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The Elohim are a group of Divne Beings who helped to created this world.  They offer and provide unswerving love and companionship. They are always available, because They are omnipresent. And They want to talk with us about everything that's important to us. They can guide us in all things, because They know everything that is relevant to know about life on earth and about humanity.

The Old Testament mentions The Elohim 2,570 times. And in each case, the Hebrew word "Elohim" is plural ("Gods") -- although that is not conveyed in the English translations of the Bible. Here is an example from Genesis:

"In the beginning Gods (Elohim) created the heaven and the earth."

So bear in mind that when we say "Elohim" here, we are referring to one Being who is comprised of many Beings. We generally refer to Them in the plural, but in the video clips you may hear occasional references to Them in the singular. Either way is fine with Them.

Who are the Elohims?

In the hierarchy of heaven the Seven Mighty Elohim (along with the Cosmic Beings) carry the highest vibration of light that we can understand.  They are the "seven Spirits of God" named in the Bible's book of Revelation, and the "morning stars that sang together" mentioned in the book of Job. Elohim means "God". It is the plural form of the Hebrew word Eloah, and it appears in the Old Testament of the Bible around 2,500 times. Any curses, hexes, spells or unintentional negative intentions that are sent towards you  ... are blessed and reflected back to the sender as Love. 

Builders of Form

The Elohim are the builders of form. This means that they are responsible for the creation of things on the earth - the transforming of energy into matter. The first verse of the Bible is about these powerful beings: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (Genesis 1:1) - here, God has been translated from Elohim. The four hierarchs of the elements serve directly under the Elohim. The Elohim create and the elementals nurture and protect those creations in the four elements of fire, air, water and earth.

Holy Trinity

In the Holy Trinity these seven beings along with the elementals represent the Father, the Creator, and the blue ray of God. The seven archangels with all of the angelic hosts represent the love of God as the Holy Spirit, which is the pink ray. The seven Chohans of the Rays and all the ascended masters represent the wisdom of God through the Son, the yellow ray.

Each of these seven pairs of twin flames specialises in manifesting the aspects of God on one of the seven rays. They all have retreats on the etheric level that we can attend while our body sleeps at night.

  1. Hercules and Amazonia
  2. Apollo and Lumina
  3. Heros and Amora
  4. Purity and Astrea
  5. Cyclopea and Virginia
  6. Peace and Aloha
  7. Arcturus and Victoria

When you intone the sacred sound Elohim, you are contacting their enormous power and causing it to be 'stepped down' for use on the physical level

The Elohim and the Nature Kingdom

The third order, or kingdom, represents the blue plume of the threefold flame. This is the order of Elohim, or the elemental kingdom. The Elohim are the highest beings in this order. The Elohim are the builders of form, the Seven Spirits of God who responded when God gave forth the fiat “Let there be light; and there was light.”

When God directed the formation of the cosmos in the physical plane, it was the Elohim who brought forth that creation. Under the Elohim are the directors of the elements who, in turn, are in charge of the gnomes, sylphs, undines and salamanders—the elemental beings who take care of the four elements of the nature kingdom.”

The Elohim, the most powerful aspect of the Consciousness of God, include in their Hierarchy "Elemental Builders of Form". Elementals are the sylphs that control the air, the gnomes that control the earth, the undines that control the water, and the salamanders that control the fire element. These four aspects also govern man's four lower bodies. Serving directly under the Elohim are the Beings of Nature – the Four Beings of the Elements, who have dominion over all of the evolutions of the gnomes, salamanders, sylphs, and undines.


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