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  Shield of the Holy Spirit

Creating a Mental Image of the Holy Spirit
In this Transmission you will receive the Light Warrior Shield from the Holy Spirit. What is the Holy Spirit? To align with the Holy Spirit you must be able to visualize it. Teaching yourself to visualize the Holy Spirit may be challenging. Whatever effort you put into building a stable mental image of the Holy Spirit will repay you by increasing your ability to focus and concentrate on its follows thought. The Holy Spirit Power Symbol is Six Pointed Star or a spiral.  However, sometimes we need to actually see and feel the Holy Spirit. We are only given two images in the bible of the Holy Spirit

  • The Holy Spirit assumed the form and shape resembling a dove
     (Matthew 3:16, Isaiah 11:2, Luke 3:22, John 1:32).
  • She assumed the form and shape resembling flaming tongues
     (Acts 2:2-4).

Sometimes it is visualized as a female with a whirling vortex of rainbow light or fire as a body.  The Rainbow represents 6 kinds of Power that the Holy Spirit can give you.

  • Yellow Fire:  Thought Power (Imagination)
  • Red Fire:  Emotional Power   (Passion)
  • Blue Fire: Word & Mind Power (Logic & Reason)
  • Green Fire: Life Force Power (links Grid & Mother Earth)
  • Orange Fire:  Will Power (Determination)
  • Violet Fire: Spirit Power (links Jesus Christ, Angel, Heavenly Host)
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It is best to visualize the Holy Spirit as three dimensional, life size real being entirely of light, so intense it has the frequency of cool fire, who is delighted to appear in front of you and ready and willing to provide whatever comfort and help you need.  There are some people that have no problem visualizing complex images. Others have tremendous difficulty “seeing” anything. Actually it’s less important what you see when you close your eyes than what you feel. If all you see is a glowing white lump, but your heart tells you that this lump is an actual living Holy Spirit who has come at your request in order to help you, your Transmission will be fine.

Preparing to Enter the Spiritual Realm

Meaning – "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts" or "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord our God"
Pronounced – Koh-Doh-Eesh, Koh-Doh-Eesh, Koh-Doh-Eesh,  Ah-Doh-Nah-Eee, Tzeh-Bah-Yoth.

Before beginning and ending any Transmission, you should intone the above Mantra. It is the Mantra of all Mantras, used for protection and to establish Higher Vibration that allows an individual to enter the Higher Realms at will. It creates a shield and can be considered a portal to the Higher Realms. It is also the salutation used between those Higher-Vibratory Beings in service to Prime Creator and as a way to exalt the Creator.

As a salutation to Higher-Vibratory Beings, it is said three times back-to-back. It works best when said twelve times or more, and for protection and raising vibration to enter the Higher Realms, it should be said  as a Mantra that replaces your thoughts. It is said out loud, under your breath or quietly, in your mind. Repeat the mantra once a day and/or at night before going to sleep. Witness positive changes in your physical body and life. People who operate from hatred, corruption and lies won't be able to look at you.

Meditate and repeat the mantra at each of the Chakras (front and back ). Both the front and back Chakras are connected to an etheric energy line called the Hara Line that runs down the middle of your body.

  • Begin at the Crown Chakra (top of the head) and work down the front to the Chakra at the Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Naval,  and Root Chakra (base of spine).
  • Continue meditating and repeat the mantra up the back of your spine up to the back of the navel, up to the back of your Solar Plexus, up to the back of your heart, Throat located at the back of the neck, Third Eye at the back of the head and up to the Crown Chakra.
          -  BE SILENT!
  Holy Spirit Shield of Protection

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This Transmission shows you how to create the Light Warrior Shield of the Holy Spirit . The purpose of this Transmission is to protect and empower you, so you can work with the Holy Spirit to create abundance for every sentient being across the planet and to help them overcome evil from within and without. The Shield of the Holy Spirit is an energetic layer round your heart, and emotional body that protects you from psychic attacks and low-vibrational energy from penetrating your personal space. The Shield's energy adjusts to every new threat by sending and receiving energy from the Holy Spirit.  This allows the Shield to continually draw out toxic energies, such as implants, elementals, etheric mucous, parasites and other parasitic intelligence that would live off your energy and life force. It transmutes any dark energy into light without harming and even providing some healing for the negative energy.

