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Energy Protection by Wind Turbine Farm

Wind Turbines at the San Raman Wind Farm are shown on Friday, July 29, 2016, near Bayview, Texas.(Jason Hoekema/The Brownsville Herald via AP).

Stargates and Wind Turbine Vortex

 Local wind farm are creating powerful energy tornados that are forming a protective shield around South Texas Stargates.  The San Ramon Wind Farm consist of 35 wind turbines located between Bayview and Laguna Vista, Texas.The flow of Life Force Energy from Earth Chakra One to Earth Chakra Two is being redistributed by the large blades of the wind turbines to create a beneficial cone of power  that protects and energizes the energy of individuals living or working in the Stargate located within this area. In the following section we discuss how the Wind Farm is formed and the effect  .

Step 1:
Release Energy from Chakra One

Mt. Shasta in the State of Washington is the 1st Earth Chakra ( Red Circle on Map) and is located at the southern end of the Cascade Range. Mt. Shasta regulates the universal life force prior to it's integration into individual life forms and species. Mt. Shasta releases life force energy into global circulation by the Plumed Serpent Leyline .   Life force energy flows thourgh the leyline to Gateway 8 covering an area including South Texas and Palenque, Mexico  and continues to the 2nd  Earth Chakra Sexual Lake Titicaca in South America  (Yellow circle on map).

D= 1st Chakra  C = 2nd Chakra
Arrows indicate energy movement 

Step 2
Life Force Energy Moves South and Energizes all Living Things in it's Path

As the Life Force energy (D) Chakra 1 moves along the Plumed Serpent Leyline  to Chakra 2 (C) it interacts with everything that it comes in contact with. Material objects and other factors can alter or even disrupt its flow.
Living things, humans, animals, trees and  plants absorb the Life Force Energy
Building and Inanimate objects will block or divert its path. However , Inanimate objects only momentarily divert the flow of Life Force Energy and as soon as it passes the object it resumes its normal flow. 

Step 4 
Wind Turbine Disrupt The Enegry Flow

Due to movement of Wind Turbine Blades Life Force Energy movement is hindered creating a void.   This type of disruption of Life Force Energy has occurred around the San Ramon Wind Turbines due to the movement of the blades. Some of the Life Force Energy that is flowing directly into the Wind Turbines is not able to move in straight path or around and stops to form an energy ball.

Step 5 
Energy begins to Stagnate & Forms Mini Tornado 

The Life Force Energy begins to stagnate around wind turbines .  Over time the stagnating Life Force Energy will increasingly degenerate and form what dowsers call a negative energy vortex, or  a mini-tornado. This negative energy tornado spins counter-clockwise  and like a tornado, exerts a pull on the things around it; a pull that can be very powerful. 

Note: An Energy Tornado can move either clockwise or counterclockwise —   A Tornado that moves Clockwise gather and condense energy. Karma blockages spin clockwise.  A Tornado that spins counter clockwise dissipate blockages and create an energy shield. A negative energy tornado will pull out negative energy from the Earth and individuals that are in close proximity to it. You may experience a headache, a feeling of lightness as if your blood sugar dropped quickly, or just an overall draining or unpleasant feeling. Over time a negative energy vortex will increase in size.

Step 6
Tornado  Increases Clears Negative Energy and Forms Protective Shield

Stagnating Life Force Energy increases and creates a powerful counter-clockwise tornado.  Negative energy coming into area is drawn in and dissolved by this counter-clockwise tornado. This powerful tornado starts at the leylines underneath the Wind Turbines and spins upwards … spinning karma debris and breaking it apart . This tornado expands to an egg shaped oval that forms a protective dome over the Stargates by the Bayview Resacas and parts of the Lower Laguna Madre Bay.  Any negative energy that comes toward this geographic area is carried up and away by the Tornado. Group Meditations held in this area should hold the intention that the Tornado  is carrying off negative energy and the tornado's shield is on autopilot.


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