

The second method is not as reliable as the first, but many people get good results with it.

Again sit back in a comfortable chair and close your eyes. Imagine the Divine Spirit as you understand it, standing in front of you. See if you can Picture it clearly in your mind. Once you have the image, Picture everything in detail. If you use the image of Jesus or an angel, look closely at their face and notice the love and tenderness. Look at the hair and clothes. See everything in full color. Notice the radiance surrounding the spirit.

Not everyone can visualize clearly, so may find it takes several attempt to get the results right. Once you see the image clearly, ask for whatever you need. Usually once the request is made the image will fade. Sometimes you may feel a slight pressure on your body, as if the Spirit is patting you before leaving. Say "Thank you", out loud, before the image fades.

Take a few minutes to come back to this reality and then open your eyes


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