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Creating Effective Intentions

How to Hit the Target with the Intention Process,

Putting it all Together

Here is the information sheet that we've been giving to newcomers to our Group . It and the Friendly Format can also be found on pages 40 and 41 of The Intenders Handbook. Please feel free to print and make copies of this page.

The Intention Process Information Sheet
(Reprinted from The Intenders Handbook)

  • Our thoughts create our experiences
  • Saying our intentions outloud focuses our thoughts
  • There is power in the spoken word
  • Positive thoughts bring positive experiences
  • Negative thoughts bring undesired experiences
  • It's important to trust and know that the things that we Intend are coming to us because doubt will interfere with the manifestation of our positive intentions
  • We always ask that in order for our intentions to come to us, they must serve the highest and best good for the Universe and the highest and best good for ourselves and others
  • As we go around the Group, we express gratitude for intentions that have come to us and we state our new intentions
  • The power of the the Group  arises from everyone supporting everyone else's intentions
  • Clarity is important
  • We eliminate such words as trying, hoping, wanting, to be, and not
  • We say things in a positive way: for example, instead of I intend that I am not afraid anymore, we say I intend that I am courageous
  • We don't name sicknesses in our Group we see everyone in their Highest Light
  • We say our intentions daily, and we gather together once a month
  • We don't know when or how our intentions will manifest for us; we just know that they will!
  • We always end our intentions with our seven favorite words - So be it and so it is


This section is based on the work done by: William A. Tiller,Ph.D. "Science and Human Transformation" based on Quantum Physics Lynne  McTaggart "The Intention Experiment"

 Love is what makes the intention process work.

The major attractive force for manifesting what we want is the " Love Force". The stronger is the love force within a person the stronger the power of manifestation. One of the key tools to awaken this force within the individual is in the kit of Heart math techniques called "Freeze Frame". This consists of disengaging the mental and emotional reactions to either external or internal events and then shifting the center of attention from the brain and the emotions to the physical area of the heart while intentionally focusing on someone or something to love and/or sincerely appreciate.

 Following the heart is the key for creative manifestation and self empowerment. Heart and love are the necessary ingredients to be added to the channel  to manifest a clearer picture of our consciousness. Below is a sample exercise of increasing your love force:

Technique 1. Thinking with the Heart

Practice the Freeze Frame and Heart Lock in Method outlined in the book "The HeartMath Solution by Doc Childre and Howard Martin.

  1. Recognize a stressful feeling or negative thought and freeze frame it, like pushing the pause button on the VCR to stop a movie.
  2. Make a sincere effort to shift your focus away from the racing mind or disturbed emotions to the area around your heart. Pretend you are breathing through your heart to help focus your attention in this area.
  3. Remember the feeling of love or care you have for someone whom it's easy for you to love. Alternatively, focus on a feeling of appreciation for someone or something positive in your life. Try to stay with the feeling for a time from five to fifteen minutes, what is important in this step is experience the feeling. This isn't just mental visualization-picturing something in our minds. For instance you may picture your last  vacation in Hawaii to trigger a positive feeling, But the question  is What did it feel like , not (or not just), What did  it look like. This step is intended to evoke the feeling memory.
  4. Gently send feelings of love, care and appreciation to yourself or others.
  5. As head thoughts come in, bring your focus gently back to the area around the heart. If the energy feels too intense or feels blocked, try to feel softness in the heart area and relax.
  6. Now using your intuition, common sense asks your heart, what would be a good response to the stressful situation... Assume objectivity about the situation- as if it were someone else's problem.detach. Extract as much Significance as you can out of the problem, does it really matter that much., from your Deep heart sincerely ask for appropriate guidance or insight.

Lynne McTaggart in "The Intention Experiment' (p.206) suggests you use the following techniques to foster a sense of universal compassion during your intention sessions:

  1. Focus your attention on your heart, as though you were sending light to it. Observe the light spreading from your heart  to the rest of your body. Send a loving thought to yourself, such as "May I be well and free from suffering"
  2. On the out breath, imagine, a white light radiating outward from your heart. As you do, think "I appreciate kindness and love of all living creatures, May all other be well". As Buddhists recommend, first think of all those you love, then think of your good friends. Move on to acquaintances and finally to those people you actively dislike. For each stage think: "May they be well and free from suffering".
  3. During intention, if your sending healing to someone, first try to put yourself in his situation. Imagine what it is like to be him and to be faced with his current crisis. Try to feel and have empathy for your receiver's suffering.  Ask yourself how you would feel if you were suffering in this manner and how you would most want to be healed.
  4. Now direct your loving thoughts to the object of your intention.

