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  Stage 11: 5th Dimensional Upgrades

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Man is a transitional being, we are not the final stage of evolution. There is a masive shift in conscouness occurring moving us from a 3rd Dimensional being into a 5th dimensional being. As we move into this new consciousness, we upgrade our spiritual frequency but our physical body needs be upgraded to hold all that new light.  If we don't upgrade then the new light integrating within your spiritual body has a hard time being in our physical body. It's like trying to plug a 100 watt bulb into a 10-watt socket. All your energy centers, your nervous system, cells and biological processes should be upgraded so you can integrate more and more light with ease.

The 5th dimension is the begin of the age of an age of "the divine manterialism" meaning spiritual  awakening--not in the realms of the spirit , but here in the world of matter.  The "mind of the cells" must be re-educated to open to the Divine Physical life , rather than repeating the pattern of death. We do this by attuning our cells to vibrational seedpattern of immortality.

Clearing and Upgrading with the Grid System

 This Transmission uses Grid energy to activate your neural pathways.  Activating these pathways can be compared to loading programs into a computer: it is a type of rapid clearing and upgrading process.  You will be creating a network between your body, the Unity Grid that surrounds the Earth and the Crystalline Grid that connects the energy leylines running through the earth.

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Master Crystal Transmission

For all of us, who believe we are part of a mission.... and that "Now is the time" ... we are going to receive an energy boost. Imagine this Boost  as a "vitamin pack" for your lightbody. The goal of  this Transmission  is to attune the physical body to the energies of the Crystalline Grid and the 9 Master crystals. This transmission  allows the crystalline ascension energies to merge with the conscious mind and physical body. This process occurs in stages and is governed by the student's willingness to do the work required to bring the ascension process to fruition.

The Master Crystals are downloading and activating codes into your body. These new codes and activation codes allow your body to absorb the "vitamins pack" coming off the 144 -Crystalline Grid that surrounds the earth.  The combination of the Codes from the crystals and the energy from the Grid allow you  to generate wellness, well being, health , manifestation, transmuting and ascension.  The codes allow you to take the 144 Grid energy and absorb the energy into your own fields, transferring it, converting it  and amplifying it so you can use it at work, in your home, on your soul path.  This process attunes you to humanity and all life kingdoms.

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Pyramid of Light and Healing Cocoon

In this Transmission you will work with the Sirian Archangelic Leaque of Light. You will ask to be placed nside a Healing and Cellular Clearing Cocoon.  This Energetic Cocoon  serves as a protective container and as a generator to draw in your Higher Self vibrational wave pattern that allows for self healing. After the Session you will ask to be placed in a protective and healing Crystalline Cocoon for the next 24 hours while you are integrating the experience.

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Upgrade Violet Flame Transmission for Removing

Emotional Pain, Negative Thinking Patterns and Bad Habits

The Violet Flame is a Divine Spiritual Gift of the Holy Spirit given to humanity by Jesus Christ and re-initiated by the Ascended Master Saint Germain in order to transmute negative energy and negative karma.  During several Transmissions we are going to show you how to remove many problem issues through visualization, etheric images of the sacred violet fire along with the intoning of various Divine God Names. Listed below on some of the issues you will be dealing with in this Transmission:

Life Problems: Clears emotional and financial troubles
Poor Decisions: Dissolves our negative karma due to past mistakes and gives us a clean slate to start again.
Relationships: Brings harmony into relationships by burning away negative feelings that we feel about ourselves or other people.
Habits: Burns away negative habits and unwanted desires.
Healing: Burns way our blocks to healing by clearing the negative energy that we carry around our disease. It fosters the healing of the body, mind and spirit
Places: Used to help buildings, geographic locations, city or community, friends and family. Visualize the violet flame around them while you give the decree

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Light Warrior Training: Get your Light Warrior Armor

This Transmission shows you how to use the gives the Armor of the Divine Spirit that can make impenetrable to Negative energy in your daily life and during your energy work. The Transmission works directly with Archangel Michael and the Legion of Light to direct energy from the Light Warrior Armor into your 4 body system. Furthermore, before moving in and out of Dimensions it is important to know that you will not be entrapped in the astral places and be affects by the dark forces of the fourth and fifth dimension. In these Transmissions you will learn how to use the Armor to disconnect yourself from any persons and/or all negative entities that may be attempting to control or use your energy. List below are the pieces of the Light Warrior Armor you will learn how to use:

  1. The Seven Fold Flame Helmet, overshadowed  by Cyclopea,  Elohim of the Fifth Ray for Truth Healing and Science
  2. The Diamond Shield of Detachment overshadowed byMother Mary
  3. The Winged Sandals of the True Path overlshadowed by with the Christ
  4. The Crystalline Cup for the Power of the Word overshadowing with Archangel Gabriel
  5. The Blue Flame Sword overshadowed  by Archangel Michael
  6. The Blue Lightening Wings overlight shadows by the Blue Lightening Angels of the Legion of Light

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Upgrade: Working with the Planetary Souls

In this session you will be doing a chakra alignment with  the planet Sirius, Inner Earth,  our Sun, our Moon, and the Galactic Center of the Milky Way.  Below is a brief review of the effects of linking your consciousness to each of these planets :

Sirius with Third Eye Chakra: Accelerates your ability to create multi-dimensional link-ups.  Also linking your Third Eye to Sirius attunes your inner vision to the frequency of 6th dimensional sacred geometry. This enhances your ability to create your own reality, to heal yourself, and to restructure your form to move through other dimensions and timelines.

