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Clearing: Violet Flame

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During these Transmissions we are going to show you how to remove many problem issues through the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame is a Divine Spiritual Gift of the Holy Spirit given to humanity by Jesus Christ and re-initiated by the Ascended Master Saint Germain in order to transmute negative energy and karma.

Some Qualities of the Violet Flame

Life Problems: Clears emotional and financial troubles
Poor Decisions: Dissolves our negative karma due to past mistakes and gives us a clean slate to start again.
Relationships: Brings harmony into relationships by burning away negative feelings that we feel about ourselves or other people.
Habits: Burns away negative habits and unwanted desires.
Healing: Burns way our blocks to healing by clearing the negative energy that we carry around our disease. It fosters the healing of the body, mind and spirit
Places: Used to help buildings, geographic locations, city or community, friends and family. Visualize the violet flame around them while you give the decree. 

Total Clearing of Body Energy System

Fire Letter MantraHey(violet) Hey(violet)  Hey(violet)
Meaning: Priestly Blessing for Wellness & Spirituality Wholeness

Tarot Card for Meditation
Star (Hey)


Recite Decree:
(Picture the three Fire Letters written in your Heart in the color violet)

By the Power and Authority of Hey-Hey- Hey, in the name of the Christ within me Yod-Hey-Shin-Vau-Hey

I decree that the Violet Flame cuts and dissolves all psychic and karmic ties from this lifetime or any lifetime which no longer serves me, releasing them in love, forgiveness, and gratitude.

I decree that the Violet Flame transmutes all negative or lower karma or energies within and around me, dissolve all fear, needless burdens, negative thoughts and blockages that may be keeping me from experiencing power, joy, abundance, and perfect health in so far as is serves my highest good and the good of the Universe.

I decree that this violet flame be multiplied and used to assist all souls on this planet who are in need. I thank you and accept it done according to the will of God. So mote it be.


  • See yourself before a large bonfire, about nine feet high and six feet wide. Color it violet in your imagination, and see the flames pulsating and undulating in endless shades of violet with gradations of purple and pink. Intone Hey Hey Hey  and within the flames see thousands of the three letter combinations
  • Then see yourself stepping into the flames and fire letters, so the violet flame is where you physically are. See your body as transparent, with the flames with the fire letters curling up from beneath your feet, passing through and around your body, clear up over your head.
  • Even a few minutes of violet flame will produce results, but persistence is needed to dissolve age-old habits . You can start out with just a few minutes of violet flame in the morning to help you through the day, and you can add the violet flame to whatever prayers or meditations you currently practice.

The Violet Flame Mantra 
Throughout the day you may want to recite the Violet Flame Mantra :

I AM a being of violet fire!
I AM the purity God desires!"

Once you are familiar with the mantra, you can close your eyes while giving it and concentrate on visualizing the violet flame.This mantra is most effective when you take a few, slow deep breaths and center in your heart. Start out slowly, giving the mantra with love, devotion and feeling. Repeat the decree three or nine times to begin with; you can gradually increase this to 36, 72 or even 144 repetitions. Repeating the decree strengthens its power and draws down more light.


General Violet Flame Clearing

Power of Reputance to Repair Past Sins

Fire Letter Mantra ← Shin(red) Chet(amber) Hey(violet) ←

Tarot Cards for Meditation:

Tarot Key: Star (Hey)


Tarot Key: Chariot(Cheth)


Tarot Key: Judgement Card (Shin)


Quote for Today

Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one getting burned”. -Buddha


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