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Dealing with the loss of a loved one

Conference Call for Dealing with the
Grief of the Loss of a Loved one

If you are grieving over the loss of a loved one, especially if their death was sudden and in tragic circumstances, you may be thinking:

  • If I could only spend a few more happy moments with them ...
  • If I could only tell them a few last words, to go back in time and cancel this death ...
  • How great and unbearable is the my sorrow... "

In Christianity, life is eternal, and if someone has left their physical body, their soul continues to exist in the spiritual realms.  Sometimes, it is possible to contact the deceased, to receive messages, and to know their soul is still alive and well even if they are not around us on the earthly level. Our "Conference Call with a Departed Loved One" and " Intention Candle" using the Fire Letter Mantra "Chet-Beth-Vav" from the 72 names of God can help create this connection.

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This is not about seance or witchcraft, but through opening of a channel, a unique vibration that allows us to communicate with our loved ones. The Fire Letter Mantra Chet Bet Vau helps you to communicate with the souls of people that have passed on from this lifetime. Following the "Conference Call Procedures" along with the vibration of the Fire Letter Mantra, and visualization of the Fire Letters shown below helps to open your Multi-dimensional communication channels so you can receive guidance, love and emotional support from a deceased friend or loved one.

Fire Letters

Fire Letter Mantra: ← Vav Bet Chet ←

Meaning: Making contact to help elevate a departed soul

Many people have reported that close relatives who have passed away can give us a warm embrace, and help us to see the big picture that is beyond our ordinary daily perception.

The Conference Call  works with the Archangel of Transformation and Holy Death, Azrael. Archangel Azrael helps to open your communication channels so you can receive guidance, love and emotional support from a deceased friend or loved one. This is not about séance or witchcraft, it is based on attuning to the frequency of God’s name for helping departed souls that have passed over and loved ones that have been left behind.

Most people expect to see or hear their departed loved one using their eyes and ears. In fact, this is a rarity.  Loved ones who have passed over communicate with us through telepathy or spiritually. We may actually see them intuitively…in our mind's eye. Sometimes messages come through as a faint, feeling or intuition.  After the Candle Lighting your attention should shift from the physical sensations to more inward energies.   Focus on cultivating the energy that your Loved one is sending you.  Energy can be felt in many ways, and is felt differently by each person.  Sometimes you feel tingling in your hands, heat, or being encircled in a flowing energy field, like a soft, warm wind is swirling around you in an oval or circular pattern. Many times a message from a Loved one will seem exactly like your own thoughts and only later you will realize it was from that person. This practice is called Overshadowing.  

Overshadowing is about learning to listen to the "still , small voice" that Elisha heard in the Old testament.  Our conversations with Spiritual Beings are not monologues but dialogues that contain specific instructions for solving life's problems. The vibration of  Candle Lighting Transmission sets up the communication line for the "Overshadowing Process".

Overshadowing is part of the Science of Impression,  whereby the Spiritual Being can manifest some (or all) of it's consciousness through you or me. Most examples of Overshadowing can be seen in the life of the Saints. These Disciples were Overshadowed with the consciousness of Jesus. The Christ remained in the Heaven while a small part of His consciousness took over and worked through the body of his Disciples. The Mother Mary was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and Archangel Gabriel. Through the Overshadowing  Process Noah received ancient knowledge of ship building that helped all the animals during the Great Flood. The Divine Spirit saved all the animals because like man they were created in the image of God with the Divine Spirit  located within their souls. 

During the Overshadowing Process a part of the Spiritual Being's (SB)  extraordinary consciousness overshadows you - comes into your consciousness. When the messages are originally given, the SB thinks about the message and the message will automatically enter your mind.   Listen to what SB says or the images that it sends to you. However you may feel physical sensations as the SB works on you. Your SB can overshadow your emotional and physical body.  Energy can release your emotional pain such as lifting a depression or relieve a physical pain such as a strained wrist. Furthermore, can receive Special Gifts and Abilities to improve your intuition or ESP. The SB's help doesn't stop when the Candle Lighting Transmission  ends. If you have asked for help in everyday affairs the SB will be there to help you to clear the problems out.

The Overshadowing Process helps you to develop your own personal “channel” so you may be in direct contact with your SB.  The SB helps you to work through negative situations and to understand that these are opportunities for you to evolve. In addition, it will assists you in downloading  a higher quality of healing energy .

How do you know if you’re just imagining them?
You’ll know by the advice you get.  Does it resonate with you?  Do you feel like it’s coming from them and not you?  Does the advice make sense to you?  Did you get great results when you listen to their counsel when they where alive?   If the answers to these questions are all “yes” then you are on the right track. Remember if you are not open to receive messages from the person, it will remain unheard.

Candle Lighting Transmission

If you have a picture of the departed soul place it next candle so you can see it while you doing  this Transmission. This focuses your attention on the person and  allows you to connect with your right brain that houses your Enhanced Spiritual PreceptionLight Candle and recite Decree shown below out loud. Keep away from children and pets. Cut wick about 1/4 of an inch from glass. Keep candle on level heat resistent surface. Glass will be hot during and after use.