Milk Way with Pineal Gland: Attunes you to the Vibrational Seed Pattern of Cosmic Manifestation fueled by the Universal Laws, Laws of Nature, and Occult Laws. This allows you to be part of the Planetary Ascension Plan

Inner Earth with Alta Major Chakra:  The Alta Major Chakra has been called the the Spiritual Gateway Chakra .  It acts as an energetic doorway through which we communicate spiritually with other dimensions- the gateway through which you can access higher dimensions of consciousness. When you link it with Inner Earth you are automatically attune with the vibrational seed pattern of Inner Earth's "Halls of Amenti " and Inner Earth Cities of Light that are the last strongholds of the Lemurian and Atlantis civilizations. This link allows you to review and imprint on the "Original Race Blueprint" . This Blueprint contains encodings that allow the fragmented Human soul to eventually re-evolve back into its original divine blueprint as a 12D Crystalline Being.

Sun with Heart Chakra: Attunes you with the Vibrational Seed Pattern of the Collective Consciousness for this timeline. Allows you to co-create with Mother Earth and other Lightworks through the Planetary Grid System.

Moon with Sacred Chakra: Attunes you with the Vibrational Galactic Yin (Goddess) Consciousness that  re-aligns and balances your yin and yang polarities.

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Working with the Arcturians

This Transmission works with the Arcturians and affects the quality of Fohat flowing through your body and energy fields. It shows you how to remove the negative electro-magnetic frequencies in your chakras and how to align with the fifth dimensional template generating the New Earth frequencies.  You will be using the Hebrew God names in conjunction with the visualization of a series of Emerald Green Fire to awaken a higher consciousness. These large balls of Green Fire will be moving down your spinal column,  entering each of your chakras and spinning in a counter clockwise wise direction clearing all negativity.

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10th Dimensional Higher Self Blending

This Transmission teaches you how to use the Pyramid of Light to consciously connect with your 10th Dimensional Higher Self in your physical body. Your Higher Self is a aspect of your self that exists beyond your body from the fourth through the ninth dimension. Once your Higher Self merges into you and you will be able to ask it questions and get advice. During the next 40 days you should begin to experience the unique gifts of your Higher Self. This Transmission techs you how to:

  •  override any negative decision made by a lower self and to bring it back in line with the divine plan
  • bring order into your my Life 
  • re-align 4 body system with the Divine Plan
  • brings in higher level consciousness
  • bring in all knowledge that you have rejected, ignored, and forgotten from all of my other dimensional self "Interdimensional" experience.

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Upgrade: Working with the Pleiades

In this Transmission you will be doing a chakra alignment with the Seven Stars of the Pleiades. The link up between your Chakra system and the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades have been practiced in many civilization and timelines including: the Maya, the Cherokees and the ancient Egyptians. Linking the Pleiades to your chakra column begins your upgrade to a 5th Dimensional Chakra System.  The first thing that occurs with this link up is a massive increase in our capacity to hold light within our four body system.  This creates a massive upgrade in your  entire operating system. It's like upgrading from Human Consciousness 3.0 to Galactic Consciousness 12.0. 
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Transmission for Downloading Galactic Light Codes

Galactic Light Codes are energetic symbols that convey the frequencies of light, sound, sacred geometry, and cosmic information.  They contain within their coding the Language of Light, which is a universal language understood by all life. These symbols bypass the traditional language centers of the brain and are read and interpreted by your subconscious mind. The Galactic Light Codes contain information and wisdom from the seven primary star systems with which we most closely align: The Pleiades, Arcturus, Lyra, Orion, Sirius, Cassiopeia, and Andromeda. These codes will assist you in releasing outdated emotional. attitudinal and belief patterns so that you may bring in experiential knowledge and wisdom of these star systems. This is a shortcut to your Ascension destination,  these codes assist with accelerating your personal transmutation into a 5th dimensional being of Light.

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Implant and Enitiy Removal

In our daily life we take in  energies and thoughts that belong to someone else. These energies can attach themselves to us and create blockages and emotional, physical and mental imbalances. In an extraction, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and Archangel Michael locates where the energy intrusions reside, and draws the energy out and returning it back to the Divine.

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Arcturian Activations

The Arcturian Emissaries of the Light are higher dimensional Light Beings, advanced healing technicians and master healers, who have gifted us with many wonderful Spiritual tools and techniques, and now offer us the Arcturian Violet Silver Quantum Healing Pod Activations.

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Your monetary gift gives us the ability to launch deeply impacting campaigns that support a World of Light, Love and Compassion.

Kabbala Transmission Aids

Need help on learning and using  the Fire Letters...Great website for all your needs.

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Note: Hebrew letters are read Left to Right;

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