William Tiller, Ph.D.  has provided us with a summary of how the force of love influences the intention process path is given below:

If we practice love with focused intention then.

  1. More spirit manifests in the body then.
  2. More consciousness grows in the body then.
  3. More coherence develops at all levels then.
  4. Greater power flux densities flow through the body into creative action then...
  5. Greater healing/transformation of self/higher self and planet occur

Past research shows that placebo can have a powerful effect, Just believing in the "power of intention" can make all the difference in manifesting outcomes. Keep firmly fixed in your mind the desired outcome and do not let doubt or thoughts of failure creep into your thought processes. If your trying to help someone, both of you should share the same  beliefs in the power of Intention.

Past research on mind-over-matter intention (that is psychokinesis)  the most effective time is during increased geomagnetic activity. Find out what level of geomagnetic energy is in your area by looking at these websites. For the forecast of the day you plan to carry out the intention see, All geomagnetic activity is measured on a K index, with 0 being the most quiet and 9 the most turbulent/ The higher the k the better. In a prefect world , intentions should be sent on days with a 5k or higher index. days Lower than 3 k index will get little help from the geomagnetic activity.

Be Specific
Specific intention seem to work best--the detailed, the better. Your intention should cover: who, what, where, and  when.

Let Your Intentions Be Heard "Powering Up" for Manifestation 

Enhanced psychic ability can be developed and used by anyone. The psychic senses exist within us all. For most of us they lie dormant. There are things we can do to help us in developing the ability:

1. Begin with the physical body. Proper diet, exercise, fresh air and rest is essential. Work on meditation and relaxation. The more relaxed we are, the easier it will be to make contact.

2. Work with progressive relaxation. Practice sending warm, soothing feelings to each and every part of your body. Alternatively tense and relax each major muscle. This alleviates stress and it facilities a more balanced contact.

3. Learn to perform rhythmic breathing. Try inhaling a count of four, holding for a count of four and exhaling a count of four. Breathe in relaxation and out tensions.

4. Perform visualizations to raise your vibrations and to facilitate contact. Keep your focus on the spiritual. See yourself as light. Now visualize a dial that runs from one to ten. As you turn up the dial your entire energy field increases, becoming brighter and stronger, illuminating all the area around you.

5. After a meditation or contact eat or drink something. This will kick in the physical metabolism, drawing the conscious back into the physical. Do not eat heavy. Taking a walk or doing some stretching exercise can help re-center yourself and ground you.

Aftercare for the Downloading the Divine Spirit

Attitude is critical to connecting with the divine spirit. Here are some guidelines on the right mind set for working with the spirit.

1. Bring the Holy Spirit into your life by simply acknowledging its presence.

Open your mind to the possibility that there is a universal force that is aware, intelligent and creative.

2. Surrender to the spirit.

Take a leap of faith that the Divine spirit is better able to solve your problems and guide your life than you are. Carlos Castaneda says that one must first recognize that the Spirit exists and then turn our will and our lives over to it as we understand it. Only in turning our life over to the spirit, can we become empowered to make true life changes. Acknowledging the spirit gives you the boat for traveling the river of life, you must surrender to the flow. Surrender does not mean just sitting around waiting for a divine voice from above to tell us what to do. It means that we take necessary action in every situation, but we do not worry about the Outcome. Let go... let God. We let go of our expectations, by trusting in God to do what needs to be done ...when it needs to be done and the way it needs to be done.

Remember "take action but let go of results". You must push all doubts out of your mind and truly believe the Spirit can help you. Doubt creates a blockage to downloading the Spirit.

