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Stage 11: After the Session
Stage 11: After the Session

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After you have ended a session it is advisable to drink several glasses of water over the next 24 hours to help rid the body of any toxins or waste products which tend to be released through the cleansing action of the Antunement or Transmission.  Pay attention to your dreams over the next week they may have additional messages. When you go home take a hot bath. Hot water aids in cellular and emotional release. Drink mineral water or use Epsom salt or bentonite clay in the bath. A hot shower is okay but it is not as effective. It also can be helpful to write down the experiences and guidance which can occur during the session, to help integrate and ground the experience into your life.

Feelings after the Session vary from person to person because of the energy field of the person. Some people feel that they are more grounded in their body and feel more solid. Some people feel lighter and a more joyful way of living returns to them. For some a deep emptiness is no longer there.  At times memories of the past traumas might be triggered bringing up a variety of feelings that must be worked through in further sessions.   And for some people there is a subtle peacefulness that settles into their being as a shift in consciousness reconnects inner spirit with Universal Spirit. List below are some of the most common side effects of a Session: 

  • Brings physical and emotional issues to the surface. The next day your body may have more body aches and pains, especially in the neck, shoulder and back. 
  • Experience mood swings such as getting depressed or begining to cry as you release negative emotional and mental issues from this lifetime and other lifetimes.  
  • Things will start changing in your life. For example, you may suddenly change your job or career. Longtime friends or family relationships may become less important or nonexistent.
  • Your sleep patterns will change. You will not have a good night sleep, but you will not be tried in the morning. You will feel as if someone was working on your body and mind all night long.  It's likely that you'll awaken many nights between 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM.  There's a lot of work going on within you, and it often causes you to wake up for a "breather." Not to worry. If you can't go back to sleep, get up and do something rather than lie in bed and worry about humanly things.  This too shall pass.
  • Your dreams will intensify.  Your dream plots will include war and battle, being chase or monster characters.  Remember, you are getting rid of the old worn out energy. These energies are often symbolized as wars, running to escape and boogiemen. 
  • You may feel spaced out. After a session some people feel ungrounded.  You'll be "spatially challenged" ,  with the feeling like you can't put your feet on the ground. You will be literally walking between two worlds.  As your consciousness leaps to the next stage, your body sometimes lags behind. Spend more time in nature to help ground the new energy. 
  • Increased Conversations with Higher Self.   After Transmissions some people find themselves talking out loud to themselves.  This is the next level of communication taking place within your higher self. This is just the first step to experiencing your new self with "self talk".  The conversations will become more frequent, and they will become more fluid, more coherent and more insightful.  You're not going crazy, you're just moving into the new energy.
  • Even when you are with a group of people you will have feelings of being alone. You will not be able to stay in a group situation and may feel the desire to "flee" groups and crowds.  These feelings of loneliness may cause you anxiety. At this time it may be difficult to relate to others. The feelings of loneliness may are also be associated with the fact that your Guides have backed away so you could fill your space with your own divinity. 
  • You may not want to do anything.  You may need some "downtime". That's OK, and it's just part of the process.   It's similar to rebooting a computer.  You need to shut down for a brief period of time in order to load the new software, or in this case, the new seed energy.
  • You may experience a desire to leave the planet and return to Home.  Like the geese flying south for the winter. Your instincts are kicking in. Go with the feelings . Listen to your inner voice. It will show you the map home. During this transition process, you have an inner remembrance of what it is like to be home.
Listen and Watch for SGT Signs

After the Transmission your SGT will be sending you healing energy, messages, people or moving events to support your desired outcome

Sending people into your life.  After the Transmission your SGT sometimes get together with other people’s guides and together they try to create a meeting between their charges. Perhaps you were thinking about moving and you run into your old realtor friend in the supermarket.  If it feels like a coincidence, consider that it might be more of a set up. 

Arranging and nudging.  After the Transmission Session your SGT will still be connected to you. Your SGT will nudge you in the direction they want you to go, or arrange for something to happen to you.  For example, perhaps you’re running late and can’t find your keys. Then the phone rings and it’s a really important call you would have missed if you had found your keys earlier.

