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  Choose a Divine God Name from the Following List


1) Vav.He.Vav (ו.ה.ו - Repairing the past – This name enhances the repair of acts of the past and return to control. If the negative effects of the past are controlling your life today, this name allows you to go back in time and make an amendment where the problem started – and change what happened in the past. Vav.He.Vav brings remorse, accepting the truth that the problems we experience in life, especially the repetitive ones, are a result of past actions. This name helps you reshape the present and create a future full of joy and fulfillment. It protects against confusion, disorientation, investigations, disruptions and instability. Open stargates and connects you to your divine spirit at the time you where created.

2) Yod.Lamed.Yod י.ל.י - Mental strengthening of the soul – to recollect fragments of the soul: This name helps in circumstances of fatigue, decline and depletion of energy resources, helplessness and mood swings. It cuts away the destructive factors that weaken you, and helps to boost energies, restore the lost sparks of spiritual light, bring peace of mind, happiness, and a sense of liberation. It reminds you about the meaning of life, passion for life, and improves psychic abilities.

3) Samech.Yod.Teth ט.י.ס Creating Miracles – This name will generate miracles in your life, after you create internal changes. When an extraordinary internal change starts to happen, the potency of the name ט.י.ס ignites the power of miracles in your life by allowing the universe to express the internal transformation in the external (physical) realm. What are the internal traits that need to be amended? These are usually release of anger, the temptation to follow the path of negativity, envy, self-pity, and so on.

4) Ayin.Lamed.Mem מ.ל.ע - Eliminates negative energy / negative thinking – This name disarms negative obsessive mind-storms, gives you control over your thoughts, protects against anxiety, temper tantrums, ADHD, bad habits, bad temper, anorexia, uncertainty, constant worry, pessimism, negative thoughts about yourself as well as others (that originate in anger or jealousy), nervousness and panic. מ.ל.ע will open the space for the divine light. It will help you focus on creative thinking that will propel you forwards.

5) Mem.He.Shin ש.ה.מ - Healing and neutralizing all diseases - Provides healing energy at the deepest level. This name helps to achieve better health, counteracts any type of illness, heals the body and mind, protects against pain, chronic fatigue and dysfunction, and strengthens mental health. ש.ה.מ promotes cleansing, taking responsibility for your current situation, and helps you send healing energies to others in order to strengthen them as well.

6) Lamed.Lamed.He ה.ל.ל - Dreams and messages from the universe – Dreaming and recharging the soul: Escaping from the chains of every-day reality and giving liberty to the soul, allowing your spirit to rest and tune in. ה.ל.ל is a name for good and deep sleep, when the soul can go up to safe and loving realms, thus - helping you to wake up refreshed, smarter, and re-tuned in body and spirit. The guidance received during dreaming, empowers you to see the past and future clearly, foresee what’s coming your way, make the right decisions, and enables you to change disasters and troubles derived upon you before they come to realization.

7) Aleph.Caf.Aleph א.כ.א – Reaching perfection from the root of the soul. Will help you in times when you feel that all is lost, your spiritual world devoid of order, chaos dominates your life, and you lose sense of purpose, feel laziness, apathy, sluggishness, or confusion. א.כ.א allows the power of the soul to be expressed and restore the order of things: regeneration, removing inhibitions, putting priorities in order, returning your creative energies, transforming, propulsion and new inertia. It helps you restore the meaning to life when everything seems pointless.

8) Caf.He.Tav ת.ה.כ - Removal of negative energies resulting from mental stress, or from people or places that radiate darkness and hatred. This name disperses harsh energies, counteracts anger and hatred, neutralizing negativity from your surroundings, relieves stress and mental tension, helps to get rid of sadness, depression, fear and misery, balances the energy surrounding the body, stabilities anxiety, frustration, aggression, fear, worries and temper tantrums, promotes tranquility and relaxation, and makes room for positive energies.

9) He.Zain.Yod י.ז.ה - Communication with Angels - This powerful name will improve the flow of positive energy and remove bad luck originated from negative words, thoughts and actions. It opens communication with Divine Providence, links to the Guardian Angels, promotes support and assistance from positive angels, empowers your higher self, brings goodwill and reconciliation, mental and spiritual wholeness, and balances mood swings.