3. Unbinding intent or single mindedness acts as a laser beam to guide the spirit to its target.

Intent is desire taken to its 9th degree. If you want something to change you need to feel that it is absolutely necessary and absolutely possible. One needs to want something with every fiber of one's being. You have to burn with it. Not just think about it but feel it in your heart. A BURNING DESIRE. You can ask the Spirit to help you to develop unbinding intent. How you ask is up to you. I might say , " Please give me the willingness to do so and so". You may use a prayer . It is important to understand one principle. Energy follows thought. The Divine spirit responds to energy. The more energy you can summon, the faster the spirit will respond to your request. Once you have summoned this intensity of feelings, you then simply ask the divine spirit to make it so.

Example: I summon the intent to be brilliant. I than ask the force to give me the willingness to be brilliant and to speak through me. I immediately felt I was indeed brilliant and confident.

4. Lose self importance to unblock your energy for transmutation.

The Spirit works through your own energy system. Once we have connected with the Spirit, we need to unblock our energy channels so the Spirit can work with us to make the necessary changes. Most of the blockages to downloading the Spirit come from constantly trying to defend the image of the "self". The trick is to protect yourself without being offended by the acts and words of others. It is taking offense, not self protection that creates a block to the Spirit.

"Spiritual Warriors fight self importance as a matter of strategy, not principle. A warrior must rid himself of self importance to have enough energy to proceed on the path of knowledge. What takes up most of our energy is being offended by the deeds of others. Self importance is our greatest enemy. Our self importance requires that we spend most of our lives offended by someone. Warriors are free from self importance. What restrains their self importance is that they understand that reality is an interpretation we make"

The Fire From Within ,Carlos Castaneda.

You should learn to be modest and not bloated by arrogance. This means that we have the unconditional confidence to make yourself approachable to others. We are self contained, with no need for the approval of others or reaffirmation through feedback.

5. Feelings of resentments is the number one way of blocking the divine energy.

If we are to live with the Divine Spirit we have to be free from anger. The Spiritual warrior renounces anything that is a barrier between himself and giving unconditional love to others.

Remember the energy that is being used to resent others that have offended you, blocks the spirit. Below is a list of some activities to do to release resentments.

  • Write down a resentment list of actual people or institutional or even abstract concepts that offend you.
  • Look at this list and identify overall patterns of thoughts, behaviors and fears that lead to these interpersonal conflicts in your life.
  • Than ask the Divine Spirit to remove the need of approval for other persons, fear that your future may not be provided for, fear of being hurt by other people, the desire to control the behavior of others, or the need to retaliate.

6. Fake it til you make it.

The Divine Spirit changes the behavior but we must make the effort to fix this behavior into our constitution by a repetitive process. Act like you are well, wealthy, happy or beautiful. Remember first you must summon up the unbinding intent to get rid or manifest what you want . Then ask the Divine Spirit to remove or send it into your life. After doing this try hard as you can to resist the urge to repeat the pattern of behavior that leads you into trouble. Act "as if" the fear/character defect does not exist. Likewise, if you want something, act as if you already have it. If you want to be healed, act as if your healthy. One must create this thought through performance and action. You will find that this process will change your thinking and behavior very fast.

7. Learn to sit with negative and destructive feelings.

Remember feelings are not facts. Feelings and actions can be separated. As long as we do not act out on a negative or destructive feeling or thought pattern, the feeling will not become a reality. In everyone's life, unpleasant situations arise over which we have no control. These experiences can cause feelings of unhappiness, anger. If you get angry do not act on it , sit with it than transmute it. You can do this by bring it into your heart and think about something nice on a higher level. Think about how much God loves you or that this person has certain problems so you should have compassion. When we do these things we take back the energy. Any negative feelings, will pass as long as you do not act out on that feeling and as long as you do not drastically change your behavior.

As you sit with these feelings, ask the Divine Spirit to help you to release them. You are asking for advice, so listen. Be patient. You will always get a answer on how to deal with your negative feelings.

8. Changing the internal dialogue or saying affirmations.

We maintain our image and our perception of the world by talking to ourselves. We walk down the street saying this is a tree, this is a car, there is a beautiful woman. If one stops the internal dialogue , one stops the world. This internal dialogue has an impact on what we are and how we live our lives. A obese person thinking about how fat he or she is , is likely to remain so. A depressed person, thinking about how depressed he or she is, is likely to stay depressed. Changing your thought patterns is not done over night. However, once a day you should make a effort to change this dialogue with yourself. If you repeat positive statements long enough, the Divine Spirit takes over and makes the right changes in you.

