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Higher Self-Daily Meditation
by John Randolph Price from The Success Book

The following text is to help you to build a bridge and open the channel to your higher self.  This is done with the very simple act of mentally recognizing that you’re True self exist within you now, has everything for you and will never leave you. Say to yourself.

There is a Presence and a Power within me now. It is all knowing, all caring, all loving, all powerful. It is the Completeness of the Universe Individualized as me. It is who I am. It is what I am. It is God as me now.

All the power that ever was or will be is here now. And I am a clear and present channel; for it.

I am the center of the divine energy which eternally creates and sustains the universe. Through me its unfailing wisdom takes form in word and deeds Today I express my divine nature in all thoughts and actions I am aware that everything I do is a divine act, I express the Goddess energy or Cosmic Christ Consciousness in all my actions and thoughts.

Today I am a purified vessel for divine love flowing into the earth …I feel the divinity in my physical body, I acknowledge it. I allow it, I reclaim it…. I have enthusiasm for life and filled with the universal life force….I create heaven on earth …I see the truth and manifest it….I see the path and I create it…I see the abyss and dissolve it.

Instructions Close your eyes for a moment relax complete and direct your attention to a point behind your physical heart and contemplate the idea-I am   love. Feel the warmth and vibration. You are actually becoming conscious of a presence within… and the presence is able to move you’re your awareness with ease; ..You are now one with the presence and you are beginning to feel the divine energy current flow in and through you. Recognize that within this feeling, which is the Presence, is the fulfillment of every desire. Know that right where you are is the mind of Completeness. Say to yourself with a feeling of love and joy the follow affirmations.


I have made a firm and definite decision in my mind to be wonderfully successful. I now accept the truth that the spiritual ides of True Place success, the Divine Plan for me, is right where I am, in the mind of my Inner self….This self knows itself to be a unique expression of God. It knows it’s true worth. That Self is who and what I am. I unify with it. Therefore, I am Success. I am prosperity…,.I know that as I recognize and accept the Divine Plan for my life, which is already a Reality of me, it becomes active in my consciousness. I feel its power, its strength, it dynamic urge to manifest itself in my world as new opportunity, as the right job, perfect health, loving relationships,

I see myself as a spiritual being, as the very Christ of God, I am so conscious of the Christ Self within that I have become that Self. I live and move and have my being in Christ, as Christ and I am now the Master that I was created to be…I see myself living in a world of perfect peace and harmony, in a world filled with love and joy where the sense of separation from the SOURCE is completely healed and humankind is now living as Godkind.

I see myself in a beautiful, loving relationship: warm and tender, yet stimulating and exciting. I see perfect unconditional love in action between the two of us, and it is so wonderful. And I love the fun, frolic, and the gaiety that I see in our relationship. We are so happy together…. I see myself with a magnificently healthy body in perfect order, where every cell is in the image of the perfect pattern and I am whole and complete.

I see myself financially independent and totally secure with lavish abundance.

I see myself energetic, inspired and enthusiastic. I see myself loving and loved unconditionally. I see myself poised, confident and filled with the power of absolute faith. I see myself as whole and complete with an all-sufficiency of all things. I see myself with perfect judgment and as Divine Wisdom in action. I see myself as eternal Life in perfect expression. I see myself joyous, happy and delighted to be me. I see myself enjoying the Good Will of God every day. I see myself with perfect understanding. I see myself as the Light of the World. I see myself as God being me.

There is now unity between the inner world of spirit and the outer world of form. I have embodied the idea of my true Place in the world. I have claimed my good and it is now interpreting itself as the perfect visible expression of contentment, satisfaction and joy in service of others. I am total success. And it is so. I now release my masterpiece to my higher self. Knowing that my Self will make any necessary adjustments to improve the picture in order that I may receive all the good that the universe has for me.

Since I am assured that my desires will be fulfilled according to the love and wisdom of my supermind, my heart overflows with love and gratitude. The feeling of thankfulness pulsates throughout my entire being and I am filled and thrilled with the joy of life and it is so


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