During this Transmission you be creating the Holy Spirit Power Symbol of a Six Pointed Star over your heart chakra. The Six Pointed star is created by visualizing  two Triangles:

  • a regular Triangle is drawn over the upper energy centers of the Tree of Life Format: Crown Chakra, Left Shoulder and Right Shoulder
  • an inverted Triangle is drawn over the lower energy centers of the Tree of Life Format:  Left Hip. Right Hip  and Sacred Chakra.
  • the two Triangles are pulled together over the heart to form the six pointer star. 

As you create each of the Triangles you will be drawing down the power of the Holy Spirit into the  6 energy centers. You will active each energy center by intoning its hebrew name. Listed below are the names of the energy centers you will be activating to create the Shield.

Upper Triangle

Apex of Triangle
God Name: Eheieh ( I am that I am)
Pronunciation: A-huh-yAh
Location: Top of your Head, Crown Chakra
Spiritual Gift: Reveals what must be done to complete life's missions, creative and artistic expression, links divine and humans, reveals, light and fire in humans and nature, helps to make changes in your life, Archangel  Metatron (Meh-Tuh-Tron)

Physical Functions: Regenerate  reproduction system, body oxygenation, ankles, most syndromes, electrical impulses in the cells, nervous system. spinal core, special aspect of vision 
Sacred Fire: White
Crystal: Double terminated quartz, herkimer diamond 

Right Corner of Triangle
God Name: El (God The Mighty One)
Pronunciation: ehl
Location: Right Shoulder
Spiritual Gift: Iincreases patience, ,endurance,devotion,abundance and prosperity, recognizing spiritual calling, spiritual healer, protects healers and teachers, Archangel Tzadkiel 

Physical Functions: Weight problems, anorexia, detox Blood,Liver, cell nutrition, hips, thighs, buttocks, cerebral hemisphere, intestines.  

Sacred Fire: Blue and Violet
Crystal: Lapis Lazuli

Left Corner of Triangle
God Name: Elohim Gebor (God of Battles)
Pronunciation: A-lO-hEm-gih-bOr
Location: Left Shoulder
Spiritual Gifts:  Protects the weak, overcomes cruelty, increases strength and courage, helps to tear down old and manifest new. gives insight into situations and people upsetting our lifes and how to stop them.  Archangel Kamael  

Physical Functions: Activity for production red corpuscles and helps anemia, infections in the blood stream, strengthen muscle, male sex organs, prostrate gland, colon, inflammatory disease, after surgery stimulates greater strength and recuperative powers
Sacred Fire: Red
Crystal: Garnet

Inverted Lower Triangle

Right Corner of Triangle
God Name: Jehovah Tzaboath (Lord Of Host)
Pronunciation: yah-hO-vah-tzah-bah-Oth
Location: Right Hip
Spiritual Gifts: Assist in art and creative activity, proper expression of emotion, contact with nature spirits, fairies and elves, awakens love and unity consciousness understanding we are all one. Archangel Haniel. 

Physical Functions: Physical Appearance including hair and skin,female sex organs,reproduction,mammary gland,menstruation, throat, kidneys, left hip of body, acid-alkaline balance, thyroid, emotion states that are curses physical illness. 
Sacred Fire: Green, 
Crystal: Malachite, Emerald

Left Corner of Triangle
God Name: Elohim Tzaboath (God of Host)
Pronunciation: eh-lO-hEm-tzah-bah-Oth
Location: Left Hip
Spiritual Gifts: Vision of truth, brings patience, protects against psychic dangers including curses, hexes and spells, increases communication skills, knowledge of healing, enhances educational and scientific work, greater prosperity through knowledge,
Spiritual Guide: Archangel Michael 

Physical Functions: Nervous system, respiratory system,lungs, hands, vocal cords(speech) memory, hearing and sight, pancreas, left hemisphere of brain.
Sacred Fire: Orange, Violet 
Crystal: Citrine

Apex (Top) of Triangle
God Name: Shaddai El Chai (The Almighty Living God)
Pronunciation: shah-dI-ehl-kI
Location: 2' below belly button , Sacred Chakra
Spiritual Gift: Increase intuition and psychic abilities,dreamwork,astral projection, work with omens, strengthens emotional health, overcome idleness, independence,spontaneity,self awareness, ties to Kundalini, 
Spiritual Guide: Archangel Gabriel

Physical Functions: Sexual organs,brest,stomach, lower extremities , body rhythms, pregnancy, lymphatic, menstruation and body secretions, digestive system,
Sacred Fire: Violet and Blue (indigo)
Crystal: Amethyst