10) Aleph.Lamed.Dalet ד.ל.א - Protects against the evil eye, troubles ,destructive elements that lie beneath the surface and originate in envy and hostility of others. ד.ל.א will surround you with positive energy shield against hostile glimpses and malicious intentions, and, at the same time, reduce your desire to do harm to others. It will help you be more careful in your actions (not to chat about your achievements or things you are about to do).

11) Lamed.Aleph.Vav ו.א.ל - Cleansing the space of negative energy – Entering a circle of purified and protective energy. This name protects you from adversities that occur along the way, accidents and mishaps, and places where you feel uncomfortable because of harsh energies. It is especially good for protecting military and security forces.

12) He.He.Ayin ע.ה.ה - Inspires unconditional love, and love for your fellow man (even those you have difficulties with). It enhances love in relationships, helps to create harmony with our peers, between humanity and nature, and thus achieving true joy and spiritual enrichment. ע.ה.ה will encourage the progress of relationship towards marriage, acquire new friendships, and will dispel resentment and bitterness resulting from quarrel, dispute or hatred. It will protect against the temptations to go after your dark and evil sides. It reminds you that you cannot love others if you do not love yourselves first.

13) Yod.Zayin.Lamed ל.ז.י - Achieving spiritual paradise – This name will help you achieve inner peace, harmony, and happiness that radiates from within. It will accelerate the process of finding your inner messiah and achieving internal redemption and repent. It will bring relief, tolerance, and compassion toward oneself and others. Yod.Zayin.Lamed helps to establish good compatibility in relationships, solid friendship reconciliation and conjugal fidelity. Will strengthen your heart and safely support you with obstacles that you encounter.

14) Mem.Bet.He ה.ב.מ - Peaceful solutions – Ceasefire: this name encourages tolerance, inner balance and resolution of internal conflicts, world peace and amenity. Connecting to spiritual light and the soul to end a conflict. Mem.Bet.He protects against war, expression of inner strength, and brings abundance, growth and bloom. Our personal efforts to obtain tolerance effect the whole world.

15) He.Resh.Yod י.ר.ה -Clear vision of the future – This name will help you develop intuition, prophetic capabilities and foresight. It brings clear, long-term vision, perception of causes and effects that govern reality, and reaching balance. It encourages honesty in relationships, opens the door to business opportunities, and protects against poor judgment. It helps you clear your personal vision and make good choices that will yield success. He.Resh.Yod will assist to focus on realistic outcomes and open your eyes to remove illusions. Good for financial matters, especially for those who worry about livelihood and dread difficult situations on the material plane.

16) He.Kof.Mem ם.ק.ה - Rising from depression – This name protects against depression, mental illness, helplessness, fear and guilt. Encourages optimism and new beginnings, giving the emotional power to stand firm on your feet after defeats, and gives endurance when the path seems unbearable. He.Kof.Mem reminds us not to be tempted to take the path of melancholy, and that true greatness is expressed by undaunted recovery, which expands the spiritual light in the world.

17) Lamed.Aleph.Vav ו.א.ל Liberation from the bonds of ego – When we are in endless competition with our colleagues, careers and economic pressures, the ego is the one that governs us. This name helps us identify our ego in action and come out of its restraints. It encourages selfcontrol, release of egotism, ego-based desires, and letting go of the mentality of "Me first", release of pretense, bondage to capricious, and the need to prove superiority over others. Thus, you can win true freedom and feel satisfaction and enjoyment with what you have.

18) Caf.Lamed.Yod – י.ל.כ - Fertility and creativity – This name will help you with creativity and fertility, menstruation, puberty and menopause. It fills your being with the force of fruitfulness and abundance; removes spiritual blockages, helps childbirth, stimulates puberty, creativity and selffulfillment. You can tune into this name for sending support to others who are trying to start a family.

