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Lift Depression
During your Conference Call try these 3 Fire Letter Mantras and Decrees to help you to maintain a mood of satisfaction and joy. Do each Fire Letter Decree with a separate Conference Call.  Choose one Decree and do it for several days. However you may want to do all three Decrees with a new conference for each Decree over a period of time. For example, use Decree no. 1 with a Conference Call for two days.  Than switch to the Decree no. 2  with a new Conference call for the next two days . Lastly on day 5 and 6 work with Decree No. 3 with a new Conference call. The vibrations from your SGT will dissolve thoughts of dissatisfaction and frustration. When we feel everything is dark and pointless, these negative feeling adversely affects our daily functioning, decision making, loss of enthusiasm and positive progress. Remember to Inhale and silently chant the name and then exhale and chant the name out loud.
Lift Depression Conference Decree no. 1

Fire Letter

hry kuf mem depression Mantra:Mem(Blue)  Kuf(Red Violet)  Hey(Violet)
Removing depression after a personal setback

Recite Decree:

By the Authority of Hey Kuf Mem
in the name of  the Christ within me,Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey,

I decree that my Spiritual Guidance Team is releasing the power to lift my depression. All the negative energy that is creating feelings of depression within me are null and void and I feel only the Love and Light of the Divine Spirit within me. I now generate the vibration that protects against depression, mental illness, helplessness, fear and guilt. This vibration encourages optimism and attracts new beginnings, giving me the emotional power to stand firmly on my feet after defeats, and gives me the endurance when the Path seems unbearable.

Lift Depression Conference Decree no. 2

Fire Letter Mantra Tav(blue voilet)  Hey(violet) Kaf(violet)
Meaning: Remove negative energy - from yourself or others

Recite Decree:
By the Authority of Kaph Hey Tav, in the name of the Christ within me , Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey, 

I decree that my Spiritual Guidance Team is releasing the power to lift my Depression. All negative energy is now null and void from myself and those involved with me. All the negative energies resulting from mental stress, or from people or places that radiate darkness and hatred are gone. This vibrational seed pattern has dispersed the harsh energy, counteracted anger and hatred, neutralized the negativity from my surroundings, counteracted the stress and mental tension, helped to get rid of my sadness, depression, fear and misery, balanced the energy surrounding my body, stabilized anxiety, frustration, aggression, fear, worries and temper tantrums, promoted my tranquility and relaxation, and has made room for positive energies.

Lift Depression Decree Conference no. 3

Fire Letter Mantra: ← Vav (Red) Nun(blue green) Ayin(indigo) ←
Meaning: Create appreciation, humility, and gratitude

Recite Decree:
By the Power and Authority of Ayin Nun Vau, in the name of the Christ within me, Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey, 

I decree that my Spiritual Guidance Team is releasing the power that allows me to be  overflowing with appreciation, humility and gratitude.  I radiate these Christ centered energies to all the world within and around me thereby changing the reality of myself and others to Love and Light.  I now generate the Love and Light vibration that relieves stress, frustration and negative energy. Everyday it teaches me unconditional appreciation and gratitude, encouraging enthusiasm and enjoyment of what I have in life, and heals the misery that originates from looking back to the past.


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