Watch for signs.  After the Transmission you should watch for signs that they are operating in your life.   Maybe you’re wondering if you should take up tennis and you go out to your car and see a flyer offering tennis classes in your area, and then you get home and your spouse has coincidentally brought home a tennis racket that a co-worker just didn’t need anymore, and you see a news story about tennis later that night on television.  Those are all positive signs that the SGT is present.

Dream. Before and after the Transmission open your dreams up to them.  You can put out the Call for your SGT every night and connect with them your in your dreams.  It may take a while, but it will probably eventually work.  If you can Master Lucid Dreaming  you’ll have success much faster since once you become lucid you can simply ask your guides to appear and talk to you.

What to do if you have hit a Brick Wall ...

Sometimes you work on one problem for months and nothing changes. You feel like you have hit a brick're going nowhere. You have done everything that you can think but you're just spinning your wheels.   You could ask your SGT during a Transmission to give you insight into what to do to move through or around the Wall. Another way is to work with Archangel Michael to create a Blue Flame Vortex designed to remove emotional and mental processes that are blocking you from moving forward on the resolution of an issue. Basically it will effortlessly "unjam" you.   There is NO linear progression to a Solution.  One moment your blocked and the next moment your unblocked. 

To get over your Brick Wall you need to work directly with the Blue Flame Sword of Archangel Michael and the Blue Flame Wings of the Blue Lightening Angels.  These two gifts help to create the Vortex to  "unjam" yourself on all levels: physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional.

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Continue Working with SGT

After you have finished the Session you should continue to do a visualization and/or intoning with the names of God in Fire Letters that you used. Start with 5 minutes a day and try to work up to 20 minutes a day. As you bring yourself out of the Transmission, remember to sit for two minutes to completely come back from alpha state. Write the Fire Letter Mantra down on a piece of paper 7 times. Do it for a period of 40 days. - At the end of the process you will find yourself with 40 scraps of papers ... what do you do with them? Keep them in your pocket or purse, in the car, hide in different corners at home, the rooms, closets, drawers and under the pillow and mattress – but avoid the toilets and bathroom. Surround yourself with these wonderful letters and you will be blessed.

Stay in Touch ...
You should be constantly improving and developing your ability to communicate with your team. I've been communicating with my Team since 1965. The members of my Team has changed over the years. However, there are some members that form the Core or Heart of my Team. We meet often,  not to discuss the problems in my life but to discuss how to improve the Transmission Process.  I have asked my SGT to help me to define my problem areas more clearly and be able to give them better input.  They gave me detailed instructions on how to concentrate, focus and inner  listen. During the day they would routinely stop me when I was  not using my inner hearing to its full potential. Just because you have hung up the Psychic Telephone doesn't mean your totally disconnected. If you have been working with your SGT for at least 5 months they will be abel to communicate with you both in and out of a Conference Session.

Sharpen Your Transmission Skills
Sharpen Your Transmission Skills

Practice Transmission T'ai Chi daily. The practice of Transmission T'ai Chi is a upgrade from of T'ai Chi Chih originated by Justin Stone and based on the ancient art of T'ai Chi Chuan. This variation of T'ai Chi Aligns your energy by combining traditonal Tai Chi Chih movements with the intoning of Fire Letter Mantras and Creative Visualizations of the color of the Fire letters moving through your energy centers and pathways.

The intoning of Fire Letter Mantras during Tai Chi have a creative power to attract positive spiritual energy that can change a persons energy field for the better.  They also have the destructive power of being able to shatter or repel negative energy. Mantras use the power of hebrew names of the Divine Spirit  which carry power to effect changes in the mind, body, emotions or spirit of the individual.  It stimulates the energy inside of us and the energy that surrounds us. Bring them into harmony on all levels. The vibrational seed pattern of a mantra can purify your energy field and expel negative energy that is being sent to you by other people.  Visual Aids are used during the Sessions and Flash cards are provided that can be used during your home sessions... so you don't have to have a good memory.

During Transmissions T'ai Chi  you combine the intoning individual Fire Letters with the visualization of their specific colors. One of the most effective way to restore balance to your body, mind and spirit is through the use of Color. Individual chakras and related organs and body systems will respond to specific colors of Live Force Energy.  If their is an imbalance in your body, visualization of certain color of energy will restore homeostasis (balance) to the chakra thereby effecting all the systems related to it. This applies also to emotional and mental imbalances that cause physical problems.

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