19) Lamed.Vav.Vav ו.ו.ל - Direct connection to the Creator – This name is your ultimate connection to the divine light that will help you fulfill your wishes. Assists the fulfillment of prayers through direct connection to the Creator and building a temple for the self. It encourages you to take the mystical path, become devoted and enlightened. This name opens the gates of heaven, removing blockages and clearing out obstacles. We must remember that negative thoughts, cynical and bitter attitude impair our connection to light. * Visualize this sacred name before you pray for something in order to open the Divine will. End your prayed with the word “Amen”.

20) Peh.He.Lamed ל.ה.פ - To overcome addiction – This name will help you change negative habits, stop addictions, harmful lusts and destructive ambitions, self-pity and connection with your dark sides. It prevents the weight loss resulting in torment. ל.ה.פ will give you the discipline to overcome the ego, self-centeredness and selfish impulses. It will induce success, self-control and leadership.

21) Nun.Lamed.Caf ך.ל.נ - Summon the Divine light to fight disease – This name is good for eradicating epidemics, against common and quiet diseases (bad nutrition, smoking, depression, heart disease, pollution, hatred and such) that affect everyone, or any “social” disease (such as Aids). ך.ל.נ fights mental paralysis, helplessness and contamination. It is the remedy to plagues and vaccinates us against their roots.

22) Yod.Yod.Yod י.י.י - To end fatal attraction to a harmful factor – This name will help you end a destructive or harmful relationship or a strong attraction to a person that extorts your energies, and eliminate cruel people from your life. It will fill your soul with sacred energy, provide protection from mental or physical violence will fill you with purified vitality. י.י.י prevents the depletion of energy, emotional, spiritual and physical offense.

23) Mem.Lamed.He ה.ל.מ - To spread wisdom, light and joy – This name inspires wisdom, distribution of light among all living things, giving and spreading knowledge, and bringing light into the darkness. It enhances the discovery of spiritual secrets, gives power to go and teach others, set a personal example and find eternal joy.

24) Chet.He.Vav ו.ה.ח - To counteracts envy and greed – This name will help you fight the forces of darkness that emerge from jealousy and greed, to gain control over envious thoughts and insulting words, and thereby reduce human injustices such as: poverty, disease, hunger, terror, chaos, and things that happen unintentionally. ו.ה.ח induces balance and brings peace of mind and reassurance.

25) Nun.Tav.He ה.ת.נ – To talk honestly - helps to treat difficulties in telling the truth. Gives courage to speak openly, helps to tell the truth forthright. This name opens your heart and attention to hear the truth from others, and cultivates sincere intentions.

26) He.Aleph.Aleph א.א.ה - To find order in chaos – Behind every Chaos, there is a hidden harmony: This name helps to bring balance, order and harmony into your life, and organize your priorities. It will help you make the right decisions, prevent disruptions, remove doubts and heighten your abilities.

27) Yod.Resh.Tav ת.ר.י – Giving, charity, streaming abundance, blessings and protection – This name will help you cultivate your channel to flow of abundance through the act of giving. Giving charity and donating tenth of your earnings to the needy will help you reach success and material wealth. This partnership with cosmic abundance will provide the spiritual tools to choose between good and evil, remove harmful forces out of your way and bless you with Divine supervision.

28) Shin.Aleph.He ה.א.ש - The ideal union – This name will help you enter the frequency of cosmic partnership, and to attract your “second half” – your soulmate, even if he or she is far away. ה.א.ש will help you find the perfect mate, will encourage the progress of relationships towards marriage, rise into true intimacy, new friendships, valuable human connections, and enrichment of existing ones. It will induce the development of imagination, spiritual growth, good business partnerships and mutual progress to the goal.

29) Resh.Yod.Yod י.י.ר - Eliminating hatred - purifying the hatred among us. This name helps to shed ourselves of anger, animosity, resentment and disgust for a person or group. Such negative emotions bring destruction, nature disasters, self-hatred, spiritual veil and negative feelings. Purifying our hearts from them will bring amendment from the root, and provide defense and protection from hostile acts toward us.

30) Aleph.Vav.Mem ם.ו.א – Union between people – this name will help you build bridges and bring people closer together, love of humanity, compassion, cultivating friendships, extending your hand for peace even to people that you are in conflict with, and nurturing family ties. It will help you forgive your enemies and achieve spiritual perfection. With the compassionate approach, bridges will be established for you to the upper realms, and to the source of joy and satisfaction.

