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Stage 5: Protection

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Before you start your Stargate Session you should do some form of protection. In our daily life we take in energies and thoughts that belong to someone else. Sometimes  lower astral entities, or lost souls, may be attached to you. These energies can create blockages and emotional, physical and mental imbalances. In a Protection Transmission you form a protective shield that prevents negative energy from attaching to you.

Remember, negative thought forms can be picked up from the environment and can also be self-generated by constant criticism of yourself.  Symptoms of an negative thought forms include:

  • Chronic anger
  • Chronic localized pain or illness that does not respond to other forms of care

The client  is often given specific spiritual or ceremonial work to do as a follow-up to the extraction and to help maintain positive spiritual energy and psychic shielding

What is a Negative Thought Form?
Theosophists and clairvoyants Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater  believed that  negative thought-forms were created through intense concentration, repetition, and visualization. These were called an egrigori and have a supernatural intelligence.  When a group of people have the same thought, ideas, or goals, such as a hate, war, anger, greed, it builds a psychic bonding and a power that merges and creates a powerful energy. These powerful Thought-forms have the capability to assume their own energy and be intelligent and independent.  These can existence for years or centuries. We are now dealing with this kind of negative thought form.   All of us have negative memories. These negative words, events, or feelings don't go away just because we block them out. They are creating and giving birth to negative entities. In a way you are Dr. Frankenstein.

"If human beings could see their own thoughts, feelings, and words go out into the atmosphere upon the ethers, gather and gather more of their kind and return, they would not only be amazed at what they give birth to, but would scream for deliverance, and if for no other reason than to blot such creation out of mind, they would with full determination face their own Divinity and enter into It. THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS ARE LIVING, PULSATING THINGS. The individual who knows that will use his wisdom and control himself accordingly."
Unveiled Mysteries, Gofer Ray King

What is An Implant

Implants are mechanical devices that have been placed within your aura or body. An ascended master may place an implant in your body with your permission to further your teaching.  However many implants have been placed in you by the Dark lords without your permission to stop your progress on the path.  These beings are seeking to control you by projecting emotions, and thoughts to keep you in a constant state of fear, anger, irrational and lower frequency vibrations. These implants usually look like little radio gadgets, computer chips or electronic gadgets.  They may have on and off switches.

Before you start to do any psychic work, it is important that protect yourself. The Fire Letters will anchor you in the physical and provide a shield from any negative energies that you may come into contact with.

Even if you are not working with spirit, grounding and protection is recommended on a daily basis. We come into contact with other peoples energies all of the time, which could have a negative effect on us, and leave us feeling drained, emotionally exhausted, and even feeling the effects of someone else's depression or illness. Crystals are a good way we can add to the protection.

Tigers Eye, Black Onyx, Obsidian are particularly good for protection. Carnelian, and Smokey Quartz are all good stones when dealing with negativity. Amethyst, Rhodonite, Ruby and Malachite will help to aid a more peaceful sleep and ward off nightmares.

Light Warrior Protection Transmission

This Protection Transmission shows you how to use the Light Warrior Armor of the Divine Spirit that can make you impenetrable to negative energy in your daily life. Before moving in and out of Dimensions it is important to know that you will not be entrapped in the astral places and be affected by the dark forces of the fourth and fifth dimension. The Transmission works directly with the Christ, Archangel Michael and the Legion of Light. In these Transmissions you will learn how to create and use:

These gifts help Lightworkers achieve inner strength on all levels: physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional. They give you the power and protection of the Angelic Host.  The gifts allow you to clear dark and unbalanced energies from your self and others. Furthermore you can use these gifts to clear out negative energies from communities, cities, states and the Earth as a whole.  Basically, the purpose of the Gifts are to help you:

  • to cleanse the energy from old destructive energy patterns
  • to remove attachment and destructive thought forms that are causing depression, anger, guilt, low self esteem, addiction and more.
  • to develop the divine qualities of hope, faith, purity, devotion, patience, charity, humility
  • to remove low level astral entities that are draining you
  • to protect you from the evil eye sent by other's that is interfering with you achieving your goals
  • to increase the courage you need to take action to say or do something
  • to successfully deal with stressful situations, meet challenges in your life, to stand up for your convictions, to fight injustice or to take the risks necessary to start a new project

Why Light Warrior Transmissions Work?

Light Warrior Protection Transmission work because they use Morphic Fields. Morphic fields are part of our individual and collective mind. Morphic fields are not God. However they can spread out over immense distances (as, for instance, gravitational fields do), so that if I were praying about somebody in Australia from my home in Texas the morphic field would carry the information and the prayer could work. But my mental field wouldn't usually spread out to Mars, for example, because there is nothing connecting me to someone on that planet. If someone I knew had traveled there on a spaceship, then there would be a mental link. For morphic fields to work they must have a mental connection... there has to be something that links you to the other person. Even if you have never met the other person, just knowing their name or something about them seems to be enough to establish a connection, though this connection is likely to be weaker than that between people who know each other well. 

The Light Warrior Transmission establishes this a mental and emotional link to your Spiritual Guidance Team. You could picture it something like this: when a person and a Spiritual Being comes into contact and establishes some mental connection (perhaps experienced as affection, love, security, protection) their morphic fields in effect become part of a larger, inclusive field. Then, if they separate from each other it is as if their particular portions of the morphic field are stretched elastically, so that there remains a "mental tension" or link between them. The Transmission establishes this link, so that when the Transmission is over the Spiritual Being can still affect your well being and your life in general .

What is a Morphic Field?
Morphic fields (‘morphic’ means ‘coming into form’) are basically fields of energy that come into form as bits of information that resonate at similar levels of frequency are attracted together. Whenever we think or act or feel a certain way, we emit energy waves. They resonate at a particular frequency. When enough of these energy waves collect and resonate together  (Law of Attraction) they in turn, have an influencing effect on our bodies, thoughts and emotions.  It becomes the organizing field. If enough people, act or feel in a similar way to each other then they become part of collective resonance of Morphogenetic Field.  For example, New Agers,  Moslems, Jews and Christians have the shared belief that other dimensional beings or a higher power can directly influence your life. That you can have a conversation with these beings. That the Holy Spirit or Christ can come to you and heal you. There is a common picture of where these Spiritual Beings reside, such as heaven.  All traditional religious doctrines that I know of have recognized something of this kind. This is a powerful morphogenetic field that can be tapped into. Click on the Link below to do Light Warrior Protection Transmission:

The Blue Flame Sword and The Blue Flame Wings of Archangel Michael

In the next section are some Everyday Protection Transmissions. Most people do at least one of these Transmissions daily. The most common is the" Three Rings of Protection" and "Pillar of  Light".

Protection Mantra

Furthermore simple protection mantras as a daily part of your routine will help you throughout the day. Below are three simple Fire Letter Mantras that you can chant anytime of the day when you are feeling attacked.  The fourth Mantra can protect your during your sleep.


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