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Under Attack by Dark Brothehood

What is the Dark Brotherhood?

The Dark Brotherhood is an organization similar to the Great White Brotherhood of the Spiritual Hierarchy. The difference is the organization is working to stop God’s Divine Plan. Both organizations  operate on the Spiritual and Physical Plane.  The Dark Brotherhood supports an agenda that promotes selfish interest rather than the universal good. Similar to Ascended Master in the Great White Brotherhood, there are Dark Masters on the spiritual plane . These Dark Masters operate through Black Magicians and a dark organization. For example within the Dark Brotherhood are many dark organizations make up the secret government of Illuminati ( i.e., The Trilateral Commission ,the Council on Foreign Relations). These organizations have goals centered on selfishness, greed and power. For centuries  they have been  attempting to control the Untied States and the World for their own self gain. They have been involved with the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the assignation of Robert Kennedy, Watergate, Irangate, the Savings and Loan Scandal, control of the CIA, and the control of most of the Presidents of the US

These dark organization have no power over you ... don’t give away your power or walk around on Cruise control. The problem is that most people love to give away there power to other people, organizations, drugs, or alcohol . They have not awakened to why they are here or who they are.  Their lives are focused on self gratification, materialism, and hedonism. These attitudes  leave them open vulnerable to the influence of the dark force.

Nothing or anyone can affect you unless you let it. No alien can abduct you, you are not a victim of a disease,. If you eat well,  exercise, get sunshine, think right, spiritualize your emotions  and stay connect to God and your own true identity as the I AM presence, the Christ, the Buddha  than nothing can touch you.

Under Attack
Most Individuals drawn to the ‘Head of the Dove” have a contract as Light Warriors. It is the “Head of the Dove” that provides the holding power against the  physical and non- physical forces that oppose the plan of the Universal Mind.

The Dark Brotherhood was been strategically implementing a plan to neutralize and take out all Lightworkers in Mexico and Central America. Since 2007, this area has been under attack by forces called Black Magicians on the physical plane controlled by the  members of Dark Brotherhood on the Spiritual Plane.  Recently 1/3 of the Head of the Dove’s geographic area in Mexico and Central America  have been closed off to Planetary Gateway transmitters due to violet activities of the Mexican Drug Cartel War. Planetary Gateway  transmitters that have been assigned to a vortex or portal in Mexico and Central America are flocking to US border Region. Leaving the Latin American part of the Head of the Dove relatively unattended and powerless. Those that have chosen to stay are in fear of their lives.

The Mexican Drug War (also known as the Mexican War on Drugs) is an on-going low-intensity war between the adverse rival drug cartels fighting one another for regional control and also against civilian vigilante groups. In 1989 two years after the Harmonic Converge  the fighting between rival drug cartels began in earnest . There was a lull in the fighting during the late 1990s but the violence has steadily worsened since 2000. Since 2006, when intervention with the Mexican military began, the government's principal goal has been to put down the drug-related violence.

In February 2010, the violence of  rival  groups engaged in widespread violence across several border cities of Tamaulipas state, turning several border towns into "ghost towns" . By the end of 2013, the estimated number of killed in the Mexican drug warfare was topping 111,000 people.

The Cartel and the Black Brotherhood

The Mexican Drug Cartels have made pacts with the Black Brotherhood, for the purpose of power, fame and fortune.  Most of the Cartel leaders are Black Magicians. The Dark Brotherhoods involvement with the Drug trade in Mexico was highlighted with the Ritual Murders in Matamoros in 1989. Drug gangs, that believe human sacrifice acts as  ''a magical shield''  protecting them from the police, were responsible for the murders. However this is just the tip of the iceberg .The following is an articles about how the Dark Brotherhood interfaces with the Black Magicians from the Cartels.

The Matamoros Murders By: Jason Kovar

"I think the suspects must be possessed by the devil. That would be the only explanation for such bizarre actions."

