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  What is the Armor of God ?

The Armor of God works with the Lightworker to free individuals from all that opposes the fulfillment of the Divine Plan. The Armor has the ability to protect an individual from negative energies, implants and the influence of the Black Lodge    on our thinking patterns and behavior.

Ephesians 6:12:  "Put on the full Armor of God, so that you can make your stand against the devil’s schemes.... For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."

In Ephesians 6:10–20  Paul's  describes the ''Armor of God.'' In this passage, Paul describes the Lightworker's basic equipment to stand against evil.  The Lightwoker's tools include a shield, shoes, helmet, and sword. Just as a soldier's equipment is designed for their earthly battle, a Lightworker's  protection equipment is meant for spiritual warfare.  Spiritual battles can occur at all levels, anywhere across this world and beyond. The Lightworker must be prepared for all types of attacks by putting on God's Armor, as Paul describes. The Light Worker Armor is a gift from Archangel Michael and the Legion of Light.

Who is Archangel Michael?
Archangel Michael oversees all of the area of Head of the Dove including South Texas, Mexico and parts of Central America. In the Dead Sea Scrolls Michael emerges as the 'Prince of Light' fighting a war against the Sons of Darkness in which he leads the angelic battle against the Legion of the fallen Angels. Most recently,  it is believed, Archangel Michael was placed in charge of the Crystalline Grid.  Michael now wears the title of “ The Keeper of the Secrets of the Relations between Heaven and Earth and maintains the Head of the Dove's new higher frequency. He heads up the mighty force known as “the Legion of Light”. The Legion has empowered the Armor with special abilities to help heal nations and local communities.

Lightworkers work with Archangel Michael and with various members of the  Legion of Light including the Blue Lightening Angels. The Blue Lightening Angels are considered Michael's personal  "Pet Angels" and are members of the Legion of Light.  These Angels defends the Children of Light from the dark forces. They are all clad in blue armor and carry Shields and Swords of Blue Flame. I like to think their Swords may look similar to the one Luke Skywalker uses in the film Star Wars, but more magnificent.

What is the Legion of Light ?
The Legion of Light consists of many beings of light that bring protection, healing and guidance for us at both an individual and cosmic level. The Legion is humanity's link to the spiritual realms and it's members guide  individuals on how to find their inner power to help shift into higher realms of consciousness. The Legion of Light is now functioning as inter-dimensional messengers of energies, both up and down, the Unity Grid. In the “up” direction, they gather all of the intentions, aspirations, wishes and prayers from a Stargate and delivers them up to the Unity Grid.  The Unity Grid's communication network sends them out to the appropriate beings in the higher planes. In the “down” direction, they send beneficial, higher dimensional energies to Children of Light through the Stargate. They are in charge of developing and implementing  "LIghtworker Protection  Training"  for the Children of Light who incarnated in this lifetime with a global contract as a Light Worker.

What is the The Unity Grid?

LIghtworkers are automatically connected into the Unity Grid. The Unity Grid allows an individual to move through higher dimensional doorways to connect to their Higher/Inner Self, other Lightworkers, or their   Spiritual Guidance Team. It is a cosmic communication network where you can meet with another person's Higher Self for the resolution of conflict or or to give them assistance to heal themselves. This is where you work on what you may call the Inner Planes. It is also used for manifestation and channeling.

  Difference between Lightworkers & Light Warriors

A Lightworker helps shift others simply by their state of being. They receive a special type of Armor from God that not only protects, but generates a special vibration to heal others without the Lightworker making any real effort.  Their Armor makes them impenetrable to negative energy in their daily life or when doing energy work. They inspire others to speak and live their truth by just being next to a Client. They often will share their light through various forms of service such as healing, teaching, and art. The Lightworker reports directly to the Divine Spirit and the Christ. They generate a more feminine energy, and tends to be very intuitive, patient, authentic,  compassionate, and empathetic.

A Light Warrior is a special kind of Light Worker . Light Warriors can and often do the same things that Light Workers  do but they differ in the method they use. The Light Warriors methods may include:

  • Diplomatic but direct approach
  • Bluntly honest in nature, but offering encouragement and support where needed and warranted.
  • Understands and frequently speaks of Universal Truth and Universal Laws that are modeled by Jesus Christ.

A Lightwarrior is a motivator, this embodies a more masculine energy of taking charge and leading the way. Light Warriors are often advocates, leaders, speakers, protesters, and people who take on a more assertive approach. These are the ones with the fire in their hearts and a passion to spread the message of truth to the masses.

Lightwarrior Special Forces

Some Lightworkers are preparing for a broad assault on what they call the cosmic powers of darkness. Spiritual Literature suggests that the Ruler of the Demonic Kingdom commands a hierarchy of territorial demons and negative entities that are attacking not only people but cities and nations. A select group of Lightwarriors are being prepared with strategies for “breaking the strongholds” of those evil spirits. Their Armor has the same protection as the Light Worker's Armor but has an extra layer of protection. This Armor is strengthen to help break the strongholds while making the Warrior impenetrable to demonic attacks in their daily life.