Six Pointed Star

Center of Six Pointed Star
God Name: Jehovah Elohim Va D'aath (God made manifest in the sphere of the mind )
Pronunciation: yah-hO-vah-A-lO-ah-vuh-dahth
Location: Heart
Spiritual Gifts: All healing energies, Christ consciousness, harmony with things of the heart,victory over adversity,compassion, devotion, miracles, idealism,

Physical Functions: Vitality, functions of the heart, circulatory system, immune system, thymus gland, metabolism, spinal cord, physical growth,

Spiritual Guide: Archangel Raphael
Sacred Fire: Gold
Crystal: Rose Quartz

To activate Shield

To activate the Shield you intone the Fire Letter Mantra: "Kaf Hey Tav" with visualizing the Fire Letters shown below:

Fire Letter Mantra:← Tav Hey Kaf ←
Meaning:  Protect & Remove negative energy - from yourself or others

The Fire Letter Mantra "Kaf Hey Tav"  eliminates and protects against negative energy / negative thinking – This name disarms negative obsessive mind-storms, gives you control over your thoughts, protects against anxiety, temper tantrums, ADHD, bad habits, bad temper, anorexia, uncertainty, constant worry, pessimism, negative thoughts about yourself as well as others (that originate in anger or jealousy), nervousness and panic. The Fire Letters will open the space for the Holy Spirit to bring in a protective light. It will surround you with positive energy shield against negative entities and energy 

Energy Flow Pattern:

Step One: Create the Upper Triangle of Blue Fire

  • Stand straight or sit with feet together.
  • Say mantra to give you protection in the Spiritual Realm:

    Meaning – "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts" or "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord our God"
    Pronounced – Koh-Doh-Eesh, Koh-Doh-Eesh, Koh-Doh-Eesh,  Ah-Doh-Nah-Eee, Tzeh-Bah-Yoth.

  • Envision the Holy Spirit within the Heavens. Sometimes it is visualized as a female with a whirling vortex of rainbow light or fire as a body. You may visualize it as a whirlwind or just a shining body of light. There is no wrong image. Go with what you intuitively feel is right.  Give it a personality.  See it as an actual living being.
  • With the thumb(spirit), and the index finger (phoenix fire) joined draw down the power of the Holy Spirit from the heavens. Pull down a blue line of fire into your Crown Chakra. Connect the blue fire line to your Crown Chakra, this is the Apex or top of the Triangle and recite:

    I activate Eheiah Asher Eheiah (A-hey-yah asher A-hey-yah)
    I am Universal Harmony

  • With your joined fingers draw a line from the Apex in your Crown Chakra downward, to your Left Shoulder to form one side of the Triangle. See a crisp blue line of fire connecting your Crown Chakra to your Left Shoulder. Touch your left shoulder and recite:

    I activate Elohim Gibor (El-oh-Heem Ge-boor)
    I am Universal Balance

  • Move your hand across your chest to Right Shoulder and form the Base of the Triangle. See a crisp blue line of fire connecting your Left to your Right Shoulder. Touch the right shoulder and recite the mantra:

    I activate El 
    I am Universal Love
  • Move your hand back to your Crown Chakra to complete Triangle.
  • Say : Kaf Hey Tav
  • You should now have a flaming blue Triangle connecting the Crown Chakra, Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder.

Step 2:  Create Second Triangle of Orange Fire

Now create the second triangle by connecting your lower energy centers: Left Hip, Right Hip and Sacred Chakra to form the inverted Triangle.

  • With the thumb(spirit), and the index finger (phoenix fire) joined draw down the power of the Holy Spirit from the Heavens.  Pull down an orange line of fire into your Sacred Chakra, located two inches below your belly button.
  • Connect the orange line of fire to the middle of your Sacred Chakra.  This is the Apex or top of the Second Triangle(Inverted). Recite:

    I activate Shaddai El Chai (shah-dI-ehl-kI)
    I am Universal Life
  •  Move your hand up from your Sacred Chakra to your Left Hip. Connect the orange line of fire to your Left Hip. You have formed one side of the second triangle. Recite out Loud :

    I activate Elohim Tzaboath (El-oh-heem  Tzah-bah-oth )
    I am Universal Truth

  • Move your hand from your Left Hip to your Right Hip to create a crisp orange line of fire that is the base of the Triangle.  Touch your Right Hip and recite:

