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   Stage 9: Conference Call " What's the Problem?"

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After you have open your Stargate and the CCC  you are ready for the Conference Call. A Conference Call is about talking with your Spiritual Guidance Team (SGT) and asking them for help in solving your problem.  Before starting a conversation to talk about your problems, you should try to feel as if your connected to your SGT. Sensations can help you to validate whether you have fully connected with your Spiritual Guidance Team. When you are connected you may feel a buzzing in your head or goose bumps on your arms.  You can also smell or taste foods, drinks, smell flowers…something that after the session is over you would recognize as being associated with your SGT

After talking with people about their experience with their SGT, many have said they have felt the physical presence of the SGT intuitively or by sensations in their body.  People will often experience the physical presence of their SGT through sensation in their bodies.

Do the Relaxation Exercise:

Begin the Conversation:
When you’re ready, focus on a problem or issue that you want to transform or heal. Direct your attention to a symptom or problem that has been bothering you…your symptom can be a part of your body that needs healing, or a thought, feeling, or memory, maybe a physical or mental imbalance. Now begin to carry on a conversation in your mind  and out loud with your SGT.

Be specific and go into a great deal.  Don't just say you feel emotional, break it down by saying you feel teary eyed, vulnerable and easily irritated when people say certain thing to you. Then describe those things. Don't just say you have a headache, instead say you  I have a sharp pain and pressure in the upper right side of your left eye and across the middle of your forehead.. Resist the urge to self-diagnose. For example don't  say "I have Shingles" or "I am Addicted". You might not have shingles or be a drug addict. You may have created a block by mental labeling your symptoms. You problem may be more complex than you think and once you label it the SGT will limit its focus. This could get in the way of what really is going on within you. Also you can ask your SGT which issue they  think is most important and get an intuitive answer.

Your SGT cannot help you unless you ask for their assistance and explain the problem. They always respect the Law of Free Will. You should talk to your SGT like they are real people.  Talk to them as though you would a human team of counsellors or medical professionals This is way for you to precisely list all those little aches, and pains, emotional setbacks, fatigue, what ever -

Multi-Dimensional beings are usually very literal. They do not understand idioms you use and there can be areas of misunderstanding in the meaning of words. They are not mind readers; but they do tune into strong emotions to get a sense of your problems,  stated intentions and how to work closely with you. Be very precise in your symptoms or problems.  For example you might say:

I have a sharp pain in my left knee .”

When asking to remove a blockage you should be specific . You might say: 

"Please remove any blocks in my all  body systems especially in regard to _________________". 
In the blank, fill in any area of your life you want help with, such as:

  • increasing positivity
  • healing of pain or injury
  • healthy vision
  • clarity of mind
  • clearing away scarcity mentality and coming into alignment with abundance
  • success in your career
  • shifting into the New Paradigm
  • releasing ego traps
  • better self-care

Common Experiences:
Below are some common experiences people have had during the Conference Call:

  1. Ringing in the ears or have heard faint music in the background like someone is playing a radio very softly during their session .
  2. Saw an extraordinary green color, almost fluorescent of  Fire Letter written on ceiling
  3. Had an awareness of SGT members coming into energy field and leaving . Some times the exit of team was abrupt and jarring.
  4. Feeling cold  during sessions
  5. Goosebumps on arms and arm hair standing up
  6. Most people receive verbal(audible) or intuitive help
  7. Experience physical presence of SGT  through sensation in their body.
  8. Experienced complete relaxation and a feeling of wholeness
  9. See colors
  10. Feel like they are filled with a bright shining light
  11. Sense of peace
  Why can't I connect ?

Fear and doubt of the Star Beings and the Spiritual Kingdom is why we are kept from communicating and working with higher dimensional beings. The minute someone makes contact with an elemental or spirit guide they immediately go into fear mode “Oh God what I have done, I have a released some uncontrollable evil that is going to possess me.” Generation after generation we have been bombard by the media; books, movies, news, to mistrust and fear all supernatural beings from ET's to fairies.  If you can just let these fears go , you will find most of these beings to be love and light. If you believe all of this is just a fantasy, you will never make contact. Disbelief stops the process immediately. These beings  can pick this up and they will not make contact

Raise Your Vibration
Another reason why you can't see a your Spiritual Guide is that we are Vibrating at a much lower rate this makes us invisible to each other. It also makes sustaining communications very difficult. Encountering beings who are vibrating at a much higher rate than us can make us very tired and sometimes we even want to go to sleep.

To connect with you, your SGT has to lower their vibrational frequency to match yours. Thus, the more you increase your frequency, the clearer your connection will be. It is very similar to tuning your radio dial to match the frequency of the desired radio station, you will only hear static until the frequencies comes within range. Feelings of love and gratitude will increase your frequency. Connections are especially heightened when the brain is in a theta state, such as during a Transmissions

But there are some things you can do to raise your vibrations and strengthen your communication channel at a Stargate. Some foods are considered high vibrational foods. They raise the energy levels of the human body and thus assist us in perceiving the higher vibrations of the Spiritual Realm more easily. Fish, white meat, vegetables, pineapples, papaya, lemons, oranges  are high vibrational foods.

