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 The 12 Step program for Ascension from the Writings of ZaKaiRan AatKa'Nui Shee Han

 First Level Lightbody: An inner voice can be heard saying , "It's time to go home."   You feel  "Now is the time". At the same time, the body says, "Time to change, lighten up,  get rid of the heavy density". Most people have the flu and release old traumas, toxins and stored emotions from the physical body. In March 1988 a majority of lightworkers were activated to the first level lightbody.

Second Level Lightbody: You may feel a little disoriented, a little tired and still experience flu symptoms. You begin to have a feeling that there is something called spirit in your life and that you are connected to your soul. You start seriously asking the question "Who am I, and why am I here".  Physical change happens very rapidly and you experience lots of fatigue as your body mutates and needs the rest to catch up.

Third Level Lightbody: Your physical senses are becoming stronger.  You may grow intolerant of loud noises, strong chemical smells etc. You may become aware of anything that is not natural and organic. You will probably become determined to have natural things around you. Your eating habits are changing, you want to exercise more, you want to get outside with nature more. If you're not a vegetarian yet, you may become one. Clothes maybe distracting and you may want to run around naked. You may think of leaving the city and moving to a smaller town or into the country. Your sexual drive may increase. You will want to make love a lot and to improve sexual relations.  Your cells are beginning to absorb the light directly.  A two-way conversation between your physical body and spirit has begun.

Fourth Level Lightbody: This is the mental stage. The chemistry and electromagnetic energy of your brain is beginning to change. You may be  experiencing headaches, chest pains, eye problems, blurry vision or difficulty hearing. The hemispheres of your brain begin to light up electrically across both hemispheres at the same time. You feel the electrical energy running across your scalp or down your spine. There are flashes of clairvoyance and a sense of being connected to all things. Chest pains are something you may experience throughout the lightbody process because the heart chakra begins to open at deeper and deeper level. Personal identity changes to include the possibility of being a spirit having a human experience rather than a human having a spiritual experience. You start connecting with like minded people, considering past lives and other spiritual alternatives.  You may question your direction in life, career choices, relationships. You may be drawn to reading spiritual books or want to take spiritual courses.

Fifth Level Lightbody: The mind is now surrendering to the spirit. You now believe you are more than what you thought you were. You sense that your thoughts and feelings may not be your own and that they are not you.  You begin to question everything you do and realize there are somethings you wish to change.  At this point you give up all past religions, beliefs and completely adopt new ways of perceiving reality. You may vacillate between the "the old" and "the new ".You may feel between too worlds. Your ESP or Intuition is getting better. You remember more of your dreams, sense things are going to happen more frequently. What you think manifests more quickly. 

Sixth Level Lightbody: You are becoming  an active participant in the awakening process.  Your spirit will direct you to your spiritual family, teachers and guides. Spirit will start directing books and workshops your way to accelerate your awakening process.  You will become more enlightened on "what is reality"  and realize that nothing is real and that all of this is a creation for our experience. You now realize time does not exist, you start to perceive multidimensionally and come to understand that you are here and elsewhere simultaneously. You start to have friends who live multidimensionally .

 This is an important stage... you cannot return to what or who you were. This is where you realize you are a member of the transition team,  sent here to co-create heaven on earth. You begin to realize the vastness of the task on hand. You may feel the job is way to big, for someone like you. This is where things may get difficult. This is the stage were you take your power back . You start actively imagining pictures of a new reality for yourself and humanity. You come to understand that this a planetary mission.  Many people choose to drop out at this point. They cannot handle the increased levels of light and energy. If they stay, this is when things start to rock and roll.  You move away from everything you have previously known.  You may leave friends because they can't keep up. Friends may reject you because your acting so weird. At this stage people change their relationships, jobs, marriages etc.- you may feel very alone. You are now frequently using telepathy and you are actively communicating with your spirit guides, councils,  angels,  etc.  About 1/3 of the light body structure is now lit up in the new blueprint. You may feel lighter, your eyes will be brighter and people will notice your more intense level of energy.  After some time you start grooving out on the divinity in all beings, the wonders of the universe and the excitement of the whole divine plan of action. You begin to actively participate with other masters on this level and on the astro in the Ascension process, you start to co-create heaven on earth.

