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The Three Orders of Spiritual Beings

The Ascended Masters and the Kingdom of Man

The kingdom of the ascended masters is the order of the Christed ones, the evolution that we call the sons and daughters of God. Mankind are included in this order. Their destiny is to become the Christ. This order includes beings newly ascended as well as ancient masters who have manifested the Christ consciousness. Besides the order of masters and men, there are two other kingdoms of spiritual beings: the angelic kingdom and the kingdom of elemental beings.

When God created man and commanded him to be fruitful in service, to multiply his graces and to take dominion over the earth, he gave him helpers to assist in the important task of expanding His kingdom. Angelic ministrants and elemental servants of earth, air, fire and water formed the cosmic retinue that accompanied man as he descended to earth, “trailing clouds of glory” and vowing, “Lo, I AM come to do thy will, O God!”

“During three golden ages on the earth, man talked freely with his God and associated intimately with angels and elementals. Communion with all life was unrestrained, and cooperation between angels, elementals and men was unspoiled. To man was given the assignment of overseeing creation and working with God to plan, to design, to invent and to direct activities on earth. To the elementals, the builders of form, was given the important task of bringing into manifestation the intents of God and man. And to the angels was given the holy ordination of ministering to the needs of both men and elementals.”

The three orders of the heavenly hierarchy manifest the threefold flame, the three primary attributes of God: power, wisdom and love. The sons and daughters of God are intended to outpicture the intelligence of the Christ mind, focusing the genius of God for invention and creativity. They were created to become co-creators with God. They represent the yellow plume of hierarchy.”

The Angelic Kingdom

Threefold Flame - Summit Lighthouse

The pink plume of the threefold flame of hierarchy is the order of the angelic hosts. Their service is to amplify the feelings and virtues of God.

The angels and archangels bring the qualities of hope, love, mercy, compassion, charity, constancy and all the virtues that we need to make it in life. The angels help us to amplify these feelings, and they often do this through heavenly music called the music of the spheres.

The archangels are the highest beings in the angelic kingdom, which goes all the way down to the tiniest angel. This kingdom includes the cherubim, seraphim and all kinds of orders of angels under their leaders. Every ascended master has his own legion of angels who serve with him to amplify the flame that he tends.”

The Elohim and the Nature Kingdom

“The third order, or kingdom, represents the blue plume of the threefold flame. This is the order of Elohim, or the elemental kingdom. The Elohim are the highest beings in this order. The Elohim are the builders of form, the Seven Spirits of God who responded when God gave forth the fiat “Let there be light; and there was light.”

When God directed the formation of the cosmos in the physical plane, it was the Elohim who brought forth that creation. Under the Elohim are the directors of the elements who, in turn, are in charge of the gnomes, sylphs, undines and salamanders—the elemental beings who take care of the four elements of the nature kingdom.”

What is the Deva Kingdom?
The Deva Kingdom includes Fairies, Gnomes, Unicorns, Dragons, Elementals, Nature Spirits, etc.  Elohims are the rulers of the Deva Kingdom. Just as humans evolve into Ascended Masters, and Angels evolve into Archangels, Elementals will eventually evolve into Devas and then to Elohims. Each being in the Deva Kingdom is a specialist in creating a specific form, whether it is an electron, a biological cell, a flower, a tree, a valley, a river, a planet, a solar system, or inter-stellar space. Elementals are the “building blocks” of form and represent the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water. Devas gather many elementals together to create a form made of more than one element. 

Devas are said to be a form of invisible "energy workers" who work on the etheric plane (but can also be on higher planes) that are normally invisible to humans. They are basically creators, and here to create and guard, different areas of Earth and in the Universe. They guard wild places and tend to the processes of life, growth, and death in nature. Asking for their help can help your garden grow and bloom. They make sure your plants absorb the water and nutrients they need, or with the human body to ensure all the processes that needs to be happen.

Deva energy works upon humans on many different levels .  The Deva energy activates our neural pathways.  Activating these pathways can be compared to loading programs into a computer: it is a type of rapid learning.  It is also a de-programming process, a letting go of negative thought patterns and reclaiming who and what you were before you incarnated in this lifetime. Working with the Deva Kingdom creates a deep sense of “Unity Consciousness.”

History of Deva and Mankind
During  Atlantis, the Devas and humanity were working together. However, humanity misused the deva/nature forces to create weapons of war.  This kind of "warfare" was in part responsible for the sinking of the continent of Atlantis. At that time, the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Planet intervened and separated  the Deva and Human kingdoms so that this would not happen again. Since the sinking of Atlantis, humanity has been operating with only half of its true nature. The Devas worked only with certain people that were on a solid spiritual path: the shamans, medicine men, alchemists, or magicians.

About 30 years ago, the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet shifted the energy to allow the Deva and Human kingdoms to come into conscious relationship once again, only this time the deva forces would not be allowed to be enslaved as before. The devas now have the autonomy and choice whether to manifest or not . In the past the Devic Realm  was more easily accessed during the “between-times”, i.e. dusk, dawn, noon and midnight. These were times when the veils between Realms were their thinnest . Due to shift in energy Devas are available to work with you 24 hours a day. 

From The Masters and Their Retreats by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet


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