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Aura Protection

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The Aura is an energy field that surrounds your body. Your chakras create this field. If you are in Nature, your Aura will help you to connect to the Nature Spirits and Mother Earth.  It is easier to communion with the trees, plants, and animals. During Meditation it deepens your feelings of connectedness with the Divine Spirit.  When your chakras are blocked, your aura looks dull and week. When chakras are open and flowing you are in good health. The size and shape of your Aura is important.

  • A Contracted Aura extending one or two feet makes you feel uptight and promotes fear
  • An Expended Aura extending 5 feet to 1/2 mile makes you feel make you promotes spaciness , escapism, and you tend to take on other peoples emotions.

The Ideal Aura is two to three feet around you in an egg-shaped and equally distributed below you, above you, in front of you, to your right and to your left.  

Fire Letter MantraYod(lime green) Yod(lime green)  Yod(lime green)
Meaning:  Blessing for Wellness & Aura Protection

Recite Decree:

By the Authority of Yod Yod Yod

In the name of the Christ within me

I decree that the Divine Spirit blesses me with an Aura of Wellness and provises me with Aura Protection from negativity. My Aura is now a perfect egg shape that extends two to three feet around me.

The golden energy of Christ Consciousness is now  pouring down on my aura removing all negative energy.

I now see the Violet flame permanently surrounding my Aura throughout the day and throughout my Life. I let this violet flame transmute all negative energy into positive energy. 

Archangel Michael has surround my Aura with the Blue Fire from his Blue Flame Sword that is warding off evil intentions and gives me the confidence to go out into the World to complete my Life Mission.

Energy Pattern:

  • Close your eyes amd feel the area that surrounds your body. Get a sense of whether your Aura is contracted and thick or weak and spread out.
  • With your intention adjust your Aura to two to three feet around you.
  • Picture your aura's surface surrounded with a one to two inch thick  layer of golden sunlight.  This helps to bring in healing energy and strengthens your Aura. The gold fills the gaps or holes in your Aura.
  • Call in the Christ and ask for a shower in the 12th Ray of Christ Consciousness. Now see a golden rain shower pouring down over your Golden Bubble of Light. Let it rain for at least two to three minutes. Notice how this feels.
  • Next visualize a large violet colored fire surrounding your golden bubble of light. The violet flame transmutes negation frequencies into positive ones. During the day if you are working with someone that releases pent up anger, the violet light transmutes the anger and prevents it from entering your energy field.
  • Around the Violet Flame place a coating of Royal Blue Fire. This color radiates the energy of Archangel Michael and gives you confidence and protection.


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