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  How it Works...

This section takes you through the complete Stargate Transmission Process, step by step. You will learn how to set up your own Transmissions that you can do at home. Plus each step contains simple examples that you can use as a template for your own personal transmissions.   Below is a outline of the process to Design and Implement a Stargate Transmission. Links take you to  a detailed description of each Stage of the process. Pre-formated Protection, Alignment and Healing Transmissions are online and ready for you to try. There are also online samples of the most popular Decrees and Fire Letter Mantras ready to go.  These pre-formated Transmissions are provided so you can get started working with your Spiritual Guidance Team today.

Our Model was is based on K.I.S.S... Keep it Simple Stupid!!!

If your having problems gives a call and we will try to answer your questions. We want everybody to try this model no matter what level of "Awakening" you are at. It doesn't matter what books you have read, or what courses you have taken. Noah was not in a Mystery School when he received the Plans to build the Ark. Enoch was taken to Heaven not because of his intensive course work but because he "walked with God". It's not what you know but what you do and feel. All you need is a true heart and want to be of some service in the Divine Plan. 

We will be giving Transmission Classes at our Retreat Center with our two Crystal Light Pyramids to intensify the effect. If you wish to attend these classes just add you name to our contact list.

Note: One unique way to benefit from the healing energy of Transmissions is to make Crystal elixir waters with the crystals that you place around you during the Transmission.

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Stargate Transmission Process

   Stage 1: How to Define Problem

The first stage of working with Stargate Transmissions is to be able to correctly define the problem. Think about what you want to manifest from the energy released by the Name of God and Fohat Fire. You will be directing the energy towards a particular issue, problem or area of enlightenment. In many cases, when we encounter a problem that occurs repeatedly in our lives, we should be aware that there is a deeper reason for the phenomenon.

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  Stage 2: How to Select a Name of God
  • Begin by studying the chart of the Names of God to see what aspects of your life are in need of a spiritual boost. If you are spiritual attuned, you will automatically resonate with a particular name and meaning that your Higher Self knows is for your highest good and needs immediate attending to. 
  • Before you do a Transmission Session you should become familiar with the different Names of God, the color of the Letters, how to pronounce the name and their meaning.
  • After you have identified which Divine Name matches your desired outcome, copy the Name in Fire Letters on paper several times so you understand how the hebrew letters are formed.

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  Stage 2A: How to Use the Tarot Keys as Meditation Aid

After you have identified which name you wish to use as a Fire Letter Mantra in your Transmission, copy the name on paper several times so you understand how the hebrew letters are formed.  Sometimes it is hard to understand and visualize the meaning of Fire Letters that spell out the Divine Names. Unlike the English Alphabet, each Hebrew letter generates a specific quality of the Divine Spirit. Most methods for understanding the meaning of each Fire Letters comes from reviewing the Paths on Tree of Life and the Tarot Trumps . This is because an important part of activating a Fire Letter's power comes from Creative Visualization therefore we need some sort of visual focus. This visual focus is provided by the images of the Tree of Life and Tarot Trumps.

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  Stage 3: How to Develop a Decree

After you have defined the purpose or problem area and selected a God Name, the next step is to make it into a Decree that defines what you specifically wish to accomplish through the Transmission. For a Conference Call with your Spiritual Guidance Team you will need two Decrees: One to open up the Conference and a second to state the purpose of the Conference Call. Example of both of these Decrees are given in this section.

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  Stage 3A: How to Supercharge Decree

 Some of the Stargate Transmissions deal with a number of Multi-Dimensional outcomes. Before the desired physical results can manifest we will need to supercharge our decrees, fire letter mantras and words that we recite in the Transmission Re-framing Script.  This allows your spoken words to manifest on the physical plane quickly and with superpower.

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  Stage 4: Call in Spiritual Guidance Team

Each Stargate Transmission is overshadowed by your Higher Self and a Spiritual Guidance Team (SGT)  of Ascended Masters or by great Beings of Lights who will assist you in specific areas of your growth.  During the Transmission you choose and call in your Spiritual Guidance Team to help you solve whatever personal issue (emotional, mental, physical or spiritual) you wish to work on.  You can call in all or part of the members of the SGT that you work with daily or bring in a totally new members for this one problem.  In a Pre-formated Overshadowing the Angelic and Star Family Network have requested that special, extra members be included in the SGT that you have chosen.  These Guides have special abilities or knowledge related to the Pre-Formated Goal.