Together with the Blue Lightening Angel, this  Lightwarrior helps to defend the Light, fights evil, remove curses or obstacles that block the progress of spiritual seekers.  In the astral realms, they go into battle against the Dark Brotherhood who attacks innocent souls both on the physical realm and in the astral realm. For example, frequently gatherings of those that wear the Mark of Christ will attract psychic vampires, it is the Lightwarrior,  the Blue Lightening Angels and Archangel Michael that confronts the attacker and defends those that have been targeted.

  Armor from the Holy Spirit

In some of the Transmissions you will receive Armor from the Holy Spirit. What is the Holy Spirit? To align with the Holy Spirit you must be able to visualize it. Teaching yourself to visualize the Holy Spirit may be challenging. Whatever effort you put into building a stable mental image of the Holy Spirit will repay you by increasing your ability to focus and concentrate on its follows thought.

The Holy Spirit Power Symbol is Six Pointed Star or a spiral.  However, sometimes you will need to actually see and feel the Holy Spirit. In the past, people have used two images from the Bible:

  • The Holy Spirit assumed the form and shape resembling a dove
     (Matthew 3:16, Isaiah 11:2, Luke 3:22, John 1:32).
  • She assumed the form and shape resembling flaming tongues
     (Acts 2:2-4).

Sometimes it is visualized as a female with a whirling vortex of rainbow light or fire as a body.  The Rainbow represents 6 kinds of Power that the Holy Spirit can give you.

  • Yellow Fire:  Thought Power (Imagination)
  • Red Fire:  Emotional Power   (Passion)
  • Blue Fire: Word & Mind Power (Logic & Reason)
  • Green Fire: Life Force Power (links Grid & Mother Earth)
  • Orange Fire:  Will Power (Determination)
  • Violet Fire: Spirit Power (links Jesus Christ, Angel, Heavenly Host)
  • Click here to find more Powers of the Holy Spirit

It is best to visualize the Holy Spirit as three dimensional, life size real being entirely of light, so intense it has the frequency of cool fire, who is delighted to appear in front of you and ready and willing to provide whatever comfort and help you need.  There are some people that have no problem visualizing complex images. Others have tremendous difficulty “seeing” anything. Actually it’s less important what you see when you close your eyes than what you feel. If all you see is a glowing white lump, but your heart tells you that this lump is an actual living Holy Spirit who has come at your request in order to help you, your Transmission will be fine.

  Agreement to become Member of the Legion of Light

Lightworker ProtectionTraining uses Creative Visualization, Decrees and Fire Letter Mantras to manifest the Armor of God.  Since the Light Warrior Armor is a gift that involves Archangel Michael and the Legion of Light they have to agree to work with you.  The Agreement is done by stating your intention to become a member of Archangel Michael's Legion of Light in a Decree format.  Below is the Fire Letter Mantra and the Agreement that gives you the Power and Authority to receive the Armor.

Fire Letter Mantra: ← Lamed Yod Yod ←
Meaning: Drawing down the Fire of the Armor of God to do battle for me

Now recite the Agreement listed below out loud: 

By the Power and Authority of Yod Yod Lamed

in the name of the Christ within me, Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey,

If it's for my highest good and in line with the Divine Plan,

I ask Archangel Michael, Holy Spirit, the Christ and the Legion of Light  to help me to draw down the Armor of God and to teach me how to use the Sword, Shield, Shoes, and Helmet to accomplish my Divine Mission in this life time. I decree that I will abide by all the Membership Requirements of the Legion of Light including:

  • Surrendering my will to the Divine Will.  
  • Living my life in a meaningful way so that all my actions help to motivative and liberate all sentient beings from the obstacles on their path to enlightenment . 
  • Never to use the Armor to harm or judge others or myself. 
  • Always to use the Armor as a powerful channel for the Light of Christ. Therefore anyone with negative energy or who is being controlled by a negative astral being and comes in contact with me (Sees, Hears, Touches or Talks to me) will feel the Power of the Christ, in that very instant. The Light  and Love of the Christ will transmute all their negative energy into positive energy, as much as possible."

Based on this decree I ask the Archangel Michael and the Legion of Light  to accept my membership.  As a member of the Legion of Light I ask for help in down loading and working with the Armor of God. So Mote it be.

  Attune Your Frequency

In order to successfully download the Armor, you need Archangel Michael's and the Legion of Light's approval plus your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body needs to be intuned with frequency of the Amor. This is accomplished  by placing the Fire Letter Mantra  "Yod Yod Lamed"  in each of the four Chakras
Third Eye Chakra
Heart Chakra
Sacred Chakra
Left Palm Chakra and
Right Palm  Chakra. 

and reciting the Fire Letter Mantra.  This exercise raises your frequency so that you can draw down and absorb  the power of the Armor into your 4 body energy system (spiritual, emotional, mental and physical). Below is the step by step Energy Pattern to accomplish is goal.