Write down what you want to ask or say to your loved one. This will help you organize your thoughts. If you have questions Light the candle and recite out loud the following Decree:

" By the Authority of Chet Bet Vau

in the name of the Christ within Me, Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey

If it's for my highest good and in line with the Divine Plan, I decree that the

Archangel Azrael Angel of Transformation and Holy Death resurrects and/or restores my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual connection to __________________(Relationship and Name) that has transcended from the physical plane into the Ancestral Realm.  Archangel Azrael walk on my right side and Archangel Michael on my left to protect me from any negative energy that would try to penetrate my conscious or subconscious mind while I am connected to this Realm and remove all negative thought forms that would control and manipulate my behavior, attitudes and emotions after I leave this Realm.

I now open up a two way communication channel with my departed loved one in the Ancestral Realm. Let all the messages from these loved ones, be clear, precise, uplifting and helpful. Transmute any signs, visions, or intuitive hunches that I receive so that they are easy for me to recognize and are given in such a way that they are unmistakable to me.  Let these messages provide valuable guidance and support in all affairs of my everyday life.

I send love and light to all my loved ones____________(Name)  in all my past lives and other dimensional lives who have transcended this plane.  I ask Archangel Azrael and the Christ to help them to be at peace and harmony. Transmute any of their dark passions into love and light.

Archangel Azrael, open the unlimited light of your wisdom of all my Ancestral Wisdom, in this Time line and other Time Lines. In this dimension and other dimensions so I may receive healing, protection, financial wellbeing in this lifetime and an assurance of a path to the heavenly after life."

Now start your conversation ... and watch, feel or listen for the answers.

  Listen and Watch for Signs

After the Conference Call your loved one may send you other messages.

Arranging and nudging.  After the Conference Call your loved one will still be connected to you. They may nudge you in the direction they want you to go, or arrange for something to happen to you.  For example, perhaps you’re running late and can’t find your keys. Then the phone rings and it’s a really important call you would have missed if you had found your keys earlier.

Watch for signs.  After the Conference Call you should watch for signs that your loved one is  operating in your life.   Maybe you asked if you should take up tennis and you go out to your car and see a flyer offering tennis classes in your area, and then you get home and your spouse has coincidentally brought home a tennis racket that a co-worker just didn’t need anymore, and you see a news story about tennis later that night on television.  Those are all positive signs that the your loved one is present.

Dream. Pay attention to your dreams over the next week they may have additional messages. 

Archangel Azrael: Angel of Transformation

Archangel Azrael is called the Angel of Transformation or sometimes called the Angel of Death.  Appearing as a golden-cream white light, this Angel’s main goal to help people transition their minds, bodies, and thoughts from a space of disconnection to a space of connection. You can call on him when your transitioning into a new job or way of thinking. He also works to transmute all dark energies into Light.  Azrael can often act as a lantern in the darkness, helping to transmute all around you into light. He is commonly known for his work for the Divine Spirit to help people transition into the afterlife and to give their family words of comfort. In this role he is sometimes called Santa Muerte the saint of death.

Who is Azrael? 
Azrael was cast out by God, for reaching into hell and having pity on a man’s soul. Azrael was assigned to and is still assigned to directing souls to their rightful place so that they do not remain on Earth. It is said that if one prays to Azrael that he will have mercy on you and help pull you from the depths of hell.

In Islamic mythology, Azrael was the only angel brave enough to face the devil on Earth. God needed an angel to do so in order to gain the materials necessary to create mankind.  As a reward for his service and bravery, God made Azrael the Angel of Death. Azrael received a full register of all Mankind on Earth, as well as the ability to recognize the blessed (who are encircled in light) and the damned (who are encircled in darkness)

In the Bible, this messenger is one of God’s many angel servants. He is  described as the “Angel of the Lord,” and a being who smites and destroys human beings. The Bible depicts this delegate as standing between Earth and Heaven, wielding a sword in his hand. 

In the holy book called the Kabbalah, Azrael receives prayers from faithful people when they reach Heaven. He’s also tasked with leading legions of Heavenly angels. 

How Archangel Azrael Can Help You

1. Crosses over loved ones into the light

  • assists people afraid of dying and in Hospice
  • helps those who have already passed over but have not yet transitioned to the light. This is also known as assisting Earthbound Spirits in entering into the light.
  • helps those who fear Earthbound Spirits

2. Transmute emotional pain into light.

  • helps if you are disappointed or sad by showing you another way of looking at the situation. Often, positive images and thoughts will flow in to help you see the situation another way. You can get ideas on things that help you transcend your emotions, such as essential oils or herbs.
  • reminds us that the God-light is within each of us, so you may hear Azrael’s wisdom from your inner voice or coming from the wisdom of someone else. This is part of his goal to remind us that we are all connected and have the Light to share.

3. Transforms people and situations around you into light

  • goes to families, people, and situations where the energy needs to be raised, elevated, and energized.
  • converts scattered energy fields causing difficulty in concentrating or committing to or completing a task
  • releases frozen blocks energy from a person’s chakras that is preventing a person from focusing because they are worrying about unnecessary situations such as mundane arguments or petty dramas.  

4. Helps you focus on the future and forward momentum

  • helps when you are starting a life makeover by sending you energy and ideas on how to get things moving in the right direction. He can be your North Star, the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • helps to balance the physical tasks of the old life while directing you to other tasks or essential activities that will move you forwards to a better life or ascend to the next level in any area in your lives.

5. Helps you surrender

  • if your life path has obstacles that seem impossible to overcome Azrael helps you to understand the phase “Turning it over to God”. He helps you to understand acceptance and surrender to the Divine Will
  • gives you daily guidance to assist with this process of surrender by helping you  get rid of the resistance within you
  • helps you to feel more confident and less fearful or resistant of whatever Spirit is calling you to do next.


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