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Aura and Chakra Attunements
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Awaken, Clear and Activate Your Life Force Energy

Anytime an energy center becomes blocked, underactive or overactive, it can throw you off balance physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Dirty or imbalanced energy centers cause you to feel tired and blocks your creativity and flow of abundance. Clean and balanced energy centers open up our flow of energy to new ideas and synchronicity. For instance, if you have ever experienced persistent trouble expressing yourself, felt like you’re walking around in an emotional “fog,” or suffered through several bouts of laryngitis or sore throats these are all signs you may have an imbalanced throat chakra (eastern energy model) or Daath serphira (western energy model).  In order to restore positive balance to the affected energy center, the entire blockage and/or negativity must be removed.

What Happens during an Attunement?

At STARS will combine three methods to unblock and cleanse your Aura and and Chakras: a Vibrational Attunement, Crystal Therapy and Pyramid Attunement. Below is a description of what you can expect during an Attunement: most Attunements look

  1. First your Chakras and Aura are measured with RFI to identify problem areas in Chakras and Aura.
  2. Next Vibrational Therapy is applied to problem areas in your body with Chakra Tuning Forks and Angelic Tuning Forks.
  3. Lastly, the clients's personal energy field is aligned with Planetary and Cosmic Energy through a Guided meditation(Transmission) while sitting under the Russian Crystal Light Pyramid (15 minutes) and the Giza Crystal Light Pyramid (15 minutes) in Pyramid Current Room. Time under each pyramid is based on the problems identified by the RFI. This is the most frequent time allotment for each Pyramid.
  4. As the vibrational session comes to an end, We smooth the energy down the person’s body and ground them at their feet, to make sure they are back from wherever they went.

Our Aura and Chakra Attunements use precisely calibrated tuning forks with crystals that are applied to specific points — chakras, energy centers of the Tree of Life, acupuncture and acupressure points on the body — to balance the meridian and chakra energy systems. Applying vibration to specific areas is useful in freeing blocked energy and opening meridian channels in the body so that a natural state of balance can be restored. This treatment stimulates and balances the body’s physical and subtle energy fields in order to promote healing and inner harmony. The cells of the person’s body sense the vibration of the tuning forks, which stimulates them to vibrate at their optimal rate. This treatment is especially effective for pain. It’s like getting a massage on specific parts of your body.

Furthermore, energy blocks in the body occur at places of trauma or stress. The tuning forks’ vibrations pull the tangled blocks down and out the body. It’s rather like combing the tats out of long hair. The forks work in a similar manner to acupuncture, only without the use of needles. When the correct tuning fork is placed next to the organ or chakra that is out of harmony, that area will raise its vibration or "pitch" to that of the fork by the process of entrainment. Instead of masking the symptoms of the diseased organ with harmful drugs, or removing it from the body, we are able correct the organs rate of vibration with sound waves

Tuning Forks work on our subtle bodies and other energy gateways and pathways.  Each Chakra or energy center has a measurable pattern of electromagnetic activity to which it is naturally "tuned" when it is flowing in balance, or aligned. By placing a vibrating chakra tuning fork on a chakra, it initiates sound frequencies that stimulate the body to create the frequencies it needs to bring itself into alignment. It is similar to striking a musical tuning fork and finding nearby tuning forks vibrating in harmony. The electromagnetic field of the body is recharged and the flow of Life Force energy is re-established. STAR has seven different Tuning Fork Sets to balance your body, mind and spirit that are used during a Attunement depending on the blockages that have been identified goals of the client.

What is a Chakra?

Chakras, by definition, are energy centers within the human body that help to regulate all its processes, from organ function to to the immune system and emotions. Seven chakras are positioned throughout your body, from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency, color, and governs specific functions that help you stay physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy and balanced.

Given is the chakra name, location, color, and function.

  • Root (1st) — Base of the spine; red; governs survival instincts, grounding.
  • Sacral (2nd) — Lower abdomen; orange; governs sexuality, intuition, self-worth/-esteem.
  • Solar Plexus (3rd) — Upper abdomen; yellow; governs impulse control, ego.
  • Heart (4th) — Center of the chest; green; governs compassion, spirituality.
  • Throat (5th) — Throat; blue; governs communication, emotion.
  • Third Eye (6th) — Between the eyes; purple; governs rationality, wisdom, imagination.
  • Crown (7th) — Top of the head; indigo; governs connection with the Divine.

Chakra Problems

Aura and Chakra Attunements balance and cleanse the following issues and problems from a person's energy system:

First Chakra: Root (base of spine) Red.
Basic physical survival, money, career, home, foundation, grounding. This attunement helps with money issues, physical health, focus and concentration, depression, career issues.

Second Chakra: Sacral (lower abdomen) Orange. Emotions and sexuality. This attunement helps with: issues with sexuality (past abuse, impotence, frigidity, orientation), deep emotional blockages (especially for men), addictions, female problems (cysts, menstrual pain, fertility).The frequency of the second tuning forkproduces energy to bring about change. I hear people say, "I need to make a change." "I know I need to get another job." "I know I need to move to a different place." But people don't seem to have the energy to make changes. It is possible, with the tuning forks, to learn how to use our energy to change what we need to change in our lives. The tuning forks can put us in touch with an inexhaustible source of energy that allows us to be able to make our dreams come true! Color: Orange, Element Water, Chakra: Sacral - 3 inches below navel.

Third Chakra: Solar Plexus (upper abdomen) Yellow. Personal power, boundaries, protection. This attunement helps with: fear, emotional blockages, setting boundaries with people, learning how to say no, feeling confident about yourself in the world.The frequency of the third tuning fork  brings transformation and miracles and revelation concerning our needs, desires, hopes, dreams, and purpose and repairs DNA. This frequency activates our imagination, intension, to operate for our highest good.

Fourth Chakra: Heart (center of chest) Green.  Ability to give and receive love. This attunement helps with: healing heart wounds, opening up to new love, attracting a soul mate, being unconditionally loving.The frequency of the fourth tuning fork holds electromagnetic frequencies for relationships. Our relationships can be brought into harmony. We are in relationships with our mates, spiritual family, co-workers, service providers, and neighbors. We can live in harmony with these people who touch our lives.

Fifth Chakra: Throat (throat area)Blue.  Our voice, both literally and figuratively. This attunement helps with: creativity, writing, singing, the arts, speaking up for oneself, receiving and channeling divine information, ear, nose and throat. The frequency if the fifth tuning fork leads us into the power of true self-expression, solving problems, expressions, solutions, which can only happen after the ancestral DNA is balanced by the third tuning fork. We begin to be who we really are and to do what we were crated to do.

Sixth Chakra: Third Eye (middle of forehead) Indigo. The third eye is our center of intuition and psychic ability. This attunement helps with: improving intuition and psychic abilities, seeing clearly (being able to perceive and accept what's going on in our lives), spiritual insight..The frequency of the sixth tuning fork(LA)  awakens intuition, returning to spiritual order and is linked to our ability to see through the illusions of our lives such as hidden agendas of people, places and things.

Seventh Chakra: Crown (top of head)Violet.  This Chakra is our connection to the divine. This attunement helps with: connection to spirit guides and angels, connection with God, life purpose, universal love, Christ consciousness.When all seven tuning forks are used together they produce the frequency that opens the eighth Chakra, the soul star chakra, located two to three feet above the top of the head, for divine inspiration, revelation, spiritual wisdom, and knowledge.


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