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Stage 4: Call in Spiritual Guidance Team (SGT)
Stage 4: Call in Spiritual Guidance Team (SGT)

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Each Transmission is overshadowed by the Divine Spirit, your Higher Self and your Spiritual Guidance Team (SGT)  who will assist you in specific areas of your growth during and after the Transmission.

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Who is on my Spiritual Guidance Team?
Everyone has a team of Spirit Guides standing by to support them. You chose your team of Guides before incarnating into the physical. You chose Guides who could best serve you in accomplishing your life purpose, learning your life's lessons and fulfilling your mission in life. You also strategically align with Guides who could offer you protection. The SGT consist of 5 to 20 souls and/or Christed Centered ET's , Ascended Masters who you have some sort of connection. They are your Guardians that were with you at birth. They have been related to you in previous lifetimes, they have worked with you on the astral plane or in the Temple. In this lifetime they assist in manifesting situations that provide an opportunity to complete your personal and global service contract. They project "road signs" that alert you to potential pitfalls and counterproductive behavior patterns.  Sometimes the "road signs" may appear in a close friend who is going down a wrong path and you need to see the outcome.

You can call in all or part of the members of the SGT that you work with daily or bring in a totally new members for this one problem your dealing with in the Transmission Session.   You may want to call in a different SGT for each new Transmission depending on your intentions. I suggest that you keep the Divine Spirit, your Higher Self, the Christ and Archangel Michael for Protection on your SGT for every Transmission.

Archangel Michael

 Archangel Michael oversees all of the area of Head of the Dove including South Texas, Mexico and parts of Central America. In the Dead Sea Scrolls Michael emerges as the 'Prince of Light' fighting a war against the Sons of Darkness in which he leads the angelic battle against the legion of the fallen angel, Belial. Most recently,  it is believed, Archangel Michael was placed in charge of the Crystalline Grid .  Michael now wears the title of “ The Keeper of the Secrets of the Relations between Heaven and Earth”. Archangel Michael works closely with Archangel Uriel and Elohim Astrea to maintain the Return of the Dove vibrational seed pattern. 

Higher Self

The Higher Self is the conduit for Fohat energy that helps us to receive messages and energy during the Overshadowing Process. When we focus on the our Higher Self we are directing  and connecting with the unified field of love and our inner power to co-create. We are aligning our will with the Divine will.

You might want to put your 10th dimension Higher Self on your SGT. This Higher Self has the ability to connect to all of the lower aspects of self (1-9) all at the same time. It is the Master Soul as it can override any negative decision made by a lower self to bring it back in line with the Divine Plan. It has the Power to Intervene.  When you give a decree to bring in your Master Soul you are empowering it with the permission to override the free will of the other Higher Selves and bring them into alignment with the Divine Plan called the Great Work. At this level,  you can contact all of the other aspects of self . Your Master Soul can organize and align them to a single intention. No other dimensional self below the 10th has this amount of power.

Great White Brotherhood:
Another important member of your SGT might be the Great WHITE BROTHERHOOD .  The name “White Brotherhood” was coined centuries ago by humans who were working with them. “White” is used to signify all the rays of the light spectrum. “Brotherhood” is used to signify not only the family of all people but also the family of all life. Also called the Brotherhood of Light,  this large group of highly evolved souls are dedicated to assisting the evolutionary process of moving universal reality, principles, laws and patterns through all planes and levels of form. A general link with the White Brotherhood assures that the evolutionary dynamic in the Transmission is aligned with the intent and direction of the new Planetary Ascension  shift. You do not need to invite all members, just those necessary for the intention of the current Conference.  Often, only one representative needs to be in attendance.


PAN is the traditional name for the Overseeing Spirit of the entire nature spirit level. He is the "CEO" of the nature spirit level. This group creates and implements all of the blueprints for form. Calling in Pan  insures the integrity of the process by maintaining your original devic blueprint. In the Stargate Transmission, Attunement or Upgrade session, Pan aligns all physical elements of any process that might occur in a session to the devic healing blueprint. Pan should always be included in a session when working with your Spiritual Guidance Team. He is the universal connection to the nature spirit level.

Special Guides
During the Transmission you will bring in Special Guides that have abilities or knowledge related to whatever personal issue (emotional, mental, physical or spiritual) you wish to work on.  You should call in at least one Archangel for every Transmission. Every Archangel oversees a certain color of Fohat Fire and can be called forth with specific problem issues related to color.

