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Making Stargate Transmission Crystal Elixirs

One way to benefit from the healing energy of Transmissions is to make Crystal elixir waters with the crystal that you place around you during the Transmission. Click here to see how different Crystals relate to specific Names of God 

Water has the ability to hold energy patterns intact for long periods of time. Crystals have the abilities to absorb key and codes for healing.  Encoding the energies of crystals onto water needs no special equipment just focused attention, intention and sunlight. (See Water Crystal Healing by Masaru Emoto)

All you need to do is place the stone or stones in a clear glass or crystal container with pure water in front of you or besides you while you are doing the transmissions. Leave the stone in the water after the Transmission is over, as energy is still in the atmosphere. Full charging can occur in as little as half an hour . 

It is important to minimize direct physical contact with the stones and water in order to keep the crystal energy from absorbing your own energy and affecting the elixir so you may wish to place and remove your stones with a spoon. You should have a calm and focused emotional state while making elixirs because strong emotions can affect the elixir.

Some people feel strongly that the container should be an undecorated clear glass bowl others prefer cut glass or Waterford type crystal feeling that the prismatic effects from the light on the cut work enhance the energy of the resulting elixir. After the water has been charged by the gemstone it is filtered and usually preserved with alcohol or vinegar.

To preserve an elixir fill a container halfway with your essence and fill the rest of the bottle with brandy, vodka or with vinegar. You can also use half vinegar or alcohol and pure water. The alcohol is used to inhibit bacterial growth and may also help to " fix" the vibration.

If you intend to expand your elixir as is done with flower essences this would be your 'mother' essence and you would make stock bottles by placing from three to twenty drops of 'mother' essence in an ounce of distilled, spring or other pure water and an ounce of brandy or vodka or vinegar.

This stock essence is then used to make a dosage bottle by again adding ten to twenty drops of the stock essence to two ounces of the water and brandy mixture. This would then be the elixir or essence, which you would use for treatment.

The amount of water and the proportion of alcohol used as a preservative do vary somewhat among different recipes. Dark glass bottles are preferred for storing elixirs. Label your elixirs with the gem or gems used, the date made and whether it is a mother, stock or dosage bottle.

Gem elixirs are often used undiluted rather than being expanded either by drinking glasses of the charged water or used by placing two to five drops of the elixir in a glass of water or under the tongue two to four times a day. They can also be used topically on the skin or put in bath water. You can add them to sprays that you use for room or aura clearing.

Some stones should not be used to make conventional gem elixirs. Do not make a conventional elixir from any stone containing known toxins. These include but are not limited to Copper, which would include Azurite and Malachite, Orpiment is arsenic and Cinnabar contains Mercury. Proceed with extreme caution. "Love is in the Earth" by Melody does have some mention of whether or not a stone can be used to make conventional elixirs. It might be possible to do some real damage with elixirs made in the conventional way from some types of stones. Soaking the stones in water can cause the leaching of toxic components into the water. The amount of real danger there would be would depend on quite a few factors like specific stone, dose, amount of leaching of toxins etc.

Alternate methods used to make elixirs that are unsafe or fragile or water soluble or otherwise unsuitable to be immersed in water include placing the stone in a smaller container which is placed in the larger container of water, and placing stones around the container being charged. These are often used in combination. Some sources recommend that you have at least six stones of the same type to place around the container, Others use quartz points to amplify and direct the energy of the stone you are making an elixir with into the water.

When making a Crystal Elixir select the stone or stones that are used for the Transmission issue you want to work on but it is advisable to meditate first to receive guidance and permission from the stone spirit as to the uses of a particular elixir or for guidance. These may not always be limited to those uses found in lists of crystal properties.

The term Crystal Elixir does not just apply to semi-precious or precious gemstones. It also includes materials such as seashells, amber or petrified wood, which could be classified as being of organic origin.


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