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  Stage 5 and 6: Energy Activation for Protection and Alignment

Stage 5 Protection and Stage 6 Alignment are key to the Overshadowing Process. Because the Overshadowing Process works on the subtle-energy bodies, the process can be limited by old energy blockages, emotions and other peoples energies you have taken on. Therefore it is essential that you first learn some basic psychic self care tools for Protection, Alignment and Grounding of your energy. You should do several of the Protection, Alignment and Grounding Exercises.   Let your intuition tell you which Energy Activation Exercises are right for you at this time.

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  Stage 7: Create a Communication Command Center

To be overshadowed by your Spiritual Guide Team you need to have a clear communication channel in your higher chakras called your Stargate Communication Command Center. You create the Command Center so you can  receive and transmit messages and energy automatically from higher dimensions. The Command Center is created by completing a Pre-formated Transmission that :

  • creates an Alignment with other Dimensions and Universes
  • opens 9 Dimensional Communication Portals along your Tube of Light that is connected to the Crown Chakra. 
  • blends the energy of your higher chakras to form a DSL line into other dimensions.
  • connect into the Unity Grid Communication Network

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  Stage 8: Open Stargate

Now your Stargate Communication Command Center is open and you will open the Sirius Stargate Portal. You will give the Decree and Fire Letter Mantra to open Stargate and your connection to the Angelic and Star Family Communication Network.

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  Stage 9: Fire Letter Attunement

To connect with the Name of God expressed in Fire Letters you have to be able to closely match the high vibrational frequency. Thus, the more you increase your frequency, the clearer your connection will be. It is very similar to tuning your radio dial to match the frequency of the desired radio station, you will only hear static until the frequencies comes within range. One way to raise your vibration is to do a Fire Letter Attunement.

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  Stage 10: Conference Call "What's the Problem? "

Now your ready to begin the conversation with your Spiritual Guidance Team(SGT). You will be having a conference call with your SGT.   During the call focus on a problem or issue that you want to transform or heal. Direct your attention to a symptom or problem that has been bothering you…your symptom can be a part of your body that needs healing, or a thought, feeling, or memory, maybe a physical or mental imbalance. Now begin to carry on a conversation out loud  with your SGT.

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  Stage 11: Conference Call "What's the Answer?"

After you have told your SGT all about your problems or situation in great detail, you will receive an answer.  Most people recieve verbal (audible) or Intuitive help via a Transmission Session. The answer you will receive from your SGT will most likely come in form of "Overshadowing".  Overshadowing creates a personal,  two way communication channel with your Spiritual Guidance Team.  This process allows your Spiritual Guidance Team to directly help you to work through negative situations and assists you in downloading a higher quality of healing energy.  Overshadowing is part of the Science of Impression,  whereby your  Spiritual Guidance Team (SGT) can manifest some (or all) of it's consciousness through you or me.  During the Overshadowing process you can receive messages, images and healings from your  SGT. 

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  Stage 12: Energize Drinking Water During Transmission

The Transmission teaches you how to send Multi-Dimensional Healing energy into your drinking water during a Transmission at STAR ot at your Home.

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  Stage 12: Transmissions Upgrades

Transmission Upgrades have a preset Goal, Decree and Fire Letter Mantra. All you need to do in a Transmission Upgrade is follow the Script and Visualization to achieve the results. These Transmissions deal with the 4 body system upgrades and healing processes that the Star Family and Angelic Host Network have deemed important at this time.  The purpose of these techniques are to bring you into divine alignment, not only ethereally and spiritually but behaviorally and attitudinally in your daily life.They will accelerate not only your spiritual growth and expand your consciousness, they will release triggers that accelerate the surfacing of karmic patterns, thoughts and beliefs that need clearing. 

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  Stage 13: Aftercare Program

This section discusses how you be will feeling after the Transmission and what you need to do to obtain the maximum results. 

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