It takes more energy to eat and digest food than anything else we do. If our energy is taken up with digesting food, we are less perceptive of the subtle energies surrounding us. Red meat is a lower vibrational food. It slows the metabolism and thus inhibits spirit perception. It can take anywhere from 6 to 36 hours to fully digest beef. It is also not good to eat within one hour of Spiritual contact within a Stargate.

When we begin to work with high energy levels of Spiritual Guides we need to increase the water we drink. Water is a conductor of energy and it allows the connection  to occur without becoming short circuited by higher vibration.

Reducing your salt intake is also beneficial. Much of our development of multi-dimensional contact is like the development of an electrical system. Just as salt corrode an electrical line, it also inhibits the electrical impulses through the body. This makes our impressions of the deva  realm less exact.

Fasting occasionally is also beneficial to increase awareness of the Guide . It cleanses impurities from our system that can inhibit our perceptions. The healthier the body is the healthier and clearer is our Spirit Guide Connection .

Special baths can raise your vibration. A baking soda and Epsom salt bath with a black tourmaline crystal eliminates toxins from body and cleanses aura. Use one cup Epsom salt and one cup baking soda. Place the crystal in the bath water with you. To remove negative energy use a black tourmaline crystal. If the Black tourmaline crystal is embedded with a crystal the cleansing power is twice as effective. In addition, this crystal will cleanse any astral entities that you have absorb that can hinder perception abilities

  General Tips for a Conference Call
  1. Be clear in what you want. Be sure you ask only one question at a time.
  2. Before the Conference Call  list all the issues you'd like to work on with your SGT. Then, choose the most important issue to work on first and gradually work your way down the list in future Transmissions.  You could ask your SGT what they recommend or pick a issue based on an intuitive hit.
  3. Talk to your SGT as if they know nothing about what is happening to you. Include everything that comes to your mind.
  4. After your Conference Call is over, be aware of any changes in your life. See if these changes are related to  the things you talked about in the session.  When you have your next Conference Call bring them up.
  5. Ask the questions out loud, as it forces you to frame the request in the form of a question.
  6. Always ask for what is for your highest good and the highest good of all involved.
  7. Your SGT cannot foretell the future, or do anything that will take you from the Life Path Contract you signed before you incarnated. That is against the Universal Laws. However, when asked, they can offer suggestions about choices to make that are most likely to bring the outcome you desire.
  8. During the Conference Call stay focused on one topic at a time.
  9. Make Notes before a Conference Call on the questions you will ask and use the notes when asking questions.
  10. During your first session ask the questions in a format that can easily be answered with a “yes,” “no” or “need more information” response. When you feel comfortable with the Overshadowing Process move to Opened Questions that require detailed answers.
  11. If you are asking for a specific solution, ask what steps will most likely help you to attain your goals. Set your parameters, including what is for your highest good and for the highest good of all involved. You can also set other practical parameters such as cost, size, effort, within certain time constraints, etc.
  12. When questions involve geographic issues, have a detailed map handy or create a rudimentary map. Using either a pendulum or my finger tip, you can locate the exact location the SGT is  showing you. You can also break this map into grids or sections such as inches, yards, acres, states, countries or whatever is appropriate for your question.
  13. Do not do a Conference Call before sleeping,or you may find you don't get a good night's sleep.
  14. Always Open and Close a Conference in the same manner .
  15. When you are doing a Conference for another person, whether they are physically present or not, it is best to have their permission first and it is mandatory to have the permission of their Higher Self. Otherwise, you may be requesting something that is not for their highest good.
  16.  The Conference Call does not have to involve a problem.  You may ask for spiritual gifts. For example you may ask the Archangel Gabriel for the Gift of Prophecy to keep you informed of future events.
  17. Many kinds of Incense can be used to strengthen the power of any healing or gift from your SGT. The scents you use should be related to your purpose. For seeking advice use: acacia, ambrette, ginger, lilac, lily, neroli. patchouli. rose, or sage.
  18. The Law of Attraction is always working.  If you are thinking negative thought  you will attract negative entities.  Therefore, control your thoughtforms during the conference. Stay Positive.
  19. Limit Conference Calls to an hour, to prevent brain and physical drain which could jeopardize the validity of the information.
  20. At the end of an hour, request that you be given your code- a symbol, word or sensation that you can use to identify the team you have been working with during the session.
  Special Conference Calls

Some Conference calls are not about discussing a problem or issue. Instead it is about receiving a special gift, quality or ability.  Click on the Links below to see some of most frequent Conference Calls that involves special gifts:

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  Quote for Today

A great teacher never strives to explain her vision; she simply invites

you to stand beside her and see for yourself  -The Rev.  R. Inman



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