Step 1. Place all three hebrew Fire Letters in your Third Eye Chakra, Heart Chakra, and Sacred Chakra.
In your Mind's eye you will create a vertical power line running up and down the front of your body with the three Fire Letters and intone the Mantra "Yod Yod Lamed"  2 times. 

  • In your Mind's eye see the three Fire Letters shown below written over your Third Eye Chakra located in your brow and intone " Yod Yod Lamed(2x)"
  • Next see the three Fire Letters shown below written over your Heart Chakra and intone "Yod Yod Lamed(2x)"
  • Lastly see the three Fire Letters shown below written over your Sacred Chakra, located 2" below your belly button and intone "Yod Yod Lamed (2x) "
  • Fold both hands over Heart Chakra intone "Yod Yod Lamed (2x) . See all three fire letters in each of your chakra begin to glow and merge together. This forms a vertical line of light with your Heart as the center point.

Step 2.   Place each of the three Fire Letters in your Left Hand Palm Chakra, Heart Chakra, Right Hand Palm Chakra:

In your Mind's eye create a horizontal power line running from left to right across the front of your body with the three Fire Letters in each of the following Chakras while intoning the Fire Letter Mantra.

  • See the three Fire Letters shown below written in your Left Hand Palm and intone "Yod Yod Lamed(2x)"
  • Next see the three Fire Letters shown below written over your Heart Chakra and intone "Yod Yod Lamed(2x)"
  • Lastly see the three Fire Letters shown below written in Right Hand Palm and intone"Yod Yod Lamed (2x)"

  • Now fold both hands over Heart Chakra, intone "Yod Yod Lamed (2x)  and see all the fire letters in each of your chakras begin to glow and merge together to form a horizontal line going across your body.
  • Now see that you have formed a Cross of Light with the vertical line of the Cross going up and down the front of your body and the horizontal line of the Cross going from left to right across your body with the Heart Chakra as the center point between the two Lines of Light.

Recite the statement below:

"Because my intention is noble, I draw down the frequency of the Armor  of God from the heavens into my 4 Body System.  This frequency is merging with my energy system.  I decree that the frequency of the Armor is now activated in my body, mind and spirit "

  • See a powerful stream of energy coming down from the heavens and flowing into your crown chakra.
  • Let this energy completely fill the Cross of Light formed by your chakras.
  • Let the light overflow from the Cross into your physical body. Feel the energy of the Cross of Light changing the vibration of your energy. Is your energy faster, slower, or more intense? Feel the difference in the energy you normally feel in your body.
  • If you are having trouble with the visualization just intone "Yod Yod  Lamed"  until you can feel a tingling in one of the Chakras (Sacred Chakra, Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Left Hand Chakra, Right Hand Chakra) or you feel a current in your body, or some other sensation that is not normal. You may just intuitively know that you have received the Amor's frequency.

Recite the statement below:
May the power of the frequency of the Armor of God rise and grow. May the power that is born within me today, have no decline, but increase for evermore. The Christ, the Holy Spirit, Archangel Michael, the Blue Lightening Angels and the Legions of Light are now my guardians and the protectors into all Multi-Dimensional Realms that I may travel, at all times and in all places in time and space. I feel their electrified  energy flowing around me and through me. So mote it be.

You may now successfully download the following Armor of God Transmissions listed below:

  Some Helpful Optional Exercises

Preparing to Enter the Spiritual Realm

Meaning – "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts" or "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord our God"
Pronounced – Koh-Doh-Eesh, Koh-Doh-Eesh, Koh-Doh-Eesh,  Ah-Doh-Nah-Eee, Tzeh-Bah-Yoth.

Before beginning and ending any Transmission, you should intone the above Mantra. It is the Mantra of all Mantras, used for protection and to establish Higher Vibration that allows an individual to enter the Higher Realms at will. It creates a shield and can be considered a portal to the Higher Realms. It is also the salutation used between those Higher-Vibratory Beings in service to Prime Creator and as a way to exalt the Creator.

As a salutation to Higher-Vibratory Beings, it is said three times back-to-back.  It is said out loud, under your breath or quietly, in your mind. Repeat the mantra once a day and/or at night before going to sleep. Witness positive changes in your physical body and life. People who operate from hatred, corruption and lies won't be able to look at you.

Meditate and repeat the mantra at each of the Chakras (front and back ). Both the front and back Chakras are connected to an etheric energy line called the Hara Line that runs down the middle of your body.

  • Begin at the Crown Chakra (top of the head) and work down the front to the Chakra at the Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Naval,  and Root Chakra (base of spine).
  • Continue meditating and repeat the mantra up the back of your spine up to the back of the navel, up to the back of your Solar Plexus, up to the back of your heart, Throat located at the back of the neck, Third Eye at the back of the head and up to the Crown Chakra.
          -  BE SILENT!


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