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The Vortex Energy Mysteries of South Texas

South Texas Planetary Gateway
to the New Jerusalem

The Rio Grande Valley of South Texas is located in a Unique Mega Vortex that is bring in the new Jerusalem energy into the U.S. and helping to ground this energy into the energetic blueprint of Mother Earth.   South Texas is located within one of the 12 Mega Vortices called Planetary Gateways or the 12 Apostles.  These Mega Vortices are equal spaced around the world with at least one on every continent.  The combined energy from these 12 Planetary Gateways when activated will create a Planetary Messiah and create the New Jerusalem.  This Planetary Messiah will assist the ascension of Mother Earth and Mankind.

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Atlantis is Rising in
South Texas - Mexico

The June 2013 re-activation of the Bermuda Triangle Grid that once held an Atlantis galactic communication network energized many sacred Atlantis sites that once flourished along the Texas Gulf coastline. An Atlantean DNA Recalibration and Healing Complex that once stood in the Lower Laguna Madre Bay in South Texas is currently well and active . Likewise a  6th dimensional Crystalline City of Light has re-connected to this Atlantis Complex in the Lower Laguna Madre Bay due to the re-activation.
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South Texas Pyramids
Planetary Transmitting Stations

The most aligned geographic point in the Americas to transmit the New Atlantis Vibrational Seed Pattern bring sent by the 12 Golden Sun Disk located across the Planet is in Galveston, Texas within the Moody Garden Tri-Pyramid Complex. New DNA Codes are being generated by the Solar Grid and the Golden Sun Disc and transmitted across the Western Hemisphere of the Planet by the Tri-Pyramid Complex in Moody Gardens  and the Eastern Hemisphere of the planet by the Giza Pyramid . In America these new DNA frequencies are being amplified and anchored in by the Stargates in South Texas.
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Golden Sun Disc Stablizers for New Atlantis Energy

Golden Sun  Disc
Stablizers for the New Atlantis Energy

The 12 Golden Sun Discs are energy vortices that take in energy from the Grid and the Bermuda Triangle and then weaves it into a new energy. These Discs form a communication channel between mankind and the celestial realms. They are a perfect battery for both receiving and transmitting the higher dimensional energies that are required for Earth’s ascension. The Sun Discs are dimensional program stabilizers for the New Atlantis Energy. 

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See Why South Texas is Under Attack
South Texas and Mt. Shasta are becoming two of the most powerful transformation areas on the planet. Individuals are being drawn to move inter-dimensionality around both Mt. Shasta and Mexico/South Texas. However, due the special role 7th Planetary Gateway will play in the activation of our  new DNA it has come  under attack by the Dark Brotherhood which wishes to de-rail the evolutionary process . For this reason the 7th Planetary Gateway is under the special protection of  Christ, Archangel Michael and his Legion of Blue Lightening Angels operating from a 6D  Crystalline City of Light hoovering over Cameron County Texas.

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Wind Turbines Create Protective Shield
over Cameron County

 Local wind farm are creating powerful energy tornadoes that are forming a protective shield around South Texas Stargates.  The San Ramon Wind Farm consist of 35 wind turbines located between Bayview and Laguna Vista, Texas.The flow of Life Force Energy from Earth Chakra One to Earth Chakra Two is being redistributed by the large blades of the wind turbines to create a beneficial cone of power that protects and energizes the energy of individuals living or working in the Stargate located within this area. In the following section we discuss how the Wind Farm is formed and the effect.

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