So voiced the mother of slain victim Mark Kilroy, found murdered in Matamoros Mexico in April of 1989. Kilroy had been spending time over the Mexican-American border during spring break, when he suddenly disappeared. Missing for weeks, Kilroy's parents turned up the heat on the Mexican government, causing an all out search for the missing boy. Eventually, he was found murdered, along with another grisly discovery. The investigation into the disappearance of Kilroy had accidentally led authorities to a graveyard of people who were all recently missing as well.

The bodies of dozens of people were found mutilated and sacrificed in occult rituals used for blessings over drug manufacturing. Carlos Tapia, Chief Deputy of Cameron County, Texas, remembers his shocking investigation. He stated:

"I thought in my twenty two years of law enforcement I had seen everything. I hadn't. As we drew near, you could smell the stench...blood and decomposing organs. In a big, cast iron pot there were pieces of human bodies and a goat's head with horns."

Authorities also discovered an assortment of "voodoo paraphernalia," a blood splattered altar of sacrifice, cheap rum, human body parts, animal bones, chicken and goat heads, as well as the witch's cauldron filled with the foul mixture of blood and flesh.

The human sacrifices offered to Satan were people who were abducted off of the streets, locals and otherwise. Tapia sheds some light on those who performed homage by human sacrifice to their god:

"In their wicked, distorted minds there was no seriousness. They thought they had performed some kind of heroic deed for the Devil. They believed that by sacrificing innocent human beings, their loads of marijuana would have an invisible shield of protection from law enforcement officers. They were moving an average of one thousand pounds a week across the border."

The ring-leaders of the group, Adolfo Constanzo and Sara Aldrete, were both immersed in the occult and sold out to its application in order to gain prosperity. Carl Raschke, considered a leading authority on the occult, sets forth:

"Constanzo, like his American counterparts who had steeped themselves in the fashionable black arts as dictated over the years by such magical luminaries as Aleister  and Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, could only be called a Satanist."

Constanzo's group was wound up in a voodoo type religion known as Santeria. Santeria encapsulates a ritualistic magic that slowly evolved to become a major religion in the Central America's.

Constanzos and Aldrete's actions resulted from obedience to occult powers. In the occult and Satanism there is no overall value system, no universal rules concerning sex, drinking, drugs, lying, etc. Professor Mercedes Sandoval, of Miami-Dade Community College underlines this very point. She says, "Santeria has no moral stance. It doesn't' make judgements in your life. It doesn't  say no to anything."

Article is “La Santa Muerte, skeleton saint popular among those in drug trade, gaining popularity in U.S.”  THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Monday, March 4, 2013,

Santa Muerta has become associated with protection for the Drug Cartel . The saint is especially popular among Mexican-American Catholics, rivaling that of St. Jude and La Virgen de Guadalupe as a favorite for miracle requests, even as the Catholic Church in Mexico denounces Santa Muerte as satanic, experts say.

Her image has been used on prayers cards citing vengeance and protection, which are sometimes found at scenes of massacred bodies and on shipments of drugs.

U.S. Marshal Robert Almonte in West Texas said he has testified about La Santa Muerte in at least five drug trafficking cases where her image aided prosecutors with convictions. Last year, Almonte testified that a Santa Muerte statue prayer card, found with a kilogram of methamphetamine in a couple’s car in New Mexico, were “tools of the trade” for drug traffickers to protect them from law enforcement. The testimony was used to help convict the couple of drug trafficking.

Oscar Hagelsieb, assistant special agent in charge for Homeland Security Investigations in El Paso, said agents have found that most members of the Gulf and Zeta Cartels mainly pray to Santa Muerte while those from the Sinaloa and Sonora Cartels honor folk saint Jesus Malverde.

“Altars are very intricate. We have found some with food and others with blood from animals,” Hagelsieb said.

 “Criminals pray to La Santa Muerte to protect them from law enforcement,” Almonte said. “But there are good people who pray to her who aren’t involved in any criminal activity so we have to be careful.”

Devotees say La Santa Muerte has helped them find love, find better jobs and launch careers


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