  • Purple Fire: Michael, leader of all the holy angels, Like unto God, knowledge and enlightenment, possessing domain over all discordant energies, invoked from the East, energy amplified with Amethyst Crystal
  • Gold Fire: Jophiel, the Angel of beautiful thoughts, energy amplified with a Golden Topaz and/or Golden Citrine crystal.
  • Pink Fire: Chamuel the Angel of peaceful relationships energy amplified with rose quartz crystal 
  • Yellow/Gold Fire: Gabriel, the Angel of Revelation; invoked for Message of God, the Strength and Conviction of God, invoked from the West, energy amplified with a Golden Topaz and/or Golden Citrine crystal.
  • White Gold Fire: Metatron, Recording Angel, energy amplified with a quartz crystal
  • Green Fire: Raphael, the Angel of physical and emotional healing; Sandalphon,  Angel of the Earth, takes your decrees and prayers to heave, excellent archangel to call upon to bring your dreams, wishes and prayers into earthly manifestation. energy amplified with Green Tourmaline
  • Dark Blue Fire: Uriel, the Angel of the Sage, illuminating the soul path, invoked from the South, energy amplified with Lapis Lazuli

Space Brothers and Sisters UFO

The Crystal Light Pyramid and Stargate Transmissions help you to work with Christ Centered ET's. There are a number of star systems that have been working with mankind for centuries.  In Atlantis they were involved with all the crystal technologies including the great crystal which was the power source for the entire civilization. They helped to build the great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt. It should be noted that based on recent research by extraterrestrial experts such as Dr. Joshua Stone, Amorah Quan Yin, Barbara Hand Clow, Janet McClure, and Barbara  Marciniak, 95% of all extraterrestrial contact with humans is of a positive nature. Most of the ET civilizations are very advanced technologically and spiritually. Many of these space brothers and sisters are involved with healing on the planet. They will work with us if we ask them to, particularly if you are a healer, you can invoke their energies into the healing session and they will assist all they can. One of the basic laws they follow is non- interference and respecting free will. They help only when asked.

The most frequent extraterrestrial contacts are made with the star systems of  Arcturus, Lyra, Vega, Zeta Reticulum, Pleiades, Sirius, and Orion.  It is an extremely narcissistic view of the universe to think that the Earth is the only planet supporting physical life.  Contacts with extraterritorial are rapidly increasing. They are here to guide and protect us during the next evolutionary phase. Dr. Joshua Stone, in his book “Hidden Mysteries, ET’s Ancient Mystery schools and Ascension” states

One of the reasons there has been so many sightings and contact with UFO’s in recent years is that inhabitants of the Earth have moved into the fourth dimension consciousness and the planet has moved into sacred status. These are system wide events. Each of the planets of this solar system could be likened to a chakra of the Sun or of the being that ensouls the solar system Helios. When one chakra goes through a major transformation it affects all the other chakras. The extraterrestrials are aware of this transformation the Earth is going through and are very interesting in watching it and helping humanity to move into the new age.”

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Sanat Kumara
Sanat Kumara is known in Western scriptures as the Ancient of Days, in Hindu scripture as Karttikeya, and in Buddhism as Brahma Sanam-kumara. He is the Great Guru of the seed of Christ throughout cosmos, hierarch of Venus and one of the seven holy Kumaras (Lords of Flame who represent the seven rays on Venus). He initiates us on the path of intense love, the ruby ray, which he sets forth in his book The Opening of the Seventh Seal.

He has held the hierarchical position of the Lord of the World since the darkest hours of earth’s history when her evolutions fell to the level of cavemen and lost contact with the God flame and the mighty I AM Presence. When the earth was at the point of being dissolved because there was no one who was keeping the flame of the Christ consciousness alive, Sanat Kumara came to earth, a voluntary exile from his planet Venus, to keep the flame until sufficient numbers among mankind would respond and begin once again to maintain the focus on behalf of their brothers and sisters. One hundred and forty-four thousand souls volunteered to assist Sanat Kumara in his mission and accompany him with legions of angels.


The prophet Daniel recorded his vision of Sanat Kumara, whom he called “the Ancient of Days.” Daniel writes:

I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels [chakras] as burning fire.

Sanat Kumara is also seen in the Book of Revelation as the one who sits upon the great white throne:

And I saw a great white throne and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.

Most common members Spiritual Guidance Team:

Most people believe that spirit guides are primarily angelic beings – but this is only one small dimension of the many possibilities that exist out there.Spirit guides, can have unlimited shapes and forms. A spirit guide can be gust of air that makes the hairs on your arm stand up, or an immortal being you meet during a shamanic journey.