    I activate Jehovah Tzaboath (yah-hO-vah-tzah-bah-Oth)
    I am Universal Light
  • Now complete the Triangle by drawing a line of orange fire with your hand down come your Right Hip and back to your Sacred Chakra. Touch the center of the Sacred Chakra. Say: "Kaf  Hey Tav"
  • You now have two Triangles, a blue flaming Triangle pointing to the heavens formed by the Crown Chakra,  Left Shoulder and Right Shoulder. The other an orange flaming Triangle pointed to the Earth formed by the Left Hip, Right Hip and Sacred Chakra.
  • Now you will pull these two Triangles together to form the 6 point star at your Heart. Touch the Apex of the first Triangle at your Crown Chakra with your left hand and touch the Apex of the second Triangle at your Sacred Chakra with right hand.  Pull the two Triangle together towards your heart.  Let them overlap at your heart to form the six pointed star.


I activate Jehovah Elohim Va D'aath (yah-hO-vah-A-lO-ah-vuh-dahth)
I am One with the Infinite Universe

 I activate the Shield of the Holy Spirit - Kaf Hey Tav

The Blue Fire of the Shield Surrounds Me- Kaf Hey Tav
The Orange Fire of the Shield Fills Me - Kaf Hey Tav
The Blue Fire of the Shield Protects Me- Kaf Hey Tav
The Orange Fire of the Shield Empowers Me - Kaf Hey Tav

By the Authority and Power of the Holy Spirit Kaf Hey Tav, I lift all curses, hexes and spells that have been directed at me,  in this life time or any other life time.

I cancel, nullify and dissolve all vows or agreements that I have made in this or any other life time that keeps me from accessing the Light of Universal Truth.

I cancel and nullify all vows or agreement that I may have made with any and all negative entities that may be attempting to keep me from accessing the Light of Universal Truth.

In the name of th Kaf Hey Tav,  I decree that any and all entities that may be attempting to negatively control me or use my energy in a negative way to leave me now and do not return, And I decree that they do not attach themselves to any other sentient being.  And if any enities have been present here or attached to me in any way , I ask the Christ or one of its Angelic Helpers to guide these entities to the region of pure love and transmute their negative energy into positive, wherever this possible.
I decree this is the same for any other sentient being that I surround with this blue and orange flaming six pointed star. I now surround the planet in a six pointed star and activate the Holy Spirit Shield around every sentient being. I decree this and make it so now.

In your mind's eye see the Earth enclosed in the blue and orange fire  six pointed star. Likewise, anytime you feel someone is being attacked  just create and activate the Shield on your body and then send a beam of light from the six pointer star in your Heart to the Heart of the person you want to protect. Visualize the six pointed star in their heart expanding to surround the person.


By the Power of Jehovah Elohim Va D'aath (yah-hO-vah-A-lO-ah-vuh-dahth)
I send the Six Pointed Star of the Holy Spirit  to the heart of  
(name of person)

See the blue and orange six pointed star in the person's heart

I decree the Shield of the Holy Spirit  is activated within and without  (name of person)- 
Kaf Hey Tav

The Blue Fire of the Shield Surrounds (name of person) - Kaf Hey Tav

The Orange Fire of the Shield Fills (name of person)- Kaf Hey Tav
The Blue Fire of the Shield Protects (name of person)- Kaf Hey Tav
The Orange Fire of the Shield Empowers (name of person) - Kaf Hey Tav

By the Authority of Kaf Hey Tav  I decree that all negative entities or energies can not attach themselves to the 4 energy system of (name of person) or influence (name of person) in anyway.

During the day, if you feel darkness around you or coming into to you, ask that the Holy Fire from the Six Pointed Star glow brighter above, below and all around you or the other person . Repeat the Mantra.
Kaf Hey Tav  and visualize the Fire Letters below written over the heart Call upon the Six Pointed Star Fire of the Holy Spirit:

  • to surround the negative energies that are around you,
  • go to the source of the darkness and surround it
  • and transform the darkness or cast it to Archangel Michael and the Christ to do what they feel is right.

     "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts" or "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord our God"
  • Pronounced – Koh-Doh-Eesh, Koh-Doh-Eesh, Koh-Doh-Eesh,  Ah-Doh-Nah-Eee, Tzeh-Bah-Yoth.


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