31) Lamed.Caf.Bet ב.כ.ל - The power to bring to completion – This name helps you complete things that you started, especially if the task is of spiritual nature. It will remove internal obstacles such as loss of enthusiasm along the way, fear, frustration, forgetfulness, doubt and sloth, and empower you in completing your tasks. It will give you the strength to persist and to graciously accept delayed gratification.

32) Vab.Shin.Resh ר.ש.ו – Increases the power of memory – This name helps to stimulate the power of memory in your consciousness, remember your mistakes, learn and internalize the lessons of the past. It enables you not to repeat errors and avoid paying dearly for difficult experiences.

 33) Yod.Chet.Vav ו.ח.י - Identifying the dark corners – This name will help you identify negative features and dark sides of yourself and others, it will expose selfish and negative forces that still operate within, and accelerate the process of self-discovery. ו.ח.י will help raise hidden things up to the surface.

34) Lamed.He.Chet ח.ה.ל – Abolition of ego – This name will help you disarm your aggression and stubbornness, prevent you from digging into your stance and disapprove the ideas of other out of jealousy. It will eliminate selfishness, self-destruction and the need to beat others. It will help you stick to positive life energy, transcend above your limitations, adhere to the tree of life and achieve success.

35) Caf.Vav.Kof ק.ו.כ - Purifying passions – This name encourages spiritual-sacred sexuality and purifies sexual desire and sexual energy. It works as aphrodisiac, raises sexual energy and compliance, helps you ascend to higher spiritual level through wholesome satisfying sexuality. It alleviates impotence, and encourages you to treat a lover with devotion by putting their needs before your needs. Good for recollecting the sparks that were lost due to selfish sexual activity.

36) Mem.Nun.Dalet ד.נ.מ - Living fearlessly – This name will help you get rid of fears, anxieties and worries and eradicate them to the root. It will help you overcome shyness and eliminate the difficulties and obstacles on the way to freedom, fulfillment, and happiness. When you are motivated by love, rather than fear, darkness turns into light and desert becomes a blooming garden.

37) Aleph.Nun.Yod י.נ.א - Seeing the big picture – This name will help you see things at the widest perspective - at the universal level: discovery of the hidden aspects and purpose behind every problem, raising awareness about the long term results of your actions, getting to the root of a problem, achieving absolute certainty, removing doubt, inducing prophecy and telepathy, premonition about things that may happen. Knowing that "what was supposes to happen will eventually happen". It helps to decipher kept secrets, and reveal hidden truths. י.נ.א is good for distinguishing events originated from the non-physical realm.

38) Chet.Ayin.Mem ם.ע.ח - The circle of giving and receiving - Will help you give to others voluntary and unconditionally, express gratitude and appreciation for what is received and willingness to share it with others. It will encourage receiving for the purpose of paying forward, and love of God. Participation in the circle of giving-receiving elevates you spiritually, and helps you see yourself as an integral part of the cycle of life.

39) Resh.He.Ayin ע.ה.ר - Growth through stressful conditions - This name relieves bad moods, dispels pessimism, confusion and despair, and brings personal growth. Helps in decision making and overcoming spiritual crises, creating glorious reality out of the void. when we stop feeling as victims of our reality, we are able to experience how problematic situations are transformed into positive, blessed opportunities.

40) Yod.Yod.Zayin ז.י.י - Proper use of words – Words have great power; they can build or destroy worlds. This name will help you develop good relationships with others by wise utilization of your words, teach you to say the right things at the right place, and establish good communication with your environment. ז.י.י will silence the ego, and summon the light to talk from your mouth, so that each word you speak will elevate your soul.

41) He.He.He ה.ה.ה - Improving self-image – This name will connect you to healing and well-being in all areas of life. It will encourage personal growth, self-esteem and personal expression. ה.ה.ה will remove over dependency on others and a victimized feeling. Will help you take charge of your life and to solve your own problems using your inner strength.