Listed below are some of main types or forms of spirit guides which you might encounter on your path. Remember, you can have more than one, and most people often do! My frequently people call in the following Guides:

Pleiadian Emissaries of Light
Sirian Archangelic League of the Light 
Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light
Orion Brotherhood of Light
Arcturian Emissaries of the Light and the Arcturian Temple workers 
Ashtar Command and Archangel Michael
Jesus Christ  and all the  Brotherhood of the Ascended Ray of  Christ
Mother Mary and all the Sisterhood  of the Ascended Ray of Christ, 
Guardian Angels 
Holy Spirit,
Mighty I Am Presence,
MAP Healing Team   

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How does my SGT Communicate with Me?

Your SGT communicates with you by overshadowing. The concept of "Overshadowing"  with a Spiritual Guidance Team (SGT)  for assistance was first developed by Machaelle Small Wright and described in detail in her book "The Co-creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program". These teachings are in line with the belief system of Alice Bailey and later expanded upon by Dr. Joshua David Stone.   During the Overshadowing Process a part of the SGT's  extraordinary consciousness overshadows you - comes into your consciousness. When the messages are originally given, the SGT as a whole or a member of your SGT  thinks about the message and the message will automatically enter your mind.  

Listen to what SGT says or the images that it sends to you. However you may feel physical sensations as the SGT works on you. Your SGT can overshadow your emotional and physical body.  Fohat energy can release your emotional pain such as lifting a  depression or relieve a physical pain such as a strained wrist. Furthermore, can receive Special Gifts and Abilities to improve your intuition or ESP. The SGT's help doesn't stop when the Stargate Transmission Conference Call in Stage 9  and Stage 10 ends if you have asked for help in everyday affairs they will be there to help you to clear the problems out.

The Overshadowing Process helps you to develop your own personal “channel” so you may be in direct contact with your God/source energy. This leaves you “dependent” on no one but empowered in your own life. The SGT helps you to work through negative situations and to understand that these are opportunities for you to evolve. In addition, it will assists you in downloading  a higher quality of healing energy .

Note: When communicating with other dimensional Beings and/or receiving overshadowed information,  it is recommended that you qualify and validate the Beings presence by asking its name,asking by what Authority it is communicating with you, and by asking the Being to identify the name of God ( The Force of One, Jehovah, Allah, Brahma, the Christ, etc.)  it recognizes. If the Being is in any way illusive, vague, uncooperative, demanding or manipulative or you feel uncomfortable in anyway with the energy transmission, simply thank the Being for the communication time, bless it with the love and light "Yod Hey Vau Hey" and decree that it returns to its place of brith to find  a peaceful resolution to it's energy.

How to Call in SGT Members

You call in each of the members of your SGT  by giving a short Decree using the Fire Letter Mantra:
"Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey". 

Recite Decree:

In the name of Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey
I decee that I am bring in my Spiritual Guidance Team

The Fire Letter Mantra "Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey" is a general connection to your Higher Self or the Christ within you. This Mantra is  similar to the area code in a telephone number. You might want to ask your Spiritual Guidance Team (SGT) to give you a symbol or name that represent your SGT. This is like the SGT Telephone Number that allows you to  quickly connect with everyone on your team at the beginning of a Transmission. Most people use this identification code every time they open a Stargate and connect to the a Multi-Dimensional Communication Network.  This Identification Code makes sure your connecting with your personal SGT and that they are aware that they will be working with you as a team to solve a specific issue in your life.

After you give the ID code for the SGT, each individual Team Member should be called in and thanked.  You need to check to see if you are connected to the member either intuitively or with a Pendulum.  Sensations can help you to validate whether you have fully connected with your Spiritual Guidance Team. When you are connected you may feel a buzzing in your head or goose bumps on your arms. If the answer is positive, you can move on to calling in the next member.  Below is an example of calling in your SGT.

1. Recite:

In the name of Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey
I call in my SGT________________(Symbol or Name).

Visualize the symbol or state the name you have selected for your personal team.
Wait 10 seconds. Thank them for connecting

2. Call in your 10th Dimensional Higher Self
I decree I now have a stronger connection with my 10th Dimensional Higher Self that allows solutions and changes to occur in all my Higher Selves in multiple dimensions over multiple timelines
Wait 10 seconds

3. Call in the The Christ
I call in the Christ .  
Wait 10 seconds. Thank him for connecting
Thank you Christ for connecting with me. 

4. Call in Archangel Michael

I call in Archangel Michael
Wait 10 seconds. Thank him for connecting
Thank you Michael for connecting with me


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