Every morning while I am having my coffee or taking my bath I say a series of affirmations, its important to state these affirmations in a clear audible voice. It is important that your affirmations are structure so that they are completely positive. In other words I do not say " I am not depressed " , I say " I am Happy" It is not important that you believe anything you are telling yourself, its just important that you do this on a daily basis. Below is a sample of a daily affirmation.

"All is well in my universe. I am happy. I am healthy. I am successful. I am wealthy. I am on my spiritual path. I am complete. I am at peace. All is well in my universe. I love myself and accept myself exactly the way I am. Because I love myself, my world is filled with love and abundance, which comes back to me many times multiplied. All is well in my universe. I accept and acknowledge that I am the sole creative force in my world. I will now enjoy my life. I forgive everyone. I forgive myself, I forgive all past events, I am now free. Love comes easily to me and I deserve to be loved. Once love comes it stays and flourishes. My God helps me in all things and puts everything into its proper order. I draw only good people and abundance to myself. My interactions are enjoyable and without conflict. I save my energy. I have nothing to defend. All is well in my universe and everything is unfolding as it should. "

When a negative thought comes into your head reject it. Negative thoughts do not come from God. Negative thoughts open us up to absorbing the dark or negative energy life force. We can chose or not chose to take in. One solution to this is to shut ourselves off to this energy . Since energy follows thoughts, if we shut off all negative thoughts, and continuously focusing on the good and positive thoughts, we open our selves up to God's healing power.

Over the years there has been some debate on whether these negative thoughts are coming from our subconscious mind or from an outside entity trying to control our behavior. Instead of thinking of this dark energy force as the devil, some new age philosopher believe that there are ET's or inter dimensional beings that have targeted man as energetic prey. This theory looks at Man as a sedate farm animal. That the predators have given us our systems of beliefs, our ideas of good and evil, our social mores. They are the ones who have setup our hopes and expectations, dreams of success or failure. They have given us greed, wars, guilt, fear and pride, so they could feed off the energy produced by these negative thoughts and the following behaviors.

On a similar note, Shamans say that at birth we are covered from head to toe with a special energetic coating that the Predator consumes and that by the time we reach adulthood, all that remains is a narrow fringe. This narrow fringe allows us just enough energy to live, but not to co-create...just survive. These predators feed off a certain type of energetic radiation given off by humans when engaged in conflict and that they harvest this type of energy as a crop. After one life time man was to ascended to the next level. The predators stopped ascension, by programming man with the idea of reincarnation. Like a crop of corn , man was to be replanted on the earth each season, and the predators would have a continuous food supply. (Carlos Castaneda, The Active side of Infinity)

" We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives... because we are their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens in coops, the predators rear humans in coops. Think for a moment and tell me how you would explain the contradiction between the intelligence of man the engineer and the stupidity of his belief systems.'

Whether you chose to believe the false mind is the devil, a ET or just your "inner child" is of little importance. But shutting off negative thoughts is important. Tibetan Buddhist call themselves Warriors because they are engage in active battle with the negative energy and thought forms that arise within themselves.

9. If you want to change something about yourself, all you have to do is follow this sequence:

  • Summon the Intent/become willing and ready to change;
  • Ask the Divine Spirit to make it so;
  •  Make a deliberate effort to act"as if" you have changed until the new reality takes hold.

10. Make a conscious effort to improve your connection to the Divine Spirit.

  • Begin to change your internal dialogue by saying daily affirmations
  • Set time aside each day to have a conversation with the Divine Spirit
  • Make a gratitude list and give thanks for each of the items on a daily basis
  • Practice creative visualization to development your ESP (Extra Spiritual Perception)

Strive for a personal, interactive relationship with the Spirit that is characterized by respect, gratitude and most of TRUST. Also, approach the Divine Spirit with a sense of Humor. This Spirit just like you, likes to be entertained.

11. Use Kundalini energy to co creating and healing yourself.

You can use sexual energy for this process. We have been taught that the only use for sexual energy is to have sex. Therefore, when this energy becomes the focus of the meditative process, the only way the mind can interpret this is that one desires to have sex. We need to go beyond this. Let the energy flow but don't think about making love to some one. Fool your mind... Think I have know idea what these energy surges are .. Then use them to create pictures in your head.



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