42) Mem.Yod.Caf כ.י.מ - Discovery of hidden truth – This name will help you discover truths, and expand your point of view to see things from a different angle. it will bring disillusionment and strength to deal with the naked truth. It will inspire courage and ability to implement ideas into practice. Encourage intelligence and telepathy.

43) Vav.Vav.Lamed ל.ו.ו - To release the shackles of matter – This name indicates control of spirit over matter and over the limited perception of the ego. It will dispel pessimism, negative and cynical prophecies. Everything becomes possible and circumstances change for the better when you remove your skepticism, believe and know that spirit governs matter.

44) Yod.Lamed.He ה.ל.י – Reprieve of verdict – This name will help to prevent a harsh fate, facilitate or sweeten the severity of the Day of Judgment if there is a sincere repentance in your heart. It will smooth arguments and help with legal issues. Will help to get rid of resentment and judgment toward others and encourage kindness, grace, tolerance and unconditional compassion.

45) Samech.Aleph.Lamed ל.א.ס - Abundance, material success and prosperity – This name will help you attract good fortune from the Divine Light, which is the source of all wealth. It will bring prosperity, good luck, wealth and abundance. ל.א.ס will help remove economic barriers, improve your livelihood and get rid of debts.

46) Ayin.Resh.Yod י.ר.ע Absolute certainty – This name will reinforce your faith, help you see things beyond any doubt, and will strengthen the sense of certainty that you get everything you need for your spiritual growth. It teaches you that under all difficulties there is a spiritual plan, and thus, frees you of guilt.

 47) Ayin.Shin.Lamed ל.ש.ע - Global change through internal change – This name will help to accelerate your personal transformation, inspire peace, tranquility, and reduce stress and tension. It will help you maintain good relationships, self-acceptance, and unconditional love. ל.ש.ע helps to end wars and struggles on a personal and global levels. World peace is a result of the internal transformation that is made by each individual.

48) Mem.Yod.He ה.י.מ - Unity of souls - Encourages unity among people, closeness in personal relationships, familial, political, and business connections. It will inspire abandonment of selfish and separated attitude, and help you treat others with dignity and respect, expressing tolerance to the other person’s views. This mutual reverence rewards you with personal enrichment.

49) Vav.He.Vav ו.ה.ו – Happiness – This name brings happiness, joy and appreciation to the things that life gives you. It encourages optimism, relieves misery, and brings satisfaction on a deep spiritual level.

50) Dalet.Nun.Yod י.נ.ד – Focusing on a goal – This name encourages focus and concentration, courage to go all the way with things, thinking big without compromise, removal of negative thoughts that may hinder you on the way to achieving a goal, persistence and strength to accomplish your plans. י.נ.ד teaches that everything is possible, and encourages you not to settle for less than the best in spiritual growth, joy, love and peace.

51) He.Chet.Shin ש.ח.ה - Purification of guilt - Neutralizes guilt feelings, helps you recognize the pain you have caused to others, assists spiritual correction of your past wrongdoings, and brings repentance. ש.ח.ה helps you overcome the dark and harmful traits that lie inside you and to eradicate them, softens harsh qualities, and helps spiritual amendment.

52) Ayin.Mem.Mem ם.מ.ע - Enthusiasm – This name will stir up enthusiasm that come from the root of the soul, spiritual inspiration, dedication and relief from a sense of emptiness. It nourishes the spirit and helps preserve honesty and mindfulness in every spiritual engagement.

53) Nun.Nun.Aleph א.נ.נ - Unconditional love - helps in making friends, building social bridges, unity, cosmic soul mating, giving unconditionally, pure love, joy and fulfillment. א.נ.נ encourage sensitivity to others, compassion, empathy, and love within the family. It will help get rid of anger and disagreements, inspire gratitude, and sweeten a tough fate.

54) Nun.Yod.Tav ת.י.נ - Immortal spirit – This name will help those who had experienced loss, or fear of losing their assets, achievements, or loved ones. It will help you understand that the soul is eternal, and that what is ending for you on the physical plane - undergoes transformation and returns to you in other ways that serve your highest goal. This name will strengthen you against the termination of things in your life: help you recognize spiritual immortality, ease the suffering of aging, preserve youth, maintain frameworks, even if the current ones are changing beyond recognition, and purify the defilement of death.

