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Walking the El Tulle Tree Energy Pathway

Visualization for El Tulle Tree Energy Pathway:

  • Focus on your focus on your Soul Star Chakra and place your arms around the Tree. Your heart chakra and Third Eye Chakra should be directly touching the truck of the Tree. Ask the Christ to come and stand in front of you inside the Tree
  • Visualize a steam of white gold fire, Mahatma coming up from the Crystalline Grid located at the core of the Earth. See this white fire passing through the layers of the earth's crust coming into the Tree. See a mist of white gold fire within the Tree's truck . The mist is gradually taking the form of the Body of Christ.  See the Christ in full light body form standing in front of you inside the tree truck.
  • Now focus on the Christ standing in front of you. Bring your awareness to the energy that is being generated by the Christ presence. Look into its eyes...these are your eyes.
  • As you look upon your Christ pay attention to what you experience? Are there specific colors? Fragrances? Is it carrying anything like a book, flowers, sword, or something else? Is it wearing a garment or clothes?  Do you feel a touch or tingling in any part of your body?
  • Ask the Christ to energetically connect  its heart to yours and its third eye to your third  eye . See your heart connected with the heart of the Christ through the tree truck. See your third eye connected with the third eye of the Christ through the tree truck.
  • Intone Kaph Lamed Yod,  and breathe in the light of the Christ through your heart let it flow up to your third eye. Then let this energy flow out of your third eye into Christ's third eye chakra , down to his heart ... then back to your heart. You have now formed a complete circle. Continue to make this Heart to Third Eye Circle between Christ and yourself until you feel it is flow without you thinking about it.
  • After you have stopped, envision the name of God written in Fire Letters in your heart and third eye:
      Kaph Lamed Yod,
  • Tell the Christ within the Tree that you wish to merge with it to become One, so there is no longer a sense of two personalities... only a single consciousness. Ask the Christ to work with you to accomplished this Merging and Blending Process and to let this process begin now. 
  • Feel waves of white gold fire energy coming from the Tree . This is forming a suction that is acting like a vacuum pulling the Christ within the Tree and you together.
  • Visualize streams of white gold fire energy extending from the tree into all your chakras pulling the Christ into you. Feel the Christ moving into the front of your body. Fully blending with you, into each of your chakras.
  • Breathe in the light of the Christ through Chakras
  • Exhale letting the energy flow through your body.
  • Continue breathing energy in from your chakras sending it through your body
  • If there is any area of body not blending, just relax  and breathe into the area.  
  • This blending process is making you feel more expansive, softer, peaceful, a general feeling of well being and more fluid as the white gold fire pours into you.
  •  Feel the Christ energy filling your body.  Your heart is flooded with white gold fire energy,  it pours through your blood streaming entering every cell in your body from the tip of your head to the tips of your toes.  
  • Use your breath to consciously increase that bonding with the Christ until your entire body and aura are fully blended with the Christ.
  • Begin to carry on a conversation in your mind with this being? Understand this is you having a conversation with the Christ within you .
    *Ask it what is your spiritual name... the name God gave you when you where created?
     *Do you belong to a certain soul family of Angelic, Deva, Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings or some other? 
    *Ask it what gifts it can give you in this lifetime? 
    *Ask any question that comes to mind? Don't force the answers let them come naturally.
  • Now ask it to remove or heal some problem or issue.  Relax and wait for the healing to come into your mind or body. You may or may not feel this healing.
  • Ask the Christ if their is anything it wants to tell you about this problem or issue?  Relax and wait for the message to come into your mind. You may or may not receive the message. Be aware of the sensations, emotions and images coming into your body and mind.
  • When you feel the communication is finished you will ask the Christ within you to help this bonding to remain permanent to whatever extent is possible by giving you the Light Warrior Helmet .

In your mind ask the Christ to give you the Spiritual Gift Light Warrior Helmet of the Sevenfold Flame that will help you to learn the life lesson so you never have to repeat this issue or problem now that it is resolved. 
Recite the Decree: 

In the name of the Christ within me,Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey 

If it's for my highest good and in line with the Divine Plan, I decree that the Sevenfold flame Helmet of the Light Warrior cover my brain structure, to protect and guide me to do the right thing, the right way, at the right time, for the right reason, with the right people.

  • See a liquid light substance flowing up from Christ's heart into his third eye and then into your third eye chakra. Feel this  liquid light Substance flowing into and forming a cover over brain. This liquid light substance covering your bain is forming a halo of seven circles of fire around your head.
    a halo of Violet Flame, Power of White Magic and Manifestation
    a halo of Light Blue Flame, Power and Knowledge of the Word for manifestation
    a halo of Indigo Dark Flame, Power of the Spiritual Warrior
    a halo of Green Flame, Power to Co-Create
    a halo of Gold Flame, Power of Scared Knowledge and Wisdom
    a halo of White Flame, Power of the Spiritual Healer
    a halo of Pink Flame, Passion of Christ.
  • Feel how each circle is brings in a different energy from the Divine Spirit.  As the fire in each circle grows brighter and more intense feel how your mind is becoming being clearer and more focused. Feel these halos of fire  around your head.
  • You intuitively know they are still connected to the third eye and heart of Christ so your thoughts are always thinking like Christ…You now have the power of the Sevenfold Flame.
  • Now create a symbol or image that reminds you that the Christ is inside of you throughout the day. Maybe its a light around your body, a dove flying over your head, it doesn't matter what you pick as long as the symbol or image gives you comfort, peace of mind, strength and power.
  • Now picture a traffic stop light in your head. Like a normal stop light it has three lights: Green, Yellow and Red. Ask the Christ if it agrees with this image to connect with it. Ask the Christ  if it agrees with this contact symbol to light up the green light on the stop light, if not light up the red, if it doesn't matter light up the yellow.
  • If the Stop Light lites up green or yellow move on and use the symbol. If it lites up red make a new symbol. Keep trying until you get a green light.
  • Now walk out of the El Tulle Energy Pathway and continue intoning your Fire Letter Mantra and be aware of the sensations, emotions and images coming into your body and mind.

Fire Letter Mantra 1


Become partner with light to create abundance

← Tav(indigo) Resh(red)  Yod(lime green) ←

Fire Letter Mantra 2


Divine umbilical cord to remove spiritual darkness

← Chet(amber)  Resh(red) Hey(violet) ←


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