Seventh Level Lightbody: This is the level of feeling and emotion. Your heart chakra is opening to a more passionate emotional state. You begin to experience the now, the energies of synchronization and of being fully present with spirit. You become more spontaneous, just doing things because they occur to you. This is the time to balance the mental with the emotional. All areas were you feel unloved will come to the surface and you will have to deal with these issues. This will be a time of intense emotion.   You may feel things very deeply, begin to cry . When you get angry, you will lose it. When you're happy , you will laugh and roll on the floor. You will be emotionally spontaneous, not caring who sees your heart.  You will start redefining relationships and will stop some relationships that no longer serve you. All emotional karmic contracts are now cancelled. You now look at whether spirit is guiding you to be with that person for the planetary awakening. If so you stay, if not you go. You may appear to be cold to others because you are less emotionally dependent and now value your personal space.  Meditation becomes easier because your out of your head and into your heart.  You are feeling about things . not thinking about things. You can now handle any level of energy that is downloaded without burning out.   

Eighth Level Lightbody: Your pineal gland is growing, it feels as though someone has their finger between your eyebrows and is pushing against it. Your pituitary and pineal glands are starting  to grow and change shape.  You may feel pressure at the back of your head as the pituitary gland expands or you may experience cranial expansion.  Your 8th, 9th and 10th chakras have opened up. You can  decode more messages from your guides. Obligations to anything but the divine plan are dropped. You communicate with people on a spiritual level. You no longer connect with anyone on a psychic co-dependent level. You are no longer searching?but just know. There is no doubt that you are awesome and immortal.  

 Ninth Level Lightbody: This is when your body starts changing. You may get taller or thinner. You know you exist on other dimensional levels. You care less and less what anyone thinks of you personally. You now live the cosmic self. This is one of the most difficult levels as you must completely surrender to the spirit and your mission in the divine plan . You realize that everything in your life has been directed to this point in time. Free will is put into its proper place- Deny spirit or Follow spirit. You now radiate the force of light that influences every person that comes in contact with you. I n the past you felt all you wanted to do was ascend -" I want to go home". Now you realize you have chosen to stay and are co-creating your home. You are part of the Team that will assist in the transformation. In fact you have become resolved to complete your mission, no matter what the cost. You work in the Christ level of consciousness with compassion and forgiveness.. You will vacillated between being a cosmic master of divine love, trust and compassion . to realizing you are a stupid  human with ego, greed and weaknesses.  You realize that even though you are an immortal you are operating within the limitations of a human body and human existence.

 Tenth Level Lightbody:  The last three levels of the Light body are "spiritual levels". All your chakras start operating as one unified field of light and you are online with the Christ Oversoul at every level. You can transport yourself via teleportation, manifest anything etc. Your Merkaba is fully activated, all three strands of DNA are activated, you link up with your personal Avatars, councils, brotherhoods  or ascended masters to coordinate changes in the new frequencies that are being channeled into the earth.  

 Eleventh Level Lightbody: You have built your merkaba and it is fully activated. You may decide to stay in the light body and ascend with the planet, ascend ahead of the planet or go to pure energy form. Or you may decide to stay and further assist others and with their ascension. All these decisions are outlined by many Masters still on earth.

 Twelfth Level Lightbody: This is the final Lightbody activation. You understand and are not "doing" but "being"  the divine plan for the planet Earth. You have hooked up with your Soul family, creating Group merkabahs, Light Center, Light Communities, Light Cities. Creating real communal governments, redistribute wealth, food and resources. You now act without hesitation. You know the plan.  You will be affiliated with new  groups such as  councils, governments and families that have come into being for Earth's final ascension. You are gathering into a different type of community for living. You are doing new rituals and ceremonies to awaken and connect to  the spirit. A new world is emerging, were we will live in our spirit, living fully in the present, we are in the world, not of the world. At the 12th level all parallel realities and dimensions converge, everybody is in their lightbody, heaven on earth is in full swing.  At the 12th level we are all avatars and we have completed the 12 step program.


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