55) Mem.Bet.He ה.ב.מ - Implementation into practice – This name will help you fulfill your plans, achieve concrete results, realize your ideas, connect between your spiritual and material aspects to increase enthusiasm, overcome fears and complete what you started. It encourages creativity, momentum, commitment, and willingness to take risks.

56) Peh.Vav.Yod י.ו.פ – To get rid of anger - Removing hostility which controls the emotions, bringing an end to combat, aggression, hatred, mood swings and disagreements. This name teaches how to control your rage, aggressive behaviors, and eliminate the desire for over-powering and the pursuit of selfish superiority, reputation and wealth (driven by the ego). י.ו.פ will remove bondage to external impressions and bring relaxation, purification and cleansing of the heart.

57) Nun.Mem.Mem ם.מ.נ - Listening to the inner voice - Neutralizing external influences that disturb you from realizing your goals, listening to the spiritual self, and reaching a clear vision of the purpose you aim to fulfill. ם.מ.נ will encourage totality in actions, self-realization, amendment of the soul, mind reading, intuition and foresight.

58) Yod.Yod.Lamed ל.י.י - To release the past - Gives the courage to release anxiety and pain originating in past trauma, regrets, pain over loss, and dependence on anguish. ל.י.י encourages re-organization of thoughts, creating order out of chaos, and communication with spirits. It inspires bright hopes and faith in miracles, and helps you progress toward a better future.

59) He.Resh.Chet ח.ר.ה - The umbilical cord that connects you to Divine light – this name helps in cases of groping in the dark, sadness, anger outbursts and moodiness, pessimism, depression, and over-activity. ח.ר.ה is your direct connection to the Creator, that empowers you to overcome negative outcomes and fears, find what was lost, help you reveal hidden secrets, activate your sixth sense, teach you responsibility, courage, and shall fill your life with renewed light.

60) Mem.Tzadi.Resh ר.צ.מ - Freedom from limitations – This name will help you connect to your inner voice, will change situations where you are having difficulties and challenges on the physical plane. ר.צ.מ will give you the strength to handle the tests of life and elevate your spiritual level. It will release you of burdens and limitations, and bring freedom, joy and fulfillment.

61) Vav.Mem.Bet ב.מ.ו – Healing through pure water - Purified water stimulate the healing powers of man and earth. ב.מ.ו will help you overcome physical and spiritual crisis, treat mental illness, remove impurities from the spiritual body, charge you energetically, restore lost sparks, give eternal life, and help you ascend from depression and damaged immune system. For healing meditation, visualize yourself immersed in pure water.

62) Yod.He.He ה.ה.י – Educating without preaching – This name will enhance the communication among family members, encouraging better direction and support for children, providing inspiration and personal example, empathy and good parenting. ה.ה.י will help the educating parent to avoid preaching and share his/her wisdom with dignity and selflessness. This way – the parent helps a child discover the light within themselves.

63) Ayin.Nun.Vav ו.נ.ע - Appreciating what exists – This name will relieve stress, frustration and negative energy, it will teach unconditional appreciation and gratitude, encourage enthusiasm and enjoyment of what you have in life, and heal misery that originates from looking back to the past. In Hebrew – this letter combination hints on humbleness and modest approach.

64) Mem.Chet.Yod י.ח.מ – Radiating the inner beauty outwards – This name will help you see yourself as presentable and attractive, radiate your beauty outwards, to be liked by others, gain self-confidence, neutralize negative attitude about yourself, and see others beyond their inadequacies. י.ח.מ encourages a sense of humor, and externalization of your inner beauty and positive attributes.

 65) Dalet.Mem.Bet ב.מ.ד - Reverence - Recognition and respect into the workings of the Creator, and seeing the outcome of every word and action. ב.מ.ד will help you with pre-observation and prediction of negative outcomes of inappropriate conduct, and preventing it even before it happened. It encourages kindness, compassion, giving, enthusiasm, leadership, gives the power to beat addictions, and helps to re-organize your life with insight and application of the laws of the universe.

