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Lineage, by definition, means a lineal descent from an ancestor, ancestry or pedigree. Lineage is a critcal  factor in the legitimacy, integrity and authority of a true Mystery School.The lineage of the Stargate Mystery School (SMS) dates back to the times of King Salomon with more than 3,000 years of history and lineage. Its teachings can be verified and traced back to the teachings of King Salomon himself. The SMS is a modern-day Western Mystery School which teaches the esoteric sciences in the Western Esoteric Tradition and the Mystical Qabalah. These sciences, constitute the Yoga of the West.

The early followers of Jesus' teachings were made up of several groups. One such group was the Gnostics. They practiced laying on of hands and professed to have a secret knowledge that had been passed on to them by Jesus and his disciples. The Gnostics were made up of many smaller groups some of which were known as the Docetists, the Marcionites, and the Carpocratians. They were united by their core beliefs which included: a personal experience of Jesus or the "kingdom of heaven within," their freedom and lack of rules, guidelines or creeds and their reliance on inspiration and inner guidance. Their existence is attested to by the Gnostic gospels which are part of the Nag Hamadi Library which was discovered in Egypt in 1959.

The fact that Jesus had additional teachings not recorded in the Bible is attested to in a letter written in the second century AD by the early Church father, Clement of Alexandria. In Clement's letter, he spoke of a secret gospel of Mark which was based on the normal canonical one but with additions for special followers of Jesus, referred to as "those who were being perfected" and "those who are being initiated into the great mysteries."

Jesus possessed great confidence in his ability and was able to heal in an instantaneous way with spectacular results. It is clear that he had perfected many skills and used them in conjunction to get the results he created. Clearly the Bible indicates that he did heal by intuning to the Divine Spirit and also indicated that we could do the same. The teachings of Jesus, as well as the example he set are a great inspiration for us


  Banishing Christian Healing Tradition

In the early Church, disease was thought of as a message from God, so the patient called on a intermediary to interpret these messages and to reconcile the differences between God and Man. Since the healer was the intermediary between God and Man, it was logical for the early Christian Church  to establish the idea of the healer priest within the early Christian tradition. But as the Church evolved it focused more on the spiritual, preaching side of Christ's work and less on the healing.
When Christianity became organized after the second century, its teachings were centered around faith and the official teachings of the church, rather than healing or "good works" and inner guidance as practiced by the Gnostics. At this time, those promoting the organization of the church began subduing and banishing those Gnostics who would not conform to the authority of the newly developing Church. In addition they tried to destroy the Gnostic gospels. With the elimination of the Gnostics and the establishment of the Official Christian Church, the practice of spiritual healing by lay Christians was strongly discouraged.

In the thirteenth century a papal decree was established forbidding priest to practice surgery and even the study of anatomy was condemned as being sacrilegious.  This was the first break between spiritual healing and physical healing.  This was a man-made separation of body and soul. The Church did not support healing, but instead it tried to stamp it out.  Healers were at-risk of being accused of witchcraft and it did not matter whether they helped or hindered,  they were still tried and punished as witches. Although there were some exceptions.

In 1914 the first attempt to validate spiritual healing was made by the Church and Medical Community.  The purpose was to decide whether spiritual healing could be given official recognition. However spiritual healing was given the thumbs down  (Spiritual Healing, Report of a Clerical and Medical Committee of Inquiry into  Spiritual,  Faith and Mental Healing. Macmillan, 1914). In 1953  a commission set up by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, composed of 28 people from the Church and Medical Community once again rejected the idea.

Today the Church and the orthodox medical establishment is taking the attitude "if you can't beat em, join em". The Church is rediscovering Christ's Healing Ministry and is supporting spiritual healing. The medical profession is warming up to the model, which embraces mind, body and spirit healing. In 1981, 70%-86% of the Doctors surveyed  wanted to train in at least one alternative healing method.  The most exciting development has been in the nursing profession.  Nurses don't practice spiritual healing as such, they practice Therapeutic Touch. However the method is based on the spiritual healing.

Christianity and Christian healing have gone together from the moment Jesus performed his first miracle, but the relationship has been up and down. Very early Christians complained that someone was healing in Christ's name and was not a disciple or follower of Christ's so called Disciples. Christ was not pleased and told his followers to let the healing continue saying 'Nobody can do these mighty works except he who abides in me'. Some Churches today believe that Christ is the only healer and we will have to wait for the Second Coming before true healing can happen.

There are many who criticize healers in the metaphysical, psychic and spiritual field as working with the devil or some other negative or unseen agency. However, these fundamentalist do not understand that all of these same phenomena were demonstrated by the Christ Jesus and were also repeated throughout the Old and New Testament. Our classes and healing programs are  bible based  and are part of a general spiritual awakening  bring people back to Christianity or other spiritual paths based on Christ Consciousness.


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