 66) Mem.Nun.Kof ק.נ.מ - Taking responsibility over your life – This name will help eliminate self-pity and a victim mentality. It neutralizes feelings of helplessness and isolation, the desire for revenge, depending on others, and helps you understand that you are the creator of your reality, and you can change what you have created.

67) Aleph.Yod.Ayin ע.י.א – To remove false expectations – This name handles disappointment that originates from false expectations of other people or the future. It will release you from viewing the world as an unfair, wicked place, of seeing yourself as a victim, and remove doubts about free will and good luck. ע.י.א helps with the test of faith, encourages appreciation and

67) Aleph.Yod.Ayin ע.י.א – To remove false expectations – This name handles disappointment that originates from false expectations of other people or the future. It will release you from viewing the world as an unfair, wicked place, of seeing yourself as a victim, and remove doubts about free will and good luck. ע.י.א helps with the test of faith, encourages appreciation and contentment with what there is.

68) Chet.Bet.Vav ו.ב.ח – Communicating with souls of the deceased – This name will help you communicate with the souls of people who passed from this world, will open you to receive messages of supreme guidance through a deceased person, to conduct spiritual channeling, get good advice and support, overcome grief and help to uplift the soul of a loved one to higher realms.

69) Resh.Aleph.He ה.א.ר – Rediscovering the inner compass after crisis – This name gives the mental strength to return to the path of life, to get out of depression, confusion, blurred vision and loss, and finding your way back to your spiritual home. ה.א.ר helps you re-organize your life, gives you a sense of comfort, endurance, renewed faith and security.

70) Yod.Bet.Mem מ.ב.י - Finding order behind the chaos – This name will help you find order in chaos, overcome the feeling of panic and depression, focus, see things in a broad vision, and gain complete acceptance of the situation. מ.ב.י will help you understand the plan of God that leads you in fulfilling your destiny, the causes of problems you face, and thus – attain serenity, stability and spiritual growth.

71) He.Yod.Yod י.י.ה - Prophecy and parallel universes – This name gives power to fulfillment of prophecies, implementation into reality, creating spiritual transformation through proper awareness, and reaching a parallel universe of light, fertility and abundance. It encourages foresight and detection of opportunities for growth.

72) Mem.Vav.Mem ם.ו.מ - Purification and spiritual cleansing - Correction of past mistakes and learning the lessons gained, clearing negative energies and spiritual impurities from the environment, cultivating the qualities of honesty and mutual support, preventing cynicism and anguish, heartache and sorrow from offspring. ם.ו.מ gives the power to erase the faults of the past and take everything easier in order to cleanse the present. **

The essence of these letter combinations is to create reality and generate changes - and that means - dealing with sacredness! Therefore they should be treated with respect and awe, no less than the Bible.

  More Divine God Names

The following  Divne names will let you experience the power of mystical words. 

God Name: Eheieh ( I am that I am)
Pronunciation: A-huh-yAh
Spiritual Gift: Reveals what must be done to complete life's missions, creative and artistic expression, links divine and humans, reveals, light and fire in humans and nature, helps to make changes in your life, Archangel  Metatron (Meh-Tuh-Tron)

Physical Functions: Regenerate  reproduction system, body oxygenation, ankles,most syndromes, electrical impulses in the cells, nervous system. spinal core, special aspect of vision 
Sacred Fire: White
Crystal: Double terminated quartz, herkimer diamond 

God Name: Jah  (The Lord)
Pronunciation: Jah
Spiritual Gift: Awakens assist  in visions of spiritual forces, realization of hidden abilities, pure souce of life giving energy, vision of God, helps you to see the big picture and put things into action

Physical Functions: Pineal gland, nervous system, mental illness. lymph glands, ease allergic conditions assist in addictive behaviors including drugs and alcohol, directly linked to mental health 

Sacred Fire: Soft Blue
Crystal: Fluorite

God Name: Jehovah Elohim(The Lord God)
Pronunciation: yah-hO-vah-A-lO-hEm
Spiritual Gift: Answer prayers, intercede with holy spirit, understanding of sacrifices, Gives us understanding of life, Helps in getting past an emptional trauma, Mother Mary 

Physical Functions:Shortens length of time for recovery from illness, helps with colds,chills, rheumatism, congestion in the body,ossification of the bodes, ease arthritis,
Sacred Fire: Pink
Crystal: Obsidian, black tourmaline

God Name: El (God The Mighty One)
Pronunciation: ehl
Spiritual Gift: Iincreases patience, ,endurance,devotion,abundance and prosperity,Hearing and recognizing spiritual calling, spiritual healer, protects healers and teachers, Archangel Tzadkiel 

Physical Functions: Weight problems, anorexia, detox Blood,Liver, cell nutrition, hips, thighs, buttocks, cerebral hemisphere, intestines.  

Sacred Fire:Blue and Violet
Crystal: Lapis Lazuli

God Name: Elohim Gebor (God of Battles)
Pronunciation: A-lO-hEm-gih-bOr
Spiritual Gifts:  Protects the weak, overcomes cruelty, increases strength and courage, helps to tear down old and manifest new. gives insight into situations  and people upsetting our lifes and how to stop them Archangel Kamael  

Physical Functions: Activity for production red corpuscles and helps anemia, infections in the blood stream, strengthen muscle, male sex organs, prostrate gland, colon, inflammatory disease, after surgery stimulates greater strength and recuperative powers
Sacred Fire: Red
Crystal: Garnet

God Name: Jehovah Elohim Va D'aath (God made manifest in the sphere of the mind )
Pronunciation: yah-hO-vah-A-lO-ah-vuh-dahth
Spiritual Gifts: All healing energies, Christ consciousness, harmony with things of the heart,victory over adversity,compassion, devotion, miracles, idealism, Archangel Rephael 

Physical Functions: Vitality, functions of the heart, circulatory system, immune system, thymus gland, metabolism, spinal cord, physical growth, Archangel Raphael
Sacred Fire: Gold
Crystal: Rose Quartz

God Name: Jehovah Tzaboath (Lord Of Host) 
Pronunciation: yah-hO-vah-tzah-bah-Oth
Spiritual Gifts: Assist in art and creative activity, proper expression of emotion, contact with nature spirits, fairies and elves, awakens love and unity consciousness understanding we are all one. Archangel Haniel. 

Physical Functions: Physical Appearance including hair and skin,female sex organs,reproduction,mammary gland,menstruation, throat, kidneys, left hip of body, acid-alkaline balance, thyroid, emotion states that are curses physical illness. 
Sacred Fire: Green, 
Crystal: Malachite, Emerald

God Name: Elohim Tzaboath (God of Host)
Pronunciation: eh-lO-hEm-tzah-bah-Oth
Spiritual Gifts: Vision of truth, brings patience, protects against psychic dangers including curses, hexes and spells, increases communication skills, knowledge of healing, enhances educational and scientific work, greater prosperity through knowledge, Archangel Michael 

Physical Functions:Nervous system, respiratory system,lungs, hands, right hip, vocal cords(speech) memory, hearing and sight, pancreas, left hemisphere of brain.
Sacred Fire: Orange, Violet 
Crystal: Citrine

God Name: Shaddai El Chai (The Almighty Living God)
Pronunciation: shah-dI-ehl-kI
Spiritual Gift: Increase intuition and psychic abilities,dreamwork,astral projectionwork with omens, strengthens emotional health, overcome idleness, independence,spontaneity,self awareness, ties to Kundalini,  Archangel Gabriel

Physical Functions: Sexual organs,brest,stomach, lower extremities , body rhythms, pregnancy, lymphatic, menstruation and body secretions, digestive system,
Sacred Fire: Violet and Blue (indigo)
Crystal: Amethyst

God Name: Adonai Ha Aretz (Lord of the Earth) 
Pronunciation: ah-DO-nI-hah-ah-rehtz
Spiritual Gift: Most direct influence over physical and material concerns,  intercede with Holy Spirit, ability to discriminate, insight into all problems, greater self discovery, contact with elemental beings of nature, common sense,  physical energy Archangel Sandalphon
Physical Functions: Overall physical  health and metabolism,feet, elimination system, protects against pollution and toxic environmental factors.
Sacred Fire: Green 
Crystal: Smokey Quartz


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